What Is A French Crop Haircut:: How To Get & 20 Best Hairstyles

French Crop Hair Cuts

If you are looking for a simple hairdo that doesn’t require you to spend much time grooming, then a french crop hairstyle is something you should definitely try.

A french crop is a style where you keep the hair on the sides and back shorter than the top. Meanwhile, the top features a fringe that can be styled forward or combed to a slicked back. This noticeable fringe is what makes this style more compelling. To get this look, you don’t have to use many styling products, which makes it one of the best low-maintenance hairstyles. Moreover, it looks great even for men with grey hair proving that this hairstyle has no age boundaries.

Owing to such immense benefits, this French crop haircut has become immensely popular. If you are someone who admires this look too, we will teach you how to get this cut at home through this article. You will also be introduced to the top 20 French crop hairstyles that you can fix yourself.

How Do you do a French crop Haircut at Home?

1. Crop with Undercut


With this style, you will be combining the crop cut with an iconic undercut. Select area matching with the temples for tapering on the sides and back. Use clippers and razors to give a sharp variation between the hair closer to the top and hair at the bottom. Scissor down the hair with noticeable differences in length. Apply best-quality styling products like pomade and fix your hair with your own hands. To make this look more appealing, go for a clean shaved face if not at least to a short-length beard.

2. Classic French Crop


A classic french crop is very easy to attain and it is highly appealing. Keep the sides and back shorter than the top. Give a classic tapering on the sides and back starting at the temples. Keep in mind to soak your hair with water sprinklers right from the beginning of the grooming session. Using scissors and a comb cut the hair short to a uniform length. Use styling products of good quality and style your hair with your own hands. Let the hair fall forward but keep the hair on the forehead neatly organized.

3. Longer Length French Crop


When groomed right, even long unorganized hair looks great. Give a low fade on the sides with a downward arch on the back. Except for the top, keep the rest of your hair short. On the top, cut the hair on the top center and area closer to the crown to a shorter length while leaving the hair in front to a longer length. Let a few bangs fall on your forehead. Apply pomade and arrange the hair without any direction. Make this style more compelling by keeping a clean shaved face or at least a very short beard.

4. The Contemporary French Crop


Just like the classic buzz cut, this contemporary french crop brings simplicity and uniformity to your appearance. Style your hair as a part of initial grooming by reducing the hair on the sides and back, relatively shorter than the hair on top. Instead of using clippers, go with scissors for neat grooming. Coming to the hair on top, keep it short and orderly but not too jaunty. You don’t have to go for high-end styling products to groom this look.

5. French Crop With Skin Fade


This style brings two versatile styles, fade and french crop, together. First, give a low skin fade between the temples and your ears. Let this skin fade extend to the back of your head. Keep the temples and sideburns neat but not necessarily sharp. Coming to the hair on top, Keep it equal length with no variation between the front and the crown. Set your hair with your hands or a comb in such a way that the hair rests with visible layers. Finally, let a few fringes fall on your forehead.

6. Celebrity Inspiration French Crop


Attain this simple yet striking look for a tremendous transformation. Give a classic high fade starting above the temples and reaching down to the ears. Keep the temples and sideburns neat but not necessarily sharp. On the top, keep the hair short with a uniform length from front to the crown. Use a good quality styling product and neatly comb the hair forward. With hair falling front in layers. Finally, let a small yet long fringe fall on the forehead with equal length from side to side.

7. Longer Crop


The signature fringe of a french crop is extra long in this style. Highlight the hair on top, by reducing the hair on the side and back with either standard fade or classic tapering. Leave the extra-wide area for the top. Give casual grooming with scissors to maintain consistent length at the top center and around the crown. Let the hair in the front be long. Use a trustworthy styling product and style your hair in a random direction. Make the long fringe fall on the forehead and let it reach your eyebrows.

8. Blonde Textured Crop

Blonde Textured Crop

Obviously, this style is for men with golden hair. Give a deep fade on the sides and back using clippers and a razor. Let the hair on top be consistently medium in all dimensions. Use a styling product for adding more texture to the top. Let the hair fall forward with your styling by your hand. Though not orderly, arrange the fringes to rest neatly. This captivating style brings down your age. If you like, you can go with a beard style that supports this style really well.

9. Textured Crop

Textured Crop

This is yet another example of the versatility of the hair when it is neatly textured. Grow the hair on top to a medium length and keep the sides relatively short to attain symmetry. Use scissors to reduce the hair neat but not too short. Reduce the hair volume on the top to a consistent length front, center, and back. Apply styling product of good quality to make your hair more textured. Finally, let a few fringes rest on the forehead.

