25 Best Henry Cavill Hair and Beard Styles

The Classic Side Part

About Henry Cavill

Irrespective of the language you speak and the country you live in, you might’ve heard of or seen Henry Cavill on the big screen at least once. This handsome hunk hailed from St. Helier, Jersey, a crown-dependent island of England’s coast. This rustic yet charming bundle of enticement wasn’t always this beefcake. He was a happy fat kid who was often called “Fat Cavill” by his peers. At the age of 17, he changed his life around by losing almost 21 pounds for his early acting role.

Cavill’s filmography has always been fascinating with his remarkable acting and uncompromised hard work. In his early twenties, he also gave an audition for the iconic James Bond role. Though it didn’t work out, at that point he didn’t know that a life-changing role is waiting for him to land on. In 2013, his prestigious project Man of Steel under Warner Brothers Production in which he played the celebrated Superman role. Man of Steel was the first installment of the DC Extended Universe, followed by other blockbusters in which Cavill reprised his Son of Krypton role.

Superman introduced Cavill to the whole world as the actor with the most loveable face and desirable body structure. His impeccable discipline towards his body made him a role model to many of his fans and aspiring bodybuilders. Along with this comic book hero role, Henry gave an unforgettable performance as Gerald of Rivia in the most loved Netflix adaptation, The Witcher. Cavill has built an uncanny reputation with the unforgettable roles he took and going to take hereafter.

About Henry Cavill’s Personal Life

  • Cavill’s Height: 6 ft 1 inch (1.85 m)
  • Age: 35 years old; born: 5th May 1983
  • Place of Birth: St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands

How to Look and style like Henry Cavill

To look like a human God is not a small feat to achieve. Henry Cavill used to spend inhuman hours at the gym to shape himself for his roles as Superman and The Witcher. As we are not discussing his body built in this article, let us focus on his arresting beard and hairstyles. Cavill is often seen in a short haircut which is also called the classic gentleman look. You can attain this look by simply trimming down the hair on the back and the sides relatively lower than the top of your head. Very rarely see Cavill with his hair cut short with clippers. His subtle hairstyle involves mostly scissors. Apply good quality styling product and neatly comb the top to the sides.

Along with these styles, Cavill gave us several other styles ranging from short to long hair. Let us look at some of the prominent styles this rectangular-faced handsome star showed us that you can easily attain.

Top 23 Henry Cavill Hairstyles

1: Henry Cavill Straight Formal Short Hairstyle

Henry Cavill Straight Formal Short Hairstyle

This formal hairstyle is quite often seen on Henry Cavill. It does not require too much maintenance and is very easy to maintain. You need hair with at least 3 to 4 inches to shape the hair to this style. Cut down the sides and the back with scissors without any obvious traces over the edges. Reduce the volume over the top but not less than the sides and the back. Apply good quality hair styling products like a gel or hair mousse. Neatly give a rough parting on the side you prefer and comb the hair on both sides of the parting. The look can be made more distinctive by styling with your fingers.

2. Henry Cavill Wavy Casual  Short Hairstyle

Henry Cavill Wavy Casual  Short Hairstyle

Not just his body, Henry Cavill has shown decent transformation in his hairstyles as well. He showed that his hair texture is flexible and can be mended to his will. For this style, cut down the hair on the sides and the back of your head. Make sure you don’t cut the hair too short or to the scalp. Apply good quality hair gel or hair mousse and neatly comb your hair to curls using a round brush. Let a few strands of your hair fall on your forehead as fringes. Keep the temples and the sideburns rough but still groomed.

3. Henry Cavill Straight Casual Short Hairstyle

Henry Cavill Straight Casual Short Hairstyle

This is another style to embrace straight hair in a subtle way. Keep the hair short by cutting it down with scissors on the sides and the back. Cut down on the top as well but keep it thick compared to other areas. Apply trusted hair styling product and spread evenly on your hair. Use your hand and smoothly style your hair. Keep the beard to a low level or stubble to get the desired casual look.

4. Henry Cavill Bald Head

Henry Cavill Bald Head

Cavill surprised his fans off-guard with this look. In the fashion world, this bald look is often referred to as a buzz cut. The only difference here is, Cavill didn’t really care for subtlety in selecting the dimensions. Get yourself a clipper and gradually decrease the hair volume uniformly in all directions. Keep in mind that if you have a widows peak hairline then you will be elevating it through this hairstyle. 

5. Henry Cavill’s Superman Look

Henry Cavill’s Superman Look

It is no exaggeration to say that Cavill has incredibly handled his superhero cape in his iconic Superman role. Superman is never untidy and always combs his hair flat to the side. Cavill managed to pull this off with ease. If you have seen, he managed to show variations to his hairstyle in all three (or 4 if you count Snyder cut). In Man of Steel, the hair is short but free and wild. In Dawn of Justice, he combed his hair neat and flat to the scalp. In both versions of Justice League, his hair is not rested flat but still combed neatly. Cut down the hair on the side and the back of your head without any sharp edges. Keep the top a little thick and longer than the rest of your hair. After applying your trusted styling product comb your hair into one of the three Cavill’s Superman hairstyles.

