Teen Haircuts: Best 20 Hairstyles For Teenage Guys

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Teenage boys have numerous styling options than adults. From long to short, hippie to conservative, and trendy to vintage; teens can go back and forth between different styles as they have the age and time to experiment.

If you are a teenager and confused about what kind of style to choose from overwhelming options, we recommend you start with a fade or an undercut. This is because both the fade and undercut can be combined with other iconic styles like quiffs, pompadours, slick back, and comb-over. If you want to go for simpler and low-maintenance hairstyles than these, you can always rely on crew cut, buzz cut, messy top, etc.

Through this article, we will introduce you to the 20 best hairstyles that are very high in demand for teenagers. Here, you will also learn the simple DIY procedures to groom these styles on your own.

Top 20 Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

1. The Side Parted Hairstyle

The Side Parted Hairstyle

The side part usually comes under the category of classy looks. However, a side parting can be styled funkier as well. Just like this style. Make a rough part on your soaked hair between the top and sides. Keep the part lower to the level of the temples to leave extra area for the top. Reduce the hair on the sides and back to a very short length with scissors. For the hair on top, groom the hair over the edges to keep it neat but still long. Apply styling product and comb your hair on top backward diagonally. Make sure no hair strand falls on your face.

2. Spiky Hair With Layers

Spiky Hair With Layers

If you have straight hair then you have a chance to style your hair with spikes every once in a while. Give a casual tapering on the sides with a downward arch extending to the back. Maintain the hair on top at a length anywhere between short and medium. Apply styling products of good quality such as pomade, hair gel, or mousse for further styling. Use your hands or a comb to fix spikes to your hair on top. Make sure no fringes fall on your face.

3. Sleek Combed Back Hair

Sleek Combed Back Hair

A combed back is, by default, a classy style. However, it can be styled to funky or mean looks as well. Give a rough parting on any side as close to the temples as possible. You don’t reduce the hair volume on the sides for this style. Instead, you groom over the edges just like you would do to the hair on the top. This results in lengthy hair on the sides and the top but with a noticeable variation. Apply matte to the hair to give a shiny finishing. Style all your hair completely backward using a comb.

4. Long Curls


Growing the curly hair down to the neck on the back is a trending style provided if you can endure the tests of seasons. The style you see in the picture is very easy to attain if you have naturally curly hair. Grow your hair to a long length on all sides. Be patient and cut the edges with scissors and hands. Use hair mousse or pomade before you start combing your hair. Use a round brush and groom the hair thoroughly. Let the hair rest on all sides including your forehead, ears, and your neck.

5. Fade Hairstyles

Fade Hairstyles

Fade is one of the simplest and classic hairstyles that have been in trend for decades now. You can attain this style without much effort and because of its versatility, you can combine it with other hairstyles as well. To attain the style you see in the picture, start with a high fade from above the temples and let it go down around your ears. Keep the hair on top to a medium length and within the limited area. Apply a good quality styling product fix it with no order in the forwarding direction.

6. Messy Tousled Hairstyle

Messy Tousled Hairstyle

Teenage is the best time for boys to experiment with different hairstyles. If you are not very keen on spending too many hours in front of a mirror every day, then you should definitely give this style a try. As the name indicates, this style does not have any order in the hair. Let the hair grow as long as you can. To avoid split-ends, give casual grooming over the edges. Apply hair gel or mousse and set your hair without any order but still layered. Let the hair rest on all sides including your ears, neck, and your forehead.

7. Classic Side Parted Comb Over

Classic Side Parted Comb Over

A comb over is a style where you let the hair rest sideways but with a slight bump. Make a rough parting above the temples to divide the hair on the top from the sides. Give a low fade on the sides by tapering the hair around your ears. This way you are focusing more on the hair on top. Keep the hair on the top to a medium length. Apply pomade or matte to the hair and comb it sideways away from the parting. As you apply styling product, you are indeed adding more texture resulting in the classic comb over.

8. Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Faux Hawk Hairstyle

A typical faux hawk hairstyle has thick and messy hair on the top with all other areas clipped low. For the style you see in the picture, go with a medium bald fade starting at the temples. Keep the hair on top to a medium length. Apply pomade and wait until it is dry. Use your hands to further style your hair. Without allocating a direction give random spikes on the top. Let a few fringes fall on the forehead to make it look cool.

9. Pompadour Hairstyle

Pompadour Hairstyle

Pompadour is another popular hairstyle that has been in trend for several decades. First, reduce the hair on the sides and back to highlight the hair on top and the pomp. Make a rough parting divide the hair between the top and sides. Give a classic tapering on the sides starting at the parting and ending around the ears. Keep the hair on the top anywhere between medium and long. Apply hair mousse and comb your hair away from the parting and style the hair in the front backward. You can go with a hard part to make it look more distinctive.

10. Highlighted Bangs

Highlighted Bangs

This is the most common hairstyle you can find among teenagers. It is very easy to attain and requires very low maintenance. Keep in mind that this style works great for guys with straight hair. The very first thing you need to do for this style is let your hair grow freely without any restrictions. Cut short the sides and back so that the hair on top is elevated more. After reaching a particular length, straight hair naturally looks thick and falls on the sides. To make it more appealing, apply matte to the hair and set your hair so that the hair rests on your ears, forehead, and nape gracefully.

