Ponytail Haircuts: Best 20 Ponytail Hairstyles For Boys And Men

Ponytail Haircuts

Having thick full-grown hair is a blessing and you have every right to flaunt your beautiful long hair. Since the decade of 1980s, ponytails have been in style in several variations. Through the decades, the popularity of ponytails has been increasing at a surprisingly high rate. There was a time when having a ponytail was seen as a part of “hippy culture” or was limited to only “bikers”. But in the third decade of this 21st century, no style is limited to any one group. People are being open to all kinds of styles and are embracing new makeovers with grace.

It is truly a fascinating time to be alive. The diversity of the fashion world is at its peak. Groundbreaking inventions are made in clothing and in hairstyles. Even for men, there are new phenomenal styles seen everywhere that men in the past wouldn’t even think of. Ponytails are one such intriguing hairstyle people can’t get enough of.

If you are running out of ideas in your pursuit of trying different hairstyles then a ponytail is something you should definitely try if you haven’t yet. Ponytails are very versatile and they are the best way to show off your long hair in a decent yet stylish way. By having a ponytail you are keeping your long hair organized and making it easier for people to see your face and with the right variations, even admire your hair.

Can You Grow A Ponytail?

It is not as tough as taking an SAT but it true that you need a lot of patience to get a ponytail.

  • Growing long hair is a test for your patience to have long hair requires a minimum of a 6-month growing period. You need to be able to endure any discomfort you might face.
  • If you just decided to grow long hair suitable for a thick ponytail, then you are advised to get a base cut for letting your hair grow in a decent shape. The most common suggestion you receive is to get the sides and the back shorter than the top. Opposite of that will make you regret growing long hair.
  • Take extra care while maintaining your long hair. Avoid drying your hair with rough towel drying and high heat blow-drying methods which are the main reasons for damage and breakage of your hair. Pick a regular grooming time once every 8 to 12 weeks to trim down the edges for preventing split ends.
  • You may have heard this before but shampoo on your hair regularly isn’t healthy for your scalp. It is true that it cleans off the dirt but at the same time, it cleans off the natural oils from your head making your hair dry and weak. Instead, use conditioners regularly to keep your clean and help it retain moisture and natural oils. You can still use shampoo but keep it just once in a week or two weeks.
  • After growing your hair for a set time period, pull back all the hair using a comb and your hands. Tie a knot at your desired length and let the remaining hair be free.

Now, a ponytail is not limited to just long hair. You can fancy one with medium or short hair. You just need enough length to be able to pull the strands together for tying a knot.

There are so many variations in having a ponytail. You should get the one that suits the shape of your face, your facial features, and your hair texture. You don’t have to spend most of your time finding that one hairstyle. We brought together the finest ponytail styles that are in trend right now and have great prominence. Check out the 20 best ponytail hairstyles in the list below.

Top 20 Ponytail Hairstyles For Men

1. Laid Back Ponytail

Laid Back Ponytail

Just like any other ponytail this style also has variations to it. You can have a resting pony falling onto your neck or a tight one standing stiff at the crown. To make it more captivating taper the sides and the back. You can go for braids on the top for which you need to make small sections and start braiding and combine those braids for tying a knot. Keep the temples neat and sharp.

2. The Messy Ponytail

The Messy Ponytail

This low-maintenance ponytail is simple yet striking. It looks great on men with straight hair. However, it also suits well for kinds of hair textures. Let your hair grow freely without any restrictions. Apply trusted styling products like hair mousse or gel and slowly caress your hair. Now use a comb to pull your long hair to the back and make a pony right in between the crown and the nape. Tie a knot but let it be loose so that it gives a messy free-spirited look.

3. Tight and Bright Curls

Tight and Bright Curls

For this style, you keep your hair tight and show off your pony on the top of your head. This style requires your hair to be curly to get the desired look. You let your hair grow to your neck level and groom the edges to avoid split ends. The main attraction to this style is the combination of dark hair with blonde. Color dye your hair on the edges with blonde color and let it dry. After that, apply hair mousse or gel and let it dry so that you can handle your hair effortlessly. Comb the hair from all sides and pull them to the center at the top. Tie a knot and flaunt the beautiful contrast of deep chocolate with bright color.

