20 Trending Patchy Beard Styles For Men – How To Grow and Fix a Patchy Beard

Rap Industry Standard Patchy Beard Style

Beard has become an aesthetic and a fashion accessory to style yourself with. 

While debate around the beards rages on, we can’t escape the fact that they have the ability to completely alter your appearance. They are remarkable in adding an edge to your unique features.

Moreover, you can style this facial hair to bring out the best in you and mask the not-so-admirable features of your face. There is a beard style out there for every man and it is time to deep dive into the raging trend. 

What Style Suits Me?

There is a lot of discussion going on around the right style for the right face. A simple wrong tweak and you might just create a new trend or go completely wrong with your style. The sole purpose of a beard or mustache is to add more glamour and highlight your assets by creating a contrast. 

We are all well aware of the types of faces men possess. So, here is a list to break down the best beard style that works out for your cut.

Best Beard Styles To Suit Your Face Cut 

Oval Faces:

Literally any style agrees with this shape. The proportionate cut, often hailed as the gem of genetics, can take on stubble as easily as it does with side burns. 

Square Faces:

Square cuts can look flawless with the right beard. It needs something that can highlight the jagged edges and well defined lines. Short sides and more chin volume can give the square jawline the advantage it needs. Opt for a short beard like the royale or goatee. 

Rectangular Faces:

Rectangular faces are longer than they are wide, featuring a well formed chin and narrow cheeks. Choose styles that can fill out the sides leaving the bottom open to create a chiseled look. Chin straps and the jazz beard should be your go to!

Round Faces: 

Owing to the wholesomeness of the round shape, it is best for you to go with a style that would tone down the round edges. Give more angle to your shape with styles such as the van dyke, anchor beard and more. This will assist in giving more definition and slimness to your face.

Triangular Faces: 

This shape comes with a wide forehead, a pointy chin and everything in between in a descending order of symmetry. The goal here is to accentuate your assets and prevent the focus on your pointy chin. Add more volume to your narrow jaws but never mask the chin. Stubble or short beards are most recommended. 

1. Trendy and scraggly beard with a short mustache

Trendy and scraggly beard with a short mustache

Scraggly beard is slightly longer version of the stubble beard. It is more defined with thick volume adding a little grit to your look. This hot trend is a style anyone can wear regardless of the face shape. Throw some short mustache into the mix to flair it up.

Scraggly beards are notorious for their itchiness. Some conditioning now and then will keep the beard smooth and the itches at bay.

2. The Thin Strap Beard Style 

The Thin Strap Beard Style 04

The thin strap beard allows more hair on the chin and the neck below giving an illusion of fullness. Trim the beard close to the skin to prevent it from going scruffy. This style works best for those who find difficulty in growing a big beard.

3. Chestnut Patchy Beard with Pencil Mustache

Chestnut Patchy Beard with Pencil Mustache

Patchy beards signify unhealthy growth of facial hair but that shouldn’t stop you from being  stylish. You can decide where the patches lay to integrate them into your looks and face cuts to imply a soft stubble along the jawline. A pencil thin moustache with a definite line can shape the beard well.

4. A La Souvarov Patchy Beard Style 

A La Souvarov Patchy Beard Style

Similar to its name, the beard also carries the uniqueness with the sideburns, moustache and the planned patches. A la souvarov patchy beard style highlights the moustache and the sideburns pairing it with light patchy beard.

5. Short French Stubble Patchy Beard Style

Short French Stubble Patchy Beard Style

French stubble is always hot and happening. The short style gives a solid structure to your chin and an elongated look to your face. A sharp jawline needs less hair but more volume can define the face.

6. Brown and bristly beard with neat mustache

brown and bristly beard with neat mustache

In this style, the beard and moustache are kept immaculate and separate yet giving a wholesome look. The mustache doesn’t grow into the beard so you can fashion it however you prefer. Overall, this well kept look adds dignity.

7. Rap industry standard patchy beard style

rap industry standard patchy beard style

Popular among the infamous rappers, this scruffy beard with a goatee needs lots of hair under the chin and short trim on the sides. Small moustache above or below the lips can determine the beard cut!

