Best Hot Air Brushes for Short Hair: Reviews and Buying Guide

best hot air brush for short hair

Remember the time when you had to hold your hair with one hand and blow-dry with another?

Yeah, it was a difficult time. But things changed when hot air brushers hit the market. They are so much more fun and easy to operate.

But, finding a hot air brush for short hair is challenging. Short hair has different needs. A big brush with a wide barrel won’t fit your length. Your hair will stick to one place, and you won’t ever achieve the desired results.

But how will you know which will work for you, when each of them claims to work the best? Well, it’s simple. Just remember these 3 key points before you head out to the reviews.

1. Brush Size: The first thing to consider when looking for a hot air brush for your short hair is the brush size.

  • Medium length hair: If you have hair below shoulder length, choose anything between 1-2.5 -inch.
  • For shoulder-length: For shoulder-length hair, 1 to 2-inch wide brush will be good enough.
  • Very short hair: If you have very short hair, choose the brush size of 1 to 1.5-inch and no more than that.

2. Barrel material: The best quality barrels are made of ceramic. Ceramic is a great heat conductor; it distributes the heat evenly and protects the hair from heat damage. Tourmaline is also another good option.

3. The bristles: Soft bristles are good for straight and fine hair. Look for firm and thick bristles with standard spacing, if you have thick and curly hair. It will help smoothly tackle your thick and frizzy hair.

Today, in this article, we will be reviewing 5 best hot air brushes that are designed for short hairs. If you want to know more about hot air brushes before finalizing your buy, we have also put a detailed buying guide at the end of this article.

Best Hot Air Brushes for Short Hair

Hot Air brush for short hairBrush SizeBarrelHeat SettingsWarrantyBuy Now
INFINITYPRO By CONAIR Hot Air Spin Brush 2-inch, 1 ½-inchCeramic tourmaline 2 heat setting
and Cool setting
Revlon Hot Air Brush1-inch, 1 ½-inchCeramic Coated2 heat setting
and cool setting
John Frieda Hot Air Brush 1-inchTitanium Ceramic2 heat setting
and cool setting
ROMANCELINK1.7 inch, 2.1 inches,
and 3.5 inches
Ceramic Coated3 heat settings.
No Cool Setting
JOYYUM Rose Gold Hot Air Spin Brush 1-inch, 2-inch Ceramic Coated2 heat setting
and cool setting



The Infinitypro by CONAIR is probably the best airbrush to get at-home shiny, silky frizz-free hair. It looks premium, sleek, and stylish and does its job like a pro.

The brush comes with 2 spinning brushes- 2-inch and 1 ½-inch, which is perfect for styling shorter hairs.

The tourmaline ceramic coating on the brush is of the best quality, heats fast, and distributes the heat. The ion coating releases 100 times more concentrated ions, which protect your hair and gives it a lustrous shine.

The fine nylon bristles are anti-static and work wonderfully on thick, short, wavy hairs. But the bristles might not work for a very frizzy and curly hair.

The two-way spinning rotation helps to get various styles. You will find 2 different heat settings and cool settings with 2-speed settings.

The brush is quite compact, great for traveling. It weighs just 1.12 ounces, which you can hold without straining your arms.

The grip is good and easy to hold. The switches that control the rotation of the brush are quite sensitive. So, be careful. But then, due to the sensitive switches, the brush will not drag your hair with force, it will stop immediately after releasing the pressure.

The brush also comes with removable filters. This makes it easier to clean the brush. This brush also comes with a protective case. So, don’t worry, the equipment will not get damaged under the weight of your luggage.

Warranty: 3 Years


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple settings for temperature and speed
  • 2-way rotation for ultimate convenience
  • Filters are removable
  • Travel-friendly design
  • 3-years warranty


  • Poor power efficiency.
  • Get overheated too fast, making the airbrush stop frequently.

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2. Revlon Hot Air Brush

Revlon Hot Air Brush

If you are on a tight budget, here is the best option for you. The Revlon hot airbrush kit comes with a diffuser for hair drying and 2 additional brushes—1 and 1 ½-inch, for styling.

The small brush is suited for short hair, even the shortest hair, and it allows to curl hair very close to the root. 3X ceramic coated barrel heats up fast and protects the hair from heat damage.

The bristles are very soft and don’t hurt your scalp. The built-in ion generator releases negative irons that reduce static, making hair smooth, shiny, and frizz-free.

