Hair Inspiration From The 1950’S – The Classics And How To Copy Their Style

Top Gun Greased

Timeless styles always find their way to get back in trends even though everyone thinks their time is long gone. It happened with the undercut fade hairstyle of the early 20th century and the same with iconic styles of the 1950s. That decade was groundbreaking in terms of the fashion and pop culture world. Now many youngsters are getting back the golden decade and implementing it onto their current lifestyle.

Legends such as Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, and many more rocked the fashion world with their iconic clothing and irreplaceable hairstyles. Though in time the styles were seemed forgotten, decades later, their hairstyles are getting the admiration and follow-ups they deserved.

Not only the popular slick back, but the decade has also offered clean cuts, comb over, Ivy league style, crazy rockabilly styles, and greasers which are being practiced in this 3rd decade of the 21st century. With a little modification here and there the styles can elevate your charm like never before in this modern era.

Let us see what kind of styles the ’50s have to offer you during this day and age.

20 Top Iconic Hairstyles From the 1950s To Bring Back Now

1. The Clean Cut Hair

The Clean Cut Hair

This super-smart hairstyle is very easy to attain with a good amount of hair gel and combing. You need to maintain the edges neat and make sure the length of your hair is uniform all over. Make a parting on the top and keep the sides thick but not too big. Give the back of your head good shaping before applying the hair gel. Neatly comb the hair with parting being elevated and the hair in the front is set away from the forehead.

2. The Collegiate

The Collegiate

This unique-looking style is a definite hit to turn several heads your way. The style gives a look of a rockstar at the same time gives you a strong persona of a party lover. Keep the sides short but not too close to the scalp and keep the top thick with variations between the front and the back. The front must be long and you should be able to make the iconic fringe. Neatly groom the hair using hair gel or grease/wax in the direction of the hair growth.

3. Pompadour


You can have a pompadour in the size you like. Use scissors and cut the edges so that your hair looks neat and well-groomed. Use the best quality mousse on the hair and let it dry. Neatly comb the hair on the top and on the side to the back. Make pomp in the front with the comb and use hair spray if you have to for the style to stay intact. You can trim down the sides if you like to try something different by which your hair on top is highlighted, so is your pompadour. 

4. Side Parted Slick Back

Side Parted Slick Back

This classy style lets you have subtlety in all kinds of clothing. First, cut short the sides using scissors or using a trimmer so that it gives a well-groomed look on your head. Maintain the top a little thicker than your sides and concerning your desired length. Now part the hair on the top and set the hair towards the back using a comb on both sides. You try different variations in this style. One with curly hair slightly standing up or completely resting. Make sure the back of your head is groomed to a short length as well.

5. The Comb Over

The Comb Over

This is one of the variations of the Greaser look but you will be using more gel than the classic greaser. Keep the sides shorter than the top and give the edges neat grooming. Apply a decent amount of hair gel and comb with a comb that has wide teeth. Push the hair upwards and then slightly to the side. If the length of the hair is too long then let it rest at the back. You can also use hairspray for your hair to rest.

6. Top Gun Greased

Top Gun Greased

This can be called a variation of the classic undercut. Trim down the sides using a trimmer not too close to the scalp but extremely low compared to the top section. Don’t cut short the top but make sure the edges of the hair are neatly groomed. Make a parting on one side and neatly comb the wider area to the back. Keep the back of your head low and let the long-length hair on the top rest towards the back. Keep the sideburns and temples sharp and neat.

7. Sleek and Short Cropped

Sleek and Short Cropped

This style elevates the parting starting just above the temples and extending up to the crown. Keep the sides just above the ears using a trimmer and shape the rest of the area until the temples using scissors. Apply hair gel or mousse on the hair and neatly comb the hair on both sides. Get the sleek style by combing the hair to the back diagonally. You need to remember that for this style the hair needs to be cropped close to your head.

8. Elvis Style

Elvis Style

Attain the look of the legendary Elvis Presley with the hairstyle all his fans swooned over. Keep the sides a little shorter than the top but don’t cut too much as you are trying for a natural swirl-look all over your head. Keep the back uniform with the sides and comb the top using a roller brush. On the front part, you will be making a charming combination of quiff and swirl. You can pull this off with your hair still moist. You can go for simple mending as well if you don’t want to swirl.

9. Top Extended Spikes

Top Extended Spikes

This style is may not be for everyone but it is an intriguing style nonetheless. Trim down the sides as short as possible using a trimmer. Apply hair gel/wax and let the hair stand straight. Trim the edges to make unique styles. The hairdryer works perfectly for making the hair stand tall. Keep the sideburns short or extremely close to the skin. You can try for a beard but this style looks way better without one.

