15 Best Mexican Moustache and Beard Looks to Try Before You Shave Next

Today, a Mexican moustache, like many other styles from around the world, is not singular to Mexico. It has been adopted by hipsters around across the globe for their panache, and sheer macho appeal. These moustaches are more appropriate for those persons who like to keep their moustaches longer than just a few centimetres, and are popularly seen as handlebar moustaches, or curled moustaches.

If you’re looking for an ultimate guide to types of Mexican moustaches, you’re in luck! Here are a few of the most popularly styled Mexican moustaches out there, for you to choose from.

15 Best Mexican Moustaches and Beard Look to Try Now

#1: Full Handlebar

Full Handlebar

A handlebar moustache is a thick moustache which is lengthy and curved upwards on its extremities. This was named so since it resembles the handlebar on a cycle. A full handlebar moustache is good for those men who have a fair facial hair growth pattern. Persons who have oblong or round faces are the recommended the most to try this style of moustache.

#2: Emilio Handlebar

Simple handlebar mustache with thin and rolling ends

An Emilio handlebar or a thin handlebar moustache is one which is thicker on the lips and is generally tapered around the extremities. The difference between a full handlebar and a thin handlebar is that that the thin handlebar is styled with moustache styling gel or oil, and the extremities are twirled into points. This is a typical hipster look which looks put together, without a lot of effort.

#3: Pencil Moustache

Thick pencil mustache

A very typical pencil moustache is traditionally something Mexican men have popularised. This moustache is carefully manicured from the top of the lip. These moustaches are not allowed to grow beyond the line that forms when your lips meet. This look can be worn by persons who may or may not have thick hair growth on their faces.

#4: The Full Horseshoe Moustache

horseshoe moustache styles

A horseshoe moustache is a popular style of moustache which is worn by people with square jaws, or angular faces. This moustache is recommended for those people who have relatively good facial hair growth. It is simply a moustache which is allowed to grow downwards, in a U shape around the mouth and chin.

#5: Sectioned Mexican Style Moustache

Sectioned Mexican Style Moustache

A sectioned Mexican moustache is one which may look like a regular Mexican pencil moustache, however, it has one distinct feature, which is that it is sectioned off to either side of the upper lip. This kind of moustache can reach longer than the corner of the mouth, but there must be at least half a centimetre between the two sections of the moustache.

#6: Gentleman Moustache

Gentleman Moustache

A gentleman moustache is the most typical moustache style, popularised from Mexico. This moustache looks like a handlebar but can actually be of many different styles. The only important feature to keep in mind is to curve the moustache upwards. This can either be done to a thicker moustache, or a thin one. Usually, gentleman moustaches are not sectioned, but are joined at the nose.

#7: Classic Mexican

Classic Mexican

A classic Mexican moustache is one which is full and caps the upper lip. It is a variation of the chevron moustache, and falls strictly within the spectrum of full moustaches. This moustache suits persons who have larger surface area between their  upper lips, and the base of their nose.

#8: Walrus Moustache

Walrus Moustache

A walrus moustache tops the list of hard to pull off long moustache looks. This moustache takes a relatively longer time to grow out and maintain. It is suitable for oval shaped or heart shaped faces. The walrus moustache simply falls from the upper lip to the chin making the wearer resemble a walrus, and hence gets its name.

#9: Chevron Moustache

Chevron Moustache

A Chevron moustache is a full moustache which goes from the base of the nose, to the two sides of the mouth, making a slight triangular shape above the mouth. This moustache is best kept trimmed and properly styled, as it is easy to spot stray hair if it pops from the bottom of the moustache.

#10: Paint Brush Moustache

Paint Brush Moustache

A paint brush moustache is a cross between a sectioned moustache, gentleman moustache as well as a chevron. The name for the same has been given due to the appearance of the moustache being similar to that of a paint brush. This moustache is allowed to grow out naturally and does not require maintenance.

If you’re someone who prefers to keep a beard along with your moustache, you don’t have to feel left out of this trend! Go ahead and check this out:

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#11: Van Dyke Moustache and Beard

Van Dyke beard

A Van Dyke beard and moustache are a combination of a handlebar moustache and a pointed goatee. This is a preferred look for persons who have angular chins and jaws, and can be  varied with the use of a thinner handlebar moustache as well.

#12: Handlebar with Full Beard

Handlebar with Full Beard

A handlebar moustache with a full beard is a look which is grand, and dignified. It includes using naturally growing stubble or a full beard to aestheticize the look. This is a high maintenance look.

#13: Horseshoe Moustache with Soul Patch

The Curl Up Soul Patch

A horseshoe moustache, which spans from the base of the nose to the corners outlining the chin can be augmented with a small soul patch. A soul patch is a patch of hair grown on the area just below the lower lip.

#14: Long Goatee and Classic Mexican Moustache

Chinstrap Beard Styles

A classic Mexican moustache is a great look as it is, but along with a longer goatee, it can go from drab to fab, and regular to hipster. This look requires a lot of maintenance and time to groom to perfection.

#15: Perfectly Trimmed Moustache and Beard

Perfectly Trimmed Moustache and Beard

A perfectly trimmed and manicured moustache is one which has clean edges and not a lot of stray hair. This can be accompanied by a full beard to make the look hipster, but originally, it was a look adopted by dignitaries and those higher up in the social strata.


A Mexican style of moustache or beard is not an appropriated style, but one for the ages. The wild west vibes, hipster look and general maintained look of these styles are what set them apart, and make them so popular with men of all ages.


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