15 Best Combover Styles For All Seasons

The Super Comb Sexy Wavy Hairstyle

Comb Over is the coolest hairstyle for men all over. It features the hair combed over across the forehead with a side part. This style has evolved to redefine itself as the modern man’s choice for everything from business casual to a professional look. 

Fortunately, comb overs look great with hair of any length, texture and type. They also suit men of any age and face shape. However, the most stand-alone feature of the style is that it is perfect if you are searching for something to cover up your balding head. 

The stylish comb-overs come in every shape and style to suit men from all walks of life. Below we have mentioned the best way to style the comb-over to go with any occasion! Check them out!!

How Long Should the Hair Be for a Combover?

A typical comb-over style requires at least 2-4 inches of hair on the head. You could customize it depending on the volume and the style you opt for. Shorter or longer, go accordingly. Since most combover styles involve some type of fade, the sides can be clipped short or in a few cases, shaved off completely to match the cut.

Combover Hairstyles For Men:

This flattering side parting style comes with a range of variations. We have listed here various types of comb overs for you to try on! Check them out!!

1. Parted Hair With A Tapered Comb Over

Parted Hair With A Tapered Comb Over

The tapered combover features short hair combed over to one side with the hair gradually fading into the skin. This complete side-swept hair gives a masculine and business-like appearance.

2. Hard Part Fade Comb Over Hairstyle 

Hard Part Fade Comb Over Hairstyle 

Also known as the combover with the line, this look tends to add more definition to the top to make it appear voluminous.

If you want to accentuate the combover, simply divide it with a hard part that could elevate the partitions and give the necessary asymmetry to complement the combover.

3. The Neat Comb Over 

The Neat Comb over

The neat comb-over inclines towards the original cut and is clean and simple. 

It does not involve any high fades or hard parts or complete shaving. Instead, the bold style incorporates some length and keeps it tidy on the top for the best results.

4. The Super Comb Sexy Wavy Hairstyle 

The Super Comb Sexy Wavy Hairstyle

For those with unruly hair, the sexy wavy style offers a more polished aesthetic.

A wavy texture is created all over using pomade and a good hairbrush. It is then tailored to comb over appearance with perfectly tapered sides for a gentleman’s look.

5. Comb over Undetectable Hairstyle

Comb over Undetectable Hairstyle

This is another contemporary take on the classic hairstyle. The subtle style is achieved by completely combing the hair back with a defined parting. Impart some length on top and keep the sides shorter to create an extreme look that is stylish and modern.

6. The Loose Comb over 

The Loose Comb over 

What sets this apart from regular comb over is, the loose combover isn’t set to the scalp but is rather flexible to demonstrate a casual look.

This style leaves less room for tapering and makes use of the clipped sides to highlight the length on top.

7. Face Matching Combover Hairstyle 

Face Matching Combover Hairstyle 

The shaved sides and the long length on top are the stand-alone features of this combover. Hair is completely shaved off on the sides and the bulky hair on the top is distinctively combed over to the back creating a more pronounced style.

8. Comb over Hairstyle with Shaved Sides 

Comb over Hairstyle with Shaved Sides 

An adaptable and easier version of the combover.

If you are opting for a shorter haircut, something that is easy to style in the morning, then the shaved sides could be of help. The length on the sides is kept to a minimum of 2 inches with a gradual high skin fade. You could style the top with an added shape or leave it to take its own course.

Similar to the traditional comb over, the transition between the top and sides isn’t extreme that allows this style to be easy maintenance.

9. Comb over Hairstyle with Deep Parting 

Comb over Hairstyle with Deep Parting 

Hard parting the hair amplifies the divided portions.

The sleek and deep line offers divergence by showcasing the sections as separate entities. It is best to keep some volume on top and the sides short to magnify the contrast.

10. Clean Comb over with Mid Fade 

Clean Comb over with Mid Fade 

Mid fade starts between the ears and temples. The gradual down fade begins from the halfway creating contrast and balance in any haircut.

While the sides in this style court the mid fade, hair on top is given a classic combover tapered to the crown.

11. Slick Back Style on the Side 

Slick Back Style on the Side 

A lot of effort and gel goes into making this sexy variation of the comb over happen. 

Its sleek polished look is one for all ages and pairing it with an undercut or high fade only makes it more attractive. The slicked back works pretty well for all face cuts, hence making it popular among the masses. 

12. Side Part Sculpted and Sexy Hairstyle 

Side Part Sculpted and Sexy Hairstyle 

Sculpted style can accentuate your features and downplay your faults, so having it right up your sleeve could put you in the spotlight at the next gathering!

This sculpted effect makes the most of your hair. On the sides, the downward fade gives a refined look to the whole style. The deep side part adds a rugged, manly touch to the mix. 

13. Modern Comb over with Shaved Line 

Modern Comb over with Shaved Line 

The contrast between the shaved sides and the longer hair on top makes this style trendy and exciting. Also, the carefully carved hard-line infuses the much-needed separation for highlighting the sections.

Ultimately, the style is great for showcasing your natural texture of hair.

14. The High and Low Comb Over 

The High and Low Comb Over 

The high and low combover perfectly encompasses longer and shorter strands to form a layered pull back with a high fade on the side.

This is a minimal look that could transform even your dull hair into its most elegant form.

15. Faded Comb over with Beard

Faded Comb over with Beard

This hairdo is neither classy nor trendy, which makes it the most versatile comb over there is!

You could throw in some high fade, low fade or even a beard to combine with the style and you would still look dapper. The faded combover is also best for men who are trying to conceal their high forehead or receding hairline.


Combovers can be great for changing your entire facade in just a matter of minutes. Whether you are heading out for a business dinner or trying to look cool as a cucumber, we recommend you to try the above-mentioned styles. Also, let us know the style that grabbed your attention!


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