The 8 Best Pubic Hair Trimmers For Men 2023 Reviews

Remington Body Grommer Kit,Beard Trimmer

It is an undenied fact that when it comes to clean your intimate areas, girls have outgrown the men.

Well now its time for the men to move forward with these electric pubic hair trimmers

Now cleaning your pubic hair is just an hassle-free process and can be done in minutes. Read the below-mentioned points to select your ideal trimmer.

Run time

This is an important factor as it would tell you how long your device can run after a complete charge. So you can plan out your grooming process accordingly.

Wet and Dry Trim

If you are looking for closer trim then go for wet trimming. This would require shaving foams or gels.

Whereas dry trim would not require any sort of preparation and this can be done by people with sensitive skin. As for a dry trim, blades do not come as close to the skin.

Trimming length

This would depend on your hair. If you have longer hair initiate with higher comb length followed by shorter.

Now that you know the basic factors to consider while purchasing. Go through our 8 best-listed products that you can buy just in a click.

 For other queries refer to our Buying Guide which will give you in-depth details on purchasing factors, step to help you clean your pubes and also answer to your awaited questions.

Best Pubic Hair Trimmers For Men

Pubic Hair TrimmersRun TimeWet / Dry TrimmingTrimming lengthsBuy Now
Philips Norelco Bodygroom Trimmer and Shaver 120minutesBoth 3mm -11mmCHECK ON AMAZON
Panasonic Electric Body Groomer Trimmer40minutesBoth 0.1mm-3.6mmCHECK ON AMAZON
Manscaped Electric Groin Hair Trimmer 90 minutesBoth ---CHECK ON AMAZON
Y.F.M Electric Groin Hair Trimmer60minutesBoth 3mm, 6mm, 9mm
and 12mm
Philips Body Trimmer and Shaver50minutesWet 0.5mm-3mmCHECK ON AMAZON
Mangifts Pubic Hair Trimmer for Men120minutesBoth 0.5mm-3mmCHECK ON AMAZON
Remington Body Beard Trimmer 70minutesBoth 2 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm,8 mm, 10 mm,
12 mm, 14 mm, and 16 mm
MANGROOMER Ball Body Trimmer -Both Minimum 1.6mmCHECK ON AMAZON

1. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Trimmer and Shaver for Men

philips Norelco Trimmer and Shaver

This is a versatile trimmer. This does not only shave your groin area but can also be used to shave shoulder, arms, leg and chest, Its lengths can be easily changed without changing the attachment. This can run for the highest run time as compared to other products that is 120 minutes. It’s 4 directional pivot heads gives a comfortable shave. While it’s round tip blades give a safe and smooth shave. 

Its length ranges from 3mm -11mm. 

Key features

  • Steel blades
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Waterproof
  • Lithium battery
  • Run time 120 minutes
  • Charging time 80 minutes


  • Shaves well without any nicks or cuts
  • Can be used for both wet and dry
  • Lengths can be changed quickly
  • Steel blades


  • Takes 80 minutes to charge


If you are looking for a lightweight and easily manoeuvrable device then this the best product for you. This can not only be used to shave groin are but also hands, legs, shoulders and chest. This is a quite versatile product and runs for 120 minutes.

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2. Panasonic Electric Body Groomer & Trimmer for Men 

Panasonic Trimmer for Men

This best list would be incomplete without mentioning Panasonic Electric Groomer. This I shaped design lets you manoeuver in any direction. It’s wide edge and hypoallergenic blades give you a smooth shave with least irritation. With you a V-shaped head you can easily be assured to clean groin and glutes. Just like our first best product, this can also be used to shave your underarms, hands, legs and back. 

This comes with an additional three attachments 

When used without attachments, it gives a close shave of 0.1mm. Whereas 0.08 inch can be achieved with one attachment and ¼ inch and ⅛ inch followed by the longer attachments.

Key features

  • Minimal teeth gap
  • Waterproof
  • The convenience of wet and dry shaving
  • 3 attachments


  • Precise cutting blades
  • Hypoallergenic blades
  • Cordless 


  • Teeth might be damaged


If you are looking for a multi-tasker trimmer with attachable blades, then this is your buy. It comes with three attachment that offers you a length of 0.08mm, ¼ inch and ⅛ inch. Be rest assured for a smooth and safe shave with its hypoallergenic blade.

