Faded Mohawk Hair Styles – 20 Ways to Rock that Hawk in Style

Long Haired Mohawk Fade

Faded Mohawk Hair Styles: The Mohawk is a hairstyle favoured by the bold. It provides a welcome change from the typical and so called normal styles. Men and boys find the Mohawk hairstyles to be more chic and hip. This hairstyle provides for a dynamic new look for those who are looking for steady change.

Men who decide to pursue Mohawk hairstyles should remember that this look takes time to grow out, and maintenance to style and keep it looking fresh. Not only does a Mohawk look pretty cool, but it can also be used to accessorise other looks, such as a tuxedo, and a full or partial beard. A proper haircut and style can change any look from boring and ordinary to full of life and vibrancy.

Face Shapes that are Appropriate for Mohawk Hairstyles

It can be very important for a person to maintain a hairstyle which is appropriate for the shape of their face. The right hairstyles for the appropriate face shapes can complement the look very much. Face shapes that are best suited for Mohawk hairstyles are:

  • Round shaped
  • Square shaped
  • Diamond shaped
  • Oblong shaped

How to Style a Mohawk Fade

A Mohawk is a hairstyle which protrudes from the top of the head. In this hairstyle, one must grow their hair longer in a strip spanning from their crown to their nape. The rest of the hair on the head can either be kept buzzed, or completely bald, or even kept just a bit shorter than the long Mohawk hair.

A fade on the other hand signifies a gradient style. This style is achieved by making a gradient trim from the area under the ear and ends above the neck, with the hairline.

When combined the Mohawk Fade looks chic, smart and suave. Here is how you can achieve this look:

What You Need:

  1. Clippers or Trimmers and guards
  2. Comb
  3. Mirror

How to Achieve the Mohawk Fade:

  1. The first step is to wash and condition your hair.
  2. Next, comb them all the way through, to not leave any tears in the hair. Make a decision regarding what amount of hair you intend to leave in the Mohawk.
  3. To begin with the haircut, use the trimmer at an open guard and start making the outline for your shadow fade – that is, the fading of hair density. 
  4. Once the guideline is made, a shaver can be used to completely bald the skin above the ears.
  5. Now, set the trimmer guard to an inch and begin making the gradient from one side, to the back of the head if required and then back around to the other side.
  6. Steadily, as the fade increases in gradient, change the guards on the trimmer to smaller and smaller sizes, and continue to trim over the lines.
  7. Once an even fade is created, on both sides as desired, blend the shorter buzzed hair as well as the regularly sized hair together by using a smaller trimmer guard for even lines. This will give the fade the look of completion.
  8. Use a comb or pick, as required, to pick out the cowlicks and trim them into complying. 
  9. You can either choose to leave the Mohawk going down to the nape of the neck, or you can choose to shave that part and have the fade go all the way around the head. 
  10. Now use a trimmer, or a razor as per convenience and shape the edges of the hairline into proper, neat lines.
  11. Once finished, make sure to use hair serum on your hair and help them feel tamer and softer.

20 Best Mohawk Fade Hairstyles

#1: Tapering Faded Mohawk

New New Mohawk Haircut Best Home Design Classy Simple In Interior Design Trends

A tapering faded Mohawk is a style where the top of the hair is kept longer. The longer hair simply tapers from the front to the back, with shorter hair in the back. This is a good alternative for full Mohawks for men who also have day jobs which require them to be dressed formally.

#2: Short Faded Mohawk

Short Faded Mohawk

A short faded Mohawk is the contemporary equivalent of business in the front and party in the back. This low maintenance style goes best with short buzzed hair, but not short enough to fade into skin. The additional fade only creates a neater and younger look.

#3: Long Haired Mohawk Fade

Long Haired Mohawk Fade

A mid or low fade complements long haired Mohawks. Make sure to extend the gradient down the sides and mesh it with sideburns for the full effect. The longer hair on the head can either be blow dried, styled or just simply gelled into submission.

#4: Low Faded Mohawk

Low Faded Mohawk

An edgier look for those experimenting with Mohawks is a low faded Mohawk. This kind of fade starts from temples and goes all the way down. But the difference here is that the hair left on the top is larger in density than a normal Mohawk and is easier to style due to the sheer amount of surface area it covers.

#5: Bursting Fade Mohawk

Bursting Fade Mohawk

This look is classy and elegant. It consists of a fade similar to a drop fade, but here the gradient is continued on only to the sides. The hair on the back of the neck are left tapering from the front.

#6: Sideways Faded Mohawk

Sideways Faded Mohawk

A side swept Mohawk with a fade looks about as sexy as a man in a suit – it can hardly go wrong. The tips to remember here are that you require a fair amount of volume in your hair to be able to sweep them to the side. Usually, you also require a fair amount of time to be spent on styling the hair. In case the fade looks fresh, the side swept Mohawk should as well.

