Short Hair With Beard :: 20 Best Iconic Beard Styles for Men


Short Hair With Beard: One way for any man to look like a Greek God and make all heads turn would be to sport a beard. A beard can make a man go from average looking to a straight 10, when sported properly. You may notice many girls going gaga over famous celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds, Idris Alba, Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper, Leonardo Decaprio and many more, and the one thing that you will also notice in these men is that all of them usually sport a beard.

Having said this, it is not always just about sporting a beard. Having a hairstyle that compliments your beard goes a long way in showcasing that beard and the best way for you to sport a beard without your hairstyle over shadowing it, will be to keep your hair short. The article thus, provides for 20 iconic beard styles for men with short hair and how to maintain such a beard.

How to Trim Your Beard in Accordance with Your Short Hair

  • Figure out your face shape: The best way to figure out what beard and hair style will suit your face is to figure out the shape of your face. Many styles only compliment one particular face shape and not styling in accordance to that could lead to disastrous results.
  • Decide whether you want to have a stubble or whether you want to go in for a short, medium or long beard and whether you want to sport a moustache along with it.
  • Having decided the length you want to keep your beard at, invest in a trimmer. Trimmers usually come with different settings where different lengths of hair can be trimmed at different settings.
  • Trim your beard hair once in 2 weeks if you want to maintain a short beard, once in 4 weeks if you want to maintain a medium length beard and once in 2 months if you want to maintain a long beard.
  • Firstly, use a comb to detangle the beard: detangling the beard is very important as the hair is sensitive and can become prone to breakage.
  • Trim your mustache well, using side clips so as to trim any hair that comes above your lips.
  • Fade the hair on the neck and the cheeks.
  • To give your beard a more natural finish use scissors for more detailing.
  • When attempting a fade or trimming the underside, always stretch out the skin.
  • Always trim your beard when dry, trimming a wet beard could result in you trimming more hair than actually required.

20 Beard Styles You Could Go for If You Have Short Hair

#1: Natural Beard With Buzz Cut


One of the best ways to accentuate a natural beard is to combine it with a buzz cut. Having such a hairstyle will ensure that you spend more time on your beard rather than your hair. All you will have to do is apply a little gel on your hair to give them a more lustrous look and trim your beard whenever required. The styles make the beard a more dominant style out of the two and there is not much scope of going wrong where the facial hair is left to grow its natural course.

#2: Buzz Fade With Short Beard


Buzz fade with a short beard is a very simple yet elegant style. Combining this hair and beard style, you will not have to focus much on either and while trimming the beard you can never go wrong as much length is not required to be cut off and usually one go at it with the trimmer is enough to get the required results.

#3: Pomp With High Fade And Medium Beard


Having a medium length beard along with a pomp is your thing if you want to feel the volume of your hair on the top of your head. A pomp can be paired with a high as well as a low fade but the high fade certainly shifts the focus from the hair on top of your head to the beard on your face which is exactly what we are trying to achieve here.

#4: Bald Buzz and Beard


Bald buzz and beard is a go-to answer for men who are facing balding, have really thin hair or know that being bald actually suits them. For men who know that the baldness suits them are considered confident as they know what is best for them even if it means shaving the hair off of your head. The bald look can go well with any beard of any length.

#5: Short Back and Sides with Short Beard


Short back and sides with short beard is a look you can go for if you want to come off as formal and responsible. The look is seen being sported by many working men and having a well groomed beard speaks more for you than having a clean shaven face, it showcases a better grooming pattern and a man who takes care in how he dresses himself is also perceived as someone who has a great work ethic.

#6: Razor Fade Box Beard


Considered to be the hipster look, the razor fade box beard also has symmetry attached to it. This is a perfect hair and beard style if you want to keep your beard lengthy or of medium length or if you already are sporting one. The look is not sported by many, but if you think you can sport the look, go for it!

#7: Neat Stubble With Side Part


A neat stubble with side part is an easy style to maintain. However, there has to be a conscious effort from your side to showcase the maintenance as the look could as go against you and make you come off as lazy. The side part in the look gives a man a more masculine and rugged look. The look works best for those who are looking to give out a more chilled out but still responsible vibe.

