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Once you cross 14 and you are a teenager, physical changes tend to become visible in a man, especially in terms of his facial hair that includes both beard and mustache. For some men, the mustache plays a key role in the way they look. And, whenever they have to shave it off, they keep waiting for it to grow thick faster. 

So, in this article, we’ll tell you how to grow your mustache faster and in a way that impresses your better half. As you know, not just growing but growing the mustache in a proper way makes a difference. Here, you will see the stages of growing the mustache along with some home remedies to make it grow fast and in a healthy way. 

Stages of Growing a Mustache:

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Before you think you can easily grow your mustache just like that, we would like to clarify that, nothing good ever comes easy. It takes 3 stages for a full mustache, be it for a teenager or a grown-up man. Let’s take a look at each of them:

Stage 1: Can you grow a mustache?

Men are classified into two groups when it comes to growing a mustache. One, the men who are born to have a mustache, like Hulk Hogan. Second, the men who cannot fully grow a whisker, no matter how hard they try. It is true that for some men, the mustache doesn’t grow full but with patches. 

So, to know which category you belong to, you must first let your mustache grow at its own pace for the first time. This is the first stage of growing your beard faster.

Stage 2: Growing the whisker out.

This stage is basically a four-step process which demands your patience and persistence. If you follow these steps effectively, you can easily grow out your whisker.

Step 1: Grow out the beard first.

It might be a little awkward when you are growing your mustache for the first time. It might grow thin or too thick, uneven and out of proportion. So, to make it less visible, grow your beard while the mustache growth is in the process. Once your whisker is full, then you can trim your beard to as much length you want.

Step 2 : Invest in a quality trimmer.

While you are in the process of growing your facial hair, you might need to trim the beard or mustache a little bit to look presentable sometimes. This is when you will need a good quality trimmer. 

It is observed that your mustache can be better trimmed using a trimmer than a razor. Also, you can get some of the best trimmers in the market for just $15. They come in a number of guard shapes and sizes to make the trimming process much easier.

Step 3: Trim the excess facial hair that one doesn’t intend to have.

In the process of growing facial hair, you might end up growing the hair even on the cheek and neck areas, which is unnecessary. It makes you look lazy and shabby. So, using the trimmer you can remove excess growth of facial hair around your jaw and mouth area and on the cheeks. This helps you to get the basic mustache shape with ease. 

Remember: You need to keep trimming your facial hair till your mustache is left alone. This helps the mustache stand out when compared to other facial hair.

Step 4: Be patient with facial hair growth.

If you want to grow out a thick and long mustache, it takes time for your facial hair to grow to the full extent. So, you need to be patient till the facial hair grows, so you can get the desired shape of your mustache. 

Note: The popular myth is that facial hair begins to grow thicker if you keep trimming it. But, that’s not true. Your diet, protein intake and the nutrients determine only your hair growth.

Stage 3: Styling the mustache.

Once you have fully grown the facial hair along with the mustache, now it’s time for you to style it. Here are some of the ways you can do it effectively.

1. Choose a style that suits the face shape.

There are numerous mustache styles out there, which suit only certain face shapes. So, you can’t blindly see a picture and decide to grow that style. 

Before selecting the style you like, pay heed to the way the hair is growing and make a note of the places where the hair is thick. Then, select the appropriate mustache style.

Pro Tip: To see the way a mustache style looks on your face, you can try some editing apps like Photoshop and edit your picture with that style. If it suits you, you can continue with that. You can also ask the honest opinion of your friends and family. 

2. Choosing a shorter style.

If you feel the facial hair above your lip is coarse, thick and dark, shorter mustache styles are best for you. Here are some of the short mustache styles you can try:

  • The Pencil: 

A pencil mustache, as the name suggests, is a thin style that looks as if you have drawn a thin line using a makeup pencil. To get this look, you need to have a trimmer to carefully remove the hair between your nose and lip until you get a thin line that follows the curve of your upper lip. This is one of the famous mustache style that has been emulated by celebrities like John Waters, R. Kelly.

  • The Fu Manchu: 

This is also a thin mustache style that starts at your upper lip but continues to grow till your jaw or beyond that. This style makes you look like a Chinese philosopher. Also known as horseshoe style, it looks wide and bushy and this style is seen on Hulk Hogan, a famous wrestler. 

  • The Boxcar:

This is a simple mustache style when compared to the other two. It is a short mustache that ends where your lip ends. You need to use a trimmer to maintain this style and it needs to be groomed in a straight line that is perpendicular to your lip corners to make your mustache end right before your lip ends. This boxcar mustache is seen on Adolf Hitler. 

