Teen Haircuts: Best 20 Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

Super-cool hairstyles for teenage guys: For most guys, half of their daily grooming routine is done with when they get their hair to look perfect. But that is not as easy a task as it looks to be. However, with hundreds of hairstyle experiments that are done around by hairstylists and models these days , there are a whole lot of new hairstyles for teenage guys being fabricated each day.

We sure can have fun trying out these hairstyles for men and get ourselves the perfect look. And it can all be done in two simple steps. Step one is to choose the right hairstyle and step two is spending a wee bit of our time and energy in getting it to perfection. To help you with just that, we’ve listed out 20 teen guy hairstyles, not-too-whacky and yet not-too- boring for you to try.

#1: The side parted hairstyle

The side parted hairstyle

No matter if you’re going to the college or a party, the side parted hairstyle always works. It makes you look dapper and all-dressed up for nearly every occasion. The trick is to get it right.

How to get it : Apply matte or any other product on wet hair that you have just showered on. With the perfect comb part your hair at your natural parting. Comb it sideways. Comb the frontal hair slightly towards the back. The amount of matte you want to use will depend on how sleek you’d like your hair to look and how long you would want it to last.

#2: Spiky hair with layers

Spiky hair with layers

Spiky hairstyle has been a hugely favoured hairstyle for teenage guys all over the world and the reason is not hard to see. It is easy to get and yet looks very modish. All you need is some chemicals and wee bit of patience.

How to get it: Spikes are way better when we use matte instead of hair gel. So apply a matte that best suits your hair all over it and neatly twist your hair into the shape of the spikes you want to get. Yes, it’s that simple!

#3: Sleek combed back hair

Sleek combed back hair

The go-to celebrity hairstyle, the slicked back hair is easy to make. The fact that it is classy while also giving you a bad-boy look at the same time is probably what makes it such a hot favourite mens’ hairstyle all over the world.

How to get it: Since this hairstyle is similar to the side-parted hairstyle except that you get to push your hair back instead of to the sides, it is got much like the side parted hairstyle. Apply matte over wet hair and push it back combing it while you do so.

#4: Long curls

Long Curls

Curly hair grown down to the back of your neck is one trending hairstyle for men this season. The fact that it can get you a ruffian, Jon Snow-ish look and is so low on maintenance is probably what makes it so easy to get.

How to get it : All you have to do is grow your curly hair down to your neck and keep it neatly combed and groomed throughout.  A beard goes really well with this hairstyle.

#5: Fade hairstyles

Fade hairstyles

Fade hairstyles are something that a whole lot of teenagers and kids seem to love lately. It gives them a very boyish look while also adding that punk that most of the younger guys desire. What’s more, it’s great for the summer too.

How to get it : Fade hairstyles can only be got by professional hairstylists and we’d recommend you not to try it at home all by yourself. Trimming the bottom half of the scalp leaving very less hair while retaining a lot of hair on the upper half of the scalp is the trick. You can then shape the hair into whatever style you’d like.

#6: Messy tousled hairstyle

Messy tousled hairstyle

For those kids who have naturally greasy hair that needs plenty of time to and effort to take care of, the messy tousled hair is an easily attainable men’s hairstyle.

How to get it : Although you need not really put in all that much effort into getting it, the messy tousled hair needs to be properly done so that the tousles aren’t too haphazard and are as orderly as they can be. For those without greasy hair, a little bit of gel can help.

#7: Classic side parted comb over

Classic side parted comb over

The go-to hairstyle for prom events and interviews, the classic side parted comb over is one age old hairstyle that’s great for men of any age and basically any hair type.

How to get it  : Much like the side part, this hairstyle is done by parting and combing your hair, except that the comb over needs to be done with more precision. You can choose to leave a quiff on the front of your head for a more sophisticated look.

#8: Faux Hawk hairstyle

Faux Hawk hairstyle

Inspired by the Mohawk style, this hairstyle for teenage guys is whacky and super-cool so long as you know how to get carry it off.

