Mens Hairstyles: 40 New Hairstyles For Men and Boys

Clasic Hairstyles

Grooming, when done right, can be a great asset for men and women alike. The affinity to have the perfect hairstyle to suit the occasion has been the raging trend for the past few decades. While men don’t style their hair as often as women do, they certainly do some like to upkeep their locks.

The right hairstyle plays a significant role in not only improving appearance but also confidence. Hairdos for men have gone through several stages of evolution and there has never been more preference to be in style for men than now.  

As they say, a hairstyle can make or break any situation.So, it is better to have some styles up our sleeves to flaunt at the right time. Whether you are a man who prefers a fuss free buzz cut or loves to show off your elegant locks with a wavy look, we have the right look for every beck and call! Dig in!!

40 Best Hairstyles to Style Yourself

Here are the most popular hairstyles for you to try at whim. We have got some great hairdos that you can style from the comfort of your home and some that will be worth the visit to your barber!

1. Textured Hair With Steps

Textured Hair with Step

This style works best for men with medium hair length. The thoroughly added layers give an impression of slimming for thick hair. It is best suitable for round, square or oval face shapes.

2. Long Straight Hair Cut

Long Straight Haircut

While most prefer to style long hair with a bun or braids, simply leaving it down to embrace your face can single you out from the rest. Few little tweaks here and there with proper maintenance will provide the necessary care for flaunting this style.

3. Fade Undercut Taper

Fade Undercut Taper

Undercut taper fade is more casual when compared to other variations of taper fade such as skin fade. This style refers to longer top hair tapered to the one side with shorter side and back . The look offers defined lines and greatly accentuates your features.

4. Diffused Hair With Skin Fade

Diffused Hair with Skin Fade

One of most sought after hairstyles, the diffused hair combined with skin fade is compelling and happening. This focuses the hair on top with waves textured to appear smooth and thick. The sides and back are trimmed or kept close to the scalp giving it a prim and proper impression. You can try this style with short or medium hair.

5. Long Wavy

Long Wavy

Long wavy hair on men looks healthier and well maintained. While it requires some conditioning and more care, the wavy style can make you look attractive and desirable. Men with longer hair lengths can wear it wavy with some styling at home or at the barber’s. You can either part it in the middle or leave it to find its own path.

6.  Layered Haircut Black Colored

Layered Haircut Black Colored

Layer cut is achieved by arranging carefully cut layers to fall atop another with no gap. Since the layers are not largely visible, men with thin or straight hair can try this. The layers blend into each other and add more volume.

7. Edgy Comb over

Edgy Comb over

This versatile hairdo is suitable for all. It is fashionable and helps you rock short locks with its trendy cut and defined lines.

8. Curly Short Haircut

Curly Short Haircut

Whether you choose to curl your hair or have them naturally, this style is an excellent choice. The short curls are low maintenance if you have them naturally.

9. Super Clean High Fade with Super Texture

Super Clean High Fade with Super Texture

The high skin fade on the sides and forehead gives a clean cut. It leaves more texture on the top and makes you look cooler.

10. The Long Top Short Sides Hairstyle

The Long Top Short Sides Hairstyle

This style does call for some gel to get it right. The sides, like in most styles, are cut short and the top is left longer for the play. It is suitable for those with hair on the wavy side and can be set easily at home as well.

11. The Perfect Haircut with Cool Beard

The Perfect Haircut with Cool Beard

Pairing the right cut with a beard can amplify it greatly. And this is the perfect style. It is attractive and rocking a beard is always in!

12. Wavy Comb over Haircut

Wavy Comb over Haircut

That wavy locks of yours require some combing over to appear the right amount of messy and polished. You can just comb it over to the back or run your fingers through to get the job done. 

13. Short And Casual

Short and Casual

This look has an offbeat aura around it that is laid back and casual. It is low maintenance and does not demand much from you except for the occasional trimming.

14. Messy Haircut

Messy Haircut

Messy is the new chic!

If you are looking for something new or tired of just keeping it prim and proper, this is the style for you. While it is messy, it is not ‘got out of my bed right now’ kind of messy. You need some beforehand practise to get the right amount of mess.

15. Feathered Bang Hairstyle

Feathered Bang Hairstyle

Diamond cut faces or bigger foreheads can pretty much rock this do. It is elegant and gives off a sophisticated yet cool impression. The style is suitable for all hair types and textures.

16. Spiky Undercut

Spiky Undercut

Spiky cuts have enjoyed a mass following in the nineties. While most of the 90’s trends faded away, the spike stood the test of time and won. Moreover, it got better with time. 

Spiky hair looks messy and modern spikes have evolved to suit the tastes of present-day men.You can play around with other cuts and styles, pair the sikes with tapers and high fades, even spike the hair at front or have thick spikes all over. This versatile style is simple and easy to maintain.

17. Highlighted Undercut

Highlighted Undercut

If having just an undercut seems plain and common for you, some highlighting with the right color can work the magic you’re looking for. It can add great texture and give a stylish makeover to the old look.

18. High Fade With Curly Hairstyles

High Fade With Curly Hairstyles

High fades aren’t just for wavy and smooth hair. Curls go great when paired with high fades as well. Keep more volume on top with fades on sides that provide definition and crisp cut lines that amplify the overall look.

