14 Professional And Distinctive Marine Haircuts 

The Marine Style Skin Fade

Military haircuts or specifically marine haircuts carry significant meaning behind every style. Each name bears the responsibility and showcases the position of the deployed officer in some cases. With time, they have gone on to trend as some of the coolest hairstyles to dorn by us normal citizens. 

To begin with, it is important to know that not every short hairstyle is a marine haircut. Some tricks and tweaks are tailor made for these signature styles. Not to worry, as there are extensive marine cuts available for everyone to go around.

We have listed the edgiest and the most stylish marine haircuts that can work for you! Now, without further ado,jump in!!

1. The Marine Style Skin Fade

The Marine Style Skin Fade

Each marine haircut signifies a different state of the marine officer. While you may not be a deployed marine, it does not mean you shouldn’t experiment around with their infamous style. The marine features a close cut with longer length on top and gradual fade on the sides and back. Sometimes, the back is completely shaved off. 

2. The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut

This no-nonsense style is versatile and suits all face cuts. You can style this however you want as well. The buzzcut has an even length of hair all over and a close cut to the temples, sides as well as the back. 

3. The Crew Cut

The Crew Cut

The hair in this cut is no longer than a quarter inch. In this, the side and back are faded, leaving more length on the top. The length of hair on top can vary according to your preference but the sides and back sport a close trim.

4. Reporting to Duty Marine Haircut

Reporting to Duty Marine Haircut

For this hairstyle, the sides, back and most part of the top is kept very short, close to the scalp. The middle part of the top is slightly longer than the rest, styled into a neat wave. It provides a belief of hair on the top.

5. Complete Fade Hairstyle

Complete Fade Hairstyle

This is one of the easiest and most popular of men’s hairstyles. The complete fade means taking your already short hair to very short. A handy clipper or a fully charged trimmer can help you achieve this. The fade drops down from the top eventually blending into the skin.

6. The Military Move Haircut with a Quiff

The Military Move Haircut with a Quiff

This high flying style, popular in the 80’s, has come back with a military twist.  The hair on the sides is cut close to the scalp while the hair on top is styled in a more accessible shape. Its sides give a tapered look and the long hair on top is swept upwards.

7. Marine Style High and Tight Haircut 

Marine Style High and Tight Haircut 

This is a simple and straight haircut. The sides and back are buzzed short leaving a single strip of hair on top. There is no fading involved; however, you must be careful while cutting for the middle strip. 

8. Waves with Shaved Sides Marine Haircut

Waves with Shaved Sides Marine Haircut

This stylist haircut features cut to the skin sides and back, with some length on the upper scalp. Using some conditioner or product, your skilled barber can set the waves, forward or backward, creating a distinguished look. 

9. Marine and Masculine Haircut

Marine and Masculine Haircut

The marine and masculine hairstyle gives off a rough aura and suits best for those with angled jawline. In this, the sides and back are completely shaved off leaving wavy smooth hair on the top. This mohawk style cut is breezy and trending.

10. The Flat Top Marine Haircut

The Flat Top Marine Haircut

Round faces need angled cuts to even out the smooth curves. This marine cut features long hair on top styled upright to form a flat surface. The sides and back are either shaved off or have a high fade. 

11. The side shaved short hair marine haircut

The side shaved short hair marine haircut

Most marine hairstyles offer faded or shaved off sides and back. So does this. The hair on top, however, is kept longer with varying styles. Here, the top hair is grown out to keep it close to the scalp.

12. Serve and Protect Marine Haircut

Serve and Protect Marine Haircut

The whole do gives a blended look from top to the bottom. Its longer kept hair on top fade into the sides and back. The remainder is partially shaved off to complete the look.

13. The Bristle Top

The Bristle Top

Now this is something that can undoubtedly set you apart from the crowd. True to its name, a cluster of hair, resembling bristles, is arranged on top with the rest shaved off. It is a unique cut and takes a professional to get it right. The style needs a tough personality to carry it.

14. No Nonsense Marine Haircut

No Nonsense Marine Haircut

The hair is buzzed close to the skin with a complete fade on the back and sides blending into the very short hair at the crown. This do it at home hairstyle is versatile and can adapt if the need arises. 

Marine haircuts are edgy, cool and are always a hit. While they mostly conform to the norms of the military, us civilians can at times enjoy these versatile styles to add some finesse to our looks. If you have decided to put a trimmer to your locks to try these exquisite styles, let us know the look you have chosen! We would love to hear from you!!


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