Best 20 Blonde Hairstyles for Men in 2018

Blond Hair

Blonde Hair Men: Why should girls have all the fun!  With most men turning metrosexual, they are willing to experiment with colours and shades. Kayne West, Justin Beiber, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Zayn Malik, and Adam Levine are among some famous personalities who dared to turn blonde and rocked the look! To all men who have been apprehensive about this or have been thinking about trying the blonde look; well, take the plunge. The advantages of sporting the blonde look are many. First, it’s stylish and suave; second, it makes one look youthful and third and most important it is easily reversible in case you decide against continuing with the look.

Getting hair coloured from the salon is an investment and not always pocket-friendly; as a result, not everyone can afford it. Especially in the 21st century,  with so many varied options of hair colour, with simple instructions on how to colour hair blonde in the comfort of your home itself, why would anyone want to waste time and effort of going to a salon, when it is known to burn a hole in your pocket?!

Tips to Dye Your Hair Blonde at Home

Hair Coloured Blonde
  • The most important thing to consider when making a decision to colour your hair blonde is the shade you wish to colour them in. This, further would depend on your skin tone.
  • If you are warm toned (your veins appear green) ash blonde coloured hair will look the best on you. If you are cool toned (your veins appear blue) then gold and neutral blonde shades will look the best on you. Basically let your skin tone be a guide to the shade in which you should colour your hair.
  • Another important aspect is to make sure that the colour on your hair does not look out of place. To ensure this, go a tone or two lighter from your actual hair colour, or the results could be disastrous. Once you are used to light hair, then eventually you can reduce the shade if you wish to.
  • Now, once you have chosen the colour, read the instructions on the box carefully and start by doing a patch test. This is to ascertain that you are not allergic to the colour. A patch test is done by applying a small amount of colour behind your ear. If there is no redness or burning sensation that will mean that the hair colour is safe for use.
  • The next step is to divide your hair starting from the middle. Part your hair from the centre and start applying the mixture using a brush. Apply from the roots to the tips. Avoid applying colour on the scalp since that can eventually result in dandruff.
  • Thereafter, part hair from one side and apply colour, and repeat the same for the other side of the head. Do this till the time all your hair are covered in colour. Let this sit for 20 to 40 minutes depending on your original hair colour and how light you are willing to go.
  • Lastly, wash this off, and do not forget to use a conditioner after.
  • Your silky blonde hair will be ready after a blow dry.

20 Best Sexy Blonde Hairstyles for Men

#1: The Pomp Style:

This slicked-back hair styling brings a voluminous appearance to your hair. This blonde men hair styling suits men with thin as well as thick hair. If the styling gets executed in the right fashion, it will bring an amazing appearance.

Blonde Haircut

Eco Colours Hair Colour Light Ash Blonde


About the Product: this is a great product if you wish to colour your hair to hide grey hair. This product is made with ingredients that have low chemical content. It is PPD free, Gluten free, Paraben free, Propylene Glycol free. It is easy to apply and easy to wash off. You can try mixing this with a darker colour to help you cover your grey hair better. It is important to always mix equal amount of colour and developer to make sure that the hair is coloured properly.   


  • Since it is liquid, it is easy to apply.
  • Easy to wash it off.
  • Does not have too many chemicals
  • Great to cover grey hair


  • Sometimes colour may take a long time to come off.
  • If the hair is too dark then the colour may not be visible to its fullest extent.

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2. In this hairdo, the sides get cut into skin fades, lying about one inch all around the hairline. This styling brings a fresh, tidy and retro look. The key is that you require combing or brushing the hair to the shape you want. You require applying damping up the hair with gel before that and subsequently, dry the hair applying hot blower.

Blond Fade Haircut

Umberto Beverly Hills U Colour- Red Teak

About the Product: this product is available in 24 shades. It equalizes the tones of your hair and covers the actual colour to give you the desired colour. It is low in ammonia and it has a pleasant smell. This is easy to apply and can be directly applied to hair. It is a one sachet pack and that sachet contains everything you need, right from developer to colour to an equalizer. It gives beautiful even tone colour from roots to tips.


  • Colours hair evenly
  • Contains less ammonia
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be applied directly to hair


  • If applied to the scalp, may result in dandruff
  • May cause hair fall

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The Undercut:

3. The most significant benefit in trying this blonde hair male styling is that the styling is highly flexible. You can opt between the classic and the contemporary styling with variation in the length on the top side. Ensure that your barber cuts the hair in the perfect shape.

Blond with Undercut


Roux Fanci- Full Rinse True Steel

About the Product: this is a temporary hair colour, which is easy to apply and ready to use. You do not need to worry about mixing this with a developer or adding the right amount of pigment etc to it. It does not require any activator or peroxide to be added to it. This colour is also easy to wash off and it does not take too much effort to do so. This is a great way to cover grey hair, and this hair colour also conditions hair and gives it a beautiful shine.


  • Easy to apply
  • No mixing required
  • Easy to wash off
  • Covers grey completely
  • Conditions hair
  • Gives hair the shine it requires


  • It is temporary, will come off eventually
  • Constant application makes hair weak

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4. This styling starts with slick styling the wet hair either along the sides or towards the backside. You are free to choose this styling as per your choice. Subsequently, in the course of blowing dry the wet hair, manipulate the hair to form waves, using a comb with a wider tooth. You should focus on getting a prominent contrast to the hair lying along the sides of your head.

