What is the High Fade :: Best 20 High Fade Hairstyles and Tutorials

High Fade haircut

The high fade haircuts were very popular in the Afro community between 1986 and 1993. However, high fade had never lost its charm and is back with so many variants with modern twists. We have found 20 fabulous high fade hairstyles for men that are very much in trend these days.

What is the High Fade haircut?

In a high fade haircut has the hair on the sides and at the back are done to skin, i.e., they seem to disappear gradually as we move towards the ears. Unlike the low and mid fade, here in a high fade cut the fade finishes somewhere two to three inches below the upper-most region of the sides and back of a person’s head.

How do I get the High fade Haircut?

  • Make your hair damp so that you can easily cut them.
  • Take a scissors to trim the hair on the sides by combing a region of the hair and pinching the gathered region between your middle and the index figure.
  • Cut the hair on the sides using the electric razor. The hair at the bottom should be shaved very close to the skin of the scalp.
  • Move to shave the one-third bottom of the hair.
  • Move the electric razor in a vertical motion close to skin at the bottom and then as the razor moves on top, maintain a distance with the scalp.
  • Now comb all the hair at the top.
  • Make whatever style you want to make at the top.
  • Use hairspray or gel so that the hair maintains its position on the top.

#1: High Fade with shaved line:

High Fade with shaved line

Call it the party at back style! One of the cool mens high fade hairstyles is when you brush all your hair at the back but the hair on sides and back will gradually disappear down to skin as for a high fade. The shaved line on a side will have a magical effect.

#2: High and tight fade:

High and tight fade

For most Afro guys have an extremely different hair texture; this high fade hairstyle is for black men with very tight curls. The hair at the top will form a flat top around 2 inches high while the sides and back will be faded.

#3: curly high top fade haircut:

curly high top fade haircut

A perfect high fade black mens with short curls would love! Keep the hair length very short while the high fade on sides and back will pull all the attention to the short curls on the top.

#4: High fade with curls on the top:

High fade with curls on the top

Yet another curly high top fade hairstyle for African men! With faded sides, back and a razored side you will everything to get the ball rolling! But one thing to keep in mind is that the height gradually decreases to minimum as we move from front towards the back.

#5: High fade with a back swept:

High fade with a back swept

White men a superb texture in their hair and that is why they can pull this style really well. This is an easy to wear high fade cut where all the hair are swept at the back while maintaining the high fade on the sides and the back.

#6: High fade for short hair:

High fade for short hair

This is a mens high fade style for short and straight hair. This is the simplest of all the high fade haircut styles for men. You only have to ensure a very short hair length and keep the sides and back faded down to skin as you approach towards your ears.

#7: High fade cut for wavy curls:

High fade cut for wavy curls

This high fade black hairstyle is for the men with naturally wavy hair. When the hair length is kept very short and the sides and back are kept faded, the natural waves of the hair get highlighted.

#8: High fade with a bun:

High Fade Man Bun

It is no secret that men too look great in bun hairstyles. But if a bun comes with a high fade, then it is really going to catch the attention of the people mostly because it is surely going to look awesome on whosoever wears it.

#9: Cool high temple fade:

Cool high temple fade

One of the sexiest of all the high top fade styles is to give a spiky look to your hair and maintain a high temp fade. This hairstyle is at its best when made by applying a good amount of hair serum.

#10: Mohawk with a designer High fade:

Mohawk with a designer High fade

One of the innovative high top fade haircut designs is to keep a Mohawk high fade with a designer side. The Mohawk can be made of any length but the sides and back must be faded just about right. The sharp design at the side can only be made by a perfectionist.

#11: High skin fade with long hair slicked at back:

High skin fade with long hair slicked at back

Very easy hairstyle to give yourself a cleaner look with your long hair. Just maintain high fade on your sides and back and apply good amount of pomade to slick all your at the back of your head.

#12: Designer high taper fade:

Designer high taper fade

There is no limit as to what you can do with your high fade. Just like here in this high taper fade haircut you can simply taper your hair from front to the back and at one side you get a design of your choice. Do remember to keep the sides and back faded.

#13: Rough curls on top with high fade:

Rough curls on top with high fade

It is really not very easy to style a rough curl. So here is a high top fade curly hair style which will not need maintenance for few days once you get in on. This is just the other variant of a high and tight fade.

#14: Low high top fade with undercut:

Low high top fade with undercut

With your textured hair you can really pull this hairstyle off! The hair are only in the middle from front to back while the sides and back are faded just as in the low and high fade and also with the undercut.

#15: Black high top fade:

Black high top fade

Perfect high fade haircut black men with twisted curls can wear. This high top fade haircut allows you to flaunt your natural dread on the top while the dual-lined razored side is an icing on the high fade style.

#16: High top fade with dreads:

High top fade with dreads

You can also tie up your dread at the top and yet can keep your sides and back faded for a high fade. This style looks cleaner and is more comfortable.

#17: High bald fade:

High bald fade

Balding hairstyles are also in trend these days. You can combine your bald hairstyle with high fade and get a perfect bald high top fade haircut styles.

#18: Stylish Pompadour high fade:

Stylish Pompadour high fade

Pompadour is one of the luckiest as it goes well with any hairstyle and can look good on almost anyone. So if you want to go for a pompadour high fade, just go because no one can stop you from looking good in it.

#19: High fade with quiff:

High fade with quiff

One another good high fade mens haircut is the high fade with quiffs. Just brush your hair upwards and back and leave the sides and back faded. This cool hairstyle can suit all men falling in any age bracket.

#20: Classic high top fade:

Classic high top fade

We can’t miss the classic one! This high fade long on top had been – is- and will be in trend, for as long as there will be a high top fade style. African guys with curls can really rock this style and that is why it becomes an inseparable hairstyle. The high top is made about a inch and half long while the sides and back are faded.

No matter who wants to have a high fade, but there is a myriad of choices for everyone. Though a high fade is an easy to style but if you are looking for some designer pinch then you must find a good hairstylist so that the haircut is not ruined. Don’t think much, go and get a high fade style for yourself!

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