6. Combed Back Hair

Combed Back Hair

Cavill’s naturally wavy hair elevates his charm and through this combed back hair, Henry became a heartthrob without flaunting his masculine body. Grow your hair to a medium length with edges groomed to prevent split-ends. Apply good quality hair gel and smoothly style your hair. You can use either your hand or your comb. Starting at the forehead, comb your hair to the back. Make sure your face is free of all the hair. Even style the hair on the side to the back of your ears. You can make this style more compelling by growing a rough beard with low length.

7. Henry Cavill Buzz Cut

Henry Cavill Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is your safe bet whenever you feel like you need a change in your look. Henry Cavill rocked this style with remarkable class. His huge body made him look like a dominating figure with a loveable face. Use clippers and reduce the volume of your hair all over your head. If you are looking for growing back your hair into a decent shape, then you can go for a little extra trimming on the sides and back. A buzz cut works great with or without a beard. But to look like the handsome hunk you need to opt for a thin beard.

8. The Justice League Henry Cavill Look

The Justice League Henry Cavill Look

We can’t get enough of Henry Cavill when he is on the press tour. During the promotion tour for Justice League, Cavill let his hair grow more than he usually has. The base cut is with a short length on the sides and the back but after you let the hair grow, the sides and the back grow to a medium length. When you comb the hair to the back from the front, the hair looks beefy behind your ears. In the movie however his hair is adjusted to match the classic Superman hairstyle with neatly parted hair resting on both sides.

9. The Classic Side Part

The Classic Side Part

A side part gives you a well-groomed look. Cavill is often seen with parting hair. As you can see, he also gave a decent parting even for his medium-length curly hair. Apply hair mousse and spread it all over your hair. Use a round brush to comb if you have curly or wavy hair. Make a parting on the top closer to any one side. Let a few fringes fall on your forehead to get a more artistic look. Make sure your sideburns are groomed as well. They can be wide and thick matching your hair but make sure their length is not too long.

10. The Man of Steel Look

The Man of Steel Look

Man of Steel is the beginning of the long journey of Superman. The story shows young Clark Kent searching for his identity. Cavill’s look in this movie is parted but it is still a little disarray. To get this style, keep the sides and back of your head short with scissors. Cut the top as well but make sure it is still long and thick compared to the sides and back. Use a comb to make a parting and smoothly style the hair on either side. Use hairspray if needed to keep the style intact for a long while.

11. The Mission Impossible Fallout Look

The Mission Impossible Fallout Look

When the first look of Mission Impossible Fallout was released, along with Tom Cruise’s stunts, Henry Cavill’s mustache also raised many heated discussions. His infamous look also cost him his role as Superman due to conflict with Warner Brothers studio. Leaving the controversy for some other time, Cavill’s mean look gave the audience very little space to guess if he was indeed the bad guy in the film. To get this look keep the hair a little less than the medium, thick enough to comb. Apply good quality hair gel and comb your hair to the back such that the widows peak is highlighted.

12. Curly Comb Over

Curly Comb Over

It is already established that Henry Cavill has beautiful curly hair. If not at work, Henry is usually seen with this simple look. You can easily attain this look if you have curly or wavy hair. Use scissors and get yourself a base cut with sides and the back reduced to lower length followed by a little longer and thick top. Let the hair grow and you can notice your curly hair being full and expanded behind your ears. The temples and sideburns need not be sharp but still need to be groomed. Make sure the sideburns are thick but not too long. If you fancy a beard, get yourself stubble to make this style look more complete.

13. Henry Cavill Long Hair

Henry Cavill Long Hair

We can’t stop swooning over Henry as Geralt of Rivia in the infamous Netflix drama The Witcher. He brought the demonic hero to life with his tremendously huge body and hair white as the driven snow. Let your hair grow to shoulder level. Dye your hair with matte white to get the hair color of the white wolf. After it is dry, apply hair mousse to handle the hair smoothly. Use a comb and make a parting on the top center. Select the long hair on the side and pull it back below the crown. There make a ponytail and tie a knot with that pony to make a man bun. Let the rest of your hair fall onto your shoulder from behind.

14. Henry Cavill in The Wavy or Curly Quiff

Henry Cavill in The Wavy or Curly Quiff

Getting a quiff is proven to be easy with curly or wavy hair. Our handsome hunk flaunts his wavy hair with a subtle quiff now and then. You can also rock a quiff, provided you need to have wavy or curly hair on you. Neatly cut down your hair using scissors. Keep in mind that the sides and the back are shorter than the top. Let the hair on the top grow long and thick. Apply good quality hair mousse or gel and neatly style your hair with a comb. Using the comb make a quiff at the front. Pull the rest of your hair on the top to the back of your head.