19. Pompadour Fade Hairstyles

Pompadour Fade Hairstyles

This popular variation of the classic pompadour combines the taper fade with the pomp, finally giving you a cool yet iconic style. 

20. Taper Spiky Undercut

Tper Spiky Undercut

21. High Pompadour Haircuts with Highlight

High Pompadour Haircuts with Highlight

The ever fabulous high pompadour can only get better and more fashionable with some highlights. It gives an amazing finish and an enticing feel.

22. Side Shaved hairstyles with Highlight

Side Shaved hairstyles with Highlight

At times, shaving half your head can work in your favour and this is one of those. While fades do employ a similar look, complete side shaves offer a different impression overall. The side shave put together with some careful shades or highlights can pull off the cooler hairstyle ever!.

23. Front Spiky Hairstyle

Front Spiky Hairstyle

You already know that spike has made a huge comeback and is here to stay. Now all you need is to decide the variation of it you’re gonna wear. There’s the whole lot of types the spike can offer but the front spiky style has hit it best the current gen. With some gel and a little combing upwards, you can achieve this look at home.

24. Curly High Fade Undercut

Curly High Fade Undercut

Curly high fade undercuts are classy, versatile and professional. They are also not everyone’s cup of tea, so it’s best not to attempt this style unless you have those natural unruly curls that are hard to tame. With some high fade on sides, you can add flair to your wild locks.

25. Comb Over Undercuts

Comb Over Undercuts

The hairdo comes with very short sides and longer hair on top which when combed over can appear very flattering. The tapered top can enhance the shape of your face.

26. High Spiky Hairstyles 

high spiky hairstyles for men

While short spikes are effortless and edgy, high spikes induce more volume on the top. It is also one of the best hairstyles for thick hair.

27. High and top flat Hairstyles

High and top flat hairstyles

Like most styles, this too requires short and close cut hair on sides with longer hair of equal length on top . The flat and long top will make you look taller and cooler.

28. Pompadour undercut

Pompadour undercut

Pompadours are always in style, whether they are short or have high fades or highlights. While pompadour requires faded sides, with the undercut you get a blend of layers with a disconnected look.

29. Half Shaved Side Swept Hairstyles

Half Shaved Side Swept Hairstyles

Style isn’t set in stone. If you are someone who can pull off any hairdo, then the half shave side swept is definitely a style you should try. In this style,one side of hair is completely shaved off and the rest is grown longer. It works best for smooth hair as the do requires the hair fall to the side.

30. Short fade with design

Short fade with design

Short fade doesn’t have to be just that. Some experimenting can open you up to whole world of new looks and styles. Designs with short fadehave been gaining popularity in the recent years and for a good reason. This is very low maintenance yet perfectly captures the chic and modern man in you.

31. Curly Taper Fade

Curly taper Fade

Curls are versatile. They can pull off any look that smooth hair can, sometimes even better. One such style is the taper fade. The gradual blending fade highlights the curling locks enhancing your features.

32. Ponytail With Undercut

Ponytail with under cut

Men with long hair should definitely try this bolder look. It makes you appear masculine and someone down for an adventure. Combine the style with a short, well trimmed beard for a cool and clean look.

33. Short Fade Hairstyles with long beard

Short Fade Hairstyles with long beard

Grooming doesn’t just concern hair on top of your head. Your facial hair can work to your strengths when joined forces. Mix and match the short fades with long beards to see a new you rocking it out.

34. Classic Hairstyles

Classic Hairstyles

Say what you will, there is nothing like a classic! While there are many variations to this, the proper and professional classic style is a cut above the rest.

35. High Fade with Front Curly

High Fade with Front Curly

This hairdo combines curls, high fades and wavy styles. If you are blessed with straight and smooth hair but are aiming to have curls on front, then this is for you. Keeping the smooth hair at back intact, the front locks are curled with high fades on the sides. 

36. Undercut with Hair v-shape

Undercut with Hair v-shape

Designs and shapes have become a commonplace in hairstyles. A little twist can work wonders on an otherwise simple hairstle. If you are unsatisfied with the now common close cut back, a sharp V can give a whole new definition to the undercut. 

37. Proffesional Hairstyle 

Proffesional Hairstyle 

If you are going for a serious look, this style can work best. It is a no non-sense look that speaks volumes without you having to say a word. The hairdo is best for men in business and white collared jobs.

38. Funky Hairstyle

Funky Hairstyle

A pinch of funk never hurt anybody but it did give one of the best glowups hairstyles ever had. This style is chill and radiates coolness overall. It is the style that has topped hottest hair trends time and again. Whether you keep it casual or do it up with some highlights or fringes, this style always works in your favour.

39. Dirty Hairstyle

Dirty Hairstyle

This dirty look will have people turning their heads. It’s offbeat and the most happening look in recent times. The style sums up the volatile and unpredictive man in you who isn’t afraid to take risks. 

40. Edgy Hairstyle

Edgy Hairstyle

This is the kind of style that can make you stand out in a crowd. It can work with a clean shaven face or a simple trim. The unique and bold style also requires close to no maintenance. 

The Bottom Line:

There are no wrong cuts in fashion, just another trend. Whether you are trying the time tested cut or setting out to create a new one, you better get your hair right before starting out! Let us know in the comments below which hairstyle best spoke to you!! 


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