10 Great Haircuts For Guys With White Hair – How to Dye and Maintain


Dyeing your hair white may be a stunning hairstyle, but rocking this style will need hard work, from creating the look to maintain the style. Starting from pre-bleaching processes to using a purple toner and later on up keeping the hairdo will need some tips.

Here are some tips on how to dye your hair white.

How to Dye Your Hair White for Guys

Step 1 – Pre bleaching preparation include deep conditioning treatment of the hair, which will help to repair damaged and brittle hair so that hair is perfect for bleaching white.

Step 2 – To strip the natural color of your hair, you will first need to bleach the hair with Hydrogen Peroxide and a toner so that your hair gets the color as light as possible or even white. During the process of bleaching, your hair may change its shade from yellow to orange. This is why you will need a purple toner to strip the colors until the color of the hair becomes very light.

Step 3 – Apply the bleach all over your hair and leave it for an hour, covering your hair with a plastic bag.

Step 4 – Wipe off the bleach and after 20 minutes apply the bleach once again. Repeat the process twice or thrice.

Step 5 – Rinse off the purple toner with a shampoo so that the light or white color stays as long as possible.

Step 6 – Finish off with a rinse using white vinegar.

The best suggestion would be to visit a salon the first time you are going to bleach your hair.

Temporary Dyeing

  • For temporary dyeing your hair white use as little peroxide as possible.
  • Also, use a little bit of the purple toner so that the natural color of the hair did not completely wipe off.

Semi-Permanent Dyeing

  • For semi-permanent dyeing, you will need to bleach the hair twice to three times within a week.
  • It will help you to stay with the bleach for at least six months.

Permanent Dyeing

  • Repeat the process of bleaching using strong peroxide and toner once every 15 days and very soon you will achieve a permanent bleach.
  • To achieve a flawless result in dyeing your hair white you will need to have your hair in the palest yellow. You should ensure that only a trace of pigment is left.
  • The next step would be to tone your hair by neutralizing the pigment and dyeing your hair white.

The dyeing and toning part is very crucial to achieve the desired result.

How to Maintain white Hair

  • To maintain the whiteness of your hair you will need to apply the toner each time you wash your hair so that the hair does not become yellow, and the white solor does not fade away.
  • Shampoo your hair with a purple shampoo in order to maintain the white color.

Some Tips on Highlighting your Hair from Home

  1. Choose a kit that will help you give the desired effect.  Read the instructions carefully before going for the highlights.
  2. Go for the strand test to be sure that your hair is ready for the highlights. Repeat the steps as instructed on the kit, applying the mixture so that your hair looks natural.
  3. Put on the plastic cap and use an adult toothbrush for highlighting the front portion and a baby brush for the back part.
  4. Part your hair in the normal way and paint the mixture into one-inch sections. Keep one centimeter from the scalp and then proceed to half inch thin streaks at the middle portion of your head.
  5. Apply quarter inch spaces at the back.
  6. Do not be strict on the placement of the highlights, make it evenly spaced.
  7. Leave the dye for as long as suggested by the test and then shampoo your hair well. Apply a conditioner for deep conditioning the hair.

Here are 10 Hairstyles for Guys with White Hair

White and long top hair

White and long top hair

The hair is kept long and bleached white. The hair is parted and brushed to one side, making a little bit messy.

The spiked up white hair

The spiked up white hair

The hair on the top is spiked up and the sides reach the back of the ears.

Thick and white

Thick and white

The hair is grown thick and dyed white. This adds volume to the hairstyle.

Curly white hairstyle

Curly white hairstyle

Those with natural curls can achieve this hairstyle quite easily. Others will have to go for curling and dyeing the hair white to flaunt this hairstyle.

Side parted straight and white hairstyle

Side parted straight and white hairstyle

The hair is bleached white and then side parted. A perfect hairstyle for men with straight hair.

Mid-length white hairstyle

Mid length white hairstyle

This hairstyle is for older men, where the hair is kept to mid-length and parted from the middle to allow the hair fall on the sides. A fully grown mustache compliments the style.

Crew cut white hair

Crew cut white hair

This is a smart haircut, where the white hair is cut to the shortest possible length to resemble the crew cut.

Short white and classy haircut

Short white and classy haircut

The hair is cut short and styled in a classy way. A perfect hairstyle for men with receding hairline.

The long and messy white hairstyle

The long and messy white hair style

The hair is kept long and styled messy with the bangs falling right over the forehead.

Comb-over white hairstyle

Combover white hairstyle

This hairstyle is for hipster guys, where the white hair is combed over to the back and the sides. A fully grown beard adds to the style.

Holding your patience and hard work are the essentials to flaunt a white hairstyle. It really needs an outstanding but once you achieve your goal there may be no other styles that can edge past this one. You will need to follow the instructions carefully, but the best idea would be to consult a hair specialist. You will also need to choose quality products so that your venture does not go astray.



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