20 Best Edge-Up Haircut : How to Ask Barber To Style It

Line up - Sharp-Fade-Slicked-Back

Edge up or line up is one of the fast-growing styling options among men. Though it wasn’t in trend until recent times unlike other significant styles like fade or undercut, it was started as a definitive grooming option for black men in its beginning days. Later on, due to versatility, the lineup style received the recognition it deserves. Now it stands as the most prominent style irrespective of race and skin tone.

An edge up is nothing but fine shaping of the edges into sharp lines. The most common areas you groom for this haircut are temples, partings, and significant hairlines. The best feature of this style is that it can be added to all kinds of hairstyles with a few modifications here and there. Whether you are going for a simple cut, a slick back, or a buzz cut, a lineup cut adds distinctive personality to your appearance.

How To Ask A Barber To Style Line-Up?

Getting a line-up is very easy and you don’t have to do anything unusual. Whether it is you or your barber styling your hair, make sure your hair is shorter over the edges which are usually, temples and hairlines. Attain this by using scissors or clippers. Make sharp lines and right angles using a trimmer. Use a razor to keep the shape intact and neat. Even if you are making a parting, you can get the edge-up with the same process.

As we mentioned earlier, a line-up can be a supportive addition to almost all prominent hairstyles. We brought to you a list of 20 significant hairstyles that go pretty well with the line-up. Explore the list and pick the style that matches your appearance and taste.

20 Line Up Haircut Ideas For Men

1 – The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut

The edge-up plays a vital role in making the buzz cut more compelling. Trim down your hair to a few inches above the scalp uniformly all over the head. Make the style more intriguing by giving a uniform undercut or a fade on the sides and back. To add a line up to buzz cut you should be focusing on temples and sideburns but leave the hairline on the forehead casual. Keep the temples and sideburns sharp and connected neatly. As you know, the buzz cut looks great with or without a beard.

2 – Hard Part Messy Line-Up

Hard Part Messy Line-Up

Parting and lineup usually go hand in hand. As you can see, you are giving your hair a hard part that is again connected with sharp temples and sideburns. Give a uniform fade to the sides and back of your head. Make a hard parting on the side at the thick section, starting above the temple and extending almost to the crown. Shape the temples and sideburns sharp and connect them neatly. Coming to the top, let the hair stay thick with the length of your choice. Apply styling products you like that are of great quality and comb your hair in random directions.

3 – Sharp Fade Slicked Back

Sharp Fade Slicked Back

Slicked back gives you a mean look which is enhanced even more by an appropriate line-up. Get yourself a deep fade on the sides and extend it to the back of your head. Using a trimmer and razor, keep the temples sharp with almost a 90-degree angle. Connect the temples with sideburns but make sure they still blend in with the deep fade. On the top, leave the hair undisturbed except for casual grooming. Use pomade or hair mousse for further styling. Comb all your back backward and bear in mind to keep your forehead and face clear of any hair.

4 – Blunt Fringe Wavy Crown

Blunt Fringe Wavy Crown

If you have curly or wavy hair then you should try this style atleast once. Highlight the hair on top by giving the sides and back a thorough undercut or fade. Keep the area for the sides shorter than usual. Let the hair on the top be consistent from all dimensions with a little bit extra on the front. Let a few strands fall on the forehead giving a few blunt fringes. Finally, give your temples and sideburns a sharp and neat line-up cut. Though the forehead hairline is covered with fringes, you can still keep it straight and pointed.

5 – Mohawk Mix

Mohawk Mix

A typical mohawk has your hair highlighted in a line starting at the top center front and extends all the way back to the nape. A mohawk mix, as you can see in the picture, is crafting a medium-size mohawk on a uniform buzz cut. To attain this style, trim down the hair’s major portion of the sides. Repeat the grooming on the back of your head for a stable mohawk. On the front keep in mind to start the mohawk a few inches above the forehead hairline. Now, keep the temples, forehead, and sideburns sharp and connected to each other.

6 – Clean Fade Messy Top

Clean Fade Messy Top

This is yet another subtle variation of fade cut that gives a hard jazzy look. Keep your hair on the top undisturbed. Give your sides a uniform fade on the sides extended to the back. Apply hair gel and use your hand for styling. Let your hair stand with spikes in random directions. Finally, keep the edges of your temples and sideburns sharp and neat to add an edge-up to the messy top. Let a few hair strands fall on your forehead to make your appearance more wild and free.

