How To Clean Your Beard The RIGHT Way

How to clean beard

 How To Actually Clean Your Beard Step By Step: Beards are an increasingly popular form of masculinity. Many men today prefer to have beards, but not all know how to properly clean it. Many men fail to know the importance of keeping the facial hair clean. This article enlightens a guy with tips that will help in maintaining a healthy and clean beard.

Technique 1: Facial hair wash

1. Shampooing the Beard.

One of the most pivotal parts of cleaning the beard is shampooing it with a beard wash. A beard wash compliments the beard in the following ways:

  • It helps to loosen oil and grime and aids in cleaning the beard hair.
  • Makes it incredibly soft.
  • Eliminates itchy beard.
  • Elevates the feel and smell of masculinity.

Predominantly beard washes are available in two categories:

brick/solid or liquid form. The use of a beard wash depends on personal choice just make sure that one doesn’t compromise for shitty ingredients.

The liquid beard wash is mostly preferred by frequent travelers as it’s more sanitary and hassle-free to take with. Men who always shower at home or go on an occasional business trip, prefer to use solid beard soap that can be stored on the showering rack or in a travel kit.


  • Shampoo the beard several times a week. The frequency of shampooing is linked to the impurities and oiliness of individual’s beard.
  • Rinse the beard until all the shampoo is washed out.
  • Avoid using a regular hair shampoo, as this tends to dry the skin under the beard, cause split ends in the facial hair and increases the beard itchiness due to the presence of the harsh chemical composition’s.
  • Choose a beard wash that is scented naturally with essential oils.

How to use:

  • Wet the beard thoroughly.
  • For liquid: Drop in about a pea-sized amount (adjust according to beard length) of wash into the palm of and rub thoroughly into the beard.
  • For solid bar: Rub the soap against the beard for about 15 seconds. Make sure that the beard is lathered up.
  • Make sure to get all the way to the base of the beard follicle and allow to rest for a couple of minutes.
  • Rinse completely and pat dry.

The best beard washes available in the market include Beard Buddy, Maestro’s, Lush, Billy Jealousy, Choice Beard & Co, and Professor Fuzzworthy’s.

2. Condition the beard.

Post beard shampooing one should make use of a special beard conditioner. Beard conditioners are specifically formulated for coarse facial hair. Conditioning the beard will not only soften it but also aids in moisturizing the skin underneath it. The best beard conditioners include the application of beard oils or balms.

Steps in Beard Conditioning:

  • Post washing pat dry the beard.
  • Apply a dime-sized amount of beard oil or about a thumbnail-sized amount of beard balm, and rub against both hands.
  • Once evenly coated on the palms, rub thoroughly into the beard.
  • For a full and complete coverage, begin from the base of the beard follicle and work towards the tip of the hair.

Experiment with several shampoos until individuals obtain a beard shampoo that works best on his skin type.

The most rated beard oils include Brooklyn grooming beard oil, Anthony pre-shave and conditioning, Leven Rose, Beardbrand spiced citrus beard oil and Scotch Porter smoothing beard serum. Some of the best beard  balms are Honest Amish, Seven potions, Rocky mountain barber, Wild Willies, and Smooth Viking beard balm.

3. Avoid washing the facial hair excessively.

Many guys assume that washing or cleaning the beard daily helps in maintaining a healthy and clean one,  but over-washing is seen to cause a variety of problems. When determining how much to wash, ponder the following points:

  • Excessive facial hair wash is seeing to make the skin and hair dry out.
  • Every individual’s hair and skin is very different. What might be too much washing for one person, might not be enough for someone else. Experiment and find the perfect balance that suits one’s personal deed.

4. Baking soda paste application to remove beard stains.

At some point, an individual tends to develop nasty beard stains. A baking soda paste aids in the facial hair stain removal.

How to use:

  • To four tablespoons of warm water add two tablespoons of baking soda and mix to form a uniform paste.
  • Apply this mixture on to the beard.
  • Allow them to sit for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Rinse the mixture.
  • Repeat the process as needed.

Technique 2: Beard Grooming

The following steps help with effective facial hair grooming.

Shape the beard.

The most important part of managing and cleaning the beard is to make sure it is shaped well. A razor aids in maintaining the lines, style, and beard design.


  • Use a clean and sharp razor for shaping the beard.
  • Wash the face and beard prior to shaping it.
  • Use a razor to shave hair as it grows in to deal with the task of creating a balanced and symmetrical beard every week.

Beard Trimming

A scissor or a beard trimmer helps in trimming the beard to the desired length. Cleaning a beard will be tedious if it is untrimmed and unkempt. The following pointers need to be remembered while trimming the beard:

  • Refrain trimming a wet facial hair.
  • Choose cordless beard trimmers for a more comfortable application.

Combing the beard.

Combing plays an essential part in cleaning the beard. Brushing the beard hair improves its appearance and also aids in removing the dead and loose hair that in turn helps in maintaining a clean and healthier beard.

A small addition of facial hair washing to the grooming routine aids in providing a great looking and feeling beard, hence refrain from skipping this process.


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