What is Low Fade Haircut – 20 Best Low Fade Hairstyles and Tutorials

Low Fade

In this day and age, men are breaking stereotypical norms and are embracing ever-changing trends. Some hairstyles for men are best suited for particular seasons. The styles that work great in summer are not necessarily suitable for winters and vice versa. There are a few styles that are suitable for all year long. The fade cut and its variations work great at any time in the year and look remarkable when combined with other exotic hairstyles.

What is a Low Fade Haircut?

The fade haircut has been in trend from the beginning of the 20th century. As decades passed, this desirable haircut has evolved into remarkable variations such as high, medium, and low fade. In the decade of 1980, low fade has earned great prominence due to its low maintenance and amazing versatility.

A low fade is a gradual decrease of hair volume from top to the bottom particularly at the sides and back. You keep the faded area limited to the lower portion of your head, which is closer to your ears. Unlike high or mid fade, for low fade, you have more hair above and closer to your temples. There are different ways to pull off a low fade, from acute drop fade to the distinctive bald fade, you can groom styles to meet either a classy or a hipster vibe.

How to Style a Low Fade Haircut?

  • First, select the prominent hairstyle that you wish to combine with the low fade.
  • Select a limited portion around your ears and give a guideline using clippers.
  • You can either go for a drop fade which is the tapering extending to the back of your head or a regular low fade.
  • Since your faded area is small, the variation between the long hair and the short is layered very closely.
  • Use a trimmer with zero setting for tapering down to the scalp at the bottom.
  • Let the hair be long as you move up away from the ears.

As we mentioned earlier, low fade is truly versatile and works great with several eminent hairstyles. You need to be wise enough to select the hairstyle that goes great with the shape of your face and facial features. Check out the list below where we brought together 20 iconic low fade hairstyles.

20 Best Low Fade Hairstyles

1: Low Fade for Curly Hair

Low fade for curly hair

The versatility of low fade extends up to hair textures. It works great even with curly hair and the style you are looking at is a fitting example. Assuming you are going with less hair on the top, take care of the sides and the back of your head first for a highlighted top. Give a standard low fade below the temples and let it reach up to the nape. Cut short the hair on the back above the fade and below the crown to limit the curls only to the top. Apply a styling product and style your hair with a round brush. Let the hair rest in the direction you want. You can also go with a few strands falling on your forehead getting yourself a few curly bangs.

2: Cool Brushed up Low Fade

Cool brushed up low fade

You can attain a getaway look or a professional look with this hairstyle. First, soak your hair with water sprinklers to mend your hair easily. Make a parting above the temple on one side. Give a low fade below the temple. Let the hair on top have decent volume and length. Let the dampened hair dry to apply pomade or hair mousse. Use a comb to style the hair from the existing part. Comb the hair backward diagonally. Keep the temples and sideburns sharp and straight and if you fancy a beard, let the sideburns transition into the beard smoothly.

3: Thick Quiffs with Low Cut Fade

Thick quiffs with low cut fade

A low fade gives you a wider platform to try out a great many popular hairstyles. Give yourself the trendiest makeover with a thick quiff. First, give a classic low fade which is the tapering below the temples extending to the back of your head. Give casual grooming on the top to keep the hair to a medium length and keep your straight hair neat. Let the hair in the front be a little bit longer than the rest. Apply hair gel or pomade and neatly comb your hair in an orderly fashion. Comb the hair strands in the front upward to attain a thick quiff.

4: Stylish Low Fade with Razored Curve

Stylish Low fade with razored curve

This is one of the finest options available for black men who are looking for a neat makeover. Reduce the hair volume uniformly all over your head using clippers. Give a simple low fade on the sides and back starting right below the temples. Give a lineup on the forehead and temples. Let the straight lines between the temples and forehead have a right angle variation. You can support this hairstyle with a beard of your choice.

