How To Shave a Beard :: Shaving Tips and Techniques for Men

How to Shave Men Beard Tips and Techniques

Every man needs to shave, twice a week or at least once. But, that job is inevitable. However, shaving is an art and needs to be mastered carefully. If you develop cuts that do not stop bleeding every time you shave, it means you haven’t still got the art right.

For all those men who come under this category, this article is for you! Here, we’ll let you know all the types of techniques of shaving and we also provide all the necessary tips for a safe shave. Take a look!

Different Ways to Shave Your Face

So there are some basic ways through which men shave their face and get rid of their facial hair. For example, plucking, trimming, and shaving etc. are used commonly by men. Although shaving is the most used method to get rid of facial hair (for men), many of them use threading and plucking etc. too. Thus here is a quick demonstration of different ways of shaving your face and how they can be made painless.

1. Plucking


A lot of people prefer plucking their facial hair. Even when it comes to men, this might sound odd to a lot of people but these days plucking is getting an easy way out for them too.

This method is for the teens who just started to grow their facial hair. As the hair is delicate and tender during the start, shaving the face using a razor is not advisable. So, many boys tend to pluck their stubble.

Here’s How you Do It:

  • The very first and important step is to wash your face clean with warm water. For plucking, you need to hold your skin tightly with one hand.
  • The very first and important step is to wash your face clean with warm water. For plucking, you need to hold your skin tightly with one hand.
  • With the help of tip-tweezers, you need to hold the hair you want to pluck out, as closely as you can from its root. The farther you keep your tweezers from the root, the more you put your facial roots at risk. It can cause the root being plucked out in the wrong way and can cause dangerous pimples popping up and other dilemmas too.
  • The most important thing in plucking is to hold your hair close to the root and that will keep you safe.
  • Plucking is going to be a painful process and time to consume. However, it is really cheap and you don’t have to run buying new shaving creams and before and after shaving creams too. This is why a lot of people utilize this method to remove their facial hair.

1. Waxing


It is common to think that waxing is only meant for women. However, men can also get rid of all the unwanted facial hair through waxing. It is an efficient alternative to using a razor or a blade on your face. 

Here’s the step-by-step process of waxing your beard:

  • Before you start the waxing process, wash it with a mild cleanser (specially meant for a man’s skin). Wash off this cleaner with warm water and your face will be devoid of all the dirt and unwanted dust. 
  •  You can get the ingredients to make wax at home or you can purchase it from the market. Anyways, you need to make sure that the wax is suitably warm and not hot. It is best to keep it at room temperature or whatever feels good against your skin.
  • Using a craft skin knife, apply the wax on your hair and press it with a cloth strip.
  • Tightly press the skin that is beside the wax applied area and pull the wax strip off.
  • Make sure that you don’t pull upward. You need to pull the strip away. Pulling upward is going to remove your skin along or cause any damage to it, which is not only going to be unpleasant but will be painful too.
  • Press the wax area with your hand lightly so that the pain suppresses.

2. Trimming


People assume that trimming and waxing make their hair come back thicker. However, men who wax or trim say that their hair starts coming back slowly and gets thinner too. So, trimming is obviously the easiest and the best choice to remove your facial hair.

So, if you are ready to trim your hair, you can do so with a comb or clippers.  You can also use scissors to give your face a proper detailing. 

Majority of men head out to a proper salon for trimming and that is fine. But if you are trying to be cost-effective and do it at home, then make sure that you do it in the right way. 

Here’s the best technique you can follow for trimming:

  •  First, you need to comb your hair to the sides. This will ensure an even trim.
  • Now you need to trim all hairs of the same size or length with the help of a clipper. If it is your first time, then it is best to begin from a higher setting and work downwards.
  • After trimming for the first time, you need to comb your hair again to keep it straight and even. This gives you an idea of how even your hair is and how much more you need to trim it.
  • Once you are done, you can remove the clipper and snip off anything that you think is irritating your lips or covering it a bit too.

