Goatee Beard Styles: 10 Best Beard Styles for Men

Goatee Beard Styles

Goatee was also a victim of stereotypical ideologies. There was a time when movies and television shows portrayed the bad guys in most cases with a goatee. Many celebrities including Brad Pitt, Kanye West, Leonardo Dicaprio, Benicio Del Toro, showed up off-screen with a goatee beard, which proved that it is not an odd style to put on. Thanks to beloved Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Junior in Marvel Cinematic Universe, the goatee beard style has crossed many cultural barriers.

A goatee beard style is not too complicated compared to a full-grown beard style. It is more sophisticated and masculine than a clean shaved face. Growing a goatee is very easy and maintaining one is far easier.

Can Goatee Beard Be Your Style?

Anyone can fancy a decent goatee style. If you have a full-grown beard and would like to change the way you look for a while, then goatee is a good downsizing of your beard. On the other hand, if you have a problem growing a full beard or if it is uneven or patchy, a goatee will make it look like you have a decent amount of facial hair on you. It elevates your facial features and gives a sense of completeness.

For men with angular and slim faces, a goatee fits perfectly unless you grow it too long, and then it makes your face more elongated. Men who have round faces can make their faces look slimmer with the right goatee. 

Choosing the right goatee is far from trivial. For example, those who have an uneven or patchy beard, as we mentioned earlier, can go for a soul patch that gives an illusion of a decent beard under a new makeover.

Just like a full-grown beard, a goatee also requires decent grooming and frequent cleaning. You need to apply good quality beard oils, use the best shampoo with natural ingredients, and comb it regularly for proper growth. 

Now let us see the top desirable goatee beard styles that are in current trend right now.

10 Best Goatee Beard Styles For Men

1. The Balbo Beard Style

The Balbo Beard Style

This rocking style lets you have an intriguing look suitable for all occasions, in all kinds of attire. For this style, you need to shave off the beard except for the jawline and chin. Connect the chin beard with a soul patch and make sure your thick mustache does not meet with the rest of your beard.

2. Chin Goatee with Light Mustache

Chin Goatee with Light Mustache

This gives a rough look to you seems ungroomed. You don’t have to do much for pulling this off. You let the beard and your mustache grow freely. You can choose from having only a chin beard and mustache or keep the cheek line and neckline.

3. Bandholz


This style is not a typical goatee but a compelling style nonetheless. You need to let your beard grow for 6 to 7 months to attain great volume. Then you can shape the beard in the way you want in accordance with your facial shape and features.

4. Beard Style for Oval Face

Beard Style for Oval Face

Men with oval faces might get elongated if the goatee is too long. So it is wise to keep the length downwards minimum but increase the thickness. You can keep it wild by mixing the chin beard with a soul patch and mustache. You can also connect it with a cheek beard but remember, a beard is called a goatee when you don’t have a beard on your cheek.

5. Circle Beard

Circle Beard

A circle beard is the most prominent and often tried goatee style because of its versatility and class. A goatee is called a circle beard when you combine the mustache with a chin beard and also connect the soul patch. Your mustache must cover your lips on both sides forming an imperfect circle around your mouth. It looks elegant when you keep the rest of the beard shaved but you can also go for a rough look that isn’t formal.

6. The Chin Strip

The Chin Strip

A chin strip is when you grow a beard covering your jawline from one side to another over your chin. This style does not include your cheeks so if you like you can connect to your sideburns directly from the jawline or just leave them separated which is more compelling. This sophisticated look gives you a mean look that is classy as well as funky.

7. The Long Goatee

The Long Goatee

If you have a round face then the goatee makes it more elegant by making it look slimmer. For this style, you need to grow your chin beard to extra length and trim down the rest of your beard. Make sure you don’t decrease the thickness just the length. There are variations to this style. For instance, you can make your beard fade as you backward and maintain a unique design between your soul patch and your goatee.

8. Robert Downy Goatee

Robert Downy Goatee

Along with giving us the coolest representation of Iron Man the most lovable Robert Downey Junior also gave us several beard styles to follow. His beards made everyone swoon over and make themselves look like the “genius, playboy philanthropist”. This simple-looking style is well done with proper assistance. Shape out your goatee in a way that its edges are sharp and high and connect it with a thick soul patch. Groom your mustache neatly but make sure they don’t meet with the goatee.

9. Imperial Goatee

Imperial Goatee

This classy look gives you the royal look of the kings of old times. You need to have a thick mustache and soul patch. Make sure your mustache is long and you are able to give it curls like a Kings’. The soul patch is long and connected to the chin beard making it look like it is just an extension.

10. Van Dyke Goatee


A Van Dyke is an iconic style that has the potential to make you the man of the hour. Simply put it is a T-shape grooming of your beard with a neatly trimmed mustache supported by a thick soul patch and well-groomed chin. You can extend the beard from your chin as long as it does not disrupt the classic T-shape of Van Dyke.


A goatee is a simple yet stylish beard that is prominent and has great demand. It brings a sophisticated look that comprises masculinity of the full-grown beard and charm of a clean shaved face. Through our list, you are introduced to top goatee beard styles that you can find in trend right now. Choose the one that suits you the best and make yourself more appealing and charming.


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