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Long Goatee

Beard without a mustache is not a compromise or something groomed by an outcast. Several iconic personalities rock this look now and then. From Abraham Lincoln to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, many leaders and celebrities tried this look throughout history. This unique style makes you stand out in the crowd. Naturally, a mustache plays a vital role in masculinity, and growing a beard also means growing a matching mustache. By shaving off the mustache and keeping only the beard you are going against the norm and making your own symbol of masculinity.

It is also a lifesaver whenever you accidentally shaved off the mustache or got its shape wrong. Shaping the mustache is not as easy as shaping a beard. You need to be extra careful while grooming or you might trim a little extra than you intended. Well, if you do, you don’t have to get all frenzy. Beard without a mustache is still a prominent option to go with. You just have to be okay with the fact that it makes your chin look wider.

How to Start Growing a Beard Without The Mustache?

Trimming a beard without a mustache is not that hard but it requires patience and the right facial features. Many studies concluded that diamond-shaped faces can rock this look with ease. If you are planning on starting this style, then start growing your beard and maintain it for more than three to four weeks. Keep it neat and clean with regular washing and frequently applying beard oil. Let the mustache also grow along with the rest of the beard and keep it tidy and in shape.

How to Groom Beard Without The Mustache?

If you have decided to come this far, then let us go all the way. From Amish beard to chin strap or soul patch there are a great many varieties for beards without a mustache. You should be able to choose the one that suits you better. Remember, this style can make you look like a man of peace or bring you a mean look but it is definitely going to transform your look. Picking up from where we left, after growing the beard for three to four weeks, pick the beard style without a mustache best suited for you (a list is coming up for you), and shape the beard into that style. Shave off your mustache neatly and you may have to keep it clean almost every day for as long as you wish to keep that particular style.

As we mentioned earlier, you should be able to choose the beard that suits you really well. For that, you need to look up various beard styles that match or are even close to your facial features. To save you all the trouble, we brought to you the list of the 20 best beard styles without the mustache. Explore the list and groom yourself with the style you love.

20 Unique Beard Styles Without Mustache

1: Chin Curtain

Chin Curtain

Attaining a chin curtain is very easy and you don’t have to go through any hardship in maintaining one. You just have to keep in mind that the portion above the upper lip including the mustache and the beard on the cheek must be shaved off. Keep the rest of the beard connected and thick. Also, make sure that your beard does not have a soul patch. Just thick facial hair from sideburn to the other. Keep a perfect lower cheek line and neckline which you need to trim down as frequently as you can.

2: Mutton Chops

Mutton Chops

Mutton chops style has been in trend for centuries now and most recently Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine added extra craze to it. To get this style, you need to let the beard be thick on the cheeks connected to the sideburns. However, break the beard clean at the chin. So you will be having thick facial hair except for your chin, soul patch, and your mustache. Keep a decent cheek line and neckline. Trim the shaven parts on your face from time to time to keep it rough but still clean.

3: Standard Goatee

Standard Goatee

A standard goatee is typically a small patch of beard on the chin while the rest of the facial hair is shaved or trimmed that includes the mustache and soul patch. You might have seen popular goatee variations such as a circle beard that is with a thick mustache connected around the lips. But since we are looking for styles that are without a mustache, the standard goatee is your best bet. Shave the beard with a razor except for the portion on the chin and soul patch. Shape those two portions neatly using a trimmer into the standard goatee shape. Keep the goatee clean and shiny with good quality beard oil.

4: Soul Patch

Soul Patch

A soul patch is considered the unconventional variation of goatee beard. It is also a lifesaver for men who cannot grow a full beard or have patchy beard patterns. In our case, a soul patch is the best option for having the coolest facial hair without a mustache. Simply put, a soul patch is the portion of your facial hair that grows right below your lower lip and can be extended down to the chin. This beard style requires very little maintenance but requires regular grooming.

5: Van Dyke Without Handlebars

Van Dyke Without Handlebars

Before you get all frenzy just hear us out. Its true a beard is called Van Dyke only when you attain T-shape with mustache and beard together. All we do for this style is take out the mustache but keep the beard intact. Shave the beard and mustache except for soul patch and the beard on the chin. Keep the hair length short and make sure there are no strays hanging around. If you are not truly comfortable with mustacheless Van Dyke, extend the edges of the goatee matching with the height of soul patch.

6: Chin strap with Goatee

Chin strap with Goatee

Combining the chin strap with a goatee is the best way to have a complete look on your face even without a mustache. First, shape your beard from one sideburn to the other with the thickness of your choice. Combine this beard with a thick layer on the chin and an extended soul patch. Apply beard wax regularly to keep the style neat and intact. Groom your beard as frequently as possible to maintain the style for quite some time.

7: Cute Goatee


With the right variation of the goatee, you can attain either a mean or a heartthrob look. Shave the beard neatly except for your chin and soul patch. It goes without saying that you need to shave your mustache as well. Coming to the portion on the chin, trim down to a limited area with trimmer matching heights with the soul patch. You can let the beard grow a little if you like to have a little rough look on you or have it neatly shaved.

8: Lincoln Beard

Lincoln Beard

This list is not complete without mentioning Abraham Lincoln and his beard. Lincoln maintained a perfect beard, not too long or too short and it was pretty common during his time to shape a beard without a mustache. Shape your beard from one sideburn to another with extra thickness at your chin. Keep the beard area on the chin limited to a small portion and in line with the rest of your beard.

