Buzz Cut: 15 Best Buzz Cut Hairstyles – How to get the perfect buzz cut Hair

Buzz Haircut: What is the unique thing in the buzz cut hairstyles, is that this buzz haircut hairstyle suits any hair color, any type of hair and any shape of the face.The buzz cut styles are generally associated to short hairstyles, where the hair is cut in varying lengths. The buzz cut hair styles definitely need the expert hands of a professional barber, where there are different buzz cut lengths of the hair to suit the style.

The men’s buzz cut hairstyles are not only restricted to styling the hair on the top to a specific length but can extend to high, mid or low fade. The best part of the men’s buzz cut is the easiness in styling the buzz cut hair style and the low cost of maintenance. The buzz cut men hairstyles are no doubt simple. But there are certain restrictions that can bring perfection to the best buzz cuts. The best example is the military buzz cut, although it is more compulsion than following the style.

How to Get the Buzz Cut

What thing needed?

The popularity of the buzz cut is because of the zero maintenance and easy to style buzz haircuts. And for those who have lesser time to pay attention to their hairstyles, the buzz haircut can be the obvious choice, as this range of hairstyles require minimum maintenance and you can flaunt them without much ado. You can just walk out on the streets whatever may be the time when sporting any of the buzz haircuts. To get the buzz cut you will need the following:

  1. Clipper
  2. Comb
  3. Trimming guide
  4. Quality hair product

How to Get The Buzz Cut

Step 1 – Choose a guide comb to determine the length of the hair you desire o keep. Use the clipper in an upward motion, cutting the hair on the back and the sides.

Step 2 – Once you have finished with the sides and the back, move to the top of the head and run the clipper smoothly across the top, from the front to the back in straight strokes. Repeat the motion, blending the clipper upwards for removing any unwanted cut lines.

Step 3 – Use precise strokes to touch up the back and the sides. You can take help of the trim guides for trimming around the ears.

Step 4 – Apply the inverted technique using the clipper for cleaning up the neckline with precise strokes to ensure that the lines are straight and tight.

You can apply a styling product to maintain the glossiness of your hair.

All barbers are adept with the buzz cut men hairstyles, and that is one of the reasons of the popularity of this hairstyle. Here are 15 best buzz cuts for you to choose from.

15 Best Buzz Cut Hairstyles

#1: The Simple Buzz Cut:

The Simple Buzz Cut

This short buzz cut hairstyle is the simplest of the buzz cuts, but to have it, . you will need a plain scalp, without any kinks or bumps.

#2: The Buzz Cut with Beard:

The Buzz Cut with Beard

Looking at this men’s buzz cut, if you ask should i get a buzz cut, you will get the answer from this photo. Check out whether you have more or less the same features to become one of the buzz cut numbers.

#3: Short Buzz Cut:

Short Buzz Cut

This buzz cut hairstyle is one of the trendiest types of buzz cuts, where you will need a quality hand clippers, and the rest you can do at home. But going to a barber can bring perfection to the haircut, where the hair will be cust short, but with varying length.

#4: Buzz Cut with Variation:

Buzz Cut with Variation

It is the use of the hand clippers that can set any buzz cut men hairstyle from others. All you need is a visit to a professional barber, to choose from, some specific types of short buzz cut.

#5: Buzz Cut No. 3:

Buzz Cut No. 3

For those having a receding hairline, the number 3 buzz cut can be an ideal haircut, where the hair is styled with a scruffy haircut with a number 3 guard.

#6: Marshall Green’s Buzz Cut:

Marshall Green’s Buzz Cut

The hair is buzzed with a number 2 blade on the top, and the back and sides are faded with a number 1 blade.

#7: Buzz Cut for Black Men:

Buzz Cut for Black Men

This buzz cut hair style is perfect for black men. The deft hands of a professional barber are exhibited in this hairstyle.

#8: Buzz Cut with Varying Length:

Buzz Cut with Varying Length

This boys buzz cut hairstyle is styled with the hair having varying lengths. This hairstyle looks clean and smart, and is complemented with a beard.

#9: All American Buzz Cut 4:

All American Buzz Cut 4

The number 4 buzz cut hairstyle gives the impression of a receding hairline. A hand clipper and a mirror are the things you will need to have this haircut.

#10: The Ivy League Buzz Cut:

The Ivy League Buzz Cut

This hairstyle somewhat resembles the crew cut, with the difference in suing scissors to trim the hair on the top. Other names of this 1 buzz cut, are Brown Haircut, or The Princeton Clip. This haircut is popular among Ivy League University students.

#11: Butch Cut:

Butch Cut

This buzz cut style is seen among the military personnel, where the hair is cut a little bit longer to length number 4 with a hair clipper with a range of combs for guiding.

#12: Burr Cut:

Burr Cut

Here, the same length number is used while using the hand clipper, to cut the hair. This haircut looks like an induction cut.

#13: The Neck Taper:

The Neck Taper

This long buzz cut is one of the popular fade buzz cut hairstyles, where the neck is faded and the hair is pushed upwards to form a taper on the top.

#14: Buzz Cut with Cool Details:

Buzz Cut with Cool Details

This buzz cut hair style shows the art of barbering, where the hair is cut according to the suitability of the head and face, and added with some cool details. The surgical lines are noticeable, which makes this haircut more creative.

#15: The Induction Cut:

The Induction Cut

This military buzz cut style, known as the Induction Cut, is the shortest of the buzz cuts. A clipper is used with a number 0 blade to crop the hair to form a buzz style. This hairstyle is the next stage after a shaved head.

The variations of the buzz cut lengths hairstyles can be styled, using a quality clipper designed with a full range of guards. This gives you the option to flaunt buzz cut men hairstyles according to the shape of your head and face. Starting from military personnel to film stars and sports personalities, the buzz cut hairstyles are quite popular. Easy to style and easy to maintain, gives this range of buzz cuts the versatility to be one of the most popular hairstyles. If you want to try it at home, follow the online guides, and alternatively, you can vsit a salon to choose from a range of buzz cut hairstyles for men.

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