50 Best Beard Quotes That Celebrate The Art Of Manliness


A few people can pull off conveniently trimmed goatees, while others can awe with huge, rugged whiskers that they stroke in thought while thinking about the philosophical request.

Some of the time a facial hair is the characterizing normal for somebody. Would you be able to envision say, individuals from ZZ Top or the cast of “Duck Dynasty” without their renowned facial hair? They would look emphatically bare.

Be that as it may, regardless of whether you have the qualities for good facial hair development, you should likewise have the comprehension of the consideration and support required to ensure your whiskers doesn’t go astray. You may approve of an unkempt facial hair that pieces and backwoods creatures flourish in, yet your companion, as well as manager, likely feel generally.
Facial hair is not kidding business, yet that doesn’t mean they can’t be entertaining. All things considered, they’re huge patches of hair that hang off your face, have been around for apparently all of mankind and are unquestionably setting down deep roots. All things considered, simply ahead and appreciate the silliness and statement astuteness found in these t best whiskers truisms beneath underneath.

Here we GO!!!!!!!!!!

50 Best Beard Quotes

  • I grew my beard out a little bit just to show that, indeed, I am a man. – Johnny Weir
  • The scruffier your beard, the sharper you need to dress. – Ashton Kutcher
  • There is always a period when a man with a beard shaves it off. This period does not last. He returns headlong to his beard. – Jean Cocteau
  • Your character tells the world you are a real man. Your beard is mostly the exclamation point.

  • Beard is a responsibility because it’s a gift that is not given to everybody.
  • Grow with care, wear with pride.
  • Men don’t cry, they water their beard!
  • Kissing a man without a beard is like drinking champagne without bubbles.
  • Time is measured in days,weeks and beards.
  • Love your beard and it will love you back.”
  • Some guys wear a suit to look important, I grew a beard.
  • One can always trust a man with a beard.
  • I met god and He has a beard.
  • So you don’t like my beard. Its okay because I didn’t grow for you.
  • Beard making ugly men handsome since the beginning of time.
  • The beard signifies the courageous. The beard distinguishes the grown men. The earnest. The active. The vigorous.
  • I grew my beard out a little bit just to show that, indeed, I am a man.
  • Beards are the new six pack
  • Beautiful women have curves and real men have beards
  • You don’t choose a beard, a beard chooses you.
  • To be happy is to have a beard.
  • True love is like a beard. It never ends, it only grows.
  • When a bearded man is around I can’t keep calm.
  • Kissing a man with a beard is like going to a picnic. You don’t mind going through a little bush to get there.
  • I will never shave off my beard and moustache. I did once, for charity, but my wife said, ‘Good grief, how awful, you look like an american car with all the chrome removed.’ – Rolf Harris
  • I really try to spend as little time as possible on grooming. I think if you have a good moisturizer and a solid razor to clean up the beard, you’re golden. – Chris Evans
  • For me, the great problem growing up in England was that I had a very narrow concept of what god can be, and it was damn close to an old man with a beard. – John Cleese
  • Beards – saving the husband’s from ill-timed expressions since eternity. ― ShahenshahHafeez Khan
  • I have the beard. Therefore, I make the rules.
  • You call it facial hair. I call it awesomeness escaping through my face.
  • Ideas are born from a beard stroke.
  • It’s good to have beardless friends. When you go out, people will assume you are their leader.
  • Beards are an acquired taste. Don’t like them? Acquire some taste.
  • >Ladies if your man has a beard, raise your hand. If he doesn’t, raise your standards.
  • I’m sorry,I can’t hear you over my awesome beard.
  • Men who think beards are too itchy will find manhood too heavy.
  • I don’t work out much but my beard lifts hearts.
  • Don’t hate me because I’mbeardiful!The beard isn’t novel, it’s natural. Butyour continued efforts to maintain a boyish look by shaving your face is truly a peculiar habit.
  • You don’t know the power of the beard.
  • When someone has a problem with your beard, remember that’s its not your problem.
  • Beard is like niqab, that covers cheeks.  ― Arsalan Khan
  • Don’t go shaving, fellas.― Alexander “Conquistador” Antebi
  • A goatee is to beards what diamonds are to ornaments.  ― Pawan Mishra
  • The funny thing about having any kind of moustache or beard is it grows on you—in two ways. I mean, it grows on you. It also becomes part of your identity. I’ve had it for 40 years. I don’t think I would recognize the person in the mirror without it.  ― John W. Boyer
  • A decent moustache can intimidate a man, while a great moustache can frighten an army.― Anya Wylde
  • Not for a moment, beautiful aged Walt Whitman, have I failed to see your beard full of butterflies. – Federico Garcia Lorca 
  • I don’t like myself without a beard. – Jamie Dornan
  • You know what I like about a beard? You can always look contemplative. – Joshua Jackson
  • A full beard looks cool. – Richard C. Armitage
  • If you want to grow a beard like mine, the only thing I can tell you is that you have to have patience. You just have to let it grow. – Daniel Bryan
  • I like having a beard. What’s funny is when you shave a beard, you realize how freezing cold your face is! The primary purpose evolution-wise is to keep you warm, to grow hair on your face. You shave it off, and your face is freezing for a few days. – Adam Scott



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