Difference Between Low Fade Vs High Fade HairCut


WHAT TO CHOOSE: LOW FADE OR HIGH FADE?: We all know what that mundane ‘Boycut’ looked like. For a very very long time, men were never given an opportunity to go and experiment with hair styles and hair cuts. For those who tried, they were looked down upon. However, the scenario is not like that anymore. At present, we get to see men sporting haircuts that range from decent to quite bold and out there. One of the most popular styles many see sported by men is the fade hairstyle. The style is quite popular and comes in many variations and the article seeks to help give you a few details on this style (high and low) , if you are contemplating going for it.

What is High Fade Hair Cut

What is High Fade Hair Cut

The reason this particular hair cut is called a high fade is because the hair disappears within a two inch area (or even lower at times) below the top of the hair. A high fade would require you to have the same colour tone of the face and the scalp, which often poses a problem for few people. You can still go in for the hair cut, however, it will take a few days for your scalp to tan to your face’s skin tone. Usually men of African descent go in for such a cut as the initial colour difference is not much or such difference is not seen at all. In cases of white men however, the colour difference is significant and will take some time to come at a similar tone.

How to cut a High Fade

As mentioned above, the hair which disappears with a two inch area below the top of the hair is a high fade hair cut. Follow the steps given below if you want to give yourself a high fade hair  cut at home.

Things you will need:

  • Pair of electric clippers
  • Styling scissors
  • Comb
  • Hair Wax/ Hair Gel
  • Towels

Do it yourself process:

  • Take a comb and brush your hair in the direction in which your hair grows.
  • Put a towel around your shoulders before going in for the cut.
  • Take a set of electric hair clippers and attach a small clipper gate to it.
  • Trim the hair on top of your head to a length that you desire and ensure that the length is uniform throughout.
  • Take out the clipper gate and use the second lowest setting on the electric clippers.
  • Start trimming from the base of your neck till there is about 4 inches left from the top of your head.
  • Changehange the electric clippers setting to medium and trim the rest of the hair above the 4 inches from the base up to the point there is 2 inches of hair left from the top.
  • Repeat the above process from the above of each ear.
  • Check if the fade cut you have given yourself is done evenly.
  • Using a comb and pair of scissors start trimming wherever you can see some kind of
  • Wash the newly trimmed hair and use hair gel or wax to style it accordingly.

5 Best High Fade Styles

#1: High taper fade


The look is a professional one which gets shorter as you move down the side of the head. It levels of at short hair rather than cutting it down to the skin. The style has a classy and clean look.

#2: High skin fade

 High skin fade

Having a high akin fade is the shortest way when you want to cut the hair on the back and sides of your head. It starts near the top of the top and gives a tight finish by merging with the skin. A lot of contrast can be seen in the cut, thus, accentuating the hair style.

#3: High fade undercut

High fade undercut

High fade with an undercut is one of the most popular high fade styles that you will see being sported by many men. It can be combined with a taper fade for a gradual look and also with a skin fade for a trimmed look.

#4: High temp fade

High temp fade

In a high temp fade, the cut starts at the temples and then comes down to the sides. The look usually is accompanied with sharp or distinct lines or shapes around the temple region as it helps in outlining the hair to give the full effect of the cut.

#5: High fade pompadour

High fade pompadour

The style pairs classic with modern. It is a stylish yet edgy cut and requires long hair on top and buzzed sides which be held together and styled by using a hair wax or hair gel. It gives one a professional look as well.

What is Low Fade Hair Cut


The reason this particular hair cut is called a low fade is the hair here disappear higher than a regular fade but lower than a high fade. The hair in this cut usually disappears at the back of the head and half way through the sides and about an inch from the natural hairlone of the back and the sides of the head. However, it is your preference regarding how much line of fading you want. The cut is most suitable on hair which have texture.

How to cut a Low Fade

Things you will need:

  • Pair of electric clippers
  • Styling scissors
  • Comb
  • Hair Wax/ Hair Gel
  • Towels

Do it yourself process:

  • Use a comb to brush your hair in the direction in which it grows.
  • Take a towel and wrap it around the shoulders to avoid the freshly cut hair to stick on the neck.
  • Attach a clipper gate on a set of electric hair clippers.
  • Ensuring that the length is uniform throughout, trim the hair on top of your head to a length that you desire by cutting along a clipper gate.
  • After using the electric gate, take them out and use the electric clippers on its second lowest setting.
  • Start by trimming the base of your neck until the point there is about six inches left from the top of your head or such length in accordance with the size of your head.
  • Trim the rest of the hair above the two inches from the base up to the point there is 4 inches of hair left from the top, do this by changing the clipper settings to medium.
  • Repeat the process even above the region of yours ears.
  • Always check if the cut you have given yourself has been done evenly.
  • If there is any kind of unevenness, take a comb and a pair of scissors and trim that area, until everything side looks even
  • Go in for a hair wash afterwards and use hair wax or hair gel to style it according to your fancy.

5 Best Low Fade Styles

#1: Low fade blow out

Low fade blow out

The cut has a unique look attached to it. The sides have hair which are barely there and then you get a burst of hair on the top of your head. Best suitable for faces which are round or broad.

#2: Low fade crew cut

Low fade crew cut

The low fade helps a give the traditional crew cut an on trend and contemporary look. It does not get in the way of the professional look that crelookts are known for. It gives the look a fashionable boost as it helps add shape and style to the look.

#3: Low fade slicked back

Low fade slicked back

The slicked back hair style will help in giving your style a complete look. The style partners perfectly with sleek yet subtle small fade. A beard along with this look can also be considered as it will help in balancing out the long length on the top.

#4: Low fade quiff

Low fade quiff

This look is modern as well as stylish. The style helps in balancing out the high top and the short sides. Best suitable for men with long or oval shaped faces as it helps in giving the face an elongated look.

#5: Low fade undercut


The versatility of the low fade cut is what makes it very popular amongst men. You can pair your low fade hair hair cut with an undercut to give it a modern and unique look. The cut has three parts, I.e., hair on top, undercut in the middle and fade on the sides.

Difference between Low Fade and High Fade Styles

Though the cuts are similar in style and cut, what kind of a fade cut you take will show the difference in your overall look and hairstyle. The main distinction between a low fade hair cut and a high fade hair cut is how short the hair on the sides are and where will the cut taper.

The low fade hair cut tapers from the ear by about an inch and can also sometimes curve around your ears and go down to the neckline. In the case of high fade hair cut, however, the cut starts from the corner of the forehead or the temple and it gets shorter on the sides unlike the traditional under cut. In most high fade hair cuts the cut fades gradually down the skin. You should go in for a low fade hair cut if your hair has ample amount of texture and go in for high fade haircut if you want to see contrast in your hair style.


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