#7: Faded Mohawk with Line

Faded Mohawk with Line

A faded Mohawk with a line is the sharp look that marks the era of neo gentlemen. This style is a fade which is trimmed in closely. At the point where the Mohawk ends and the fade begins, you can create a precise line parting the two. Be cautious while styling this at home as hair once shaven takes time to grow back.

#8: Afro-American Hair Mohawk Fade

Afro-American Hair Mohawk Fade

African American hair is versatile and relatively more dynamic to style. An African American hair type is curly, and looks like springs. Thick and dark coloured Mohawks look more well-defined and astute. Afro American textured hair looks best with a high fade which ends above the ear.

#9: Mohawk Fade and Bearded Look

Mohawk Fade and Bearded Look

A full faced beard can be the biggest statement of masculinity if done right. A Mohawk paired with a full beard looks suave and gentlemanly, given that the beard is well manicured and blended into the fade.

#10: Curly Haired Mohawk Fade

Curly Haired Mohawk Fade

Using hair gel to style your hair into a curly Mohawk, you can just leave your curls naturally. These natural curls give off the perfect bedhead for a faded Mohawk. This look takes the traditionally punk style to a new level.

#11: Skin Fading Mohawk

Skin Fading Mohawk

A skin faded Mohawk is one which closely resembles a Viking hairstyle. This is a punk haircut which requires you to keep a Mohawk of the desired length and trim a fade which becomes light enough to merge with the skin. Some people prefer to keep a very short buzz on their heads with a Mohawk.

#12: Thick Hair Faded Mohawk

 Thick Hair Faded Mohawk

Thick haired Mohawks should be strictly kept with mid or low fades. This is because of the weight of the hair can be difficult to keep standing up, and requires a fair amount of styling product to hold up.

#13: Straight Haired Mohawk

 Straight Haired Mohawk

For persons with straight hair, a faded Mohawk is an appropriate haircut. It is chic and in, and is easier to maintain with straight hair. With some combs and clippers, you can style your hair into straight haired, blow dried Mohawk madness.

#14: Afro Faded Mohawk

 Afro Faded Mohawk

This is a style for those who already have Mohawks. All you require to do is have the fade shaven by a barber, and decide on how long you want your Mohawk. For longer Mohawks, the fade would have to be more clearly defined.

#15: Blonde Faded Mohawk

 Blonde Faded Mohawk

Blond hair can look very chic put up in a Mohawk fade. If you already have blond hair, you can simply create a Mohawk and fade hairstyle. However, if you are dyeing your hair blond, you can either do so on all the hair to keep a consistent blond hue. However, if you want to a more hipster appropriate style, you can dye only the tips of the longer Mohawk, and keep the rest of the hair naturally colored.

#16: Fade Pompadour Mohawk

Fade Pompadour Mohawk

A faded Mohawk styled with a pompadour is the commonest example of styles which go together. The pompadour is created with the help of styling products, a hair brush and a hair drier. This look can be made to look extremely put together, or unkempt and tousled, as desired.

#17: Low Skin Fade and Hair Stencilling

Low Skin Fade and Hair Stencilling

A low skin fade is when the hair on the top of the head are left longer, the hair on the back and sides of the head are left significantly shorter, and the overall look is that of a Mohawk with an increasing thickness in the amount of hair trimmed from the temple to the nape.

Hair stencilling and shaving designs into the hair at the back or sides is also another popular style which is worn by the influential across the globe.

#18: Mid Balding Fade and Spike Hair

Mid Balding Fade and Spikey Hair

A mid balding fade is one where if the fade has begun at the temple, then by the time the hair comes to the middle of the neck, it fades completely to skin. The variation here is that the hair which sits on the top of the head should be cut by texturing it to even lengths. Thereafter, this hair can be styled in spikes for a dangerously edgy look.

#19: Undercut Mohawk with Hard Part

Undercut Mohawk with Hard Part

An undercut Mohawk is one where the haircut is less like a Mohawk, and the surface area allowed to the hair to grow is much larger. To get this look, you must have hair which is up to a few inches in length. Thereafter, once the hair to be left for the Mohawk is decided, the rest of the hair is shaven and made into a gradient. The hard part is made with a razor or trimmer.

#20: Textured Mohawk Fade

Undercut Mohawk with Hard Part

A textured Mohawk fade is a style a la Zayn Malik in the earlier years of his solo career. This look is best for naturally forming spikes on the top of the head. It goes well with a beard and moustache, and is easy to maintain.


The practice of keeping a Mohawk may have originated in the olden times for the sake of ease to fight etc. but today faded Mohawk styles are a treat to the eyes and a fashion statement. However, dear reader, be advised that if you are trying this at home for the first time, your hands may not be as steady as an experienced person, and so it is better to learn from a barber before making a mistake you might have to live with for a few months.


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