Best 60 Cool Hairstyles and Haircuts for Boys and Men

Hairstyles for Men - Textured Hair with Step

Cool Hairstyles for Men

Teenage is perhaps the best time to express your freedom, trying to experiment new hairstyles for looking extraordinary and keenly following the metamorphosis of hairstyles to choose the ones that can suit your features the best. Next comes those who are in the age group of twenties to late thirties choosing to follow the latest trends in hairstyles.

Men have always given priority to hairstyles than any other fashion, and throughout these times, cool hairstyles for men have always been among the trendiest hairstyles for men. There are the cool haircuts for men for long, short, medium, curly and wavy hair that are among the latest trends in hairstyles. These haircuts exhibit the creativity, professional barbers have, and it is because of them that innovative, cool men hairstyles have become so popular.

There are many variations in the cool men haircuts that include those for attending parties, going for job interviews or attending corporate meetings. There are the cool hairstyles men that are edgy and those which will help to express your mood in the best way possible. These hairstyles are easy for styling as well as managing, which make them the most popular among men’s hairstyles.

There has been a resurgence in hairstyles from the vintage past and precise styling with clean and fresh haircuts have made the cool haircuts for men famous. Here are 15 cool haircuts men that are handpicked from among a wide range of hairstyles which are the trendiest and have already been buzzing in 2016.

Cool Hairstyles and Haircuts for Boys and Men

#1: Modern Pompadour

Modern Pampadour

The Modern Pompadour is a cool hairstyle for men that have made a comeback from the 50s and 60s with a spin in styling. The sides are trimmed very short to create a contrast with the pomp to look great.

#2: Slicked Back

 Slicked Back

If you want to have a trendy and hipster look, the Slicked Back haircut could perfectly suit you. This cool haircut for men is a variation of the range of undercut styles, and have become a trendsetter this year.

#3: Messy Spikes

Messy Spikes

Spikes have always been one of the most followed feature in hair styling, and Messy Spikes is no exception. This hairstyle is a cool haircut for men, where the long hair at the top is blown dry with a hair dryer and the sides up to the neck are cut vry short.

#4: The Undercut

The Undercut

This hairstyle creates a sharp contrast between the long and short hair lengths. The sharp line of the undercut makes it look more striking and adds an extra edge to the style. If you want to do something different, you can add bangs or have the hair textured.

#5: The Classic Undercut

The Classic Undercut

Men with square face can look great with this haircut which has been appealing as one of the latest undercut hairstyles. The hair is cut shorter on the sides to accentuate the facial appearance, and you also have a choice to wear this style with contrasting hair lengths or the neatly tapered style. You can use pomade or wax to add texture to the hair.

#6: High Taper Fade

High Taper Fade

This is one of the most popular fade haircut men, where the hair becomes gradually faded with the color of the skin from about 2 inches from the top. This hairstyle suits perfectly those having black hair.

#7: Low fade haircut

Low fade haircut

The low fade haircut is a unique mens fade haircut, which seems as an illusion to those watching. The fade gradually disappears on the sides and ultimately becomes invisible at the ear line. This cool hair men hairstyle gives a great appearance in both style and convenience, and is one of the most popular fade hairstyles for black men.

#8: Wavy Slicked Back

Wavy Slicked Back

Matte finished long hair at the top with fade sides are the features of the Wavy Slicked Back hairstyle for men. The wavy hair is brushed to the back to finish the styling.

#9: Neat Undercut

Neat Undercut

This undercut hairstyle is one of the popular cool hairstyle men, especially when blending into the facial hair style. This haircut is an example of short and cool undercut that features elegant lines and contrasting features. It is easy to follow, and what is more, you will not need a shave every day.

#10: The Mohawk Haircut

The Mohawk Haircut

In this modern age, the Mohawk hairstyle is one of the most versatile cool haircut men, where the strip of hair in the middle looks striking. You can have thick or thin strips depending upon the area of your scalp, and incorporate different lengths while styling.

#11: Messy Long Haircut

Messy Long Haircut

The Messy Long Haircut is a surfer cool hair men style which looks extraordinary when styled to perfection. The extra messy volume of long hair creates a messy look and has a combination of color and style.

#12: Side Swept Undercut

Side Swept Undercut

Having similarity to the slicked back undercut, the Side Swept Undercut hairstyle is perfect for those having long hair at the top which helps in the slicking, with the sides cut short. Make sure that your hair is rightly parted and select the side to which the hair falls naturally, to have a stunning side swept.

