40 Top Taper Fade Haircut for Men: High, Low and Temple


With the popularity of mens fade haircut styles is increasing day by day, this hairstyle has lately become the trendiest fashion among men. Now men can also flaunt different hairstyles choosing from a wide range of haircuts, to suit their overall appearances.

Here are 40 hairstyles for fade mens haircut, which also include the fade haircut black men.

Top 40 Taper Fade Haircut for Men

#1: Taper Fade Haircuts

Taper Fade Haircuts

The popularity of this mens haircut fade lies in its clean look, and with gradual fading on the sides and back, this hairstyle adds an element to your style. The Tapert Fade Mohawk style involves the hairs on the back, increasing in length gradually from the top downwards to the back of the head. You can add to the style with etched lines for highlighting the curved portion of the skull.

#2: High Taper Fade

High Taper Fade

This is one of the most popular fade haircut men, where the hair becomes gradually faded with the color of the skin from about 2 inches from the top. This hairstyle suits perfectly those having black hair.

#3: Afro Taper Fade

Afro Taper Fade

This hairstyle is one of the mens low fade haircut, and is a popular black men fade hairstyle. The length of the hair decreases as it gradually goes down from the top until it disappears. The curls on the top are styled in various ways, suiting one’s appearance.

#4: Temple Fade

Temple Fade

Very much similar to the Low Fade haircut, the Temple Fade hairstyle has the hairs faded abruptly on the temples of the forehead, making it quite distinguishable from other types of fade cuts. This style is suited for any type of skin tone and hair color. The lengths of the hair vary from place to place as it tapers on the sides and back. This haircut can perfectly suit as a black men fade haircut.

#5: Bald Fade

Bald Fade

The Bald Fade haircut is for the almost bald men to camouflage their baldness by this haircut, where the fades appear out of almost nothing from the sides and practically becomes largest at the top of the head. It can be compared to the military style buzz cut, and can hardly be distinguished.    

#6: Caesar Fade

Caesar Fade

The Caesar Fade hairstyle is one of the  black men fade haircuts which is very popular among African Americans due to the dark skin and hair complexion they have. The hairs are cut short on the sides, leaving longer haircuts on the top which are swept to the front side, making it different as in other fade cuts. Short borders or bangs can also be swept to the sides to add style.

#7: Retro Fading

Retro Fading

The younger generation is picking up this hairstyle after it was popular in  the 90s. It perfectly suits those with black, long and thick hair, where the hair is parted and lifted to the front side. You can add style with light sculpting of the facial hair. Regular maintenance is required to flaunt the Retro Fading hairstyle.

#8: Angled and Sculpted Fade

Angled and Sculpted Fade

The Angled and Sculpted Fade hair cut can bring dimension and style to a man’s appearance and is also referred as the Geometrical Fade. Super straight and visibly defined edges are the characteristics of this haircut, and look best for those having a symmetrical head, as the angles will appear more uniform and prominent. This hairstyle is one of the popular fade haircuts for men.

#9: The Creative and Seasonal Fade

The Creative and Seasonal Fade

This hairstyle gives you a unique appearance, where the taper fade looks seasonal and creative. This is the right type of mens hairstyles fade you can look for, as you can go with the season by adding a leaf to the fade and wave to add style. This hairstyle is one of the popular taper fade haircut styles for black men.

#10: High Contrast Fade

High Contrast Fade

The High Contrast Fade is perfect for those having long hair. While the hair at the back and sides are cut short to the minimum , the hairs at the top remain about 2 inches long. The side and back hairs fade into the color of the skin, giving a smart look.

Flaunting these fade hairstyles will need the skills of the barber and for you to maintain them, you will need following some methods.

#11: Summer Crop High and Tight with a Little Surgical Part

summer crop high and tight with a little surgical part

#12: Fres Taper Fade

fres taper fade

#13: Faded Long to Short

Faded Long to Short

#14: Clean Fade Haircut

clean fade haircut

#15: Skin Sharp Fade

skin sharp fade

#16: Sharp on Point Skin Fade

Sharp on Point Skin Fade

#17: Low Skin Tight Fade

low skin tight fade

#18: Fade Out Pompadour

fade out pompadour

#19: New Haircut and a Hard Part

new haircut and a hard part

#20: High Fade

High Fade

#21: Clipperfades


#22: Slick Back Taper Fade

Slick Back Taper Fade

#23: Partial Fade Haircut

partial fade haircut

#24: Layered Taper Fade Hairstyles

#25: Tapered Fade With A Flip

Tapered Fade With A Flip

#26: Skin Fade with Handlebar Mustache

#27: Curly Afro Taper Fade

curly afro taper fade

#28: Fade with Limpiar Liea


#29: Razor Fade Pompadour Haircut

razor fade pompadour haircut

#30: High Fade Pompadour Haircut

high fade pompadour haircut

#31: High Fade with Long Hair on Top

high fade with long hair on top

#32: Curly Fade Hairstyles

curly fade hairstyles

#33: Comb Oover Fade Haircuts

comb over fade haircuts

#34: High Low Fade with Pompadour

High Low Fade with Pompadour

#35: Disconnected Fade

Disconnected Fade

#36: Low Fade Haircut

low fade haircut


#37: High Skin Fade Haircut

high skin fade haircut

#38: Low Bald Fade Haircut

low bald fade haircut

#39: Faded Mohawk Haircut

faded mohawk haircut

#40: Slicked Back Undercut Fade

slicked back undercut fade

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