7 – Hard Part and Line Up Afro Fade

Hard Part and Line Up Afro Fade

Line-up emphasizes black men’s hair texture by blending in well and it is proven to work really well. Give your sides a uniform undercut and repeat it on the selected portion on the back of your head. Use the sides with undercut for trying different styles or as the picture suggests go for a hard part starting at one end of the forehead hairline and extending to the back. Keep your temples and sideburns blended with sides that are given undercut but keep the hairline on the forehead sharp and straight. The hair on the top can be styled as you desire. For something like in the picture, use a round comb, and after applying enough hair mousse comb your hair upwards as you smoothly cut the strand edges.

8 – Fade Burst Mohawk

Fade Burst Mohawk

This variation of mohawk works great for those who like to keep their hair short and like to try the classic look. Keep the selected area on the top starting at the front and extended to the nape thick and with enough length. Give the rest of your sides a consistent undercut starting at the mohawk and going down to your ears. Coming to the line-up, keep the hairline on your forehead, temples, and sideburns neat and well-synced. If you fancy a beard shape it well so that it meets with sideburns. Use the trimmer to shape a number three with forehead, sideburns, and your beard.

9 – Updated Line Up Skin Fade

Updated Line Up Skin Fade

As the name indicates, the style truly keeps you updated with the current trends. It is a beautiful amalgamation of the line-up, skin fade, and dyeing with the color you like. Like any typical skin fade, taper your hair from down to the skin to the longer length starting at the nape. Leave the rest of your hair thick and uniform on the top of your head. Apply the color of your choice on the top leaving a small layer closer to the roots. Let the color settle as it gets dry. Meanwhile, keep your forehead, temples, and sideburns sharp and edgy. Leave your temples in line with your forehead at an angle close to 90°. The sideburns are pointy and are elevated when you don’t have a beard.

10 – Shaved Line Up Hard Part

Shaved Line Up Hard Part

This is another simple hairstyle that gives you a subtle mix of funky and class. First, soak your hair and dry it until it is damp. Make a parting just above the temples dividing the hair on top and one of your sides. Use clippers and give a deep fade to that particular side. Now make the parting a hard one using a razor. For the hair on top, give a definitive variation in the front and back. Apply good quality hair styling products you trust such as pomade, mousse, or gel for further styling. Use a comb and style your hair upward making small pomp in the front. Coming to the line-up, leave the forehead hairline as it is and keep the parting, temples, and sideburns sharp and let them correlate with each other.

11 – Shaved Line Up With Mid Fade

Shaved Line Up With Mid Fade

A mid fade or medium fade is a sophisticated middle ground between high and low fade. It emphasizes the rest of your hair and makes your appearance more natural. If you are looking for a classy look, make a parting using a comb between the top and sides. Let your hair rest on either side of the parting before you give medium fade on the side. Starting at the temple give your hair a fade cut that ends near your ears. Give a downward arc to the back of your ears to extend the fade. Keep the temples sharp closer to the right angle. If you fancy a beard, let it grow below the sideburns and keep in mind to give continuity between the temples and the beard. Using either pomade or mousse or gel comb your hair flat on the top or a slick back.

12 – The Short Pompadour

The Short Pompadour

There are several variations to pompadour and short pomp is always a safe bet if you like to mix a little jazzy to your class look. To highlight the pomp a little bit more, support it with a neat lineup. For this style, you won’t be focusing on the forehead hairline but rather keep a hard parting with sharp edges. Give an undercut fade on the side below the parting with sharper temples. On the top, using a hair mousse, comb your hair upward making a short pompadour in the front. You can either let the rest of your hair follow the pomp or leave it alone.

13 – Line Up Male Braid

Line Up Male Braid

Braiding requires patience and tremendously strong hair. First, select the area on top you wish to braid and give an undercut or fade to the rest of your hair. Divide the hair on top into small sections and start making braids with them. The length of the braids depends on the length of your hair. If you have long braids you can pull them back and make a ponytail with them at the crown. Give sharp grooming on the temples, sideburns, and a little bit on the forehead for continuity. If you are growing a beard shape it to bring the classic 3 to life. To make the look more intriguing, you can try different designs on the faded sides like a hard part or something.