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3. Manscaped Electric Groin Hair Trimmer

Manscaped Electric Groin Hair TrimmerFor safe and comfortable personal grooming, the brand Manscaped has become an obvious choice for many users. The brand is supplying the most efficient pubic hair trimmer that safely grooms your manhood without any trace of discomfort.

The trimmer ensures safe grooming without any cuts, nicks, or irritation with its unique Skinsafe Technology. It features rust-free ceramic blades for long-lasting sharpness and uncompromised hygiene.

This ergonomically designed trimmer comes with a smoothly curved body and non-slip grip that lets you trim effortlessly. Furthermore, the trimmer comes with IPX7 waterproof protection that comes in handy if you wish to groom under the shower or when you are cleaning it under running water.

Its powerful 600mAh battery lasts up to full 90 minutes after fully charged. You can recharge the battery using the USB cable and the charging dock you receive in the package.

Key features

  • Ceramic rust-free blades
  • Ergonomic design
  • Good non-slip grip
  • 600mAh Li-ion battery
  • 90-minute running time


  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy design
  • Rust-free blades
  • Durable battery


  • The battery is prone to corrosion
  • Extra care must be put


It is no doubt an expensive appliance to own but if we look at its build quality and its features you can understand the reason behind the price. It is given strong and sturdy blades that trim your hair with great precision and they are designed to last long. With a durable 600mAh Lithium-Ion battery, it runs without any interruptions for a full 90 minutes.

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4. Y.F.M Electric Groin Hair Trimmer

Y.F.M Electric Groin Hair Trimmer

Y.F.M brand has everything you will ever need for your beauty and personal care. The brand is supplying the well-reviewed electric body trimmer that grooms your entire body including underarms, chest, and groins.

This cordless trimmer comes with a 600mAh battery that can last up to 60 minutes once fully charged. You can charge the battery whenever you need, with the USB you receive along with the trimmer.

It is designed to give comfort to the user while holding it and its body material has sweatproof protection so you can hold it conveniently for as long as you need. Moreover, the body is completely waterproof, which means you don’t have to worry about damaging it while cleaning it thoroughly with water or using it under the shower.

The trimmer features highly durable ceramic blades that trim your body just the way you wanted. You are advised to use the guide combs you receive while grooming your private parts to avoid injuries on your skin.

Key features

  • Battery: 600mAh
  • Elegant unique design
  • Long-lasting blades
  • Designed for the whole body


  • Sweatproof
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • Battery life can be improved


It is a reliable personal grooming appliance for your whole body. Though the battery life is comparatively low, the trimmer makes up for it with its easy-to-charge accessories. The brand provides safety measures for you to follow to avoid injuries especially while grooming private parts.

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5. Philips Norelco Bodygroomer – Body Trimmer and Shaver

Philips Body Trimmer and shaver

Though you are buying a trimmer to clean your groin area. But a wise buy would be product that you can use to clean any place below the neck. Philips Norelco Bodygroomer is one such versatile product.

Its 3 dimension pivotal heads contour to your natural body shape and let you trim at any curve along with its round tip blades. The best part about this product is that it has dual-sided designs that lets you shave and trim at the same time. This can serve you for 50 minutes while charging for an hour. Its LED indicator shows the battery status (full, low and charging).

This package includes an electric trimmer, one charging stand, power cord and cleaning brush.

Key features

  • Ergonomic design
  • 5 built-in lengths(⅛ inch- 11/25 inch)
  • AA batteries
  • Waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic blades
  • Cordless 


  • Can be used for both wet and dry shaving
  • 2 years warranty
  • 45 days money-back guarantee


  • Expensive product


This product is definitely worth buying. It helps you clean not only the groin area but also arms, legs, shoulder and chest. But this comes at a higher range as compared to other products. So if you are willing to shed that extra amount, then this product is good to go, to serve your grooming needs.

