Hair Tattoo Designs :: 20 Cool Haircut Designs for Stylish Men and Boys

Hair Tattoo Designs

Cool Haircut Designs: With professional barbers coming out with creative ideas in hair styling for men, new hair style designs have set aside the classic ones like the buzz cut, pomps and slick hair styles

.A range of cool hair designs has become popular among men of all age groups. There are cool haircut designs for boys as well as for office goers, and the best part of these cool haircut designs is that, there are design haircuts for all types of hair, short, long, medium and curly and for all color types.

Creativity and precision are exhibited through these cool designs in hair which are artistic and innovative. Here are 20 of the selected cool hair cut designs to choose from, which are designed to make you stand out from the crowd.

Cool Haircut Designs for Guys

#1: Freestyle Fade

Freestyle Fade - AtoZ Hairstyles

This is a cool freestyle hair style design where the distinction is made between long hair and a fade cut. The lines are created in an artistic way with the arcs and lines starting from the area of the temple and ending in a circle round the head.

Spiky Top with Three Stripe


In this haircut with design both sides are similar like the wave design, but both of them converge at the back area of the neck. There are three lines created on the upper region of the nape to signify a symbol. Those with square shaped face will find it suitable.

Three Dimensional Spider


Creative haircut with design has gained popularity, especially with barbers creating unique designs on various portions of the head. This latest design of hairstyle has a three dimensional spider on the back of the head, a cool haircut with the head shaved neatly to the skin.

The Leopard Design


This is one of the coolest design of hair where the entire head is cut to create spots like the skin of a leopard. This haircut is mainly for boys and perfect for an official get together. The skills of a barber is very much noticeable in this design hairstyle.

Disconnected Pompadour


This haircut is one of the cool haircut designs, where the pompadour is disconnected. The sides are faded and the hair clipped close and kept long on the top. This hairstyle resembles a slicked back appearance to give it a trendy shape. It goes well with square or round shapes of the face.

Combover Haircut


This design on haircut is not only for those with receding hair line but also for men having thick or curly hair. With volume added to a quiff this hairstyle design long hair style has faded sides to look cool. This is a no hassle and unique cool hairstyle.

The Dark Knight


The head is entirely shaved to have very short hair leaving some portions with long hair for styling into the designs of bats. Batman followers will definitely like this hair style design. The bats are either placed on the sides or at the back and the eyes of the bats are colored yellow using a dye.

The Cris Cross


This is one of the latest short haircuts with designs in which the sides are faded and the hair on the top left comparatively longer. The hard lines come in a criss cross style, starting from the sides and ending to the back up to the neck. Some hairs are also left alongside the lines.

Top Knot with Design


This is a design of hair where the hair on the top is kept longer and tied with a knot. Faded waves are designed on the sides going towards one side of the head and the other side designed with a portrait either of some hero or an image of a religious person.

Cowlick Haircut

Long and Short Combined Hairstyle - AtoZ Hairstyles

Styling a cowlick haircut can be hard to shape unless you have a professional hand at it. The hair has to be coarse and have an undercut to reduce the thickness of the hair. Regular maintenance is the most important thing you have to do to keep this cool hairstyle in proper shape.

The Lotus Flower


The shaved portion of the head fades to the back of the head and a line section created to form unique designs. This hair style has a lotus flower carved on the back of the head. If you like tattoos, this latest design of hairstyle is the right one for you.

Taper Cut


This hairstyle involves keeping volume hair on the top which gradually decreases on the back and sides in length to highlight the tapering. A quality hair product should be used to keep the taper in shape, otherwise the design may go wild. Your barber can be the right man for this.

Radio Waves


This is a design of hair where only one side of the head is undercut with a fade, leaving the top section and top side with longer hair. On the side leading to the back few radio waves are designed. This design is also done on a small area of the scalp on the other side.

Crew Cut with Fade


The hair on the top remains long and gradually fades into the facial hair line. Then the hair on the top is cut short to form the classic crew cut. You can also apply a spin to the hairstyle by having the hair on the top spiked. If you have a round shaped face, go for it to look slimmer.

White Rose


This is a hairstyle in which the hair is styled in a Mohawk with a white rose on both the sides creating a unique design. The hair should be kept to medium length to allow the rose design to be perfectly created. The artistry of a professional barber is exhibited in this cool design hair style.

Side Hard Part Haircut


This side hard part haircut will give you a stylish and classic look. The side parting is deep and divides the hair wi9th one side being brushed over using a hair styling product. This is one of the designs for haircuts which you can flaunt on any occasion.

The V Design


If you want to pull off any of the unique and elegant, cool haircut designs, the V Design can be one of the best choices. The ear line is kept bald and the sides shaved off to create a ‘V’ design at the back of the head. The sides converge to form the V design.

The Side Part


Side Part hairstyle has always been one of the coolest hairstyles. This design hair style resembles the undercut with the exception of the sides being cut too short. Medium length hair can be perfect for this hairstyle so that it can be swept nonchalantly to one side.

Three Lined Spiky Top


If you want to know what a creative and cool latest design of hairstyle is, this is the hairstyle you can follow, where the top thick hair spiked and then designed with deeply cut three lines on any of the sides of the head. Arturo Vidal sported this hairstyle when playing for Juventus.

Long and Short Combined Hairstyle


To flaunt this hairstyle you will need to keep your hair soft and sleek. You can keep long hair on one side and short on the other insisting on a tapered haircut. Having thick hair will help to create a cool design of hair style. The fades going down to the ear add style when it blends with the facial hair.

Cool designs for haircuts need not necessarily be copied from the classic hairstyles, but with creativity and innovation, the barbers of today are coming out with unique haircuts with designs that are trendy and being followed by enthusiasts in large numbers.

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