Emo Haircuts:15 Best Emo Hairstyles for Men and Boys 2018

Short Fringe Asymmetrical

Emo Hairstyles for Guys:Boys and guys can get enough inspiration from the emo hairstyles for guys, which is now a trend setter, when it comes to flaunting the latest fashion in hairstyles. What actually is an emo haircut? By the word “emo” we mean emotional, and this range of emo hairstyles can be called a fusion of rock and punk style, a totally new genre of music.

The emo hair styles have become popular more than ever, with men, boys and guys from all walks of life following the emo hair cuts, instead the emo hair styles becoming restricted to those in the music genre. In fact, professional barbers are getting more enthusiasm in creating innovative emo hair guys styles, one of the reasons why this genre of hairstyle has become so popular. Variety of colors and bangs feature in these emo hairstyle boy and guys trend.

The specialty in the emo guy hair cut styles is that, it is trendy, yet formal, as well as elegant, and what is more, the emo hair styles are for all occasions, whether you are attending a party or is a member of a rock band.

Here are 15 emo cuts, that have been carefully compiled for you to choose from.

15 Best Emo Hairstyles for Men and Boys

#1: Side Swept Emo:

Side Swept Emo

This is a sexy emo style, where the hair is kept long and never trimmed. One side of the hair is combed towards the back, without sweeping, while the other side is swept and dragged to be styled in two layers. The lower layer is pointed and hangs down to the end of the cheek.

#2: Dark and Straight Emo:

Dark and Straight Emo

This hairstyle is a casual emo style for guys, where the hair is straightened up for creating points that are razor sharp. This emo hair guys style is interesting, because of the contrast created by the shaggy hair at the top, and longer at the bottom. When styling, the hair is brought forward over the face, instead of spiking backwards.

#3: The Double Mohawk:

The Double Mohawk

The Mohawk style, as you know, is already a popular hairstyle, and this Double Mohawk style is one of the creative emo hair styles, which is trendy. One side of the hair is shaved about an inch, and a brown colored heart shape is etched in that portion. The Mohawk is designed in two parts, the top and the back, and leaves an impression that catches the eye of everyone around.

#4: Badass Fan Haircut Emo:

Badass Fan Haircut Emo

This is one of the dramatic emo guy hair styles, an ultimate haircut for those with black hair. The hair is styled into layers, which passes around the face at angles and at the back, resembling a Mohawk style. The difference is that the layered hair at the back is shaped like a fan, which extends from one ear to the other. You can use quality hair wax to keep the layers in shape, and don’t forget the hair spray.

#5: The Swashbuckle Emo:

The Swashbuckle Emo

This emo hair for guys style is one of the sexiest hairstyles, where the tangles are created from the middle of the head and left loose covering the sides an back, like shrubs. The front portion is tilted slightly to allow viewing.

#6: Cool Spiky:

Cool Spiky

This is one of the emo hairstyles for boy, where the layered hair at the back are pieced, teased and iron flattened, to give a halo and spiky effect. The bangs growing down from the eyebrow are angled all the way down to the area below the chin. For adding style to the emo effect, you can use blonde which is styled to appear from under the bangs.

#7: Feather Style Emo:

Feather Style Emo

You can choose from any of the emo hair colors style, if you want the feather style emo haircut. The blue color feather style looks really emotional, where the hair is dyed blue and drawn from the back to the front and tilted, while the other side is combed to bring the hair to the front, covering half of the cheek and full ear.

#8: The Tousled Emo:

The Tousled Emo

The tousled emo haircut for guys is a creative hairstyle, which looks natural. Some portion of the hair is styled into bangs, which are tapered, and allowed to cover one side, with a deep parting being noticeable. Those with curly hairs will find this emo short hair cuts ideal to enhance their looks. Highlights can be added to give the natural look.

#9: The Black Rock Emo:

The Black Rock Emo

If you want to leave a stunning impression, then the black rock, emo haircut can be the best of the emo haircuts for guys. Those with natural curls will find this hairstyle easy to make, where the curls cover the entire head, sides and the back in their own way, while some strands are styled in a single bundle, to partially cover one eye.

#10: The Long and Short Emo Hairstyle:

The Long and Short Emo Hairstyle

This is one of the emo boy haircuts, where the variations in length is noticeable. The shorter layers of the hair at the back are tousled and concentrated, while the front portion of the hair is kept sleek and smooth. You can add highlights, which are dark and blonde, to give this hairstyle more personality. With this emo man hairstyle, you can experiment with alternative colors.

#11: The Hot emo Style:

The Hot emo Style

This is a hot emo hairstyle, where the hair on the sides are brought to cover the cheeks, while the hairs on the back are brought towards the front, till it is just above the eyebrows. The eye sight is not obstructed. This is one of the emo haircuts for guys, which is popular among college guys.

#12: Short Mohawk Emo:

Short Mohawk Emo

Cool dudes will definitely fall in love with this emo hair guys style, but you will need a skilled hand to know how to get emo hair style like this one. This hairstyle is a combination of the Mohawk and emo style, where the sides are shaved and the hair is just down right at the center. There is a twist to this style, where the short Mohawk is made to stand up by adding a product, and the extra long bangs are swept to the side.

#13: Multi Color Hoodie:

Multi Color Hoodie

ere is an emo hair colors, hairstyle, where you can play with more than one color to style your hair in the emo way. The long hair emo style has the tips of the hair colored in light blue, the root, golden brown and the middle, purple.

#14: Short Fringe Asymmetrical:

Short Fringe Asymmetrical

This is one of the smoothest and nice emo boy haircuts, where the bangs are styled into two layers, and cut asymmetrically. You can experiment with different colors, when flaunting this hairstyle.

#15: The Sexy Guy Emo:

This is one of the emo hairstyles for boy, where the thicker part of the hair ends on one side, at the shoulder level, and the thinner part ending on the cheek. This combination gives the style a sexy and handsome look.

Now that you have gone through the hand picked emo hair styles, you must have decided which one to flaunt, but you will need the help of a professional barber when sporting emo hairstyles for guys.


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