15. The Natural Cavill Beard Style

The Natural Cavill Beard Style

Henry Cavill is also blessed with a full-grown beard. With a long length, the beard grows into curls yet it adds up to his beast-like persona. If you like to attain this style, let your hair and beard complement each other. Give yourself a base cut with groomed edges on top followed by short length on the sides and the back. Give a stubble for beard style and let the hair on the head grow parallel to your beard. If you are looking for a more wild and free-spirited look, then let your sideburns be thick and match with the beard.

16. Cavill’s Neatly Trimmed Full Bear

Cavills Neatly Trimmed Full Bear

This is a subtle combination of a Balbo beard with your short curly hair. The Balbo beard can be attained by trimming down the beard except for the area below the jawline, chin, and mustache. Let the beard grow for two to three weeks after which, the area below the jawline, chin, and mustache are very thick and the cheekbones have a decent amount of facial hair. Coming to the hair, cut down the hair with sides and the back shorter and top a little thick but still short. This may not be a conventional look but the wild look it gives can still be attractive.

17. The Brooding Cavill-Inspired Look

The Brooding Cavill-Inspired Look

With this style, you can make the most of your fully-grown beard. Coming to the beard, you need to let the beard grow for 3 to 4 weeks without any shaping. The hair for this style is short and organized like other Cavill’s haircuts. Using scissors, cut the hair uniformly on the side and the back of your head. Groom the top but make sure, you don’t cut down to a shorter length than the sides and the back. Make sure you remove any uneven extra patches above the cheek line and below the neckline for a sophisticated look.

18. Cavill’s 5-O’Clock Shadow

Cavill’s 5-O’Clock Shadow

After looking at all the wild looks of our beloved Superman this classy look might be a treat for your eyes. This look is closer to the one he maintained in the movie Man From The U.N.C.L.E.

The basis of this style is similar to any other short haircut of Henry Cavill. However, the top is handled differently for this style. Apply good quality hair mousse and let it dry for smooth, shiny, and flexible hair. Use a comb and neatly style a parting on one side. On the wider area, Make small pomp in the front, and let the rest of your hair fall back. Make this look more intriguing by giving yourself a beard with the length you desire.

19. Cavill’s stubble

Cavill’s stubble

Stubble is a small-length beard you grow closer to the skin. We all are familiar with Cavill’s clean shaved face. A stubble decorates that loveable face with an arresting rough look. If you already have a decent amount of beard on you, trim it down to half-inch length. To maintain this length you need to groom your beard at least once a week. The hair on the other hand is similar to any other short haircuts Henry styled. Using scissors cut short the hair on all areas with good variation between the top and the rest. Apply your trusted styling product and comb the hair making a parting. If you have curly or wavy hair, you can comb yourself a small quiff in the front.

20. Cavill’s Short Full Beard

Cavill’s Short Full Beard

As you can see, a short full beard has good thickness and covers your face very well but the length is not too long. More than being organized Cavill’s beard is messy and wild. To attain such a beard you don’t have to groom very much. Let your beard grow on its own without any restrictions. Though you might look a little rough you can balance it with neat short hair on your head. If you think that the beard is too shaggy, then shape it a little on the cheekbones and the jawline. Let the mustache be thick and meet with the beard.

21. Cavill’s Beard with Fade

Cavill’s Beard with Fade

At this point, you might be familiar with Cavill’s rustic full-grown beard. Though it is patchy in nature, the beard can be maintained without much effort. Fade is a classic hairstyle that is always in trend. You can combine these two styles and give yourself a tremendous transformation. A fade on the head can be attained by using clippers where you reduce the hair volume on the sides and the back. A fade on the beard is when you keep the chin and the area below the jawline thick while you trim down the beard on the cheek line and neckline.

22. Cavill’s Patchy Beard

Cavill’s Patchy Beard

Cavill never hesitated to show his patchy beard. He embraced with his other features. As you can see, you don’t have to do much to get this style. Let the beard grow freely but not too much. Just enough to attain a rough look on your face. Maintain the beard to this level and let the mustache grow thick. Shape the mustache so that you get sharp edges and use scissors to keep the length under control. Let the sideburns match with the hair level on the sides but keep the edges rough to get a wild look.

23. Cavill’s Wild Beard

Cavill’s Wild Beard

This can be called the epitome of Cavill’s wildness. He let his beard grow freely which made him look like a ferocious warrior. To attain this look, let the beard grow on the chin and the area below the jawline. Support the beard with a full-grown mustache. Now let the beard grow on its own. Though you might find a roughly grown beard on the cheekbones, the areas you left before are thicker and untamed. Make the most of this beard by maintaining one of Cavill’s many short hairstyles.


Henry Cavill has contributed so much to Hollywood cinema and without a doubt, he is going to do more. Not just in acting, he is an inspiration to many for staying fit and work hard to get a God-like body structure. This bundle of charm is blessed with great looks and with his admirable hair and beard styles he gracefully embraces his masculinity. You can attain his look with the right grooming. Use this list of 23 remarkable styles as a reference and give yourself an uncanny makeover.


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