College Hairstyles: Simple And Easy Hairstyles For 16 To 21 Years Old Teenage Guys

College Guy Hairstyles

Teenage is without a doubt the best years in life. Teenagers enjoy their lives to the fullest and are at the stage of developing their own perspective towards life. In your teens, you are too young to have any responsibilities and old enough to try out different styles without any need for permission from elders. It is the right time to experiment with numerous hairstyles available until you get to the age of settling into one best-suited hairstyle.

The space for creativity is vast for teenagers as the hair is still strong and the hair texture can endure experimenting with different styles. From modern to classic, wild to conservative, as a teenager, you have so much to try out. Since your face is years away from getting its maximum maturity, any hairstyle you try will be a unique combination of cuteness and artistry.

Finding the right hairstyle is as important as having the right hair texture. Your hairstyle must meet with the shape of your hair, and facial features along with the texture. To make it easy on you we conducted extensive research and brought together the best 21 college hairstyles. Dive in and pick the one that suits you the best.

21 Handpicked Hairstyles For College-Going Teen Boys

1. The disconnected pompadour

The disconnected pompadour

Pompadour is quite famous for the classy makeover it brings to your hair. The disconnected pompadour is a perfect hairstyle for teenagers who have thick dark hair and prefer short hairstyles. For this style, let the sides fade closer to your ears and let the fading extend up to the neck on the back. Let the hair on top be thick and lengthy. Apply hair mousse and wait until your hair is dry. Use a comb and make a parting between the top and the side. On the top let the hair slick back with the hair on the forehead going with a slight roll. Keep the temples sharp and neat.

2. Combover Haircut

Combover Haircut

This cool-looking hairstyle is very easy to attain and one of the best options for college students. Keep the sides and the back shorter than the top. You can either use a clipper or a scissor to reduce the hair volume. If you prefer to keep the hair a little longer, cut the edges to prevent split-ends. Apply a good amount of styling product to mend the hair to your will. Use a comb and neatly style your hair. For this style, you need to let your hair rest on either side of the parting.

3. Cowlick Haircut

Cowlick Haircut

This style is a subtle combination of wildness and cuteness. Give a base cut with reduced sides while you let the hair on the top grow long and wild. Apply your trusted hair styling product and neatly comb your hair to the back. You can use a headband to keep the hair distinctive and in order, at least the front part. There are variations to this style. For example, you can give your sides an undercut to highlight the top even better.

4. The Taper Cut

The Taper Cut

This is one of the simple and easy-to-maintain styles that are currently in trend. A typical taper cut requires a gradual decrease of hair volume on the top as you move backward. This means your hair in the front is thick and long while the hair on the back is short and thin. The sides and back of your head must be uniformly short. Apply hair gel and using a comb pull back your hair from the front. Make sure no hair strand falls onto your forehead. Keep the temples and sideburns neat and sharp to get the desired sophisticated look.

5. Spiky Hairstyle with Lift

Spiky Hairstyle with Lift

This intriguing hairstyle is not as hard as it looks. You will need medium hair length to pull this off. Keep the hair on the sides and back uniformly short using scissors. Use sculpting wax or any gel that is of good quality. Raise your hair on the top to get yourself sharp spikes. Let your spikes extend all the way to your crown. Keep the sides and the sideburns short and in uniform with the hair on the side.

6. Vintage Waves

Vintage Waves

If you have curly or wavy hair then this style is a definite treat for you. It might require a little extra maintenance but it is totally worth it. Let your hair grow to an enormous length for at least 4 to 5 weeks. Apply hair mousse to make your hair shine and flexible. Using a round brush style all your hair into waves. Let bangs fall onto your fair just edges rest on all other sides. Use hairspray to keep the style steady for quite a while. To make it more intriguing you can add color to your hair to experiment with different contrast.

7. Spunky Side Bangs

Spunky Side Bangs

You can find this style very often among teenagers. It works great with straight hair. Grow your hair to the neck level. Groom the edges so that your hair is free from split ends. Apply trusted hair styling products such as sculpting wax, hair gel, or hair mousse. Use a comb and start stying your hair smoothly. Make a parting on the side and let the hair rest on either side of that parting. As we are not reducing the hair volume here, comb your long hair on the shorter side to the back of your ear. The larger side, however, combs in such a way that a small quiff is formed in the front and the rest of the strand falls as bangs onto your face. Let your sideburns and temples remain thick. 

8. Fresh and Cool

Fresh and Cool

This simple yet striking style does not require too much maintenance. Let your hair grow to a medium length before you start grooming. Cut down the hair on both sides with scissors. USe scissors because we trying to attain a geeky casual look. Also, reduce the back of your head close to the scalp yet still thick using scissors. On the top, maintain consistent length from the front to the back. Apply good quality hair mousse to easily style your hair. Use a comb or your hand for styling. Make a small quiff on the forehead and let the rest of your hair fall back.

9. Cool Waves

Cool Waves

If you have wavy hair then you should definitely try this style. For this style, your hair should be more than medium length but not too long. Use scissors for grooming the edges so that the hair looks neat and free from split ends. Apply good quality hair gel to smoothly style your hair. Use a comb if you have to for getting rid of tangles from your hair. Make a parting on the top for a rough yet compelling division. Let your naturally wavy hair rest on either side of the parting with its edges resting on all sides except your face.

10. Long top short sides

Long top short sides

This can be called a subtle style where the undercut meets the fade. The main goal of this style is to highlight the top of your head. For that, you need to give a tapering on the sides and back with thickness gradually reduced from top to the bottom. On the top, you want to grow your hair to more than medium length. Keep the edges of hair well-groomed so that the hair is well-shaped as it grows. Apply good quality hair styling products so that you can style your hair effortlessly. Use your hands to arrange your hair in the direction you intended.