Is it Good to Trim your Beard?

Trimming is an easy process and it makes you look the best version of yourself. It is a hassle-free process that doesn’t disturb your hair follicles, so your facial hair growth doesn’t become slow. It also prevents flyaways and makes you look professional.

1. Threading


Threading has become one of the most commonly used methods for facial hair removal. It is fast and is preferred by both men and women. This ancient method is now trending more than waxing. The best part about threading is that it helps you in getting rid of the smallest hair too and gives a fine detailing of your hair removal process.

The only tool you need to do this threading process is a cotton thread that is the cheapest of all the tools required for shaving your face.

It is moved in a twisting way so that it traps the hair in the thread and lifts it right outside from its root.

This process is certainly painful but as you start attending to it often, you simply get used for it. A lot of people find waxing more painful and some might prefer waxing over threading. Both the procedures are good enough.

However, attempting threading on your own (for men) can be hard, until and unless you are an expert at it. The best way is to depend on your salon person as he knows the best way to do it.

Is Threading Good for Facial Hair for Men?

Threading is a simple yet effective process for removing facial hair for men. This is because threading cuts and removes hair from the depth of your follicle, so your hair begins to grow late and also thin. Moreover, the next time your hair grows it becomes much softer. 

1. Shaving

Man Shaving Bread

Shaving is by far the most utilized method by men to get rid of their facial hair. Even when trimming, waxing and plucking etc. seems like a very good and affordable method, many men just stick to shaving. Just because it’s the easiest. 

  • For shaving, it is important that your mustache or beard is thoroughly wet before you attempt it.
  • Second, you need to have a high quality or at least good shaving cream in your hands. You need to use a shaving cream and the quality of it is the determining feature of how well your hair will be taken care of and how smooth your skin will feel after it.
  • Also, make sure that the shaving brush you pick has good bristles. Cheap brushes usually leave your skin red and annoy your skin a lot too.
  • If you don’t have an idea about how to use a razor, it is best to head out to a men’s salon and get it done by a professional. If you do know how to use it, then make sure that you do it with care and gradually.
  • Shaving is not a method which can be attempted in a hurry. It can cause cuts and they can cause severe pain too.

Quick Shaving Tips and Techniques

Now that you have an idea of all the shaving types and techniques, we’ll give you some helpful tips, so you never go wrong.

  • If you use the last (shaving) method for removing your facial hair, the very important tip here is that one needs to invest in a good shaving cream and a good quality shaving brush too.
  • There are definitely a lot of ways to pluck out your facial hair and shave it free from any unwanted hair and whatever method you pick (like trimming or plucking), be sure that you have seen someone doing it or ask your barber how he does it.
  • Angles matter a lot when it comes to getting rid of your facial hair and men need to take care of it too. Also, don’t forget to rinse your face with cold water after you are done with the shaving process.


So these are some of the most commonly used methods of removing facial hair for men. You can try any of these and get rid of your unwanted facial hair and feel fresh and smart!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1. When should a man shave his face?

If you are a man who wants to keep a little stubble, you can shave once every 3 days. If you work in a formal place where a no-beard-look is mandatory, you can shave your face daily.

2. Should a 12 year old shave?

There is no right for a man to start shaving. If you feel like your facial hair growth is too much at an early age and want to keep your face clean, you can start shaving. However, make sure you deal with the blades with care. It is always best to go for trimming than shaving as it is less harmful.

3. Should you trim your beard when growing it out?

If you are looking to grow out your beard, you must wait for 4 weeks. It means, you must not touch a razor or a trimmer for these 4 weeks. You might go through some awkward stages while growing out the facial hair, like, you may see some flyaways making you look lazy and unpresentable. But, you need to endure all these. 

4. Does trimming a beard make it grow thicker?

Trimming your beard regularly can prevent split ends and doesn’t make your skin dry. It also makes your beard look full and healthy. It actually removes a hair strand to a certain height, so the next time it grows, it makes your beard thick. 


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