#8: Slick Back Hair With Viking Beard


The slick back hair with Viking look is a style which will only look good on you if you have confidence and can also showcase it in your features. The look not only gives a masculine and rugged but also a dangerous and a do not mess with me look. The look goes the best with a long beard rather than a short one.

#9: Slick Back With Mild Fade And Long Beard


A slick back hair style with mild fade and long beard is your look if you want to focus more on the hair on top of your head rather than your beard. In this look you just let your beard grow out in any way it wants with the occasional trim and take a mild fade cut.

#10: Textured Crop With Tapered Fade and Beard


Textured crop with tapered fade and beard is another look you can go for if you want to sport a beard along with short hair. The look is more youthful than the others mentioned here. The look has a very clean and neat finish and can be sported with a beard which is short or of medium length or even a lengthy one.

#11: Natural Stubble With Short Back and Sides


A natural stubble is a result of not shaving for more than a day or two. Combining a natural stubble with short back and sides will give you the James Dean look and can be easily shaved off without feeling much guilty when required. The short back and sides are always preferred in men who work in corporate offices and who need to look professional at all times.

#12: Crew Cut And Full Beard


A crew cut is mostly sported by men having a military background. However, this does not stop you from takin the cut. A crew cut would involve you cutting you hair even less than an inch. The beard however, can be on any length and depends on you. A full beard with the crew cut is a popular style amongst various men and this also gives you a rugged and masculine look.

#13: Classic Taper With Textured Top and Thick Stubble


Classic tapered with textured top and thick stubble is a popular choice amongst many men. The taper fade helps in keeping some volume on the top of your head and the textured top calls for a lot of attention as it can be slicked back or messy or slicked sideways. The thick stubble is very easy to grow, entailing not shaving for two to three days in a row.

#14: Slick Back Hair With Long Full Beard


A long full beard and slick back hair is again a popular choice when combining short hair with beard. The look would however look the best on middle aged men and their facial features will be able to compliment the length of the beard.

#15: Low Skin Fade With Short Pricky Beard


A low skin fade is a great option when wanting to combine a short hair style with a beard. The low skin fade just gives a finished look to any hair cut and can be seen being sported by most of the men population. The short prickly beard is just a little more than the stubble that has grown over the last two or three days and gives the person sporting it a more approachable look.

#16: Mid Bald Fade With Line Up and Brush up and Stylish Beard Shape


A mid bald fade with line up and brush up and stylish beard is a go to look for anyone who wants to look like a male model and can carry this look off. The mid bald fade is perfect for showcasing not too little and not too much hair. The line up gives one a more angular and finished look. The brush up accentuates the cheekbones and the beard shape can be any that you fancy and know you will look good in.

#17: Classic Tapered Sides with Textured Pomp and Medium Length Beard


Tapered sides being combined with a textured pomp and a medium length beard is a great choice in combining short hairstyle and beard. The classic tapered sides make the sides of the head, less voluminous and the focus is shifted on the hair at the top of the head. At the top, the hair is slicked back in a textured pomp where the hair is pushed upwards and this ends up showcasing more volume in the hair. The hair style can be combined with a beard of any length.

#18: Undercut With Messy Top and Short Beard


An undercut with messy top and short beard has a very boyish charm to it and can help one look younger than their age. The undercut shifts the focus on the hair on top of the head which can be left to do whatever it feels like. The messiness of the look is the reason the look is attached with a boyish charm and combing the look with a short beard will accentuate the facial features and bring out the more prominent features present.

#19: Short Sides with Messy Textured Hair With Trimmed Beard Design


Short sides with messy textured hair with trimmed beard design is very much in the same league as the undercut with messy top and short beard. The only difference in this and the above look is in the length of the beard. The trimmed beard lets you keep a particular length of your beard which takes away the boyish charm and replaces it with a more responsible and sensible look.

#20: Mid Fade With Thick Faux Hawk and Short full Facial Hair


A faux hawk is akin to a Mohawk with a slight variation in its width. When combined with a beard it gives a rugged and masculine look and is mostly sported by men in the younger age group. The style will also shift the focus on the top of your head and will also be able to provide for more angular features.


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