15 Best Mexican Mustache And Beard Looks To Try Before You Shave Next


We always try to better ourselves with new hairstyles, beard styles, or clothing. This constant urge to look good and feel better opened ways for fashion choices that were limited to one region to outreach several countries across the planet. Mexican mustache and beard styles which were believed to be long gone are back in trends not only for our thirst for new styles but for what they have to offer.

Mexican facial hairstyles add out and out macho appeal to the appearances. From thick handlebar to thin pencil, there are several captivating mustache styles Mexico offered to the fashion world. Along with mustache, there are staggering beard styles that go very well hand in hand. You can shape a suitable beard that matches well with the mustache you choose. So, the first thing you have to do here is to pick the best mustache style and decide the length you are ready to carry.

You might have come across men from Mexico with clean shaved faces or with thick mustaches. Very less often, you come across men with full-grown thick beards. It doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t grow a fully grown beard. There are several beard styles matching all kinds of patterns including patchy ones. It all comes down to the shape of your face and facial features. Considering these factors, we brought to you 15 of the best Mexican mustache and beard styles. Check out the list below.

Top 15 Mexican Mustaches and Beard Looks to Try

1: Full Handlebar

Full Handlebar

If you can grow a thick mustache then you should definitely give this style a try. Let the mustache grow to a length more than your upper lip. Curl up the edges upward just like a handlebar of a bicycle. Hence, achieving its popular name. This mustache is truly versatile. You can support it with a stubble, clean shaved, or full-grown beard. It doesn’t matter what kind of hairstyle you are going to try on top of your head, this mustache is equally intriguing on a bald head or advancing hairstyle.

2: Emilio Handlebar

Emilio Handlebar

Emilio Handlebar is rather thinner than the full handlebar. The hair length of the mustache at the center is thick, however, it is shaped thin by the edges and the extremities are twirled to sharp points. You can style this handlebar mustache effortlessly using styling gel or healthy oil. Though this is a versatile style, it works great with a neatly trimmed goatee beard.

3: Pencil Mustache

Pencil Mustache

Pencil mustache has been in trend for several decades now. Many iconic personalities rocked this style and made it their charming trait. Extreme care is warranted while grooming this arresting mustache. Keep in mind that its length should not exceed your upper lip. Carefully groom the mustache in such a way that it is thick but it is not that long. You can add a small beard like a goatee to make this mustache more compelling.

4: The Full Horseshoe Mustache

The Full Horseshoe Mustache

This inverted U-shape mustache is grown around the lips up to the chin resembling a horseshoe. Grow a thick mustache that even your lips are covered by it completely. It is proven that men with angular faces and square jaws can pull this off really well. If you are tired of growing a full beard after a while then this can be the best alternative. But keep in mind that you should have thick hair and a very decent beard pattern.

5: Sectioned Mexican Style Mustache

Sectioned Mexican Style Mustache

This is the most common mustache style you can find on Mexican gentlemen. This perfect style needs very little maintenance but must be groomed with good care. You can either shave your beard with a razor or trim it with a trimmer. Cut short the mustache to an inch length with scissors. Make a perfect shape with equal height on both sides of the philtrum. The edges are a little longer than the lips but not too far. Let the middle part grow along the philtrum.

6: Gentleman Mustache

Gentleman Moustache

This small yet striking mustache style makes look a lot younger in appearance. Even if you have a patchy beard it is completely fine with this style. Keep the mustache short but not necessarily uniform. Let the edges rest on either side of the lips. Trim down the center top along the philtrum to give an illusion of a pencil mustache. You can let the beard freely without any restrictions to attain the previously mentioned youthful look.

7: Classic Mexican

Classic Mexican

By grooming this mustache, you will be getting a rich look combined with devilish. Let the beard be thick and long around your lips. Let the hair cover your upper but not exceeding that. You can support the mustache with a short stubble that adds a rough look to your richness. The beauty of this lies in its versatility. You can rock with any hairstyle on the top. However, to attain more class keep the hair short and parted.

8: Walrus Mustache

Walrus Mustache

Walruses have thick sensitive whiskers that completely cover their mouth. A walrus mustache is created resembling the same identity with a thick mustache covering the wearer’s mouth. If you have a heart or oval-shaped face then this style might work better on you. You simply let the mustache grow very dense and long while shaving off the rest of the facial hair. Allo the mustache falls over your mouth completely dominating your face. This style needs extreme patience and very careful grooming.