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6. Mangifts Pubic Hair Trimmer for Men

Mangifts Pubic Hair Trimmer for MenThe pubic hair trimmer from the brand Mangifts is a one-time purchase you’ll make for long-lasting personal care. It comes with sturdy ceramic-titanium blended blades that are not only self-sharpening but also can trim your body hair smoothly with decent precision.

The trimmer is designed to provide long service with its built-in lithium-ion battery that can be recharged at any time. Once fully charged for 2 hours, the battery runs for up to 120 minutes uninterrupted. 

When it is time to recharge you can either place the trimmer into a base that is connected to the power source or you can charge it directly with the cable. Moreover, the trimmer comes with an LED display that shows battery life and when it is time to charge.

With IPX7 protection, the trimmer can be cleaned thoroughly with water without a doubt. You can remove the detachable heads for cleaning the trimmer inside out. And, you will be receiving a decent length long brush for better cleaning.

You can use the trimmer at any time of the day as it does not disturb your family with its noise. The powerful motor features denoise technology that brings down the noise level to 50 dB.

It is designed with extra care for better grooming below the waist. You are advised to follow the instructions carefully while trimming private areas to avoid injuries. Along with groins, you can use it to trim other body parts such as underarms, chest, arms, etc.

Key features

  • Lithium-ion battery
  • LED display
  • Ceramic-titanium blades
  • IPX7 waterproof protection
  • Denoise technology


  • Two ways to charge
  • Low noise
  • High power motor
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable to hold


  • Expensive appliance


It is relatively expensive but it has proven to be a reliable appliance to own. Its sturdy built and user-friendly handle is among many better features the trimmer has to offer. Its unique features such as Denoise technology and IPX7 waterproof protection make this an ideal choice for your grooming.

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7. Remington Body Groomer Kit, Beard Trimmer 

Remington Beard Trimmer

This is an affordable option for head to toe grooming needs. This comes with 9 attachments Full-Size Trimmer; Foil Shaver; Nose, Ear, and Detail Trimmer; Vertical Body Hair Trimmer and Body Hair Trimmer Comb; Hair Clipper Comb with 8 Length Settings; 3 Beard and Stubble Combs.

While its length ranges from 2 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm,8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, and 16 mm. This can run for 70 minutes.

This offers a two-year warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee.

Key features

  • Self-sharpening surgical blades
  • Washable attachments
  • Wet and dry shave
  • AA batteries


  • Lets you trim facial hair too
  • 8 length settings
  • Foil head


  • Not very durable


This is also an affordable option and this can also be used to trim your facial hair too other than the purpose it is bought for. With its 8 different comb lengths, its convenience of shaping and trimming as per your requirement.

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8. MANGROOMER – Ball Groomer & Body Trimmer 

Mangroomer Ball Grommer and Body Trimmer

This 7th generation trimmer is quite nifty. This is a combination of two shavers. One side shaver offers double-sided trimmer and a foil blade that can trim short and long hair effortlessly to give you a smooth feel. Along with this it also features a shock absorber multi-functional flex neck that follows your natural body contours.

The second shaver has 8 length settings that give you a detailed trim. This can get as close as 1/16 inch. 

Talking about its battery, its new lithium MAX PLUS can run 5 times longer than the standard NiHD/NiCad.

This package includes LITHIUM MAX PLUS+ Body Groomer, bonus foil, power adapter, cleaning brush, charging cradle, safety and operating instruction manual written in English, Spanish, French and German.

Key features

  • Wet and dry shave
  • 2 in one shaver
  • Charge light indicator
  • 8 length settings
  • Ergonomic design
  • 2-year warranty


  • Shock absorbing flex neck
  • Charge light indicator
  • An extra replacement foil


  • More suited for dry shave than a wet shave


A multipurpose trimmer and best thing is it just one device that can do all the work. No hassle of changing the comb, just switch the sides and groom yourself. Though this comes at a higher price, but this would not be a bad deal to invest in. 

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Things to consider before you purchase a pubic hair trimmer

Referring to these factors will give you a better understanding of the things you should look for while you are purchasing.

Trimmer Length 

Not every person has the same length preference. Everybody might not want to pluck out every hair but trim it or shape it as per needed. So you must check out the length settings before you buy a trimmer.

