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Business Man Hairstyles

Business Hairstyles for Men: Whether you are searching for a job or planning to become an entrepreneur, the hair style that you carry with you will decide or at least have a say in your career. The chances of better employment and promotions depend on the personalities too. According to research men and women with better looks and appearances make it to the top easily than others.

Business Haircuts

Their goes. Unless you take care of the kind of clothes you are wearing the hair style you are using or having to work, the deal can be brokered. Supposing you are somebody who often are required to present or attend conferences on behalf of your company, then a lot hangs on your shoulders.

If you are not sure what to look for, then fret not. We have come up with the top business hairstyles for men to help you out.

About Business Hairstyles for Men

Usually office jobs require you to come with hair styles which are sober and elegant. You cannot expect to walk inside having long and unshaven hair sticking all around. The chances of that happening are nil, with today’s volatile market. Usually hair styles for businessmen include super-short crew cuts, Ivy League, and classic taper haircut.

Elements of a Business Hairstyle

A good business hairstyle that is ideal for the office comes with three essential components, which are conservativeness, cleanness, and versatility.

Conservativeness: The conservativeness does not mean your hair style should be plain and boring. Though it cannot be termed as stylish, the manner in which it is done makes it elegant.

Cleanness: The cleanness if the business hairstyles are noted for their trimming especially around the edges. All the cuts are small and even. Doing that makes your hair appear clean and tidy. This usually matters on the kind of hair stylist you have chosen. Hence choose well when and where you are going to sit on the chair.

Versatility: The versatility aspect of the hair style depends on the situation. The hair style must enable you to appear ready for work, for partying, for attending a sober ceremony. It should not give up on you. To help you choose the right kind of hair style, we have listed few hair styles. They come in different shapes, designs, and sizes.

Best Hair Style Products

Listed are some of the top business hairstyles for men.

#1: Classic Taper Haircut

Classic Taper

The classic taper haircut is also known as the businessman’s haircut. It comes with an even shape and has a fine balance between professionalism and stylish. As it is a classic you can find this hair style still popularly used among elderly people too.

#2: Ivy League haircut

Ivy League Haircut

The Ivy League haircut is similar to that of a crew cut style with more length on top. The hair style does not need too much maintenance.

#3: Slicked Back Side Part Hairstyle:

Slick Back Side Part Hairstyles

The Slicked back side part concentrates on the back and side. You cannot go wrong using this hair style. It is ideal for those who love to use gel or oil on their hair.

#4: Mild/Short Pompadour

short pompadour

The Mild/short pompadour is perfect for those of you with curly and wavy hair. It makes it extremely difficult to maintain the hair. This is when you might consider something of this sort. It is similar to the great Elvis Presley’s pompadour. It gives you a clean and professional look.

#5: Butch cut

Butch Cut Hairstyle

The Butch cut is the best option for working men. When you are a busy man with little time for your hair then consider this. Those of you having curly or wavy hair can consider using this hair style.

#6: Always Elegant Ivy League

Ivy League

The Always Elegant Ivy League is similar to the Ivy League. However, it comes shorter and better. Your hair is trimmed closer and seems ideal for wearing to work or partying.

 #7: Taper Haircut

Taper Haircut

The Taper Haircut is one of the oldest hair styles. There is no doubt that you will not go wrong with this hair style. You can look at your best wearing a suit or jeans and a shirt.

#8: Side Part

Taper Haircut

The Side Part is a gentleman’s style. You can side part your hair to one side left or right. It is a true classic.

#9: Stylish and Neat Burr Cut

Burr Cut

The Stylish and Neat Burr Cut is a classic and not a boring one. You can wear some clothes that make you appear elegant to go with the hair style.

#10: Fade Haircut

Fade Cut

The Fade Haircut can give you the style you are looking for in your office.

#11: Crew Cut

Crew Cut

The Crew Cut is ideal for both business and casual occasions. You can wear them with confidence and not be amused.

#12: Slicked Back Taper

Slick Back Taper

The Slicked Back Taper is a conservative but provides you with the hair style you want. It is ideal for any business setting.

#13: Ivy League

The Ivy League is a combination of several hair styles and is loved by one and all.

#14: Stylish Spiky Hairstyles

Stylish Spiky Hairstyles is perfect for those who tend to have plenty of hair growing in the middle area. It is a very vintage hair style and can be found in several century old photographs used by entrepreneurs of the gone era.

#15: Slicked Back and Side Part

The Slicked Back and Side Part focuses on the back and side of your hair. It is perfect for those who are fair looking and slim.


These were some of the best hairstyles for businessmen in the world. If you are a businessman and want to make a mark in society, then you will want to ensure that you make use of the given hair styles. They are stylish, elegant, and enhance your appearance. Of course, you will want to take some efforts in ensuring that your body and mind are on par with your hair style.

The kind of hair style really does not matter at the end of the day, but the manner in which you are able to carry yourself. Actors and professional businessmen carry themselves with plenty of confidence no matter what kind of hair style they are wearing. When you want people to take notice of you, then make sure that your hairstyle talks to them that you are a serious businessman who really means business.

Hope you enjoyed this post on the top business hairstyles for men and would consider implementing them soon.

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