Best 20 Low Maintenance Mens Haircuts 2023

Low Maintenance Mens Haircuts

Low Maintenance Haircuts: There are innumerable hairstyles for men among which there the hairstyles which need regular maintenance, but there are some others which will need low maintenance. These low maintenance haircuts are for those who have little time to care for their hairstyles. It is not necessary that you will need short hair, because there are low maintenance natural hairstyles for long hair also.

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Here are 20 low maintenance hair cuts you can choose from, which can match your face shape and the quality of your hair.

#1: Classic Taper Haircut

Classic Taper Haircut

This is one of the short low maintenance haircuts where the hair on the back and the sides is faded and the hair on the top is kept longer than the rest.

#2: Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut

This is one of the low maintenance haircuts for men which is a simple hairstyle which will need zero maintenance. The hair has the same length all over and can be styled at home.

#3: Clipper Head Shave

Clipper Head Shave

You may have no hair at all which will require no maintenance. This is one of the low maintenance hair styles where the head is shaved clean with th use of a clipper set.

#4: Long Buzzcut

Long Buzzcut

This hairstyle is one of the many options that you can flaunt when following the low maintenance mens hairstyles. A number two blade and a hair paste are used to style this haircut.

#5: Butch Cut

Butch Cut

The Butch Cut is yet another example of the many low maintenance haircuts men where you will need to cut to hair very short. Using a clipper set to medium length, you can bring perfection to this haircut.

#6: The Taper Fade

The Taper Fade

This one of the timeless low maintenance mens haircuts which is versatile and suits most of the shapes of the face. The hair on the top is longer than those on the sides and the back.

#7: Wavy Shag Haircut

Wavy Shag Haircut

This is a casual and low maintenance hairstyle perfect for those having wavy hair. The long layers of the hair give a shaggy look and a little pomade could give the perfect shape.

#8: Crew Cut

Crew Cut

The Crew Cut is one of oldest haircuts needing zero maintenance. This one of the low maintenance haircuts for guys which gives the haircut a fading pattern that makes this haircut unique.

#9: The Regulation Cut

The Regulation Cut

If you have to choose from easy maintenance haircuts, then the Regulation Cut can be an ideal one. This haircut is a version of the longer army style haircut where the hair seems to disappear into the skin.

#10: The Spiky Haircut

The Spiky Haircut

Those with straight hair can have this haircut as the best option when flaunting any of the low maintenance short haircuts. The hair on the top is kept longer for tapering with the back and the sides cut shorter.

#11: The Induction Cut

The Induction Cut

The hair is styled very short on the top and the sides and back shaved to give a cool appearance. This is one of the no maintenance haircuts which allows you to save much time on hair grooming.

12: Taper Haircut:

Classic Taper Haircut

This is among the easiest and low maintenance hairstyles for fine hair where the hair on the top is longer than the sides and is tapered on the top by using a gel and a brush.

13: Short Messy:

Short Messy

This short and messy hairstyle needs little maintenance, as the hair on the top is slightly longer than the sides. The hair on the top is made messy using the fingers to ruffle the hair.

14: Buzzed Sides with Wavy Top:

Buzzed Sides with Wavy Top

The hair on the top is made wavy and the sides buzz cut to create a striking contrast. Using pomade will help to keep the hairstyle in proper shape. This is one of the formal low maintenance hairstyles for thick wavy hair styles.

15: Short Cut and Faded Sides

Short Cut and Faded Sides

This short haircut with the sides faded will need no maintenance at all. You will need only to trim the hair at regular intervals. This is one of the simple and casual and easy maintenance haircuts.

16: Classic Taper Fade

Classic cut

The Classic Taper Fade haircut is a simple and cool hairstyle where the hair on the top is kept longer than the sides and tapered at the top. This is one of the low maintenance haircuts for guys.

17: Butch Cut

Butch Cut

This hairstyle is similar to the Crew Cut with the exception that the hair I kept a little longer at the top with the sides cut very short. The sideburn joining the beard line makes this one of the smartest low maintenance haircuts for thick hair.

18: Classic Ivy League

Classic Ivy League

If you want to flaunt the latest bachelors hairstyle and yet be one of the low maintenance haircuts for guys, then the Classic Ivy League haircut is for you. The sides are faded and the hair on the top is parted to one side neatly.

19: Beach Style Surfer

Beach Style Surfer

This hairstyle is for those who are passionate for beaches and is one of the low maintenance haircuts. You don’t have to spend much time for grooming the hair.

20: Easy Crew Cut

Easy Crew Cut

As you know crew cut hairstyles are not only popular for the smartness but also for the reason being one of the low maintenance haircuts for men. This hairstyle is a demonstration of the same.

Speaking about styling the low maintenance mens hairstyles, you do not have to spare much time whether it is in the morning when you are about to rush for office or when yu are late for a dinner party. Some of these hairstyles can even be done at home.

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