Guys With Black Hair – Why Do Women Like Dark Hair on Guys?

Whether it is the blonde hairstyles or the redhead ones, do you know that women prefer guys with black hairstyles, according to a survey conducted on dating websites? Although ginger guys are preferred more than the blonde men, still, men with black hairstyles have been seen to have the most number of dates.

Although women prefer brown hair the most, men with black hair are seen to score highly, if not at par. Dark haired men seem to be the perfect choice when it comes to choosing a dancing partner, and even older men with black hair are preferred by women over blonde guys. Here are 15 black hairstyles for men, which can really rock the opposite sex.

Best 15 Black Hairstyles for Men

Taper Fade Haircuts

The popularity of this haircut lies in its clean look, and with gradual fading on the sides and back, this hairstyle adds an element to your style. The Taper Fade Mohawk style involves the hairs on the back, increasing in length gradually from the top downwards to the back of the head. You can add to the style with etched lines for highlighting the curved portion of the skull.

The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a popular hairstyle, where the sides are shaved and which needs no styling product. The hair on the forehead is long and tapering to the neckline and the temples. You will need a barber to keep the haircut in shape.

The Man Bun

The Man Bun

The long and dark hair is pulled back and a man bun is styled at the back. A girder holds the bun in a tight position.

Long and messy black hairstyle

Long and messy black hair style

The hair falls well below the shoulders and is kept messy without combing. The middle part adds to the style.

Afro Taper Fade

This black hairstyle is a low fade haircut for men and is a popular hairstyle for black men. The hair length decreases as it gradually descends from the top until it fades out. The curls on the top are styled according to the shape of the face.

Parted Low Side Taper

This is a taper haircut that is trendy and with the deep side part, the style is bold enough. Men wanting to stand out in style can flaunt this hairstyle.

Short Sides with Brushed Up Top

Short Sides with Brushed Up Top 

 This is one of the latest short and black hairstyles for men, where the hair on the sides are cut short and the hair on the top is brushed up. This hairstyle is for men with a round face, as it would make the face look longer.

Cool Hair Design with pomp-hawk 

This haircut is one of the latest black hairstyles that has been designed to give a cool yet trendy look. The pomp-hawk on the top and the faded lines makes this hairstyle exclusive.

Temple Fade

Similar to the Low Fade haircut, the dark hair Temple Fade hairstyle has the hair faded abruptly on the temples, making it quite unique from other types of fade cuts. This black hairstyle is suited for any type of skin tone.

Undercut Sides Funky Haircut

Here is a dark hairstyle that is inspirational, where the hair in the middle is kept long and is unkempt, while the sides are shaved with zigzag lines designed.

Deep Waves Hairstyle

The hairstyle has spinner waves and can look great for any length of hair. Use wave brush and a conditioner for proper maintenance.

Black Curly and Tapered Hairstyle

Here is a black hair man curly hairstyle that is popular among African Americans. The curly medium length hair is tapered and high on the top. Choose the right hair product for this styling.

High and tight black hair gentleman’s haircut

This classic black haircut dates back to the 20s,  which is easy to do and versatile. The hair on the top is kept to about 2 inches and the sides are very short to almost fade at the sideburns and the nape.

Short Sides Long Hair and Texture on Top

This is an innovative hairstyle and one of the latest black hairstyles for men, where the hair on the top is long and textured, and the sides cut short like fade.

Faded Curly Mohawk

The Faded Curly Mohawk is one of the black men curly hairstyles, where the curly hair is styled to form a Mohawk, and the sides are faded.