Korean Hairstyles – Best 40 Korean and Japanese Hairstyles for Asian Guys

Elongated quiffs

Korean Men Hairstyles:There are a variety of hairstyles for Asian men right from smooth and fine, to rough and unkempt ones. Even there are numerous hairstyle options for Korean men so next time you are at Salon don’t just give up with the traditional bowl cut as there are lot many options to experiment with your hair, but make sure you know what will suit you the best.

Go through the 10 great korean hairstyles for men to pick your favorite:

#1: Simple side swept fringes:

Simple side swept fringes

This is a very simple korean haircut for men in which the long fringes are swept towards the side while the same side is kept under shaved. This is a very popular korean hair style for men.

#2: Long fringes and nape length hair:

Long fringes and nape length hair

This hairstyle resembles the mushroom cut however is very different as the hair is kept quite longer than that in the mushroom cut. The fringes are swiped towards the side to fall from the forehead till the bottom of the ear. This is a great style for young men.

#3: Pompadour style for Korean men:

Pompadour style for Korean men

Pompadour looks great on any man and so is one korean men hairstyle that is much different from the other traditional hairstyles. Men with any age can wear this look of a medium pompadour with little short sides and back. This hairstyle is one of the hairstyles that will never ever disappoint you. So relax and go ahead with this superb pompadour style.

#4: Elevated side quiffs:

Elevated side quiffs

One of the reasons why most of the Korean hairstyles look great is because of the unique texture of hair of the men there. Just like in this case, the hair is side parted and quiffs are made towards the side while the other side is kept under shaved. Thick and straight hair makes this style look wonderful; though will need a lot of hair styling cream to keep the quiffs that way.

#5: Unkempt is modern:

Unkempt is modern

Gone are the days when the hair properly oiled and combed were considered as a feature to show that the person came from a sophisticated family, as now unkempt is the new wave around when speaking about the modern hairstyles. The disheveled hair, carried in a peculiar style, is what is the contemporary korean hair style men over there are crazy about.

#6: Spiky – the sexiest:

Spiky – the sexiest

Spikes have rocked over all around the world as so in Korea too. Spikes are one of the most popular korean men hair styles. Dense and rough hair makes the spikes more awesome and again suit on almost all the faces.

#7: Medium hair with side part:


If you have a medium length of hair and also you have some natural curls then you do not have to go through much pain as you can just change your look with a side part. This style is sure to bring out the grace of your light curly hair.

#8: Elongated quiffs:

Elongated quiffs

The best thing about quiffs is that it allows a lot of scope for experimenting and the Korean hair texture paves a way to carry them boldly. This Korean haircut man with short to medium length of hair can wear and pair it with elongated quiffs to make the style look beyond awesome.

#9: Mohawk men Korean hairstyle:

Mohawk men korean hairstyle

Mohawk is an awesome Korean men hairstyle that will look great if the sides are absolutely shaved. Also if you give a platinum blonde hue to the strip of the hair that passes through the mid and let some fringes fall on your forehead to give it a unique style. Korean people generally have dark hair color and so the shaved sides which will have hair growth of maybe just a day or two, will bring in the magical contrast in the hairstyle and you are definitely going to rock with this hairstyle.

#10: Rainbow hair:

Rainbow hair

Recognize the person in the picture? Correct! He is the South Korean actor, dancer, and rapper – Sehun. The rainbow style is one of the popular Sehun’s hairstyles. As mentioned time and again, the natural hair of Korean men is black or dark brown, so change in the hair color is also a brilliant step to go for a hair makeover. With different shades of the rainbow to this will be a majestic Korean hairstyle men can wear who do not want to do much with the hair and yet want to look cool and awesome.

I know what do must be thinking after reading about these Korean hairstyles, that world is so much beyond the mushroom cuts, right? So no more thinking, just run down to your stylist and ask him to give you any of these awesome hairstyles which can make you an apple of everyone’s eye!

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