10. The Modest French Crop

The Modest French Crop

By grooming this versatile style, you are allowing yourself to look funkier and cooler at the same time. Unlike other french crops, you will be giving the parting on one side. Keep the hair length above medium but not to the extent where waves are formed. Have a subtle variation between the top and the sides to make them look more uniform. Make a parting using a comb and allow the hair to rest away from it. Give the edges casual grooming to keep the hair neat but make sure the grooming doesn’t make your hair sharp. Comb the fringe backward imitating a slick back.

11. Disconnected French Crop

Disconnected French Crop

As the name indicates, this style keeps the hair on top disconnected from the rest of your hair. This is attainable by avoiding smooth transition and letting the edges remain dense. First, give a standard fade starting above the temples. Make a note where the fade begins because above that the hair comes under the top section. Let that part be the boundary and keep in mind to keep it uniform on all sides including front and back. Reduce the hair on the top to a short length. Apply styling product and add texture preferably with your hands.

12. The Natural French Crop

The Natural French Crop

With this style, you are risking the professional look and embracing the wild and free-spirited nature. Soak your hair on the top and dry it until it is damp. Instead of giving any tapering on the sides, you just let the hair grow without any restrictions to a level beyond which is odd. At this point, cut the hair a little bit short using scissors. Don’t cut the hair shorter than medium length on the top. Apply pomade or hair mousse and texture your hair neatly with your hands. Finally, let unorganized fringes fall on your forehead.

13. Cowlik Crop

Cowlik Crop

A small or major portion of hair acts stubborn in a cowlick crop standing straight against the rest. First, cut short the hair on the sides with a high fade. The variation between the top and sides doesn’t have to be definitive but must be smooth. Apply hair styling product with good quality to style further. Use a comb or your hand to fix random directions on the top. Let a few strands stand on the top with the rest of your hair styled flat to the scalp. Make sure that the length is uniform all over the top with still fringes falling over the forehead.

14. Medium Skin Fade

Medium Skin Fade

Mid fade or medium fade is like a middle ground between high fade and low fade. Starting right on temples, the tapering goes down to the area around your ears. Leave the wide area for the hair on top. Apply styling product of your choice, presumably of good quality, and start fixing your hair. Let the hair rest with several layers but without any direction. Allow fringes to fall on the forehead at equal length. Elevate this hairstyle with a thick and well-groomed beard.

15. French Crop With Variable Length

French Crop With Variable Length

This style gives subtle variation between all sides and in all dimensions. Let the hair on the sides be very short but not to the scalp. Also, make sure that the hair on the back complements the sides. Coming to the top, keep in mind that the hair in the front is longer than the rest while the top center and crown are at the same length. Apply hair gel or pomade and fix your hair with a comb. Let the hair rest in the forward direction and the fringes styled sideways.

16. Long Hair Textured Crop

Long Hair Textured Crop

As you have seen earlier, with this style or similar to this you elevate the hair on top by keeping the rest short. Give a classic tapering between the temples and around the ears. Cut the hair over the edges as part of casual grooming. Apply hair mousse or pomade for final styling. Use your hands to set your hair in the forward direction with noticeable layers. Finally, let fringes be wild and fall on your forehead.

17. Low Faded Textured Crop

Low Faded Textured Crop

By grooming this style, you will be showing off your straight hair in the best way possible. First, give a standard undercut and add a low fade by tapering the hair between the temples and ears. Cut the hair on top to a short length and apply any styling product of the best quality. Style your hair with your hands or using a comb. Fix the hair in a forwarding direction with a few cowlicks here and there. Finally, let fringes fall on your forehead with equal length from side to side.

18. Crop Texture Blonde

Crop Texture Blonde

This is yet another hairstyle best suited for men with blonde hair. First, use a clipper and reduce the hair on the sides and back with a standard fade. Keep the hair on the top at a shorter length using scissors. Using pomade or hair gel makes your hair shiny and flexible. Add texture to your hair with your hands or with a comb. Let the hair rest sideways and keep the face clean without any strand falling on the forehead.

19. Textured Crop Over Headline

Textured Crop Over Headline

If you want to try something simple but still distinctive then you can go with this style. Groom your sides with a low fade and let the back be a part of it with a downward arch. First, comb your hair on top to the front and cut it to a straight line. Keep the temples neat but not necessarily sharp. This results in the formation of three sides of a square. Coming to the hair on top, keep it shorter than medium in length. Make sure your hair falls forward following the neatly shaped fringes.

To Sum Up:

The versatility and low maintenance gave French crop haircut decent popularity and it is going to be a safe fashion choice for decades to come. If you are blonde and going to college, then you can go with a crop texture blonde hairstyle as it is very easy to attain and very cool to look at. Or, you can go with either natural french crop or modest french crop which elevates your facial features with very minimal effort. Use this list as a reference for your next styling session. Happy grooming!


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