Fade Haircuts :: Different Types of Faded Haircuts and How to Styles

Mid Fade Haircut for Men

Men’s Faded Haircuts: Fade hairstyles and haircut is one very popular cut loved by most men whether white, black, Latino, or Asian men this impressive pompadour is the hottest and sexiest.

The Faded haircut has been existing for a long time, but its uniqueness will make it trend till next year.The fade haircut has been good for men with short hair in the past but now guys are combining a high fade with medium or long hair on the top.

How To Do Mens Fade Haircut

How exactly to style

  • Dampen the hair : Prior to cutting the hair, sprinkle some water on the hair {to enable you to shape and trim the Hair easily).Get your comb and divide the mane, then indicates where you want the Fade line..
  • Choose the best clipper guard size for the fade lines:A lesser size of guard simply mean a shorter trim. Select a high guard to get started with such as a number three #3.One should use a larger amount(guard) to get a straight cut throughout the head as a baseline and the sides.
  • Decide where you want the fade lines: The fade lines will determine where precisely the locks transitions from length to length.The Fade Lines determine where exactly the hair will turn to one length
  • Move the clippers vertically as you commence shaving the hair: Run the Clippers as you begin to cut the hair vertically.Exactly like the way you shave, the general guideline is to shave in the contrary direction that the hair grows. Start at the sideburns and move upwards.
  • Move the clippers sideways over the fade lines: Move the clippers over the fade lines sideways.i don’t refer to moving your clipper horizontally, instead, move vertically. Understand that the lines(fade lines) are where in fact the Hair changes in length.
  • Keep a firm hand, and move around in small areas: The slower you go the more accurate you will be, the better, the lower part will look, and you will not spend lots of time by the end cleaning up rough or uneven spots
  • Switch guards to keep fading the hair: Soon as you’ve gotten the base, slash around the edges and again of the top, it is time to change to another guard. In case you began with a number 3, change to a number two.

Do it again,similar barbing technique approach as before, commencing from the bottom then moving upwards.

Don’t go completely to the very top of the head. To achieve a straight fade, you will need to choose an area where the following line(fade line) should be placed. It normally differs from individual to individual. However, the next fade line must be above the males ear.

  • Tidy up the fade lines with the clipper-over-comb method: Begin to tidy the lines (fade lines) by getting a comb, Utilize a dark comb for light locks and white comb for dark hair.Viewpoint it (the comb)so that it is at a forty five degree perspective to the line(fade line) then comb upwards towards your head top only moving the comb two inches to the mane. Move your clippers on the comb upwards, from the fade line.

Continue doing this process round the fade line and don’t forget to keep your combing distance the same when you move around.

Types Of Fade HairCuts

Taper fade

Classic Taper Fade

Taper fade men’s haircuts have been existing for a long time, but in modern times, their level of popularity immensely has increased. These haircuts are being among the most popular styles if not typically the most popular haircuts for the present day man. And since the popularity of the hairstyle is rapidly developing people are always tinkering with new styles therefore nowadays there are more types of fade taper haircuts than any time. Such as the high taper fade, taper fade mohawk, etc

Skin fade

Skin Fade

Any man that needs a  haircut that is trendy also up to date should go for a skin fade up. It is a fashionable  elangant and mature hairdo, and it stands out from the original haircuts, and it can help a man match at the right times. The contrast that the faded sides create with the sleek strands on the crown is attention-grabbing, which is the exact definition of just what a stylish and modern-day man should look.

Therefore if you are interested in something that can make you look elegant and sleek go for this hairstyle.

Low fade haircut

Low Fade Haircut

This haircut gets the hair going less than a higher Fade hairstyle and greater than a normal Fade hairstyles. Every mane for the haircut (Low Fade ) is mostly wiped off partially on the side of the head and of the top and almost one inch depending on the default hairline of the back of the top and the sides; the fading line is chosen by the person having the haircut done.

Temp fade

Afro Fade with Hard Part and Line Up - Atoz Hairstyles

This great haircut features low scalp disappearing with the transfer of more broken locks lengths. It gets the first inch of scalp across the hairline of the back side and sides being faded from skin to about half an inch long. Then the hair must be neatly tapered up extended to about one inch to two inches. Sometimes this temple fade includes fading the hairline of the forehead.

To express this haircut different styles are being used, such as Afro blow, blowout, temp fade, Brooklyn fade and it varies depending on the region.

Scissor Fade Haircut

Scissor fade haircut

It is evident from the real name; this haircut is established only with scissors. The beautiful style requires more professional skill than the clipper one and is awesome for those who need a longer hair fade style.

Faux hawk Fades Haircut

Faux Hawk with High Parting

Surprisingly, there’s a fauxhawk haircut with fade. Thus this is a blend of two haircuts in creating one style. The top must be that is why it’s called a  fauxhawk. And as it is just a fade also, of course, the sides should be short. To do this style you should apply no razors, just clippers to taper the sides and back of the neck.

Razor faded pompadour haircut

Razor faded pompadour haircut

This haircut is so awesome that so large some stars, entrepreneurs, and even students rock it. The razor faded pompadour haircut features the head of hair swept upwards and shorter at the back.  There are two types of Pompadour haircut. The first one is a classic which resembles pompadour style, and here it is worn with a combo of fade haircuts – the second type – is some extremely short shaved hair in the edges and back again. And, of course, the locks at the top must be long enough to style it in the pompadour.

Modern Fade Haircut

Modern Fade Haircut

When you have met an experienced barber, they can attain a perfect modern fade haircut as the right usage of the scissors is an obligatory condition for creating this style. In this particular haircut, the locks at the top are designed with some high-quality pomade and then combed sideways. On the other hand, a neat right line must be left to split up the hair at the top from slowly receding sides.


This cute elegant and versatile hairstyle is one of the trending hairstyles globally and can fit anyone; it does matter if you are white, red or black. What are you waiting for? Select among the above-listed types of faded haircuts and get yours done by a professional barber.


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