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The pompadour is a traditional men’s haircut that can be worn with so many modern twists. It can be worn on any length of hair – long, medium, short and by anyone in the world. So if you are thinking to switch up your look, take a glance at these 20 cool mens pompadour fade haircuts.

What is the pompadour fade haircut?

A typical faded pompadour is worn with the hair swept backwards and upwards while keeping the sides shorter or faded. However, in the course of time the style has become more versatile and now there are countless pompadour fade hairstyles to suit your shape and profession.

How do I get the pompadour fade haircut?

Below are the steps as to how to cut a pompadour fade:

  1. Wash your hair and keep it towel dried.
  2. Use a water based high –hold hair gel to slick back the hair on the sides.
  3. Set the dryer on high heat and blow dry the hair.
  4. Take a rounded brush to roll the hair at the back of your head while pushing them forward and upwards.
  5. Keep blow drying the hair simultaneously.
  6. Keep repeating the steps 4 & 5 till the hair line.
  7. Now give a little more time to repeat these steps 4 & 5 for the hair in the front to give them extra volume.
  8. Make the hair to point upwards making an angle of 60 degrees.
  9. Now take some more amount of the hair gel and apply it on the top of the hair and keep blow drying to maintain the height and shape.
  10. Apply hairspray from about 10 inches from the head and finish off.

Sexy but sophisticated pompadour with fade:

Sexy but sophisticated pompadour with fadeA pompadour style is one of those styles that are meant to suit every face. If you want to flaunt off your smartness in a sophisticated way, then you can go for this haircut. Here you can make a pompadour at the top while keeping the sides faded. You can pair up it with a faded beard on sides to a denser on the chin.

High pompadour with fade:

High pompadour with fade

A really high pompadour fade does look cool but at the same time needs maintenance on a daily basis. Keep the length of your front hair to up to 2 inches while keeping them short as you move towards your sides. The part behind the ears would be faded.

Faded Pompadour with a sporty look:

Faded Pompadour with a sporty look

For medium hair, this style is one of the coolest. Keep the length of your hair in front up to half more than an inch while the sides will remain trimmed. Use good quality of pomade to maintain the look.

High Pompadour with taper and faded sides:

High Pompadour with taper and faded sides

A tapered look is yet another high fade pompadour hairstyle with fades. This is also a zero fade pompadour as the sides are completely faded. As the name, the length of the hair goes on decreasing as we move to the back.

Clean Pompadour:

Clean Pompadour

This style is meant for those who believe in a cleaner but fashionable look. The pompadour in this hairstyle is a little swept on the sides while keeping both the sides trimmed.

Pompadour fade with beard:

Pompadour fade with beardOne of the manliest! Keep a clean and textured pompadour with your long to medium hair and you get a way to grow a beard. Even if the beard is little disheveled, it is ok because your clean pompadour will negate the effect.

David Beckham’s Pompadour fade:

David Beckham’s Pompadour fade

We talk about hairstyle and we don’t mention David Beckham, it is just not possible. The footballer is the one who has tried almost ever style that has ever existed on this planet! So his exemplary low fade pompadour is one out of his hairstyles.

Pompadour for long hair with fade:

Pompadour for long hair with fade

You can do so much with your long hair. Try this where your gelled hair is rolled towards the back to form pompadour and the sides are kept extremely trimmed.

Pompadour with a side part and faded side:

Pompadour with a side part and faded side

For this hairstyle you need to get a razored side part first. Then collect all your hair in the middle to form a pompadour. Sides are to be kept faded. Again this hairstyle needs a lot of maintenance and to get the effect you should apply a lot of hair gel.

Gentleman fade Pompadour:

Gentleman fade Pompadour

Hairstyle such as a pompadour low fade is one of those hairstyles that can make you to look a stand out at a formal place. This is because the pompadour is made with the shorter length hair and the faded sides give it a neater look. So it is ok if you go to a business meeting with this cut!

Fade Pompadour for medium length hair:

Fade Pompadour for medium length hairSome of men like a rough and bold look. So for them this medium length pompadour fade hairstyle is the best which also goes well with dense beard.

Pitt’s Pompadour:

Pitt’s Pompadour

Brad Pitt’s fans have a great option to style their hair just like him with a fade pompadour. Keep the length of your hair medium to form a pompadour and sides should be somewhat little more than a zero fade.

Tapered fade Pompadour with side part:

Tapered fade Pompadour with side part

You can try another pompadour taper fade by keeping a side parting. The length of the hair in the front is really long and gradually decreases as we move towards the back. The side part is maintained and the hair below the part is faded.

Pompadour and handlebar:

Pompadour and handlebar

You can keep a regular pompadour with any length of the hair. The catch of this hairstyle is the complementing handlebar mustache that gives it just the perfect look.

High Pompadour with temp fade:

High Pompadour with temp fade

A really high pompadour with a temple or temp fade and crisp beard is the hippest style of the modern days. The style is best for the guys with dense hair.

Wavy pompadour fade with undercut:

Wavy pompadour fade with undercut

Some guys have natural wavy hair. You can highlight the natural waves through this pompadour comb over fade. This style is a perfect fade with undercut. You can also keep a beard and mustache for an invigorating look.

Retro style Fade Pompadour:

Retro style Fade Pompadour

The retro style is one of the classic pompadours and is the best for the men who have a big forehead. The hair in the middle are tapered at the back while there are shorter hair on the sides which becomes a zero fade as we move gradually towards the ears and at the back.

High Pompadour with skin fade:

High Pompadour with skin fade

With your long hair you can make a stretched pompadour in the front which goes on decreasing its length till we reach at the center of the scalp. Sides are trimmed and faded.

Modern Pompadour with mid fade:

Modern Pompadour with mid fade

Guys those who are in college will like this modern pompadour fade. The hair length is kept between long and medium as the longer hair in the front and medium at the back. Hair at the sides is kept shorter but gets faded as we reach towards the ears.

Pompadour with low fade:

Pompadour with low fade

Last but not the least we have one more pompadour style with short hair and low fade. Only the front hair is a bit longer than the rest while the hair at the sides is trimmed and then gradually fades.

Pompadour fade hairstyles are smart and essentially timeless. It can look good on just about anyone only the person should know how to carry it and maintain it. So if you haven’t already got this cut, then can march down to your hair stylist and get one perfect haircut for yourself!

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