3. Choosing a longer style.

If you have thick and straight hair that is bushier and slightly coarse, you can grow longer stubbles. Here are some of the long mustache styles you can grow:

  • The English, Imperial or Handlebar:

This is a mustache style adopted by the Englishmen to flaunt a Victorian novel look. To get this look, you need to stop trimming your mustache above the corners of your mouth. This means, you need to let it grow out to a point. Later, you can use mustache wax to curl up the ends of the mustache. 

  • The Walrus:

This is a quirky mustache style that mostly suits hunters and men who throw tomahawks. If you like to get this style, you need to grow out your mustache while shaving the cheeks. The famous personality, Roosevelt is known to have best flaunted this style. 

Tip: This look is not for the beginners, so if you’re trying to grow your mustache for the first time, opt this one out.

  • The Selleck:

Named after a popular personality Tom Selleck, this mustache style also looks like the Walrus but the corners. It is a full mustache style grown from nose to lips but is trimmed enough to prevent hanging from the lips. 

4. Experiment with combo styles.

Though there are both short and long mustache styles available, you can get creative with various combinations with the use of a beard trimmer. Here are some of the best combinations we have got for you to try.

  • You can try out Fu Manchus or Handlebar mustaches with Goatees or circle beards. Here, you just have to shave the cheeks and the bottom of your neck.
  • When you connect the mutton chops to the bristles, you can flaunt a civil war vibe looking as if you just waltzed out from a photograph.
  • If you want to look like a workless actor with a rough look, try out a straight whisker with a soul patch and a 5 o’clock shadow.

5. Maintain Trimmed Ends.

The mustache style you grow can be maintained through proper grooming. Not every mustache style requires maintenance but certain whiskers demand washing, combing, waxing and trimming almost daily to get that perfect and desired look. 

Tip: Use the mustache scissors to trim the whisker at least once every week.

6. A proper grooming regimen needs to be followed to keep the face clean.

While you are growing your facial hair, you might not want to wash your face quite often. But, for hassle-free brushing and also waxing, you need to wash your face at least twice a day to prevent breakouts and also acne. Also, your facial hair must be kept clean to prevent skin problems. So, follow a proper grooming routine daily.

7. Shape the whiskers.

Some of the complex whisker styles cannot be maintained with just a mustache comb. You need a proper mustache wax to get the proper shape. Some of them require regular trimming while some of them require frequent twisting and curling up. No matter what the whisker type is, maintain the shape properly.

Home Remedies to Grow Out Your Mustache Faster:

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Now that we have discussed the whisker styles and the grooming you need to follow, you will now see some natural home remedies that aid in making your mustache thick and healthy, that too at a faster pace. Take a look:

  • Exfoliate your face regularly

Your facial skin contains dead skin cells that get clogged and promote the growth of acne. These dead cells also block the growth of hair on your face. So, to open up these pores and to let your skin breathe, you need to use an exfoliating scrub and wash your face at least 3 times a week with it. 

  • Use Eucalyptus

You can either directly apply eucalyptus oil to your face or choose moisturizing creams with this ingredient. Eucalyptus is known to naturally moisturize the skin and also removes any dry patches on your skin. So, your facial hair also feels smooth and looks healthy.

  • Have a balanced diet

For a healthy and proper hair growth, you need to consume a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Eat a proper mix of fruits and vegetables and also meat, so you don’t miss out on any nutrients. Protein intake is also essential for faster hair growth. So, you must consume protein-rich foods like eggs, lentils, nuts and beans too. 

  • Massage

Blood circulation plays a vital role in hair growth, be it on the scalp or on the face. So, a proper massage on your face will enhance the blood flow thereby promoting hair growth. Insteading of simply massaging with your bare hands, use a beard oil with natural ingredients and massage into the beard and mustache in circular motion. You will clearly see the difference in hair growth.

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The Bottom Line….

Along with a healthy beard, a proper mustache is a dream for men. But not every man can grow facial hair easily. Sometimes it needs effort from you. Whether you are a teenegar crossing 14 years or an adult wanting to try out various mustache styles, this article will surely be of help to you. Make sure you follow all the stages and tips accurately and your desired facial hair look will become cakewalk. 

Also, never forget to consume a diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. The food you eat has a direct impact on your hair growth. Once you have a glance at this article and start growing out your beard, let us know if our tips have been of use to you. Also, if you have any queries related to quickly growing your facial hair, feel free to drop a comment below. Our replies are real quick!


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