9: Chevron Mustache

Chevron Mustache

Starting at the bottom of the nose, this mustache length exceeds the length of the lips. If you look closely, an irregular triangle shape can be noticed with two bases on either side of the lip and one base at the bottom of the nose. Keep the mustache thick and keep it uniform without any stray hair popping. You can go with a shaved beard or a small stubble to support this mustache.

10: Paint Brush Mustache

Paint Brush Moustache

The paint brush mustache is another common style you can find. From the bottom of the nose to the upper lip, the mustache has a thick uniform length except for the edges. The edges need to be shaped further down around the lips. Though the mustache is thick and long, make sure it does not cover your lips completely. Highlight this style by clean-shaving the beard and the rest of your facial hair.

5 Best Mexican Mustache and Beard Combinations

As we mentioned earlier, there are intriguing beard styles that go really well with Mexican mustaches. Explore the list below and pick the style that matches your taste and requirements.

11: Van Dyke Mustache and Beard

Van Dyke Mustache and Beard

A typical Van Dyke beard has your mustache and your goatee beard in a T-shape. To attain this look in Mexican style, Trim down the mustache to a very short length except over the edges. Use styling gel or healthy oil and twist the edges to sharp curls. Shave the beard completely except for your soul patch and the goatee beard on the chin. You can decide the size of your soul patch and the width of your goatee. However, make sure that the length of the goatee is long and hair is combed hanging downward.

12: Handlebar with Full Beard

Handlebar with Full Beard

This style is the best example to show the versatility of the handlebar. Grow your mustache and beard for 3 to 4 months straight. Give a base grooming so that your beard can grow into a proper shape. Keep the beard on cheeks a little low compared to the beard on the chin and area around it. As your beard grows the chin part and around is thicker and longer compared to the sides. USe scissors for time to time grooming to keep the beard in a captivating look. Coming to the mustache, make sure it is thick and long. Cut the long-length mustache hair and keep it uniform. Groom the edges a little so that it is long without any strings holding. Apply beard oil or beard wax to easily make curls to the mustache extremes.

13: Horseshoe Mustache with Soul Patch

Horseshoe Moustache with Soul Patch

A horseshoe mustache is the fastest way to attain a tough guy look. Grow a thick mustache that goes down to the chin around the lips. You won’t add any extra beard to support this look unless you want to lose the whole purpose of this style. However, a subtle soul patch can decorate this mustache really well. A soul patch grows voluntarily in most cases. All you got to do is to shape it into the design you like. Use a trimmer a shape the trimmer to a small size. You can go for an inverted triangle with the base resting on the lower lip and the pointy head facing the chin.

14: Long Goatee and Classic Mexican Mustache

Long Goatee and Classic Mexican Moustache__

A classic Mexican mustache is simple to groom and easily adds youthfulness to your appearance. It may not go really well with all kinds of beard but with a goatee it surely does. To attain a long goatee you need to leave the chin and shave or trim the rest of the beard. You can leave around closer to the chin as well if you want to support the goatee but it then cannot be called a classic goatee. Don’t connect the mustache with your goatee. You can have the goatee extended upward but leave the classic mustache alone. Let the goatee grow to a long length and have it supported by a thick soul patch. Trim the mustache to a thin shape but not into a pencil mustache. Keep the edges blunt but neat. After a couple of weeks, your beard is all rough but you are left with a long goatee and a thick mustache.

15: Perfectly Trimmed Mustache and Beard

Perfectly Trimmed Moustache and Beard

When you grow a thick mustache and beard that complement each other then you successfully managed to gain a remarkable complete look. Cut short the beard on the cheeks in your base grooming to let the beard grow sharp and orderly. Let the mustache and beard grow for 5 to 6 months with time-to-time shaping. Keep the mustache thick but make sure there are no strays hanging on the lips. After growing the beard to the length you desire, shape it along with the mustache with scissors. Make sure that the edges are blending well with the beard. You don’t have to curl up the extremes of this style.


If you are looking for ways to add more masculinity to your appearance, then Mexican mustache and beard styles are the way to go. These styles can easily give you a hipster look, a wild west guise, or a casual maintenance look. Not all mustache styles fit all faces. When you groom the right one it elevates your facial features in a compelling way. The same applies to the beard. Use the list of the 15 best Mexican mustache and beard styles that you have gone through and pick the best-suited style for your next grooming session.


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