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Razored strips and the top knot

Top Knot Men:

We have all come to know that there are no less choices for a man’s hairstyle, yet a top knot hairstyle is a far predominant hair style. In men’s top knot, the sides are generally shaved and the more drawn out bits of hair at the top are bunched together into a radiant knot.

Sometimes a top knot looks so bouncy, so lively, so welcoming, you simply need to sink your teeth into it.This top knot tutorial is about introducing you with basics of man top knot hairstyles and discussing some interesting top knot hairstyles. Let us begin with how to make a top knot:

If you are worried about how to tie a topknot, then you might relax as tying a top knot is extremely simple. Just follow these simple steps:

How to Do a Top Knot

  • Get hair elastic and a good quality hair styling cream.
  • Damp your and apply an appropriate amount of hair styling cream on your hair.
  • Hold your hair to the top of your head so that it lies between the center and the back of the top of your head.
  • This will be exactly where the top knot will be sitting.
  • Make a bunch of all the hair to form a knot and tie the hair elastic around it.

Check out 20 glorious top knot styles for men that will give you a majestic look.

#1: The top knot for short hair:

The top knot for short hair:

The top knot male hairstyles are one of the simplest, quickest and smartest hairstyles that can suit to every face. If you have a short hair and you need to get suited up for any formal event – man, there you are! Roll up your short hair to a top knot and you are going to grab the most attraction at the event with your classy look.

#2: Messy top knot for men:

Messy top knot for men:

The beauty of the top knot styles is that even messy top knot doesn’t appear messy at all as it adds funkiness to your personality. You even do not have to comb your hair again and again. Just bunch up and get going!

#3: The braided top knot:

The braided top knot

Braids and a male top knot is an ideal combination for medium to long hair. In this, before tying a top knot you must first make multiple braids starting from the front to the centre of the top of the head and then bunch up all the braids together to form a knot and put hair elastic around.

#4: The Japanese top knot:

The japanese top knot

Have you ever got a chance to see a Sumo? Not necessary in personal but may be on TV or anywhere in the magazine, newspaper or on the internet? Okay, the point I am recalling them here is just because of their top knot. The top not which is usually know as ‘Samurai knot’ is tied up little differently with two elastics. One elastic you put when you collect all your hair at the center of the top of the head to make a pony and then elastic to roll the pony back passing it through the first elastic and leaving the tail of the pony on the top of the head. The small top knot on the giant body not only looks cute but gives them a very comfortable hairstyle while they wrestle.

#5: Top braid with a top knot:

Top braid with a top knot

This is another cool top knot braid style where you can make a French braid from the middle and then tie a knot at the top of the center of your head. Remember to get the sides shaved to have a perfect look.

#6: Top knot with braid at the back:

Top knot with braid at the back

This is one of the kinds where you can call it as – watch your top knot from the back as beauty of the style lies here. Get your hair cut making a ‘V’ at the back while keep your sides shaved. Now make a braid at the back and roll it above the top to form a knot at the center of your head. Great variation of a braided men’s top knot hairstyle.

#7: Designer top knot style:

Designer top knot style

Experiment is a gateway to discovery, one can say when seeing this designer top knot style. The regular top knot has been turned to a sizzling hot hairstyle by the undercut sides and razored designs at the back of the head.

#8: Curly top knot:

Curly top knot

A perfect bun cum top knot hairstyle men with curly hair can wear. You only have to get buzzed sides while putting all your hair together on the top to form a bun at the center of the top of your head.

#9: Obama’s top knot:

Not only young guys love the top knot styles but some highly popular faces in this world have also been spotted adoring this hairstyle. Like, check out the top knot hairstyle of the US’s president Mr. Barack Obama – completely shaved sides and back while a small knot at the top asking why public should have all the fun?

#10: Razored strips and the top knot:

Razored strips and the top knot

No matter how good a style may be, men know how to make it the best. The regular top knot style has become attractive by the double razored strips sides and combing the front hair with a broad comb after applying a good amount of hair gel.

#11: Top knot with a side braid:

Top knot with a side braid

Another variant of braided hairstyle with top knot, but this time the braid is made out of the hair at the sides.

#12: Top Knot with cornrows:

Cornrows are considered one of the ridiculous hairstyles by most of the people. But surprisingly when cornrows are paired with a top knot bun, it turns out to be an ideal men’s top knot hairstyle.

#13: Top knot free style:

Top knot with a side braid

No compulsion to make a full bun top knot if you have long hair, you can try this style instead. Tie up a half top knot and put the hair elastic such that the other half of the hair falls freely on your nape.

#14: Taoist top knot:

Top knot free style

Taoist priest in China wear this top knot where the knot is no different from other knots however, the hair at the sides are not shaved. Also they have a different sort of hair stick to hold the bun at the top.

#15: Knot with side part:

Knot with side part

This knot is rather a bun which is not as top but tied in the similar way. The hair is parted from the sides and hence gives a different look from the usual top knot styles.

#16: Hot gray top knot:

Hot gray top knot

The top knot hairstyle male with any hair color can try it on. If you are bored with your natural color, try a top knot on gray hue with a dark goatee. Dude, you are surely going to look awesome!

#17: Mid French braid and top knot with under shaves:

Mid French braid and top knot with under shaves

Try a top knot style with shaved sides and a French braid that is woven from the middle of your head. Believe or not, this is the coolest of all the braided top knot styles.

#18: High top knot with bun and curly hair:

High top knot with bun and curly hair

If you don’t want to go for shaved sides with you long curly hair, then why not try a high top knot bun with a portion of your hair? Leave the rest of the hair to fall free on your shoulder as the curls are going to make everything look awesome, anyways.

#19: Short curls top knot:

Short curls top knot

Men with short curls can roll up the hair to a top knot while keep the sides razored. A beard will make everything look further great.

#20: Dreaded top knot:

Dreaded top knot

Fond of dreads? Great! You can make a top knot with your dreads which will not only give you a neater look but will be an experimental style with your dread hairstyle.

Now, that you have learnt how to do a topknot and having discussed the 20 wonderful top knot styles, you are absolutely ready to pick your favorite style and make a perfect top knot for yourself!

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