15 Hard Part Hairstyle Ideas For Men

Hard Part Haircut

Hard part puts a modern twist on the classic side part. It features clean lines shaved into the side of the head, that separates the crown from the sides.  

The sharp lines create a definition to give an impression of contrast between the parted sections. You could customize the thickness of the line based on the volume of your hair and style. 

Although the hard part isn’t something you could do at home, there is no other style that is as versatile and cool as this. It melds with every other cut, say high maintenance braids to edgy pompadours, and produces sleek, dapper looks that could take your breath away.

If it’s time again for your next barber’s visit, we recommend you take a look at these before you get your heart set on something less elegant. We promise these hard part hair cuts will blow you away, in a good way that is!

How to Get the Perfect Hard Part?

For this, you’ll need a sharp razor and a professional barber at hand. Although the hard part is one of the easiest professional looks out there, it is better to trust an experienced barber to set the style right. One wrong trim and buzz cut might be the only way to fix your bad hairstyle.  

Hard Part Haircuts For Men

One of the simplest of the men’s hairstyles, the hard part cut is clean and add a touch of character to anyone. To know the best and the most appealing hard part hairstyles, keep scrolling.

1. Pompadour Disconnected

Pompadour Disconnected

Disconnected pompadour is a bold style. It infuses edge and style into the classic pompadour. The deep parted line creates a starking contrast between the high fade on the side and the high top. This is both casual and business-like.

2. Afro Fade with Hard Part and Line Up 

Afro Fade with Hard Part and Line Up 

Hard part is a definite option for men with a thick and bushy afro.  Owing to the thick volume of the Afro, the hard part and the lineup can appear stylish. This is a hassle-free hairdo that only improves in look when combined with a close-cut beard. 

3. Deep Part with Brown Bun 

Deep Part with Brown Bun

If you are out looking to give a fun and fresh twist to your boring old ponytail, then spice it up some deep part on the side. 

Shaved sides and back offer a thick texture to the high lift ponytail. Pull the remaining hair into a bun so the surrounding deep cut circle is clearly visible. 

4. Burst Fade Mohawk 

Burst Fade Mohawk 

Burst fade mohawk offers a classy alternative to its spiky counterpart. It features a wide mohawk on top and a burst fade on the sides. 

This type of fade is different from the typical taper as it runs faded along the edges of the ears before bursting into volume at the back. For those with thick curly hair, the burst and fade mohawk could give a more polished look.

5. Sleek Spiky Hard Part 

Sleek Spiky Hard Part 

This cut is the best way to wear thick textured wavy hair. It emphasizes the spikes while maintaining a well-groomed aesthetic. Attention must be given to prevent the concealing of the deep side parting.

6. Perfectly Shaved Hard Part  

Perfectly Shaved Hard Part  

A high fade with a hard part and a combover like this could work to your advantage. The complete high fade elevates the two portions without creating an overwhelming contrast. 

7. The Tousled Hard Part 

The Tousled Hard Part 

The ultimate style for any man who is a fan of waves!

It perfectly puts together the messy tousled hair with effortless side fading. This puts the focus completely on the wavy textured locks on top that move with the wind.

8. Doubled Contour 

Doubled Contour 

The doubled contour follows along the ridges of the scalp from one end to the other. Its high fade adds a touch of sophistication, on top of being stylish. You could set the hair on top in any way you prefer.

9. The Short Pompadour

The Short Pompadour

Short pompadour complements your face cut without overshadowing your features. To get this style, you need to have a decent length of hair of at least three inches on top and two inches on the back. 

It does require a little work to get this right. Use some gel to set the hair tapered to a side into a pompadour shape.

10. Waves Hard Part 

Waves Hard Part 

The ripple-like pattern and the distinctive texture of the waves make it ripe for styling. 

Leave the waves intact on the top and create a deep cut on the sides to add some definition to the sections. Waves are versatile and the best choice for those who prefer to keep their hair cropped.

11. Long Combover Hard Part 

Long Combover Hard Part 

The combover isn’t just for short hair. It creates the same profound effect with long hair, as well. 

This suave combover with hard part fade blends elegance with an edge to deliver a fresh look.

12. Messy and Textured 

Messy and Textured 

Textured hair is versatile. The strands create spirals, curls, and whatnot, making this a desirable option for men everywhere.

Now messy and texture isn’t something you’d expect to go together but, with a twist in the tale, they do. The errant locks form a tangled mop on top that is sexy and eye-catching.

13. Faux Hawk with High Parting

Faux Hawk with High Parting

What do you get when you combine the punk faux hawk with a deep shaved hard part? 

A sharp style that is bound to turn heads on your side. It isn’t over the top but definitely makes you stand out.

14. The Hard Part Braid 

The Hard Part Braid 

Braiding isn’t hard but pulling off the braided style is. While braids aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, for those elite few who could carry it, adding a hard part on the sides could bring finesse to the whole look.

15. Extra-High Pompadour 

Extra-High Pompadour 

Pompadour, in general, is a whole style. However, this extra-high style makes it a little more ‘extra’.  

It goes to all lengths, literally, to get the oversized pomp to nail the look. The style however requires some volume to work on. So, it is better to take the aid of some volumizing products, some pomade and a blow dryer to ensure the high pomp stays in place all day long.

Take an extra step to try something new and risky with your hair. And take that step today with these amazing hard part hairstyles! Also, let us know in the comments what you set your sight on.


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