5: Perfect Low Bald Fade Haircut with Beard

Perfect low bald fade haircut with beard

The low bald fade is the subtle combination of the razor with the clipper. Give a base guide on the side right below the temples. Instead of trimming down the hair on the bottom with zero settings, shave the hair in that area with a razor. Taper the area above with a clipper to attain a neat fade. Cut down the hair in other areas for a neat and well-groomed look. Apply hair mousse or hair gel to make your hair shiny and flexible. Comb your hair smoothly with a neat part on any one side. If you like to have a beard, make sure it starts below the sideburns.

6: Best Low Top Fade Haircut for White Guys

Best low top fade haircut for white guys

This simple yet striking hairstyle is adored by many young men these days. Maintain the hair on the top somewhere between short and medium. Give a uniform low fade on the sides and back with a downward arch starting below the temples. Apply hair gel and wait until it gets dry. Now use a comb and style your hair in the direction you want. You don’t have to keep the temples and sideburns necessarily sharp. If you like to get yourself a beard let it fade out below the sideburns.

7: Low Fade with Slicked Back Hair

Low fade with slicked back hair

Slicked back itself has many variations providing an incredible mixture of class and mean. Give your sides a low fade with tapering to the skin above the ears. Leave good volume and length of hair on the top. Apply hair mousse and wait until it is dry. Comb all your hair to the back from the front. Keep the temples and sideburns neat and sharp. Make sure the hair below the crown on the back of your head is short but still in line with pulled-back hair. If you like to grow a beard, let it fade out below the sideburns.

8: Low Fade Curly Hair with Long Fringes

Low fade curly hair with long fringes

This is another intriguing style to embrace your curly hair. First, give your sides and back a uniform undercut over which give a low bald fade. For the hair on the top, assuming it is naturally curly, apply pomade or hair mousse. Use a round brush and neatly comb your hair in the direction you like. You can also get bangs with curls falling on your forehead. You can be creative with the faded sides by getting yourself a few captivating designs or a plain hard razor part.

9: The Low Taper Fade Haircut with Pompadour

The low taper fade haircut with Pompadour

Pompadour is one of the most popular hairstyles that has always been in trend. With a classic low tapering fade on the sides and back, you will be highlighting the hair on top with enough volume to rock decent pomp. Add a lineup between temples, sideburns, and forehead hairline. Let the hair on top have a long length on the front and gradually decreased the length towards the back. Use the best quality styling product and apply it all across your hair. Make a pompadour in the front by combing the hair strands upward.

10: Textured Quiffs and Low Fade Taper

Textured quiffs and low fade taper

Men with dense hair quality can easily pull off textured hair. A textured quiff can be attained very easily and with enough low fade, it is elevated very well. Give a standard low fade starting below the temples with a downward arch extending to the back of your ears. Apply pomade or hair gel and let it rest for a while. Use a comb and make a part between one side and the top of your hair. Using the same comb make a quiff in the front and let the rest of your hair on the top follow it like layers.

11: Cool Low Fade for Afro Guys

Cool low fade for Afro guys

This is yet another beautiful style that makes black men’s hair look more intriguing. Give either a drop fade or the standard fade on the sides and back. Add a lineup haircut by sharpening the temples and the hairline on the forehead. For the next part, you might need the assistance of a hairstylist or your barber. Grow your hair to a great volume and let it be uniform with thick curls. Use hairspray if you have to for keeping the style intact for quite some time.

12: Designer Low Fade with Long Hair on Top

Designer low fade with long hair on top

With this style, you will be having decent chances to be highly creative. Give a classic undercut on the sides and back of your head. Also, give a standard low fade to the sides and extend it to the nape. You are left with faded hair to the bottom and low-length hair between the faded area and the crown. You now have the sides as a canvas to be as creative as possible. You can go for the design of your choice. The style you choose on the top depends on your hair texture. If you have curly or wavy hair, apply hair mousse and comb your hair with a round brush. You don’t have to allocate a direction to your hair but keep it free from any tangles.

13: Comb Over with Designer Low Fade

Comb over with designer low fade

A fade cut gives you enough space to design intriguing shapes. A low fade elevates these designs to the next level. Give a bald fade to your sides and let it extend to the back of your head. The designs you get on the sides and back look more compelling if you have dark hair with a thick texture. Choose the design of your liking and shape on the faded area with the help of a barber. Finally, leave the hair on top thick and long but with casual grooming over the edges. Apply a hair styling product of your choice and comb your hair backward either straight or diagonal.