4. Men Ponytail with Side Part

Men Ponytail with Side Part

For this style, you can place your ponytail anywhere between the crown and the nape. However, our focus will be on making a side part on the top. This style works great on straight hair but it is not limited to any one texture. Let your hair grow to a decent length and groom the edges to keep it neat. Apply hair mousse to make it shiny and so that you can handle it easily. Use a comb to make a parting on either side. Let the hair flow on the sides and pull it to the back. Make a ponytail using a rubber band. Support this hairstyle with a full-grown beard if you fancy one.

5. Cool Basic Ponytail Style

Cool Basic Ponytail Style

This simple yet stylish look can be attained without spending much time grooming. Apply hair gel and comb the hair to the back and make a pony. You can tie a knot with the pony to make it look like a bun or leave it hanging. You can support this style with a beard. Keep in mind that if you have a large forehead or widows peak hair, this style elevates the forehead hairline. There are variations to this style. You can select an area on the side and taper it down so that the thick hair on the top is highlighted.

6. Blonde and Medium Ponytail

Blonde and Medium Ponytail

If you are having blonde hair then this style can let flaunt your shiny golden hair. As the name indicates, the length of the pony is medium and there are several variations to this style. You can for trimming down the sides and leaving the top with a long length or let the sides be with good length and give them braiding that is rest on the neck. Use a good quality hair gel to comb the hair on the top easily. Pull the hair to the back and make a knot for the pony near the nape.

7. The Silver Gray Ponytail

The Silver Gray Ponytail

As the name indicates, you need to add silver-gray color to your hair for this style. The style suits greatly on all kinds of hair textures. Apply hair mousse for a shiny look of your hair. The mousse also lets you handle your hair neat. Pull back your hair altogether and right below the crown make a knot using a rubber band. Make another knot to turn your pony into a bun. Finally, let a few strands hang from the ponytail to get the signature look of this style. This style is elevated even more with a full-grown beard.

8. Island Style Ponytail

Island Style Ponytail

This is yet another free-spirited hairstyle that you can rock for a perfect holiday mood. This artistic style is very easy to attain and requires very little maintenance. You can dye your color to combine light with dark contrast. Pull your hair to the back after applying hair gel. Make a pony right below the crown. The ponytail is hanged loosely without any order for this style. You can support the style with a beard if you can to make it look complete.

9. The Long Hair Ponytail

The Long Hair Ponytail

If you have long hair then this style is highly recommended for you. Let your hair grow to your chest level. Apply good quality hair products to style your hair smoothly and conveniently. Keep the edges neat for a well-groomed look. Pull the hair to the back and make a pony between the crown and the nape. Since you are making a ponytail with only a small portion of your hair, the rest of your hair should be hanging freely over your shoulders. This rusty look is elevated even more with a right beard.

10. Soft Mocha Ponytail

Soft Mocha Ponytail

For this style, you will be giving a beautiful contrast of hair color. Once the dye is dry, apply hair mousse to highlight the color and also handle the hair smoothly. Comb your hair and pull it back to make a ponytail at the nape. Use a rubber band to tie a loose ponytail. Let a few strands be free for a more carefree look. This style looks great with or without a beard. So it is up to you if you want to support it with one.

11. Side Undercut Ponytail

Side Undercut Ponytail

The primary focus of this style will be on the ponytail. However, the classic undercut makes your hair look more artistic. Make a parting to divide your top from the sides. Give a tapering on the side with length gradually decreasing from the top to the bottom. Repeat the same on the back of your head right below your nape. Use better quality hair gel or mousse for handling the hair well. Comb your long hair to the back and hold it at the crown. Use a rubber band and make a pony.

12. Matt White Ponytail

Matt White Ponytail

This is one of the unique styles you can get for a ponytail. But bear in mind that this style is not suited for everyone. Grow your hair to a decently long length and dye your hair with matt white. After it, dry pull all your hair to the back, and make a knot with a rubber band at the nape. Give your sideburns decent grooming for a more sophisticated look. You can have your hair tied up real tight or you can leave it a little loose.

