Comb Over : 15 Best Comb Over Haircuts for Men 2017

The Comb Over Hairstyles: When it comes to hairstyles, the tools that are indispensable in creating different hairstyles are the comb and a pair of scissors. A comb can create magic in styling the hair in innumerable ways that could look trendy, smart and cool. The first thought that comes to our mind when we think of comb over a haircut, is the hairstyle of the 50’s to the 80’s, which was flaunted widely be men wanting to look professional and smart. With the men’s comb over hairstyles staging a comeback, men are now focused to wear a professional and mature look.

Those needing a handsome guy look and are more career oriented will have thousands of comb over haircuts to follow, which are created by professional barbers with modifications to bring the innovation. For bald men, the comb over hairstyle can be the perfect one for covering the bald patches, and for those with short hair, wanting to add to their style, there can be large numbers of comb overs to follow.

How to get Comb over Haircut

The comb over hairstyles is for those guys who want to look smart as well as professional. Flaunted by a good many personalities during the period 50’s to the 80’s, the comb over hairstyles still happens to be followed widely. The magic of the comb is highlighted in a wide range of comb over haircuts, making this hairstyle a versatile one. Here is how you get a comb over a haircut. You will need a black comb, pomade and a quiff roller.

Step 1 – Wet your hair and comb it to create a natural part line. You can use clips for sectioning the hair on the top from the sides.

Step 2 – Use an outline for setting a low guideline around he head. Finish off using foil trimmers.

Step 3 – Set the clipper blade to #000 for creating another guideline, which should be about 1 cm higher.

Step 4 – Change over to a clip # 1/16 and work it round the head, now another 1 inch higher than the previous guideline. Change to a #0 blade, keeping it half open. Next, remove the guideline set in step 3 after softening it.

Step 5 – Using the comb, push back the long hair on the top from the front towards the back right up to the guideline created in step 4.  Apply a pomade to keep the hairstyle in proper shape.

You can also create variations in the comb over hairstyle, like the undercut and the comb over fades. His range of hairstyle is a gentlemen hairstyle.

You can choose from these 15 comb over styles, which are the latest and have staged a great comeback from the late 50’s.

15 Best Comb Over Hairstyles for Men 2016

#1: Parted hair with tapered comb over

Comb Over Hairstyles - Parted hair with tapered combover

This hairstyle is one of the popular taper comb over hairstyles, where the taper fade comb over is simple and has a shiny and sleek look. You can flaunt this haircut on a special day with your loved one, and to get the perfect shape and bonding, it is better ot to use a heavy product. This comb over hair style looks really impressive.

#2: Hard Part Fade Comb over Hairstyle

Comb Over Hairstyles - Hard Part Fade Combover Hairstyle

This comb over low fade hairstyle demonstrates how to do a comb over perfectly, where the hair is combed over to the side with a hard parting, which is distinct and the sides styled with high fade. This low fade comb over haircut looks great for those wanting something different.

#3: The Neat Comb over

Comb Over Hairstyles - The Neat Combover

The more classic way for having mens comb over hair style is the neat comb over hairstyle, where the hair is combed neatly to the side, from the hair part and given a wet looking finish using a pomade. This haircut reminds us of the 1950’s, when it was one of the most popular haircuts for men.

#4: The Super Comb Sexy Wavy Hairstyle

Comb Over Hairstyles - The Super Comb Sexy Wavy Hairstyle

This hairstyle is one of the super comb over hairstyles for men, which will give you a sexy look because of the wavy hair that is created by combing over. You can add texture and keep the sides short to have the effect.

#5: Comb over Undetectable Hairstyle

Comb Over Hairstyles - Combover Undetectable Hairstyle

This subtle comb over hairstyle is undetectable and undefined,a perfect hairstyle for great events and also stylish for those who want to be reserved staying in the work force. You cannot be more trendy in a corporate environment with this hairstyle.

#6: The Loose Comb over

Comb Over Hairstyles - The Loose Combover

The loose combover is a different style among the combover styles, where the hair has an added volume and takes the shape as it likes. You can add a twist to the style and use a blow dryer to have a matte finish.

#7: Face Matching Combover Hairstyle

Comb Over Hairstyles - Face Matching Combover Hairstyle

This is one of the sexiest comb over hairstyles, which is perfectly matching for those having strong facial features. The cheekbones are highlighted with this comb over style and any model can get the natural contour with this hairstyle.

#8: Comb over Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

Comb Over Hairstyles - Combover Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

This skin fade comb over hairstyle is one of the latest hairstyles, where the long hair on the top is combed back and the sides styled with a skin fade. This haircut will need the skills of a professional barber.

#9: Comb over Hairstyle with Deep Parting

Comb Over Hairstyles - Combover Hairstyle with Deep Parting

This is one of the popular comb over undercut hairstyles, where the hair is combed neatly to the side with a deep undercut on the sides separated by a prominent parting. This hairstyle looks professional and is for those wanting to draw attention at the workplace.

#10: Clean Comb over with Mid Fade

Comb Over Hairstyles - Clean Combover with Mid Fade

This mid fade comb over haircut has become one of the most followed hairstyles for men, where the hair is combed over with a line formed with a clear shave. The mid length hair is faded from the sides and the back to give a perfect look.

#11: Slick Back Style on the Side

Comb Over Hairstyles - Slick Back Style on the Side

This hairstyle is a long comb over hairstyle, where the hair is combed and slicked to the side and the sides cut short. This hairstyle is for business men, where the classy look is exhibited.

#12: Side Part Sculpted and Sexy Hairstyle

Comb Over Hairstyles - Side Part Sculpted and Sexy Hairstyle

This modern comb over hairstyle is created to make the chin wear a chiseled look. The pompadour, which is short and sleek adds style to this haircut, and the sculpted front matches all types of shapes of the face, for their height, except for those having oblong face shape.

#13: Modern Comb over with Shaved Line

Comb Over Hairstyles - Modern Comb over with Shaved Line

This hairstyle is one of the latest comb over fade haircuts, where the hair is swept to the side and a clear shaved line being created to give this hairstyle a trendy look.

#14: The High and Low Combover

Comb Over Hairstyles - The High and Low Combover

This comb over hairstyle for men is one of the comb over taper fade hairstyles, where the hair is combed over to form a slight taper, leaving undercut hair around he perimeter line. The front is styled to look sleek, using a gel, and this haircut gives a classic look of the 50’s and 80’s, having staged a comeback.

#15: Faded Comb over with Beard

Comb Over Hairstyles - Faded Comb over with Beard

This beard comb over hairstyle looks great for any type of face, where the hair is comberd to the side with a fade undercut being prominent. The comb over with fade enters the beard line to look astonishing.

With the mens comb over hairstyles, you can add style to your hair cuts, where you have choices from the smart, straight and simple comb over hair styles. To look handsome and stylish, the comb over styles can be the best options.


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