14: Cool Low Fade Cut with Glasses

Cool low fade cut with glasses

This short hairstyle gives you a tough guy look without even trying. Give an undercut to the sides and back and on which you give a standard low fade. For the hair on top, cut the hair to any level between short and medium. Keep the hair unvaried all over the top except for the front, where you leave it a little extra long. Apply a good quality of trustworthy styling product for further styling. Make a quiff in the front by combing the hair on the front upward. You can rock this style with or without a beard, so it is totally up to you whether you fancy one or not.

15: The Low Taper Fade with a Side Part

The low taper fade with a side part

A side part has been in trend for several decades now due to the classiest look it easily brings. When combined with a low fade, the side part brings funky and class together. First, groom a low fade below the temples and going around your ears. Give the temples, sideburns, and forehead hairline sharp edges to make a perfect lineup. Make a hard side part just above the temples with edges connecting with a sharp forehead hairline. Let the hair on the top be anywhere between short and medium. Apply hair gel and neatly comb the hair sideways away from the part.

16: Black Low Fade Haircut Long on Top

Black low fade haircut long on top

There is no debate on the fact that black men have beautiful hair. With this style, you are embracing the beautiful hair texture in an intriguing way. Give a uniform bald fade starting below the temples and going all the way back to the nape. Keep the temples and forehead hairline sharp and straight as if shaping three sides of a square. Get a professional’s help or apply the best quality styling product. Blow-dry your hair as you comb it upward attaining a long top.

17: Short Wavy Comb Over Low Fade Hairstyle

Short wavy comb over low fade hairstyle

You can try short wavy hair or you can have a short comb-over. You can also groom those two styles together by adding a low fade. Start with a uniform bald fade starting below the temples and extending to the nape at the back. Cut down the rest of your hair to a real short length except for hair strands in the front. Comb your hair flat to any side. Comb the long strands in the front to any side making a small quiff. Make sure your face is free of any hair.

18: The Low Fade Long on the Top Textured Haircut

The low fade long on the top textured haircut

We have already established how well the low fade elevates striking hairstyles like pompadour and quiff. The style you are looking at is similar to those styles with a tremendous amount of hair left on the top. If you have red or blonde hair, give a distinctive look by giving a low bald fade around the ears with a downward arch to the nape. With this subtle tapering, you are creating neat contrast between your skin tone and the hair color. Make a parting on the side and trim down the hair below that part. Don’t reduce the hair length on the top except for casual grooming over the edges. Apply hair gel and give it some time to sync in. Neatly comb your hair upward and then to the back so that it rests with huge pomp in the front.

19: Messy Low Fade with Long Hair

Messy low fade with long hair

Straight hair is the best platform to attain spikes. Even with a little extra long hair, you can pull off spikes with the right grooming. Give a standard low fade to the sides and the back. Support the fade with sharp temples and sideburns. Reduce the hair volume to the level where sharp spikes are plausible. Apply hair mousse to keep the hair shiny and flexible. Use a comb and your hands neatly arrange your hair in a certain direction and give yourself spikes. Keep the forehead from hair by making a quiff in the front.

20: The High- Low Blend Fade Haircut

The high- low blend fade haircut

With this hairstyle, you will be giving yourself a sharp as well as intriguing look. First, give a uniform tapering on the sides and back. Then give a hard part to make the tapering look more artistic. If you are going for the design shown in the picture, you will need a razor to make a wavy hard part. Give a low fade starting below the part ending around the ears. Give a lineup haircut to make this style more compelling by shaping the temples and forehead hairline sharp and straight. For hair on the top, apply pomade and casually comb the hair backward.


A low fade haircut not only blends in with the hairstyle you desire but actually makes the style better than ever. As you can see, from pompadours to slicked back, a low cut adds more definition to your hair. Use the list above as a reference for your next grooming session. Pick the one that suits you best but also keep an open mind for experimenting once in a while. You may yet to find your signature style. Happy grooming!


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