How to Train and Style Your Mustache


Mustache training- An ultimate guide: The mustache hair has a growth pattern just like the hair on one’s head and therefore one needs to train the mustache on a regular interval. The facial hair growth pattern is genetic and it may not always present one with the ideal styling options that one likes to sport initially. An individual needs to train his mustache hairs to keep the hair out of his mouth and if he chooses to wear a handlebar mustache. Training the mustache will aid it to grow in the desired pattern if not will attain the natural growth style.


Mustache training techniques

Predominantly the facial hair training methods that are recommended by a stylist include the use of a mustache comb and mustache wax application.

#1: Mustache comb usage

The mustache comb helps to train the mustache hair to grow and lay in a new pattern. One can do this daily or even several times a day. One needs to choose a mustache comb that has smooth rounded teeth which do not snag or pull out the mustache hairs. If one finds a significant loss of mustache hair during the regular combing regimen he not only needs to stop and select a better comb but also needs to adjust his combing regime.

#2Mustache wax application

Another key element in training the mustache is by the daily or weekly application of a mustache wax. The mustache wax is vital in training the mustache hair for beginners as well as guys who leave their hair unwaxed for some time. Again the goal is to convince the mustache hair to grow in the desired pattern other than its natural growth.

Applying a pea size to the mustache aids in making eating and drinking simpler and more enjoyable. Overdoing the wax will make the beard and mustache style more tedious. So use the wax sparingly and intelligently.

#3Blow the facial hair.

A blow dryer will effectively aid to control uncooperative mustache and also help to sport a handlebar facial hair.

Once the wax is applied and the heat is turned up – the hot air from the dryer will heat up the wax making it more manageable and malleable. Post the heating change the setting to cool to lock the wax and style.

#4Train it with the fingers.

To teach the mustache to lay in a natural curl, one needs to use the fingers with immense patience.

The thumb and index finger needs to be used in a sweeping motion to curl the corners up. Repeat this routine several times a day until the desired style is achieved. Through repetition, one will be able to train the mustache to naturally maintain the curled-corner shape. Once the curls are formed one can use a mustache wax for a natural looking hold or a hairspray for a high hold to firmly keep the style in place.

#5Beard oil application

One of the most versatile grooming tools in the arsenal is the beard oil. Adding a few drops of oil to the mustache will not only help to keep the wiry hairs and flyways under control but will also work to keep the hair conditioned, soft, hydrated and healthy.

#6Regular Trims

If a guy wishes to sport a corporate beard, he needs to always trim the mustache down for a tighter look. To eliminate the excess hairs one needs to trim the facial hair with the curve and shape of one’s upper lip. Special attention needs to be paid to the corners of one’s mustache as they tend to reach the terminal length relatively quickly and also grow quite a bit longer. If one wants to keep the mustache tight, uniform, and out of the mouth they need to regularly trim the corners to crop the longer hairs.

Final thoughts

Choose a mustache styling technique based on the style one wishes to sport. As one starts to tame the facial hair in the desired pattern he will be required to choose more than one styling procedure to have a fantastic well-trained mustache.


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