Modern Hairstyles: Top 40 New Modern Hairstyles for Men’s and Boys

Fringe or Bang with Short Sides

Call them the latest, trendiest or modern, hairstyles for men which have come through evolution since the age of Elves Presley have helped men flaunt different hairstyles, competing with their opposite sex, in a significant way. There are modern men hairstyles for every type of hair, whether long, short, curly or straight. There are the modern hairstyles for men short hair and the modern men hairstyle for those having curly hair.

There are the mixed modern hairstyle for men and the unique ones which are creative as well as innovative. Professional barbers have come up with new and attractive haircuts that are the latest, and being followed by large numbers. There are the modern short hairstyles for men, especially suited for black men, and modern short haircuts for men, which can also be flaunted by school going boys.

While some are crazy, there are the modern men haircuts for those having long hair. Take for instance the Pompadour haircut, which has come through ages with some twists, the undercut, the fade and the braids, buns and beads, all falling under the category of modern men haircut. Here are 15 of the most popular modern haircuts for men, from which you can choose the ones that best suit the shape and appearance of your face.

Best 40 Modern Hairstyles for Men

#1: The Iconic Haircut

The Iconic Haircut

The Iconic Haircut is for those having long hair, where the hair is brushed to the back with the sides neatly clipped to match the beard. This is one of the modern haircuts men, which can match any shape of the face.

#2: The Simple Undercut

The Simple Undercut

This hairstyle is one of the simple modern men hairstyles, where the hair at the top is kept long and brushed, and the sides cut short. You can also have variations of this haircut, and are simple to style.

#3: The Man Bun

The Man Bun

Here is another modern hairstyle for men, where the long hair at the top is styled in a bun shape at the middle, and some of the long strands left out hanging in all directions.

#4: The Simple Fade

The Simple Fade

The Simple Fade hairstyle has created a great impact on both men and boys, especially teenagers. This hairstyle is versatile, and needs the sides to fade right up to the area around the ears, and the hairs at the top cut to medium length.

#5: The Popular Buzz Cut

The Popular Buzz Cut

Also known s Caesar Cut, this hairstyle for men perfectly suits those with round face. The hair is cut very short on the top, sides and the back, but keeping the hair a bit long at the top, you can spike the hair also.

#6: Short Sides and Back

Short Sides and Bac

This is one of the popular and simple, modern hairstyles men, where the sides and back are cut short with the region above the years styled to fade.

#7: The Messy and Unkempt Hairstyle

The Messy and Unkempt Hairstyle

Men with long and black hair can sport this hairstyle, where the long hairs at the top are unkempt and messy, with sides also having thick air joining the beard.

#8: The Summer Bounce

The Summer Bounce

With Summer around, men and boys staying on course to have a beach body, can flaunt this hairstyle. This haircut is cool as well as smart, and will need no special skills of a barber.

#9: The Brushed Up Hairstyle

The Brushed Up Rockability Hairstyle

This hairstyle can look great if there is proper maintenance. The brushed up long hairs on the top and the sides having thick hair, gives an appearance of a modern hairstyle.

#10: The Fauxhawk

The Fauxhawk

The Fauxhawk hairstyle has made a comeback after 40 years, and is one of the modern men haircut. The long hair at the top is brushed up and sides styled with fade.

#11: Short Sides Long Top

Short Sides Long Top Rock Style Haircut

The short sides long top hairstyle is the latest for modern men and boys, where the hair on the top is side swept. Men with strong cheekbones and jaw line can sport this hairstyle to look smart and cool. Those with wide foreheads can also look great with this modern haircut for men.

#12: The Sweep Back Hairstyle

The Sweep Back Hairstyle

Walk down the streets drenched with rain with this modern hairstyle during Autumn and make those around you look at yourself. The Sweep Back Hairstyle which will need the skills of a barber, to cut the hair at different lengths, is a  modern men hairstyle. Adding texture to the hair is important to flaunt this hairstyle in a perfect way. You can use a quality styling product for the same.

#13: Brushed Back Front with Short Sides

Brushed Back Front with Short Sides

This hairstyle is for men as well as teenagers, where the long hair is brushed back, using a gel to keep it in shape, and the sides cut short to form a contrast. You can also slick back or side part the hair to add more style.

#14: The Afro Cut

The Afro Cut

This hairstyle is for black men with long curly hairs to look great with the Afro Cut. The shape of the cut is cleanly defined and looks natural. It is easy to flaunt and is an inspirational modern hairstyle for men.

#15: Fringe or Bang with Short Sides

Fringe or Bang with Short Sides

With the front side swept, this hairstyle looks creative and great for those having a prominent cheekbone and jaw line. This haircut will need the proficiency of a barber for bringing perfection.

#16: Stylish Male Hairdo

Stylish Male Hairdo

#17: Long Fringe for Men

Long Fringe for Men

#18: Roughed Up Men’s Look

Rounded Fringe and Stubble Beard

#19: Rounded Fringe and Stubble Beard

#20: 1920’s Haircut for Men

1920s Haircut for Men

#21: Asymmetrical Quiff for Men

Asymmetrical Quiff for Men

#22: Sportive Men’s Hairstyle

Sportive Men's Hairstyle

#23: Wild Hairstyle for Men

Wild Hairstyle for Men

#24: Cool Men’s Haircut

Cool Men's Haircut

#25: Bleached Hair for Men

Bleached Hair for Men

#26: Comfortable Men’s Haircut

Comfortable Men's Haircut

#27: Trend Hairstyle for Men

Trend Hairstyle for Men

#28: Casual Male Hairstyle

Casual Male Hairstyle

#29: Gel Spiked Hair

Gel Spiked Hair

#30: Short and Clean Hairstyle

Short and Clean Hairstyle

#31: Men’s Textured Shag

Men's Textured Shag

#32: Masculine Clipper Hairstyle

Masculine Clipper Hairstyle

#33: Closely Clipped Sides

Closely Clipped Sides

#34: Scattered Layers

Scattered Layers Hairstyles

#35: Men’s Hairstyle with Curls

Men's Hairstyle with Curls

#36: Long Asian Men’s Hairstyle

Long Asian Men's Hairstyle

#37: Gentlemen’s Haircut

Gentlemen's Haircut

#38: Men’s Clipper Cut

Men's Clipper Cut

#39: Easy Mens Hairstyle

Easy Mens Hairstyle

#40: Rugged Man Look

Rugged Man Look

What was modern in 2015, hairstyles which have made great impact in the year can now be said to be not that popular. The reason is the evolution of hairstyles with each passing year, and more and more creative modern hairstyle for men coming up, thanks to the professional barbers. You can find thousands of modern men haircuts in 2016 from which you can choose the ones that can suit your facial appearance the best. There are modern hairstyles for men with long hair and men with short hair, which are easy to style, and look clean and cool. Walk into a professional barber shop to get more ideas or just search the internet to get inspirational modern hairstyles for men.

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