13. Wavy Hair Messy Ponytail

Wavy Hair Messy Ponytail

If your hair is wavy then you should definitely give this style a try. To pull this off you need to keep the hair on the top to somewhere between medium and long. The rest of the hair, however, the sides and the back below the nape is tapered down. Let a few bangs hang on the side or on the front while the rest of your hair is combed backward to form a ponytail. Use a good quality hair mousse to let your hair be styled easily. Support the style with a full-grown beard if you can, if not give it a rough look by stubble or a thick goatee.

14. Biscuit Colored Manly Ponytail Hairstyle

Biscuit Colored Manly Ponytail Hairstyle

This laid-back hairstyle is perfect for a relaxed day when you don’t want to spend much time grooming yourself. You don’t need to spend too much of your time to get this style. However, as the name indicates, the style looks great on men with dark blonde hair. For this style, you don’t have to reduce your hair but just casual grooming on the edges to prevent split-ends. Apply good quality styling product and comb the hair first to avoid tangles. Pull your hair back and make a ponytail below the crown. Leave the pony a little loose and let a few strands fall on here and there.

15. Beach Braid Ponytail

Beach Braid Ponytail

As the name indicates, this style is great for a day out on the beach. The style itself has several variations so the style can be attained differently with long hair until shoulder level and a little shorter length. If you have long you divide the areas depending on how many braids you want. Make small braids on the side and a big one on the top. Let the big braid rest in the back with its edge open and free while the short braids are resting under it. If you have short to medium hair then make two braids on the top with a parting in the middle while the sides and the back are clipped down to a short length.

16. Dark Hairstyle Men Ponytail with Headband

Dark Hairstyle Men Ponytail with Headband

This style is to keep your dark hair highlighted. Apply good quality hair mousse for shiny hair. Neatly comb the hair towards the back and close to the crown, make a ponytail. Support the ponytail with a headband to look more stylish. You don’t have to keep the pony too tight but make sure the hair does not fall on your face. Support this hairstyle with a rough beard if you can grow one.

17. Ponytail with Amber Detail

Ponytail with Amber Detail

This is one of the beautiful ways to flaunt your long hair with a subtle ponytail on the top. Give an undercut to elevate the top section. Select a wider area for the sides and the back to trim down. Let the hair on the top be lengthy and thick. Apply sable color to your hair to bring out arresting color contrast. Style the top with amber highlights and bring the hair close and tight. Use an elastic band to tie a knot for the ponytail. Let the hair rest freely without any restrictions. Make sure the temples and sideburns match with the tapered sides. Get yourself a neat stubble beard to make the style look more complete.

18. Clean Ponytail

Clean Ponytail

This style gives adds a manly look to your appearance. This style works great on men with straight hair and agrees with all hair colors. Comb the hair towards the back and make a knot at the neck so the pony rests at shoulder level. You can make a parting to make the top look neater. Groom the sideburns to make the style more sophisticated. You can support the style with the beard style of your choice.

19. Bad Boy Ponytail

Bad Boy Ponytail

This easy-to-attain style gives you a tremendous makeover. You let your hair grow to the neck level. Now pull back all your hair to the back. Make a knot right below the crown by including the hair on the back pulled up. Make another knot with the ponytail for a thick man bun. For handling your hair smoothly apply hair gel or mousse. This wild-looking style doesn’t need any more grooming but if you like you can add a beard to make it more subtle. The type of beard you try is totally up to you.

20. The Half Down Half Up Ponytail

Wavy Hair Messy Ponytail

This is yet another free-spirited ponytail you don’t need to put too much effort to attain. It works great on men with straight hair. Apply quality hair gel to neatly style your hair without any tangles. Using the comb smoothly pull the hair to the back and make a knot for ponytail anywhere between the crown and nape. You don’t have to groom sideburns as we are trying for a wild look here. It works equally fine with or without a beard. So it is your choice to groom one or not.


Having a ponytail is the next step in embracing your long beautiful hair. It is also a subtle way to protect your hair from going dry or from frizz. Through our list, you have been introduced to several ponytail styles that can make you look better than ever. Use this list as a reference to style your long hair in the best way possible. For decades, the ponytail has been in practice and it is going to be in trends for decades to come.


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