14 – Extra High Shape Up Pompadour

Extra High Shape Up Pompadour

With the right face shape, a pompadour can make your appearance more captivating. Having extra high pompadour means you are letting the focus completely onto the top of your head. Divide the hair between the top and the sides before giving a deep fade on the side. Make the parting a hard one using a razor. Let the temples and the edge of the hard part be in a row. For the finishing, Keep the hair on top long and straight. Apply a good amount of quality hair gel and comb your hair up and aim to make a flat top with the hair strands. If you like to add a beard to this look, let it start right below your sideburns.

15 – Undercut with Low Fade

Undercut with Low Fade

Undercut fade is one of the best hairstyle variations ever invented. First, give a uniform undercut to the sides and the back of your head. Now, give a low fade starting below the temples and gradually decrease the hair length to the scalp. Keep the fade on the back in line with your sides. Make a hard parting between the top and the hair on the sides. Keep the edge of the parting that rests on the forehead and the temple sharp and let them correlate to each other. Let the hair on the top be anywhere between short to medium length. Comb your hair in the direction you want after applying the styling product you trust. Make your hair more compelling by adding a color of your choice if you like.

16 – Furry Long Hair Option

Furry Long Hair Option

This style is a great example to show that edge-up works great for men with long hair as well. Make a rough parting between the top and all other areas leaving a large portion just for the top. Give a uniform undercut on all sides below the parting. Apply a good quality styling product on the top and comb all your hair to the crown. Make a ponytail with an elastic band. Make a knot with that ponytail to get a man bun. Let your forehead and temples be sharp and correlated with each other. If you can grow a beard, let it be in a row with temples forming a 3. Keep in mind to give all your edges neat grooming.

17 – Straight Hair Spiky On Top

Straight Hair Spiky On Top

Spikes can bring instant change to the look without putting in much effort. Men with straight hair have a great advantage of trying different variations in spiky tops. First set your hair on the sides before focusing on the top. First, reduce the hair volume on the side with scissors after which give a mid fade by tapering down the hair between the temples and ears. Give a parting to divide the top and sides. Keep the edge of the parting and temples sharp and straight. Apply best quality hair gel for further styling. Use your hands or a comb to make your hair shoot upwards.

18 – Freestyle Crazy Design

Freestyle Crazy Design

This is another great style to attain top-level creativity. Give your sides and the back a uniform undercut first and if you like, you can go for a low fade as well. Try different variations on the top matching your hair texture and lifestyle. Leave the hair on top thick and consistent. Give the temples and sides sharp and correlated. Use the sides as a canvas for putting out your crazy designs. You can go for a hard part or any other design that you can make with a razor. This style works great with or without a beard.

19 – Hard Parts with Curly Cut

Hard Parts with Curly Cut

You can make the most of your curly hair with a simple grooming session. For a basic curly hairstyle, give a deep fade on the sides and back of your head. Keep the hair strands to a short length on the top with scissors. After applying hair mousse or pomade style your hair with a comb or your hand. You don’t have to allocate any particular direction but make sure strands of hair on the front fall on your forehead. Make your temples neat and keep them sharp. You can make this style more sophisticated by giving a parting on either side. And let your hair rest on either side of the parting.

20 – Line Up Square Shaped

Line Up Square Shaped

The square-shaped line-up accentuates the beautiful hair texture of black men. Simply put you will shaping the forehead hairline and temples into three sides of a square above which you will be emphasizing the curl sponge hair. Give a mid fade or low fade to the sides and extend it to the back of your head. Use a trimmer followed by a razor to groom a sharp line on the temples and forehead with a perfect 90° angle. The hair on the top can be of the length you desire. Make sure it is thick for a more youthful and natural look.


An edge-up or line-up haircut does nothing but improve your hairstyle. It builds a sharp focus to the edges giving a well-groomed look to your appearance and highlights the rest of your hair. Due to its versatility and easy-to-attain property, the line-up is seeing a great increase in demand. As promised, we provided you with 20 iconic hairstyles that are supported very well with a line-up cut. Use this list as a reference for your next visit to your stylist or barber and give yourself an arresting makeover.


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