Mushroom Haircut: 35 Best Bowl Cut Hairstyles For Men

Contrasting sides with blonde locks

Mushroom Haircut: The mushroom haircut was a very popular haircut year 2016. With several variations to the basic mushroom cut, men now have a great choice in the cut that they can choose depending on their personality.

The article talks about 10 fabulous mushroom hair styles men can wear for a perfect hairdo.The mushroom hairstyle pictures will help you to know how exactly a particular cut will turn out so that you can decide which style can suit your face.

35 Best Mushroom (Bowl Cut) Hairstyles For Men

#1: Mushroom Cut with Longer Fringe:

Mushroom cut with longer fringe

This is an ideal mushroom cut for boy who has just stepped out from his school and ready to join the college. Longer fringes cover the forehead just half an inch above the eyebrows while the sides are kept equal with the bottom of the ears. If you already have a cute face, you will just look more adorable.

#2: Middle Part with Side Fringe:

Middle part with side fringe

You can vary the mushroom hairstyle by dividing the hair from the center so that the hair falls on the sides of the eyes. Nice college boy hairstyle!

#3: Disheveled Mushroom Cut:

Disheveled mushroom cut

If your hair is neither too straight nor too curly and the texture is a little rough one, then you can go a for a disheveled mushroom hair cut. The best part is you do not have to comb it every time as comb will kill the disheveled look and you need a little scruffiness in this style.

#4: Modern Mushroom Haircut:

Modern mushroom haircut

This is a mushroom haircut male with thin face can wear. The sides are a little trimmed, not too much though, to highlight the close mushroom shape on the top.

#5: Close Cut Mushroom Hairstyle with Sides Shaved:

Close cut mushroom hair style with sides shaved

In this mushroom cut hair are closely cut to give it a mushroom shape on the top while the sides are kept shaved. This style will look good on studious guys those who want to spend much time with their books but at their heart want people to compliment for their great hairstyle.

#6: Contrasting Sides with Blonde Locks:

Contrasting sides with blonde locks

You can definitely flaunt your new hairstyle with this haircut. The blonde hue on the top and the darker sides will speak for you that you are a rock star of the college.

#7: Bowl Cut with a Light Side Sweep and Under Shaved Sides:

Bowl cut with a light side sweep and under shaved sides

Teenaged boys will love this mushroom cut hairstyle as it will make them look a stand out in the crowd. This style is particularly distinct as the hair is swept slightly towards the side that does not fall on the eyes and create obstacle in the vision.

#8: Curly Mushroom Style:

Curly mushroom style

Curly hair is the perfect hair type for mushroom head haircut. Since the curls tend to widen it gives a well defined mushroom shape and bring perfection to the cut.

#9 Purple Waves for Voluminous Hair:

Purple waves for voluminous hair

Mushroom cut is a style that looks good on every hair color. If you want to add spice to your regular mushroom haircut then besides trying variation like undercuts, under shaves, long fringes, short fringes and so on; you can also experiment with your natural hair color. Like if you have a natural black or blonde or brown hair color then you can try a quirky purple color. The wavy fringes will add magic to your loaded hair.

#10: Sleeky Mushroom Hairstyle for Shiny Hair:

Sleeky mushroom hairstyle for shiny hair

If you have a lustrous hair texture, then you can try a simple and sleekly mushroom hair cut that will not only provide you a smarter look but will make you look none less than one of the models from the hair products advertisements.


Mushroom hair cut is generally a choice of young boys but the cut can suit on everyone. Additionally there are so many variations that you can try with this cut like curls, long fringe, dyed hair and so on. So next time when you are at the Salon for haircut, ask your stylist to give any of these cuts and one thing is for sure, that you will certainly stand out with your new hairstyle!

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