8. Patchy Beard Keanu Style

Patchy Beard Keanu Style

Keanu Reeves, a name synonymous with success, has been the inspiration for this do. The beard and the moustache are kept at a medium length with patches here and there to give a complete yet sparse look. Maybe pair this with shoulder length hair to stay true to the name!

9. Tony Stark Van Dyke Beard Style

Tony Stark Van Dyke Beard Style

This beard-do offers the eminent Van Dyke style with a pinch of Tony Stark’s finesse.

For this, you have to keep the sides smooth giving volume to just the chin. Match the  V-shaped beard with a disconnected mustache to achieve this cool style. It is simple and can be done with a trimmer at home.

10. Rustic Beard Dramatic Beard Style

Rustic Beard Dramatic Beard Style

If you are tired of always keeping it short and neat, then style is your friend!

Grow the beard out, full length. Pair it with a mustache, if you like. Not too long but definitely not too short. This style does demand some maintenance to avoid it going from classy to messy. Occasional combing and some beard conditioning will keep it just fine. 

11. Thick Chin Strap Patchy Beard Style with a Goatee

Thick Chin Strap Patchy Beard Style with a Goatee

Chin straps define your jawline. Combining it with a goatee can give you a more rounded look instead of the angular cuts. People with triangular faces can rock this style without worrying about the chiseled face cut.

12. Disconnected Pencil Mustache with a Chin Strap

Disconnected Pencil Mustache with a Chin Strap

The disconnected pencil mustache is a modern take on the traditional style. A natural chin strap means you need no sharp edges or tight lines. While a disconnected moustache only adds more character to your distinguished features. 

13. Soft and Patchy Beard Style

Soft and Patchy Beard Style

This goes well for men with soft facial features. Sparse growth and even lines can make you look tidy or more professional. Keep your sideburns and mustache small so they blend right with the patchy beard. 

14. Thick Chin Strap Without Mustache

Thick Chin Strap Without Mustache 02

This street smart look sports an isolated chin strap without overdoing it with the mustache. The style features clean shaven cheeks, neck and upper lip with hair following the jawline to the sideburns. It suits diamond, square, round and oval face shapes.

15. Sparse and Short Beard Style

Sparse and Short Beard Style 03

Style your two week stubble to seem mainstream, if complete clean shave isn’t you!

Mostly suited to thin facial hair, this short style has a uniform beard and mustache sparsely located all over the cheeks and chin. It is more natural and makes you look rugged.

16. Soul Patch Beard Style

Soul Patch Beard Style

A favourite of the vintage jazz players, this style is quite artsy and reflects your quirky personality. Also known as the jazz dot beard, this bold look consists of a small triangle or square patch of hair sitting in the centre of the chin just below your lower lip. It does take a certain flair to carry this style.

17. The Scruffy and Patchy Beard Style

The Scruffy Beard Style 02

Scruffy beards, when well bred, are mature and look attractive. Now combining that scruffy look with the patchy beard can give a modern twist to the regular old style. This can add more prominence to your face and highlight your features. 

18. Shadowy and Dark Patchy Beard Style

Shadowy and Dark Patchy Beard Style 02

Men everywhere have grown fond of this versatile do that does not require much upkeep. Thick, dark hair in patches from the sideburns along the contours to cheekbones throw an illusion volume along the neck. A slick jazz beard under the lower lip is just what you need to improve this already perfect style.

19. Dark Patchy Beard Unique Style

dark patch beard unquie

Now this uber-cool beard style has caught on like a wildfire. It is stylish with a fuller beard below the chin and dark, thick patches along the cheeks. The versatile style suits those with narrow cheeks and a defined jawline. This justifies you lazy stubble and goes well with the messy look.

20. Franz Josef Patchy Beard Style

03.Franz Josef Patchy Beard Style

This distinguished style involves a complete mustache from one side burn to the other. It follows down on the sides of the cheeks leaving the chin completely open. The bold look dictates an air of superiority and importance. This is also a nod to the yesteryear style of the victorians.

We have got every style for your mood and brood. Whether it’s messy you are after or turning it up a notch with prim and proper, these beard styles can help with that. Let us know which style you find compelling to try!


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