Military Haircuts : 15 Best Marine Haircut High and Tight Styles

Marine Haircut: Whether you are in the marine or simply a civilian, marine haircut can be one of the best choices if you are a fashion enthusiast. And for those who have lesser time to pay attention to their hairstyles, the marine haircut can be the obvious choice, as this range of hairstyles require minimum maintenance and you can flaunt them without much ado.

You can just walk out on the streets whatever may be the time when sporting any of the marine haircuts. Marine haircuts are the ones that keep the military regulations in haircuts. Marine haircuts require the hair on the top to be not more than 3 inches.

Here are 15 marine haircuts which are mainly, functional and easy to maintain that have been gathered for you to choose the ones that could best suit the shape of your face.

#1: The Marine Style Skin Fade

The Marine Style Skin Fade

This haircut has the hair cut shorter in stages as it goes down towards the back and then finally shaved completely. An easy to do the marine haircut, you will need a clipper for shortening the hair and a razor for shaving off. This haircut is easy to maintain and you do not have to pay regular visits to the barber. You can also watch a video on how to have a skin fade.

#2: The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut hairstyle is one of the most popular sides shaved marine hairstyles, which needs no styling or any product. The hair at the forehead is comparatively long, tapering to the skin at the neck and the temples. You will need to visit a barber every 5 to 6 weeks, on an average. A short trimmed beard can complement the hairstyle.

#3: The Crew Cut

The Crew Cut

The Crew Cut hairstyle has long been one of the favorite men’s shaved marine haircuts, where the hair at the top tapers into the upper forehead, and the sides are shaved in a faded style, right to the areas behind the ears. You will need a clipper and a razor for this haircut. No need to comb the hair, you can run your fingers through the hair instead.

#4: Reporting to Duty Marine Haircut

Reporting to Duty Marine Haircut

This haircut needs the side locks to be shaved to a shorter length and a longer section for the top. The short hair at the front is styled into a wave to make this marine haircut look awesome. You can have your dyed and wear sunglasses for accentuating the style.

#5: Complete Fade Hairstyle

Complete Fade Hairstyle

The fade starts right from the middle portion of the scalp and runs down to the sides and back. The fade ends at the areas behind the ears. Those who have little time for hair styling can find this haircut perfectly suitable. This haircut is one of the most popular marine haircuts and accentuated by a sunglass. The use of a clipper is amply demonstrated in this haircut.

#6: The Military Move Haircut with a Quiff

The Military Move Haircut with a Quiff

This marine haircut has the hair long on the top and gradually becoming shorter as it goes down towards the sides. The hair at the front is lifted slightly, resembling a quiff after applying a gel product. The nape of the neck is completely shaved. Visits to the barber two times a week will do, as this haircut needs little maintenance.

#7: The Military Type Marine Haircut

The Military Type Marine Haircut

The Military type marine haircut has long been one of the most followed hairstyles for shaved sides. Not only does this hairstyle look cool, but also is simple to style. Notice the medium hair on the top combed to the front and the use of clippers on the sides, having the side fade mix with the skin. Little or no maintenance is required

#8: Marine Style High and Tight Haircut

Marine Style High and Tight Haircut

The Marine Style High and Tight Haircut highlights the contrast between the long hair on the top and the shorter ones on the sides. A V shaped design is created by using a razor from the temple to the sides. This interesting detail makes the haircut a unique one.

#9: Waves with Shaved Sides Marine Haircut

Waves with Shaved Sides Marine Haircut

Shaved sides form a contrast to the long hair at the top, styled with one side shaved to create a distinction. The hair at the top can be made wavy by using a styling product to smoothen the hair. This marine haircut is one of the latest variants of the shaved sides haircuts.

#10: Marine and Masculine Haircut

Marine and Masculine Haircut

The longer hair on the top is styled into a more or less mohawk and the super short sides highlight a clear contrast in this marine haircut. Notice the long hair on the top stretching from the front right to the nape of the neck, making this marine haircut a masculine one. Very little maintenance is required for this hairstyle.

#11: The Flat Top Marine Haircut

The Flat Top Marine Haircut

This marine haircut has longer hair from the hair from the temples right up to the crown as compared to the sides, where you notice a stubble style. The sides are blended in stages while the hair on the top is given a lift and flattened. This marine haircut will need a skilled hand and a regular maintenance is required. You can use a styling product for the hair on the top.

#12: The side shaved short hair marine haircut

The side shaved short hair marine haircut

Like this marine haircut,  you have a room for experimenting different hair styles. Those with short and black hair can flaunt these hairstyles easily, but you will always need the expert hands of a professional barber if you want perfection in any of the men’s shaved side hairstyles. Go ahead with this popular short shaved sides marine haircut to catch the eyes of others.

#13: Serve and Protect Marine Haircut

Serve and Protect Marine Haircut

Notice the short hair on the sides artistically blended to the long hair at the crown in this marine haircut. This is a simple and easy to maintain haircut that is followed widely among the marine fellows. A beard with a mustache compliments this hairstyle.

#14: The Bristle Top

The Bristle Top

In this marine haircut, the hair on the top is cut short, brushed to the side and snipped flat. The hair on the sides has been shaved off completely. Meticulous use of a clipper is highlighted in this marine haircut. A skilled hand is required for perfecting the style.

#15: No Nonsense Marine Haircut

No Nonsense Marine Haircut

The sides are clipped very short to look as though balded and then blended into the hair at the crown. The remaining hair extending to the crown from the forehead is brush cut. A perfect marine haircut with a touch of masculinity.


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