Goatee Beard Styles: 10 Best Beard Styles for Men in 2018

Mens goatee beard styles

Beard styles have gone through many evolution stages, matching with the hairstyles that have changed over time. The mens goatee beard styles are so named, as it resembles the chin of a goat, and include some hair on the chin with a short mustache. There are many different Goatee Beard Styles from which you can choose the ones that best suits the shape of your face and the hairstyle you are wearing.

Choosing the right goatee style beard can not only add balance to the shape of your face, but also enhance and reinvent your looks. The beard goatee styles are for all ages, which include the slim ones, messy and the heavy styles. Here are 10 goatee beard styles for men, from which you can choose the one that can make you look attractive.

Mens goatee Beard Styles

#1: The Balbo Beard Style:

 The Balbo Beard Style

One of the most popular beard styles goatee is the Balbo style, where the beard is grown fully to be able to shape as required. This can be done by not shaving for at least 4 weeks, and to match the beard style, you will also need a well sculpted mustache.

#2: Chin Goatee with Light Mustache:

 Chin Goatee with Light Mustache

The Chin Goatee with Light Mustache style is for all types of face shapes, but is best suited for those having thin and small face.

#3: Bandholz:


Holding patience is the most important thing if you are going for the Bandholz beard style, as, for the first few months, you may look unkempt. It may be till the seventh month when you will be able to shape the style, when the beard is fully grown to length. Have your barber cut and shape according to your preference.

#4: Beard Style for Oval Face:

Beard Style for Oval Face

This goatee style beard is for those having oval shape face. To add prominence to this style, the facial hair should converge at the jaw on both the sides to give a triangular look.

#5: Circle Beard:

Circle Beard

This beard style is for round and oval faces, where you will need to grow the facial hair to a reasonable amount. A professional barber will be the right person to give it a circle shape.

#6: The Chin Strip:

The Chin Strip

Triangular and square faces are the perfect ones for the Chin Strip beard style. Meticulously sculpted hair on the chin gives this style a bold look.

#7: The Long Goatee:

The Long Goatee

This is one of the latest beard and goatee styles, where the hair on the chin is grown to a considerable length. Long hair hanging down at the back matches this beard style perfectly.

#8: Robert Downy Goatee:

Robert Downy Goatee

This beard style is for medium and wide faces, where the hair on the strong chin is sculpted carefully. This style will need regular trimming by a professional barber.

#9: Imperial Goatee:

Imperial Goatee

Well maintained whisker is what is required to flaunt this beard style. Wait for months till the mustache grows naturally to full length, without trimming. The hair on the chin is sculpted to form a real goatee.

#10: Van Dyke Goatee:

10 Van Dyke Goatee

This is one of the popular beard styles goatee, introduced by Van Dyke, the Flemish painter. This style needs careful and slow shaping, shaving off the hair from the face and sideburns, and leaving just the amount of hair on the chin to be shaped perfectly.

Now that you have 10 of the best mens goatee beard styles, all you need to flaunt any of these that best suits your face, is to hold patience. Some may even take months to be able to perfect the beard style. You can experiment, but you will need the skills of a professional shaver.

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