11. Buzz Hairstyle

Buzz Hairstyle

Though not very common among teenagers, buzz style has great prominence due to its simple look and very low maintenance. Many celebrities like Chris Evans, Channing Tatum, Tom Holland, inspired many young adults to groom a buzz haircut. Simply put, a buzz cut is a style where you keep all your hair uniformly low. Adjust your clipper to level one or two and neatly groom your hair to a short length. The trick to attaining uniformity all over the head is to give variation between the sides, back and the top during your initial styling.

12. The Undercut

The Undercut

It is no exaggeration to say undercut is one of the ruling hairstyles since the beginning of the 20th century. With an undercut, you creating a noticeable difference between the top and the sides. You cut down the hair length on the sides and back irrespective of the length on the top. Pushing the focus to the hair on top. Give a standard uniform tapering on the sides and back without disrupting the top. To make it more compelling, line up the temples by keeping them sharp and in line with the forehead hairline. Don’t cut short the hair on top except for casual grooming over the edges. Apply a styling product to add more texture and neatly comb the hair completely backward.

13. The Shaggy Hairstyle

The Shaggy Hairstyle

A shaggy hairstyle brings out a wild and free-spirited personality. Clearly, this style requires very low maintenance. Let your hair grow as long as you can even beyond the length where waves are formed. After you reached your limit, shape the waves to make them look appealing. Cut the hair in the front such that the fringes that fall on your face are a little curvy but don’t have any waves. Apply the best-quality styling product and fix your hair with a brush. Let the hair rest on all sides including your forehead, ears, and nape.

14. The Ponytail

The Ponytail

This list is not complete if we skipped ponytail. After successfully growing the hair to a long length, the next best thing to do is try out ponytail hairstyles. Grow your hair to a length where you can style a thick ponytail or man bun. Make sure you groom the hair frequently to prevent split ends. Apply hair mousse or pomade to make your hair tangle-free and shiny. Comb all your backward and right at the crown, make a ponytail. Make a knot with the ponytail to turn it into a man bun.

15. Ivy League

Ivy League

Ivy League is another popular style that adds a hint of innocence to your appearance. Reduce the hair on the sides and back to a short length with scissors. Keep the hair on top at any length between short and medium. Apply styling products such as hair mousse and pomade. Style a few spikes randomly with no proper direction. Make a small noticeable quiff by combing few strands to the back. You can support this striking style with a beard if you can grow one.

16. A Bob with a Crest

A Bob with a Crest

Teenagers with dark hair are preferring this style quite often. Keep in mind that this style looks great on men with straight hair. Grow your hair long to the neck level. Keep the edges of the hair strands neat by giving casual grooming with scissors and hands. Apply good quality styling products like mousse or hair gel. Wait until the product is dried off. Use a hairbrush and neatly shape your hair. Let the strands fall freely on the forehead as fringes as well as ears and nape.

17. Emo Hairstyle

Emo Hairstyle

Many musicians are often seen in this style. This has become a symbol of rebelliousness fighting off the stereotypical norms. This complex hairstyle can be attained with a professional’s assistance. You need to have dark straight hair to pull this off. Grow your hair to your neck level or more. Groom the edges to keep them sharp and neat. Use styling products of great quality to fix this style. Let a selected area on the top stand straight and let it extend back to the crown. Let the rest of your hair fall on all sides but make sure the strands that fall on the face are straight and sharp.

18. French Crop Haircut

French Crop Haircut

A french crop is a simple yet striking hairstyle that gives you a distinctive short fringe on your forehead. First, give a high fade starting above the temples and ending around the ears. Reduce the hair on top to a short length. Let the hair in the front fall on the forehead. Let this small portion in the front be uniform in length. Apply hair mousse or hair gel and style your hair with spikes standing in random directions. Finally, shape the temples sharp and straight.

19. Crew Cut Hairstyle

Crew Cut Hairstyle

The crew cut is one of the best summer hairstyles that can also be considered a military-style haircut. This is also one of the simple hairstyles that can be attained easily and require very low maintenance. Give a standard tapering on the sides starting right above the temples. Match the tapering on the back with the sides. Keep the hair on top short in length. Apply hair gel or pomade on the top and make the hair textured. Finally, give the line up to the temples and sideburns for a well-groomed look.

20. Fringe Hairstyle

Fringe Hairstyle

Fringes play a vital role in making you look more youthful and cool. They can be styled on all kinds of hair lengths. Let the hair grow extra long in the front so that it covers the forehead completely. Make sure the hair meets with eyebrows but does not go below. If you prefer the style you see in the picture, grow your hair so long that the edges rest on all sides including ears, forehead, and nape.

All in All

If you feel overwhelmed even with this list then you can choose the high in demand styles like a bob with crest, long curls, or messy tousled. If you are not into too much grooming then go with simple haircuts like a buzz cut or Ivy League. Use the list and DIY procedures in this article as a reference for your next grooming session.


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