20 Best Brush Up Hairstyle for Men and Boys

Brush Up Hairstyles

Brush up is a very simple yet iconic hairstyle that has been on trend these days. It is similar to having spikes to your hair yet there are plenty of styles this hairdo can be done. You can choose to have a quiff or have an undercut or fade to the sides while brushing up the middle part of your hair. 

What is the Brush Up Hairstyle?

A brush up hairstyle is basically the one where the hair on the top is brushed upwards in a messy way to create some volume and style. This hairdo suits men with both thin and thick hair. For thick haired men, a quiff can be created to the front to add more definition.

In this hairstyle, the sides and the back are usually kept short to highlight the top. The sides are usually cut into an undercut or fade, which is trending lately. 

As simple as it is described, a brush up hairstyle is not just a single hairstyle. It can be created in several ways as per requirement and suitability. 

So, in this article, we bring you the top 20 brush up hair dos that men are usually fond of. 

What Do I Need For A Brush Up Hairstyle?

To create this brush up look, you will need some products and tools that help in getting the desired style. Take a look!

  • Hair Mousse: While you brush up the top part of the hair, not every strand will si as desired. So, you will need a hair mousse in this case. It helps in giving some volume to the hair while making it stay brushed up.
  • Hair Wax: To give a nice shape to the top, you will need a hair wax. It prevents flyaways while giving the hair some natural texture.
  • Hair Dryer: To tame your hair and to give it a nice shine, a hair dryer will be of great help. It also reduces the frizz from your hair.
  • Comb: A comb is a handy tool that is used to set the hair once the styling is done. It becomes necessary when you go out and get exposed to air frequently.
  • Hair Style Guide: This guide will be helpful in getting the haircut as you desire. With detailed instructions, a guide can help even the beginners in getting the brush up hairdo.

How To Do The Brush Up Hairstyle?

Here’s the step wise guide we have got for you to create the best brush up hairstyle. Take a look!

  • Take a warm shower and dry your hair with a towel till your hair is slightly damp.
  • If you have long hair, take a pair of scissors and cut the top portion of your hair to medium length i.e., 4 to 5 inches.
  • Next, cut the hair on the sides and back till the tresses are very short to resemble an undercut. You can also choose to use a razor and create a fade to the sides.
  • Keep all the tools (as discussed above) ready with you to create the brush up look.
  • Once you keep the top hair to medium length, take hair mousse and run it with your fingers all through the tresses.
  • Lift the hair upwards using your fingers to the desired length. 
  • Take a hair dryer and run it through those lifted up hair strands to make them stand perfectly. 
  • Now, you can use a comb to set the hair up for the final touch. 
  • Complete the process by taking more mousse or hair wax and lift the hair up again. 

All the above process is to make sure the hair is brushed back and lifted properly to give your hair some nice volume.

20 Brush Up Hairstyles For Men

Now that we have discussed the basic procedure for creating a brush up hairstyle, here are some of the best and creative ways of doing it.

1. Shorter Brush Up

Shorter Brush Up

As the name suggests, this hairstyle is created by cutting your short all over to let it remain just 4-inches long. Then, the top portion of the hair is lifted up to create a nice quiff which also looks like your hair is brushed up. This hairstyle best suits men of all ages. It makes you look trendy and presentable.

2. Quiff Brush Up

Quiff Brush Up

A quiff to the front of your face gives your hair an elevated look and also makes it appear thicker. So, it is mostly loved by all men. If you are a quiff lover too, you must definitely try this hairstyle. Here, your hair is cut such that a long quiff is created to the front, which is then brushed up to make you look contemporary.

3. Rockabilly Brush Up

Rockabilly Brush Up

This hairstyle gives the feeling of you being a rockstar (pun intended). But, yes, this haido does make you look trendy as your hairstylist will use a gel or wax to lift up your hair and also to prevent flyaways. So, it will obviously make you look attractive and presentable.

4. Skin Fade Brush Up

Skin Fade Brush Up

If you tend to attend parties a lot and would love to try out the best hairdo to make you look enticing, this one’s definitely for you. Here, a fade is created to the side so that your cheekbones are highlighted. Also, the faded sides makes the top look more voluminous and bouncy. So, your face looks more sleek and appealing.

5. Brushed Up with Undercut

Brushed Up with Undercut

Looking similar to a fade, an undercut is also a popular hairdo among men. However, the difference lies in how your sides look. In an undercut, you can clearly see a taper and the sides are not completely razed but are trimmed to perfection. So, this undercut hairdo with brushed up top suits not only the younger lot but also older men.