Run Time

Run time is an important factor that you should consider. This will tell you how long a device can run. Our listed products can run for a minimum of 40 minutes to 120 minutes. This is quite a range to finish your grooming needs.

Along with this don’t forget to see the charging time required. Some product also comes with the replaceable battery where charging is not required. A battery can last for 1-1.5 months before you replace. 

 Wet and Dry Trim

Wet and dry shave is absolutely a subjective choice. Most of our listed products can be used for both wet and dry shave. So you would be in much dilemma while selecting a product depending on this factor. 

It all depends on how close you want your trim. A wet trim will give you a closer option as compared to dry trim.

But if you have sensitive skin dry trim would be a better option.  


These are features that you should look for. Most trimmers can only trim pubic hair. But the majority of our listed products can be used on to clean other places rather than just the groin area.

Some models also come with special attachments for a specific use.

Now you can choose a product if you want to serve different functions or just focus on one.


The extra combs, cleaning brush that you receive on the purchase just acts as a bonus. These tools just give you more convenience. 

Some products are also versatile enough to serve all-purpose without any other attachments.   


This is one factor that you need to look for. Most products come with 1 or 2 years of warranty. This is a good duration to test out a product. Even a defect that takes long to come to notice should be noted before its warranty period.

Steps to Trim at Ease

Trimming your pubes can be critical. This is a delicate job but we are here to guide you through this process. Here is a step by step guideline that will help you trim at ease

  • Rinse it

Take a nice warm shower that will relax your skin and make your hair softer. This will give you the convenience of trimming at ease without much hassle.

  •  Choose a suitable place

You definitely would not want somebody to run into while you are trimming. You won’t even want to make the area of messy. So choose a place where you are comfortable to trim and cleaning the area after your trimming is done is easier.

  • Select the right comb length

Depending on the growth of your hair choose the right comb. If your hair is long start with a long comb and then move to a shorter comb. This will avoid clogging. 

  • Clean it up

After trimming clean the area well and pat dry it. In order to prevent any itching use a moisturizer to hydrate it. An unscented moisturizer would be better if someone has sensitive skin.

Safety tips

When trimming your pubic hair you should be more careful to avoid any injuries. Here are some safety tips that you should ensure

  • Go slow on delicate areas, to avoid any nicks or cuts
  • Pull the skin to avoid any hair pulling or skin coming in contact with your blade
  • Use a mirror for a better view
  • If you have longer hair, use a long comb attachment first and then short comb to avoid clogging.
  • Trim in the direction of hair growth 
  • Do not use a dull blade to avoid cuts or hair pulling
  • Take a break and clean out accumulated hair
  • Make sure to start with a full charge, to get the job done in a go

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should pubic hair be trimmed?

You might not have noticed but pubic hair doesn’t continue to grow unlike other areas of hair. It stays at a specific length until it is trimmed. It takes about 1-2 weeks for it to reach this length. So you can trim it once or twice a week depending on how short you want it to keep and also your growth.

2. Is it important to apply any aftershave?

Definitely, it is always better to use a moisturizer after you have shaved your pubic area. This will prevent any kind of itchiness or burn that might be caused due to trimming.

3. When should the blades be changed?

There are some ways that will indicate when to change the blades. When your blade will get dull it would not give you a smooth trim. There might be more chances of getting nicks or cuts. It might also hold on some hair or leave some while trimming. 
So it is suggested to change your blade every three months. You must also keep your trimmer clean and maintain hygiene. 

4. How to minimize itching after trimming the pubic area?

This is a common problem especially if you are new to trimming. It always better to wet trim instead of dry. You could also use an unscented moisturizer to keep the area hydrated.
Try wearing loose fitted clothing till the itching subsides.


Here you go. Trimming your pubic hair is actually good for you. It will give you comfort and help maintain your hygiene level. Now that you have gone through our buying guide. You can surely select a perfect trimmer for yourself from our 8 best pubic hair trimmers. But if you would ask us what is the best among these bests. Then we would definitely recommend Philips Norelco Body Trimmer and Shaver for Men. This can run for the highest time 120 minutes and is versatile enough to trim other areas than just the purpose you are buying it for. With the highest reviews, it is surely everybody favourite. 


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