20 Best Brush Up Hairstyle for Men and Boys

The Brush Up hair style is a trendy hairstyle, which males under the age of 25 in Europe and the United States wear some time or the other.

What is the Brush Up hairstyle?

There is some similarity of the brush up hair men hairstyle with the Quiff, except that the entire hair is lifted upwards in place of a forelock. This simple hair up brush style needs the hair at the back and on the sides to be trimmed for  having a tapered haircut.

What Do I Need For The Brush Up Hairstyle?

All you need for the brush up hairstyle men are:

  • Hair Mousse – The hair mousse is for adding more volume to your hair and for defining the curls.
  • Hair Wax – You will nee the hair wax for shaping the hair while providing your hair with a natural texture.
  • Hair Dryer – While styling an epic hairstyle brush up you will definitely need a quality hair dryer to get rid of the teasing frizz.
  • Comb – A comb can be handy for giving the final touches to provide a detailed styling.
  • Hair Style Guide – A Hair Styling Guide should always be helpful to properly guide you for flaunting a stunning brush up haircut for men.

How To Do The Brush Up Hairstyle

These steps can help you to know how to do a brush up hairstyle.

  • Take your morning shower and dry up the hair with a towel (not a dryer) to leave the hair a little damp.
  • Cut the hair on the top to medium length about 4 to 5 inches
  • Clip the back and the sides very short, resembling a taper, undercut or a fade.
  • Make sure you have the tools ready for the brush up haircut for men.
  • Get your hair ready for the brush up hairstyle men by using a hair mousse or a hair wax for adding more volume to the hair and to shape it up easily.
  • Make sure that there are no locks by coating them with a mousse or a hair wax.
  • Lift the hair with your fingers pointing the dryer towards it
  • Continue the process until you have reached te required height
  • You can use a comb for lifting up the hair
  • Finish off by applying more wax or mousse and repeating the lift up

20 Brush Up Hairstyles For Men

Here you will find 20 brush up hair cuts that have been compiled after carefully selecting them from an exhaustive list of brush up hairstyles for men.

#1: Shorter Brush Up

Shorter Brush Up

This is a simple brush up hair cut, where the hair is cut short to about 4 inches and lifted up using either a comb or fingers. A hair wax is used for shaping up the hair properly. The front portion looks like a short quiff which makes this brush up hair style trendy.

#2: Quiff Brush Up

Quiff Brush Up

Having a quiff in your hairstyle brush up will make you look bold and beautiful. The use of a blow dryer and a comb make this style to shape up properly. You can also get your hair blonde and the quiff a little higher. Men with long and straight hair can easily have this brush up haircut for men.

#3: Rockabilly Brush Up

Rockabilly Brush Up

This brush up hair style is really rocking, where the hair is cut to medium length, hair wax applied and lifted to form like a small pompadour. The side part is a little deep to highlight the brush up. This hairstyle can be perfect for men with an oval shaped face.

#4: Skin Fade Brush Up

Skin Fade Brush Up

This is a brush up cut with skin fade, which is one of the most followed by men when attending casual parties. The shorter hair on the top is lifted up and a hair wax applied to keep the shape, while the sides are skin fade to create a contrast with the brush up.

#5: Brushed Up with Undercut

Brushed Up with Undercut

This is an undercut brush up hairstyle where the combination of the lift and undercut makes the style absolutely rocking. The hair is made blonde and lifted in the front portion with the fingers and the sides are undercut right into the area around the ears.

#6: Thin and Shorter Brush Up

Thin and Shorter Brush Up

This brush up hair style is for those having thin hair. The hair is cut short and brushed up to somewhat resemble the spike cut. The front is lifted to a height of about 2 inches, leaving the sides shorter. Men of all ages can wear this brush up hair style.

#7: The Handsome rush Up

The Handsome rush Up

Not by  the name, but by this brush up haircut for men that this hairstyle is so stunning. The hair mousse makes this styling easier, where the hair is cut to medium length and then brushed up with a comb up to a height of about 2 inches.

#8: Fade and Line Brush Up

Fade and Line Brush Up

This brush up hair style is more attractive because of the hard line and the fade which are strikingly contrasting to the brush up. The hair is lifted and a hard line is created to separate the brush up with the side fade. The use of a hair wax and a hair dryer is noticeable in this hairstyle.

#9: Dark and Bright Brush Up

Dark and Bright Brush Up

This is a brush up haircut for men with dark and thick hair, where the hair is lifted and combed to one side with the other side having a fade. This is a party style where the hairstyle can be matched with any type of outfit.

#10: Cowlick Brush Up

Cowlick Brush Up

The Cowlick hairstyle is one of the trendy hairstyle for those having short hair. The cowlick will need the hair to be brushed up and made a little messy at the top. This brush up cut is a cool and smart hairstyle for the young generation, needing little maintenance.

#11: Slicked Back Brush Up

Slicked Back Brush Up

The hair is first cut to medium length, brushed up and then slicked back, leaving the front tapered just in the middle of the forehead. The sides are cut short to make this brush up hairstyle for men a fabulous one.

#12: Disconnected Brush Up

Disconnected Brush Up

This hairstyle is different from the rest brush up hairstyles, where the hair is lifted to a considerable height and disconnected. It resembles a quiff with the sides cut very short. Here a brush is used instead of a comb for lifting the hair neatly and a mousse used for holding onto the shape.

#13: Medium Hair Brush Up

Medium Hair Brush Up

The hair is allowed to grow naturally to a medium length, a hair product is applied for easy styling, and then the hair is lifted up with the use of the fingers. Some strands stick out from the front above the forehead while other parts are scattered all over.

#14: Line Up Spiky

Line Up Spiky

The hair is brushed up to be styled into spikes and a line drawn across the forehead from one side to the other. The sides have an undercut to create a contrasting style. The spikes are styled to a considerable height to look unique.  Skilled hand will be required for this brush up hair style.

#15: Rocking Pompadour

Rocking Pompadour

This brush up hair style is the pompadour, which has been popular since decades. A perfect pompadour is styled after brushing the hair up and leaving the sides shorter. The pomp looks shiny for the use of a hair styling product. This hairstyle will need regular visits to the salon.

#16: Classic Brush Up

Classic Brush Up

This brush up style is a classic style where volume is added to the hair and then brushed up to form a taper shape in the middle. The sides are also left thick and dark to add more weight to the brush up cut. You can use your fingers to lift and style this haircut.

#17: Dark Hair Brushed Up

Dark Hair Brushed Up

This is a hair up brush style where the hair is needed to be dark and thick. The lift is made by using the fingers and styled in a shaggy way to look casual. This is a cool hairstyle where you will need the hair trimmed regularly to maintain the shape and style.

#18: A La Quiff Brush Up

A La Quiff Brush Up

You can add variety to the quiff hairstyle when styling this brush up cut. With the help of a dryer and a comb, the styling of this quiff can be made straight or sideways. In this hairstyle, the brush up is repeated to hold the shape of the style.

#19: Brush Up With Side Fade

Brush Up With Side Fade

Here the sides are first faded and then the hair is brushed up to a height of about 2 inches and slightly slicked towards the back. Prepare the hair before you start the styling, preferably by using a quality hair mousse so that the styling is made easy.

#20: Longer Taper Brush Up

Longer Taper Brush Up

In this brush up hairstyle men the hair is lifted and tapered by having the hair cut in different lengths all along the top of the head. Although this hairstyle is not difficult to maintain, you will need a professional barber to style this haircut and help to maintain the style in proper shape.

The brush up haircut for men can be one of the best and modern haircuts provided you know how to do brush up hairstyle, which can be done by following a hairstyle guide book.

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