6. Thin and Shorter Brush Up

Thin and Shorter Brush Up

As we said, there is a brush up hairstyle for everyone, even if you have thin hair or have been experiencing receding hairline. This hairstyle is just for you. Here, your thin hair is cut short and is brushed up to resemble spikes. So, your hair will automatically look voluminous. Moreover, this hairdo suits men of all ages.

7. The Handsome Brush Up

The Handsome Brush Up

This hairstyle makes you look the most stylish and handsome as your hair is cut to the medium length, so your hair is left not too long or short. So, this hairstyle aptly lifts up your medium hair and gives it a nice volume. Meanwhile, the front part is lifted up for up to 2 inches to create a nice quiff.

8. Fade and Line Brush Up

Fade and Line Brush Up

This is a quirky, trendy and somewhat distinct hairstyle where a fade and a line is created to separate the sides from the front part. However, it does not suit men of all ages, only school or college goers or teenagers can try it.

9. Dark and Bright Brush Up

Dark and Bright Brush Up

If you have thick, black and long hair, this hairdo is for you. The tresses are left long and are combed back and set using a gel to make them more glossy. This is a perfect hairstyle for parties, outings or for a date night.

10. Cowlick Brush Up

Cowlick Brush Up

A cowlick hairstyle is best for people with thin hair. To get this hairdo, you hair is left messy to the front and is brushed up to give some thickness. You can even use a gel and apply it to the front through your fingers for a more defined look.

11. Slicked Back Brush Up

Slicked Back Brush Up

You can get this elegant-looking hairstyle by getting a fade done to the sides and then leaving the top voluminous. The top part is then brushed and slicked back to make your forehead much more visible. So, this hairdo suits men with small faces or oval-shaped faces.

12. Disconnected Brush Up

Disconnected Brush Up

This hairstyle is different from the rest of the brushup’s as your hair at the front is lifted to a medium level and is left disconnected from the sides. You neither see a fade or an undercut to the sides but it’s just that the hair at the sides is left short. If you have thin hair, you can use a mousse or wax to lift up the front hair.

13. Medium Hair Brush Up

Medium Hair Brush Up

If you always like to keep your hair to the medium length and flaunt your wavy tresses, this hairstyle is best for you. To get this hairstyle, you can use a gel and run it on the top using your fingers to create a brushed up look. This hairstyle is mostly natural and requires no much effort to get it done.

14. Line Up Spiky

Line Up Spiky

Spikes are everyone’s favourite. But, it is not that easy to get the spikes you desire just with the natural hair you have. So, if you want to lift up your hair through spikes, you can try this line up spiky hairdo. As seen in the image, a fade is created to the sides and the top is left thick and medium in length. Then, using a gel, the entire top portion of your hair is lifted up to create beautiful spikes. 

15. Rocking Pompadour

Rocking Pompadour

Brush up is a versatile hairstyle using which you can create multiple hairstyles. This pomp hairstyle is one such example. As you already know, pompadour has been famous among men for decades. You can get a perfect pompadour after brushing up your top hair and leaving the sides shorter. However, to maintain this pomp hairstyle, you need to visit your salon regularly.

16. Classic Brush Up

Classic Brush Up

This brush-up as the name indicates is a classic hairstyle where no fade or undercut is used to make the front look bouncier. It just requires your hands and a gel. You can choose to keep the sides as long as you want. However, you need a comb and a gel to brush the sides backwards. In the same way, you can lift up the front portion of the hair to create a nice volume. This hairstyle suits men of all ages.

17. Dark Hair Brushed Up

Dark Hair Brushed Up

This is a casual hairstyle which only requires you to have thick and dark hair. The brushed up look is created just by using your finger and a hair product. You also choose to have a fade or an undercut to the sides. 

18. A La Quiff Brush Up

A La Quiff Brush Up

As different as it sounds, this hairdo is nothing but lifting up your hair using a quiff. You can even take the help of a dryer and lift up the middle part of your hair either upwards or sidewards. To create a clear distinction, you can also choose to have a fade to the sides and back.

19. Brush Up With Side Fade

Brush Up With Side Fade

This is a beautiful hairstyle for younger boys where a deep fade is created to the sides. Then the front and top hair is chopped to medium length and is then brushed up, slicked back to give a nice look to the face. You can also use wax to create spikes for the top hair.

20. Longer Taper Brush Up

Longer Taper Brush Up

In this hairdo, the front and top hair is grown long in order to help you easily brush it up without the use of any hair gel or wax. You can even choose to tie the top hair into a bun for a stylish look. Meanwhile, the sides are cut short or can be faded according to your requirement.


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