11. Blow Dried Back

Blow Dried Back

This intriguing style has good variations that you can try. The basis of this style is the shorter hair on the sides and the back of your head. However, after the tapering, give yourself a razor part on the side. Apply hair mousse to the rest of your hair and let your hair have some blow-dry. Now style your hair using your hands and let the hair on the top stay wild and free. Keep in mind that the edges including the temples and sideburns must be neat and sharp. If you can, shape a beard to add a rustic look to this style.

12. The Brushed Up Haircut

The Brushed Up Haircut

This is another stylish hairstyle for students which is a mix of funky with class. Keep the sides and the back shorter than the hair on the top with an undercut. Make sure the hair length is short but make sure the volume is not too thin. Apply the good quality styling product you prefer to the hair. Brush your hair on the top such that it stands up straight and becomes symmetrical with the sides. In case you have trouble keeping the hair in style, use hairspray with less intensity.

13. The Unruly Bangs

The Unruly Bangs

Guys with straight hair who don’t have time or who don’t like to spend much time grooming would love this simple style. Let your hair grow a little more than medium length. Apply the best-quality styling product that would enhance your hair texture. If you are not into styling products then you should grow more hair volume. Style your hair with or without a comb. Make sure you get a rough parting on the top with the hair resting on either side. The strands of your hair must rest on all sides including your forehead. Keep your sideburns neat but not necessarily sharp. Keep them long and straight reaching your cheeks.

14. The Square Cut

The Square Cut

If you are looking for a mean look with a subtle hairstyle then a square cut is something you should consider. This is a unique combination of crew cut met with a razor cut. Select an area on the sides to keep away from the top. Taper down that area on the sides closer to the scalp.  Let the hair on top be of medium length. Apply hair mousse or hair gel and neatly comb the hair to keep it uniform without any tangles. Make a parting on the top and let the hair rest on either side of the parting. Comb your hair such that it rests flat on your head like slick hair.

15. Heavy Fringe Textured Top

Heavy Fringe Textured Top

Fringes are your hair falling onto your forehead, simply put. A textured top is usually another version of buzz cut in usual terms. However, we brought to you the combination of these two styles that gives better results. You need thick hair to pull this off. To get heavy fringe you need to let your hair grow to a good volume. When you combine it with a textured top, you don’t necessarily have to let bangs fall onto your forehead. Instead, let your hair on the front form a small quiff and rest sideways. Maintain the remaining hair on the top at a uniform medium length. As the hair grows you can go with several other variations.

16. High Fade Slicked Pompadour


As you can see, this another intriguing combination where fade hairstyle goes with slick to meet pompadour. It might sound complex but it is an easy style to attain. Select areas on the sides to give them a fade. Keep the backside uniform with them. On the top maintain your hair at a medium level. Apply hair mousse to let your hair shine and be flexible. Make a parting on either side to highlight the top. Comb your hair flat either to the sides or to the back. On the front, comb your hair to the back with a small bump to make the pompadour.

17. Short Spiky Haircut

Short Spiky Haircut

Spikes give you a compelling look irrespective of your hairline. For this style, you are bringing the focus onto the top of your head where you decorate your hair with sharp spikes. Give a neat tapering on the sides with thick hair volume closer to the top and thin closer to the ears. Maintain the hair on the top anywhere between short and medium. Soak your hair a little and blow-dry until your hair is damp. Use your fingers to raise spikes on the damp hair. Keep the temples sharp and neat let them match with the sides. The same goes with the back.

18. The simple and smart haircut

The simple and smart haircut

This is yet another simple hairstyle that can be attained easily and due to its versatility, it works well with all kinds of clothing. Cut short the hair on the sides and the back with scissors and let the hair be uniform with medium length. Apply a good quality styling product on your hair and let it sync in. Use a comb for styling your hair starting with a parting on the top. Let your hair rest on either side of the parting. On the wider area, make a small quiff at the front and let the hair flow to the back.

19. The Combover

The Combover

This another very common hairstyle you can find in teenagers. It is simple and striking at the same time. Let the hair on the top grow a little more than medium length. Cut the sides and back of your head to a short length but not too thin. Apply styling products such as hair mousse or pomade to easily mend your hair and let it shine a little extra. Make a parting and let the hair on the wider area rest backward with a small quiff on the forehead. You comb the hair to the back totally or to the side.

20. Highlights


This intriguing style may look complex but it can be attained without much effort if you have straight hair on you. Keep the hair on the top highlighted by reducing the hair on the sides and the back. You can either go with a fade or a uniform undercut. The hair on the top must be more than medium length. Apply hair mousse to style your hair smoothly. Give your spikes just like a faux hawk hairstyle, random and sharp. Add light color to your to create a beautiful contrast. It goes without saying that temples are well-groomed and must match with the sides.

21. Blonde and Disheveled

Blonde and Disheveled

This is an arresting way to flaunt your blonde hair. You won’t need too many products or have to spend too much time to attain this style. Keep your hair on the sides short by using clippers or scissors. It depends on the hair you like to keep on the top. Let your dark blonde hair shine by applying hair gel or mousse or pomade. Use your fingers to make your hair on the top messy and erect. You may have to use hair spray to keep the style steady for quite a while. Let your sideburns be of small length matching the thickness of your sides.


Age from 16 to 21 years is a magical and defining period in anyone’s life. Don’t let anybody tell you differently. It lays the foundation on which you stand and shape your future. In your search for finding your identity, you have the advantage of starting over numerous times. This privilege reduces as you age. Make the most of this time and live life to the fullest. Experiment with different hairstyles until you find the one that speaks for you in your stead. We brought to you our list above to explore the best picks of college hairstyles and for using it as a reference for future grooming.


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