10. Messy Cowlicks

Messy Cowlicks

Cowlicks are the strands of your hair breaking free no matter what you do. Keep your hair short and uniform and apply a good amount of hair wax. Use your fingers to neatly run the wax on your hair. Use a comb to set the hair subtly. Keep the sideburns and temples sharp and neat. Keep the hair well-rested towards the back for a more subtle look.

11. Short Quiff

Short Quiff

Keep the sides and the back short and faded. Maintain the rest of the top uniform in the back and the middle. The front part, however, must be long and free for making a short version of quiff. Use a styling gel and a dryer to make the hair ready for mending. Make sure you use a rolling brush to comb the hair for wavy style and captivating short quiff. Keep your sideburns to a minimum level or even zero.

12. Duck Tail

Duck Tail

This rogue look has the potential to make you a heartthrob irrespective of the event or your attire. This might look messy but it elevates the length of your hair uniquely. Cut the edges of your hair to avoid messy fringes. Apply a decent amount of hair gel and use your fingers while applying and styling. Neatly groom the sideburns to a low level and push the hair backward.

13. The Sinatra

The Sinatra

Frank Sinatra contributed so much to the Golden age of Hollywood and pop culture. Frank also gave class and charm for his worshippers who are in millions to follow along with captivating music. Frank’s hairstyle in his prime was highly desired by the youngsters, and it is sure to rock even today. Cut the hair short on the sides and the back using scissors, not a trimmer. Let the hair on top be a little longer than the sides but not too long. Apply the hair gel and use your hand to style them for a more free-spirited look.

14. Wavy Side Swept Pompadour

Wavy Side Swept Pompadour

Keep your sides short on the sides, closer to the scalp above the hair, and thicker as you go up. Keep the back of your head uniform with the sides. After keeping the edges of the hair neatly groomed, comb the hair from with starting point at one of the temples reaching the opposite of the crown. Ensure the front side is thick and let a few strands fall onto the forehead for a more captivating style. Make sure the sideburns match with the hair above your ear for well-groomed appeal.

15. Messy Quiff

Messy Quiff

This style is trendy and is proved to be a timeless classic. If you have naturally wavy hair then this style suits you better than anything. Keep the sides and the back short but make sure you don’t take it down to the scalp. Maintain the top length but cut the edges so that the hair looks well-groomed. Use hair gel to neatly comb the hair aside and let the front side have enhanced waves forming a sophisticated quiff. Keep the sideburns neat and let them blend well with your beard if you have one.

6. Sleek and Swept Back

Sleek and Swept Back

You need to have a good length of hair for pulling off this style. Cut the edges of the hair strands for a more subtle look but do not cut short the hair. Use a styling get and thin-toothed comb to set the hair back and let it rest on the back of your head. If you have a thick beard, let the sideburns match with it. If not maintain a decent length not letting them hang freely.

17. Tapering Gradient

Tapering Gradient

As the name indicates, you need to taper the sides from thick on the top to faded close to the ears. Trim down the backside of your head in the same style for a uniform look. Keep the top hair intact with little adjustments to the edges. Apply hair mousse and neatly comb the hair to the back. Make parting on one side and make sure the hair on the front is bent into a wave. The sideburns match with the area right above it.

18. Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll

This unique and intriguing style requires a good amount of hair and a very great amount of patience. Keep the sides and the back of your head low using clippers to highlight the top section. The style on the top section is hard to get but with extra care, you can attain it simply by using hairdryers and roller brushes. Make sure the sideburns are neatly shaved off. If you have a beard, let it grow without being attached to the sideburns. However, this style is well-suited without a beard.

19. Floppy Fringe

Floppy Fringe

This party style is not for everyone to be honest. But in all fairness, this can be your signature style if you are into goofy and close-to-goth styles. Keep the sides low but not to the scalp. Match the back of the head to your sides. Let the top of your head have a good length. Neatly comb the major part in the front section fall on to your forehead and make a uniform shape from one temple to the other. To get the true charm of this style, keep your beard clean shaved.

20. Gradient


This style is very versatile as it can go pretty well with all kinds of hair textures. Keep the sides and the back short in line with the hair you like to keep on the top. Do a parting on the side and neatly comb on both sides. If parting is not an option then simply trim the edges making a unique shape of your hair. In the latter case, shape the front section in a uniform way so that a straight line is formed from one temple to another. Keep the sideburns low and match with the area just above the ears. You can keep too close to the scalp if your texture permits.


The ’50s gave so much to reminiscence and look up to. Fashion choices are one of them. You may not rock striped blazers or tapered slacks but coming to hairstyles there are many to explore. This article showed you the most desirable hairstyles of the 1950s. You can always try these styles but remember you can make modifications to make them more of your own personal style. Embrace the golden era style and give yourself a tremendous makeover.


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