Haircuts with Side Shaves

Joico Vero K-Pak Hair Color HLN High Lift Natural Blonde

About the Product: this product is averagely rated by customers and is liked by only a few people. It is easy to apply this product but developer needs to be added to get the desired colour. It is a great product to cover grey hair. It works well on dark as well as light coloured hair. This does not make your hair look artificial like a wig, but gives a very natural and exciting colour to your hair. It is the only product in the world to use reconstructive qualities of deep penetrating colour.


  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to wash off
  • Looks great on light as well as dark coloured hair
  • Gives a natural look
  • Does not make the hair look like a wig


  • Constant usage may cause damage to hair
  • May result in split ends

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Short & Messy:

5. If you are wondering for appealing short blonde hair men styling that would give you a “carefully careless” look, this is the worthiest styling to try. This biggest advantage in opting for this styling is that it is extremely easy to maintain.

Messy Blonde Haircut

Sanotint Light 88 Extra Light Blonde- PPD and Ammonia Free

About the Product: this product does not have ammonia in it or any PPD chemicals. It is resorcinol free and does not contain any parabens either. It works well to hide grey hair. This product is well suited for people who are more likely to get skin allergies. It is non reactive with most sensitive skinned people a well. It is rich in silicic acid and is beneficial for your hair. It helps strengthen hair and restore structure of hair.


  • Helps cover grey hair
  • Does not damage hair
  • Great for people with sensitive skin
  • Helps provide hair the structure it needs
  • It is resorcinol free
  • It is ammonia free


  • Some people may experience split ends
  • Provides colour to hair, but at times does not provide full coverage of grey hair.

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6. If you are a novice in utilizing hair products, you can start your practice with this hairdo. It is for the reasons you can never ever go wrong while trying this styling. You can easily achieve the desired look, applying your coveted styling products on the wet hair and then move ahead to make the sides flattened.

Teen Mess Blonde Haircut

The Man-Bun Style:

7. If you are wondering for a long blonde hair men styling idea, this styling will be worthy to try. Though a bit classic in its appearance, it is still relevant among the fashionable men in contemporary times. Another reason to opt for this styling is that it is extremely easy to do this styling as well as to maintain it.

8. The styling starts with blowing dry the hair. You simply need to slick back the hair, giving the appearance of half-ponytail. It is especially relevant to say that you will not require a single styling product to shape up this styling.

Back Bun with Blonde Haircut

The Buzz Cut:

9. If you are planning to create a buzz, this is the worthiest hairdo to try. This easy-to-execute and maintenance-free styling is a perfect option to embrace. The name of this styling originates from the sound that the hair clippers produce.

Buzz Blonde Haircut

However, it is not inevitable to use extra-short clippers to execute the styling. Speak to the barber to shape the hair in this style that suits your facial features. For the simplicity of this hairdo, it is one of the most-coveted options in the list of blonde hairstyles men.

10. However, it is not inevitable to use extra-short clippers to execute the styling. Speak to the barber to shape the hair in this style that suits your facial features. For the simplicity of this hairdo, it is one of the most-coveted options in the list of blonde hairstyles men.

Crew Blonde Haircut

Slicked Back Style:

11. This styling emerged almost 100 years back with the invention of the first-generation hair styling products and continues to retain its relevance, even in today’s time. To get this blonde male hair styling you will require starting from the forehead.

Slick Back Haircut

12. The worthiest point in having this hairdo is that it allows you in shaping the hair as per your choices and liking. Hence, you get the total liberty to shift between the formal and informal shapes, as per the dressing needs.

Slick Back with Undercut

Ivy League:

13. More towards the formal styling, this is a worthy blonde hairdo to try, if you are planning to make a fashionable yet sophisticated appearance to the formal events. This hairdo is easy to execute and it requires the minimal effort to maintain the styling.

Ivy Blonde Haircut

14. This hairdo ideally suits the medium length hair. You can try this styling on thinner and thicker hair as well. This hairdo will give you a neat and tidy appearance that ideally suits the formal ambiances.

Teen Ivy Blonde Haircut

Blonde Crew Cut:

Crew Blonde Haircut

15. This is a crew cut after the hair is styled to blonde. The use of clippers can be significantly noticed in this haircut A slight beard can complement this male long blonde hair style.

Blonde Brush Up Spiky Haircut:

16. Notice how the blonde hair is spiked using a brush and a hair styling product for maintaining the shape. This blonde hair for men style will need regular maintenance.

Surfer Hair Style:

Surfer Hair Style

17. You will have to hold patience to let the hair grow to the desired length for styling the surfer hair. This hairstyle is one of the popular blonde guy hairstyles which will need no maintenance at all.

Angular Fringe:

Angular Fringe

18. This long blonde hair men hairstyle has the fringes falling to one side. This is done with the use of the fingers rolling in between the hair to make the blonde hair fall to one side below the ear.

Blonde Flow Hairstyle:

Blonde Flow Hairstyle

19. This is one of the hairstyles for blonde guys where the flow is maintained when styling the hair to appear like as though the wind has blown the hair like this.

High Volume Messy Brush Up:

High Volume Messy Brush Up

20. The hair is let to grow to have volume and then blonded. The long blonde hair is brushed up high on the scalp using a styling product to ensure that the hair is in proper shape. This is one of the most followed blonde hair for guys.

The men blonde hair styles discussed above will give you a stylish, elegant and impressive appearance that will drag the attention and focus of the mass on you. These hairdos neither take too much effort or products nor will you need to put extra efforts to maintain the style. Thus, these styles ideally suit the busy lifestyle. You simply require choosing the style that suits your hair type and your facial and physical features. Go for these hairstyles with confidence, standing assured that it will accentuate your appearance manifold.

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