How to get it : Use some hair gel and pull your combed, wet hair upwards neatly so that it isn’t too spiky and isn’t too soft bent perfectly.

#9: Pompadour Hairstyle

Following the footsteps of Elvis Presley, get yourself a pompadour hairstyle this summer. Reasons? It is classic, dapper and super-cool, hence being one of the most sought after teenage guys’ hairstyle of the recent times

How to get it : Better done over a faux hawk hairstyle, the pompadour hairstyle is done by carefully applying matte and pulling back the hair with a neat quiff shown off in the front.

#10: Highlighted bangs

Highlighted bangs

Bangs have always been a favourite with the college-going lot, not just because they’re chic but also because they never seem to go out of fashion for some reason. Getting highlights of the colour of your choice on the bangs makes them all the more appealing.

How to get it : Go to a professional hairstylist to get bangs and highlights. This hairstyle is easily maintained thereafter.

#11: Buzzcut hairstyle

Buzz cut

The buzzcut hairstyle is one of the most sought after summer hairstyles for men of all time. And for some reason, it seems quite popular with the Hollywood guys as well.

How to get it : This needs a great hairstylist as well. A neat trim, leaving not too less hair and not too much hair is all that you need to get it done.

#12: The undercut

The undercut

young kids always choose for them just because it’s that cute. It is a great hairstyle for older guys as well.

How to get it : Best tried with a professional hairstylist as it is a wee bit complicated. Trimming the lower part of your scalp leaving neatly done up hair on the upper side is all that it takes.

#13: The shaggy hairstyle

The shaggy hairstyle

Shaggy hairstyle is great for teenage guys not just because it is easy to make but also because it gives them a very boyish and unruly look.

How to get it : Much like the messy hair, the shaggy haircut once done is easy to style. All that you’ll need is some gel and proper styling.

#14: The ponytail

The ponytail

For those too lazy to get themselves a hairstyle or a haircut, growing out your hair and tying it up into a pony is always the best way to flaunt those over grown tresses of yours. And it’s really cool too!

Hot to get it : Grow your hair out until you can tie it up and then wear your ponytail.

#15: Ivy League

ivy league haircut

An ivy league haircut makes you look like a mamma’s boy and adds that dash of dapper-ness to your look.  Makes for a great summer mens’ hairstyle too.

How to get it : It has got to be trimmed evenly throughout leaving the thickness as you desire, preferably with the help of a professional hairstylist.

#16: A bob with a crest

A bob with a crest

A concave bob, as this hairstyle is also called is one of the most common and really appealing hairstyle for teenage guys.

How to get it: Get a bob haircut done with a professional or by yourself and then neatly adjust the centre of the hair into a crest pointing upwards for a cutesy and chic hairstyle.

#17: Emo Hairstyle

Emo Hair

The emo hairstyle has been one of the most sought after hairstyles for teenagers, not just because it is so in vogue, but also because it has an air of rebelliousness to it. If you’re in a band, it suits you even better!

How to get it : The emo hairstyle can be done to perfection only by a professional hair stylist as it is kind of complicated. Styling it takes some time as well.

#18: French crop haircut

French crop haircut

A French crop is a hairstyle which a whole lot of people seem to love lately as it gives you this dapper look while also being relatively easy to maintain.

How to get it : Get a neatly done fade and get the upper part of the hair styled into tiny spikes or comb it back based on the length with which you’ve chosen to leave the hair.

#19: Crew cut hairstyle

Crew Cut

Yet another summer hairstyle that is preferred is a crew cut hairstyle. It is a military style hair cut which is easy on maintenance.

How to get it : Get the trim the way you want to by a professional preferably and that’s all it takes as it doesn’t need much time to style either.

#20: Fringe hairstyle

fringe hairstyle for guys

A fringe hairstyle is much like the bangs except that the bangs are more on the frontal hair. It looks great especially if you have an oval or a conical shaped face.

How to get it : Preferably done by a professional hairstylist as it could go wrong easily. Leave some of the hair on your face for the perfect fringed look.