9: The Neat Chin Strap

The Neat Chin Strap

A chin strap is a subtle beard style with the right amount of facial hair. As you already know you need to shape the beard into a limited shape starting from one sideburn to another along the jawline. The shape is uniform even over the chin. Keep the other areas neatly shaved including your soul patch, mustache, cheeks, and neck. Keep the hair short and neat to attain a neat look with this beard.

10: Pony Goatee

Pony Goatee

Braiding and giving a ponytail to the beard has been in style for centuries now. For that, you have to grow the beard on the chin to a very long length. It is up to you whether you want to shape a beard in other areas or not. Apply beard oil of good quality and neatly comb the beard together. Pull the beard and make a ponytail using an elastic band. If you are going for the beard on other sections, keep them neat and well-groomed with beard oil and frequent combing.

11: The Chin Puff

The Chin Puff

A chin puff is nothing but making your soul patch wider, thicker, and longer. Shave off your beard and mustache neatly but leave the soul patch. Leave the portion of your chin right below the soul patch to connect them both. Make sure the size of the soul patch is identical at both ends to have consistency. Apply beard oil and comb the soul patch downward for an orderly look.

12: Long Goatee

Long Goatee

Embrace the full potential of your goatee with this distinctive style. As you can see, you need to let the beard on your chin grow to a long length while you shave all other areas such as cheeks, mustache, and neck. Support this long goatee beard with an equally thick soul patch. Keep the long beard neat and shiny with regular washing and massaging with beard oil. Though the beard length is long keep it in shape by grooming over the edges.

13: Mutton Chops Full Face

Mutton Chops Full Face

We did say earlier in this article that a beard without a mustache is best suited for men with a diamond face shape. But this variation of mutton chops is well-suited for those with round shape as well. Attain the look, by growing the beard to a desired long length. Shape the beard by creating a gap right in the middle, that is on the chin. Even if the beard is long, make sure it is in the right shape. Keep the area above the cheek line and below the neckline neatly shaved.

14: Amish Beard Style

Amish Beard Style

Several stories were told as the reasons behind why Amish people grow the beard in the way they do. Whatever may be the reason, the Amish beard has become pretty famous and has become a distinctive feature. First, give a base shaping to the beard from sideburn to sideburn. Keep the area above the lips neatly shaved. Let the beard grow to the chest level. Keep the beard long but make sure it is in perfect shape. Use scissors and groom the beard so that there are no strands coming out.

15: Full Chin Curtain

Full Chin Curtain

To make it simple, a full chin curtain is having a chin strap that is extra wide. Let the beard grow from sideburn to sideburn. Keep it wide from below the jawline to the middle of your cheek. You don’t know to necessarily keep the beard too long but make sure it is thick. From one end to another, keep the beard in a uniform shape. Apply best quality beard oil or beard wax to keep it healthy and neat.

16: Goatee Grown Out

Goatee Grown Out

This variation of goatee makes you funkier than ever. The sole focus should be on the chin so shave off the beard around it. Extend the goatee up to the jawline with a very thin size. Let the length of the beard be long and hanging in the downward direction. You can let its extension reach up to sideburns, provided, it must be very thin. If you like you can support the beard with a thin soul patch and let it connect with the beard at the bottom.

17: Islamic Beard

Islamic Beard

Islamic beard is similar to Amish beard but with little less grooming over the cheek line. Unlike the Amish beard, you let the beard grow above the mustache level but still keep the mustache shaved. Let the beard grow to its maximum length without any restrictions. Shape the beard, after attaining the maximum length, into a cone shape or a U-shape. Apply good quality beard oil and neatly comb the hair regularly to keep it healthy.

18: Short and Polished Chin Curtain

Short and Polished Chin Curtain

You have already seen a chin curtain. This style is another variation of it. Keep the beard very thin from sideburn to sideburn. Keep it strapped to the jawline and shave the excess beard above and below it. Make sure the length of the beard is very short and keep it regularly groomed. Apply good quality beard styling products such as beard oil or beard wax to keep it neat and healthy.

19: The Traditional Chin Strap

The Traditional Chin Strap

A chin strap beard is truly versatile. Anyone can rock this style irrespective of their skin tone and hair texture. It is also a great lifesaver for those who cannot grow a full beard. A simple method to attain a chin strap, as you’ve already seen is to grow a beard from one sideburn to another. A chin strap doesn’t necessarily require you to shave the mustache but in our case, it becomes a great choice. You can decide the width of your beard as well but keep the length to a short one.

20: Neat Muttons

Neat Muttons

Neat muttons style is the trendiest variation you can try. It is just like any other mutton chops style but with subtle shaping at the end. Grow a thick beard and give a sharp cut at the chin. Use a razor and shape the beard at the cheek line, at the neckline, and by the edges of the two halves. Shave off the excess beard on the mustache, chin, and cheeks. Keep the beard in shape by grooming regularly. Make sure no hair strand grows out of order to maintain a neat look.


This modern world has been showing very accepting behavior to various styles and trends. So it is totally you who will be deciding what’s right for you. Choosing the right fashion choice is never really complete. There is always something brewing for preceding the existing trend. So always keep the enthusiasm up and welcome experimenting. Beard without a mustache is an experiment for some and a signature style for others. Use the list provided as a reference and pick the style that fits you right as a happy experiment or a proud signature style.


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