#13: Wavy and Straight Short Shag Haircut

Wavy and Straight Short Shag Haircut

Although this haircut is primarily for women, men can also flaunt variations of this hairstyle which looks cool and smart. The hairstyle looks great with the shag cut and is versatile and very much manageable.

#14: Fade and Twists

Fade and Twists

The Fade and Twist hairstyle is a variation of the fade hairstyle which is one of the most popular cool hair designs for men. The details are striking, which signifies the skill and creativity of a barber. The hair on the top is styled to thick twists, ending in a Mohawk which is wide and distinct.

#15: The Short Afro Haircut

The Short Afro Haircut

The Short Afro Haircut is mainly for black men, where the dreads look fantastic especially for those having round face. The natural curl looks really enviable, and is a popular men cool hairstyle.

#16: Modern Pompadour

Modern Pompadour

#17: Comb Over Haircut Styles

Comb Over Haircut Styles

#18: Haircuts And Hairstyles With Bangs

Haircuts And Hairstyles With Bangs

#19: Crew Cut Styles

Crew Cut Styles

#20: Taper Cut Hairstyle

Taper Cut Hairstyle

#21: Induction Haircut

Induction Haircut

#22: Burr Cut Hairstyle

Burr Cut Hairstyle

#23: Buzz Cut Hairstyle

Buzz Cut Hairstyle

#24: Classic Ivy League Haircut

Classic Ivy League Haircut

#25: Fade Haircuts for Toddlers

Fade Haircut

#26: High and Tight Haircut

High and Tight Haircut

#27: Mens Undercut Hairstyle

Mens Undercut Hairstyle

#28: Mohawk Haircut Designs

Mohawk Haircut Designs

#29: Straight Wavy Short Shag Haircuts

Straight Wavy Short Shag Haircuts

#30: Side Part Haircut for Guys

Side Part Haircut

#31:  Butch Cut Haircut Butch Cut Haircut

#32: Cowlick Hairstyles

Cowlick Hair

#33: Cornrow Braids Hairstyles

cornrow braids hairstyles

#34: Haircut with Varied Length

Haircut with Varied Length

#35: Unique Boys Haircuts

Unique Boys Haircuts

#36: Shaved Part in Hair

Shaved Part in Hair

#37: Curly Cropped Hairstyles

Cropped and Curly

#38: Front Focus Haircut

Front Focus

#39: Modern Day Mens Hairstyle

Modern Men`s Hairstyle

#40: Creative Hairstyles for Guys

Creative Haircuts for Guys

#41: Mens Hair Very Short Sides

Very Short Sides

#42: Modern Punk Style

Modern Punk

#43: Asian Hairstyles for Boys

Asian Hairstyles for Boys

#44: Side Design Haircuts

Side Design Haircuts

#45: Sharp Angled Hairstyles

Sharp Angled Hairstyles

#46: Blown Back Suave Haircut

Blown Back Suave

#47: Short Haircut for Guys

Short Haircuts for Men

#48: Side Angle CutSide Angle Cut

#49:Long Layers Haircut

Long Layers Haircut

#50: Perfect Side Burns

Perfect Side burns

#51: Ponytail with Class and Sass

Ponytail with Class and Sass

#52: Combined Long-Short Hairstyles for Men

Combined Long-Short Hairstyles for Men

#53: Quirky Quilted Undercut

Quirky Quilted Undercut

#54: Long Top Short Sides Beard

Long Top, Short Sides and Beard

#55: Slick and Scruffy

Slick and Scruffy

#56: Curly and Creative Short Faux Hawk

Curly and Creative Short Faux Hawk

#57: Nod to the Nineties

Nod to the Nineties

#58: Fade Haircut with Shaved Design

Fade Haircut with Shaved Design

#59: Boastful Bouffant

Boastful Bouffant

#60: Sexy and Simple Black Fade

Sexy and Simple Black Fade

The popularity of cool men haircuts has always been there, and with days passing by, professional barbers have given added touches to bring in a range of variations. This has made cool haircuts for men been followed also by black men. Actually what is needed is the skill of a barber to bring perfection to the cool men hairstyles. For products that are needed for styling, you can search online for choosing the ones that can suit the type of your hair. Flaunting cool men haircuts is now a trendy fashion, which are being followed more and more as days pass by.


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