Buzz Cut: 15 Best Buzz Cut Hairstyles – How To Get The Perfect Buzz Cut Hair

Buzz Cut

Buzzcut is the most widely used hairstyle among men that is very intriguing to look at yet very easy to gain. It doesn’t ask for much in maintenance and every morning you don’t have to spend your time in front of a mirror setting your hair. With a buzz cut, your hair is always ready to go.

This style is generally fancied by military personnel who prefer to get cooled down fast and keep the hair away from their face. Even those who are not in the military are looking positively towards this style as it is simple yet fascinating. It fits greatly for all facial shapes and features and requires very little equipment to get to this style.

Is Buzz Cut Style Suited For You?

Like we mentioned earlier anyone can rock this style without much effort. No matter what your hair color or texture is, this style works equally captivating. Although it fits all shapes of faces and heads, there is a downside to this style. If you are carrying any bumps or scars on your scalp you should be aware that this style might elevate them. It may also look unappealing if you have really long ears. However, there are different styles of buzz cuts that are available in the fashion world that can cover up the anomalies and give you a complete look.

How To Get And Maintain Buzz Cut?

A Buzz Cut is simply trimming down your hair to an equal level of short all over your head. In practice, it does not take much time and effort. If you are thinking of trying this style for the first time then you are advised to get a barber’s assistance. Almost all barbers are familiar with this style and can easily fix you up. They can understand the shape of your face and your scalp and give you the well-suited buzz cut. Once you get a hang of it, you can select the style on your own and get it done at the convenience of your home.

To pull this off, you don’t need much equipment. A perfectly working clipper, a comb, and a decent finishing hair product (if you fancy). You can rinse down your hair a little at home and get on with it. Set your clipper to level one or two and start trimming. If you still wish to get shorter, increase the levels. Though you don’t need to spend much time grooming, you may have to maintain this style almost every week for consistency. Just by spending 10 minutes on a Sunday, you can have a hassle-free cool hairstyle all week.

Now, let us see what are the rocking buzz cut hairstyles available in the fashion world right now.

15 Finest Buzz Cut Hairstyles

1. The Simple Buzz Cut

The Simple Buzz Cut

Make sure your scalp is clear of all marks if you want to go for this style. You will be maintaining one single length of hair all over your head for this style. This is simple and very easy to obtain.

2. The Buzz Cut with Beard

The Buzz Cut with Beard

You can make your buzz cut even more stylish by adding a beard to it. You can try different shapes of beard or you can flaunt your charm by trying out a full-grown beard. A classic look is where the beard is not too long but closer to your skin just like your buzz cut.

3. Short Buzz Cut

Short Buzz Cut

For this style, you need to cut your hair shorter than usual. Though this is easy to get, it is advised to use quality clippers for getting a complete look without any patches. If you have a full-grown beard maintain the hair and the beard for a uniform look.

4. Buzz Cut with Variation

Buzz Cut with Variation

Make the buzz cut more stylish to elevate your funky side. Give the buzz cut variations by trimming down the sides to zero while maintaining the top layer a little bit thicker. Shape down the edges for a well-groomed look.

5. Buzz Cut No. 3

Buzz Cut No. 3

This is an ideal style for those who have a receding hairline. With this style, you will be having tapered sides that are also proportionate;y tight to the top. This results in a tidy look as the hair grows.

6. Marshall Green’s Buzz Cut

Marshall Green’s Buzz Cut

It is a uniform look that the military insisted on new recruits to prevent lice and other vermin infestation. Trim down your head with a level two on top and fade the sides with a level one blade. Make it more elegant with a stubble beard.

7. Buzz Cut for Black Men

Buzz Cut for Black Men

Buzzcut suits perfectly on black men due to their unique hair texture. You can go for thick or try faded sides to make it funkier yet appealing. A neatly groomed beard will be a killer addition to this style.

8. Buzz Cut with Varying Length

Buzz Cut with Varying Length

This may not look like a buzz cut but it actually is. You will have to maintain varying lengths with thick and a little longer on top and zero level on the sides. This style gives you clean growth and looks smart. You can also try different beard styles to make it look dashing.

9. All American Buzzcut

All American Buzz cut

You can get this simple style by yourself. All you need is an efficient clipper and a mirror. This is most commonly seen by young men and celebrities. Leave thick hair on the top and a little thin on the sides to rock this style.

10. The Ivy League Buzz Cut

The Ivy League Buzz Cut

This trendy style doesn’t take much of your time. You can get professional help for convenience. This style requires you to leave up to 1 ½ inch length on top and get sides and back relatively short.

11. Butch Cut

Butch Cut

For this style, you cut down the hair on top along with sides and back looking more tapered. You can make it look more intriguing by adding cool-looking cuts on the sides. Make sure the top hair is cut uniformly for a better look.

12. Burr Cut

Burr Cut

Trim down the hair to a minimum level and use a razor towards the edges to make it look sharp and neat. Use scissors to make the sides more appealing with respect to the top. This style looks equally charming with or without a beard.

13. The Neck Taper

The Neck Taper

This style is about your neck and the hair on the back. Taper down your hair on the back so that the hair on your neck is clearer compared to the top. This fade buzz cut style is pretty prominent with younger people.

14. Buzz Cut with Cool Details

Buzz Cut with Cool Details

You can get as creative as possible with this style. Make sure your hair is short but looks thick on top and taper the sides. On the sides try out different shapes to make it funky and unique with different shapes.

15. The Induction Cut

The Induction Cut

This is another style mostly found in the military. The recruits are shaved all the way down for obvious reasons. For this style, you need to use the clipper without any guard and use it at the level 0.5 or 1 that keeps the hair just a little above the scalp.


If you are looking to try a simple yet striking appeal then Buzz cut is something you should choose. This style is perfect for those who would like to keep their face clear from hair falling on or those who are not into long hair. Through this article, you are introduced to highly desired buzz-cut styles that are suitable for all kinds of hair and facial shapes. Buzzcut also lets you experiment with your grooming and transform yourself into someone you never thought you would like to be.



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