The button layout is also pretty convenient. There are 3 different heat and speed settings. The brush can be served as a dryer, but it is not powerful enough to dry wet hair. The manufacturer recommends using it on 80% dry hair.

The brush very quickly gains the desired temperature, and the speed of the rotation is quite good for getting desirable curls. It’s super lightweight, weighs 9.1 ounces. But the handle is comparatively wider, so not very convenient.

The downside of this product is the aluminum barrel. It gets hot quickly. And the high-heat temperature was a bit too high for some people.

Warranty: 3 years


  • Comes with a 1-inch brush
  • Heats up quickly
  • Lightweight and compact brush
  • Ceramic coated anti-static bristles
  • Affordable


  • The brush gets too hot on high-heat setting
  • Not travel friendly

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3. John Frieda Hot Air Brush

john frieda hot air brushJohn Frieda has designed and dedicated this brush for styling short hair. Its 1-inch broad brush may not be suited for long thick long hair, but it works a miracle on short hair.

The airbrush has a stunning design and the quality that is top of the line. It features a titanium ceramic barrel, which is one of the best in the market.

Besides the stunning design, the performance of the brush is also outstanding. It has 2 heat settings and a cool setting.

The nylon bristles are thick but spacious, which works for any type of hair, including the curly frizzy ones. The ball at the tips protects the hair and helps in detangling with ease. The anti-static bristles also release 2x time more ions, which adds shine.

It is an excellent airbrush for daily use. The grip is secure and has the right size to fit into your hand. The compact design and lightweight body (14.4 ounces) also make it suitable for travel.

There is a chance of getting your hair stuck in the barrel if you are not too careful. And it comes with just one attachment. However, for the price you pay, it’s a solid buy.

Warranty: 3 years


  • Very reliable and durable too
  • 1-inch brush perfect for short hairs
  • Nylon bristles with ball tips
  • Ceramic and titanium barrel
  • Travel friendly


  • Not suitable for thick hair.
  • Hair gets stuck in the barrel.

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4. Phoebe Mini Hot Air Brush 

Phoebe Mini Hot Air Brush If you want to have a budget-friendly hot airbrush, this Phoebe mini curling iron will be the best option. This one is suitable for fine, thick, thin, or curly hairs.

It just has a ¾ inch hot curling brush that’s sufficient for your short hair. By adopting a ceramic tourmaline ionic technology, it gives out negative ions that can reduce heat damage. Moreover, the brush locks the moisture and makes your hair smooth and healthy. 

Within 60 seconds, it heats up quickly to 390°F, and so it will be ready to use immediately even in busy times. You can set three different temperatures by simply looking at the LED temperature display.  

You can have perfectly different hairstyles – straightening or curls – that last all day. As it has high-quality nylon bristles and long tips, it keeps your hair and head safe and prevents burning while styling. 

As its name suggests, it is small and compact by 8.7 inches in length and lightweight (170g). So, it’s ideal for travel, and now you can make up your hair instantly wherever you go – even in your car! 

It supports a dual voltage supply of 100-240 V and can be used in any part of the world. As it just has a simple one-button switch, it’s easy to use. 

The brand offers a 1-year warranty period and the best customer service all through. 

Warranty: 1-year


  • Ideal for short and medium hair
  • Straightened and curly hair within minutes
  • Hairstyle lasts all-day
  • Fast heating 
  • Professionally recommended product
  • 2.5 m long swivel cord 
  • It comes with a travel bag. 
  • Inexpensive 
  • 1-year warranty 


  • It may not be suitable for thick hair sometimes. 
  • Some people complained that it had tangled the hair. 

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5. ZOIBV Hot Air Brush 

ZOIBV Hot Air Brush 

The next best hot air brush comes from the ZOIBV brand. It’s a multifunctional brush that can straighten or curl your hair and make it smooth and stylish. 

By its appearance, it looks beautiful with a matte finish material and a high-quality handle. It uses high-grade fire-proof materials that make it more durable. Moreover, it has an ergonomic design with a comfortable grip. 

This brush contains two combs of different lengths suitable for your long and short hair preferences. Unlike most other hot airbrushes, it has an oval head and looks good and larger. 

With an ideal ceramic heating technology, the brush becomes hot quickly. It has three different temperature settings and two wind speed settings to allow customized hairstyles.

It equips three adjustable gears that can be rotated easily to set the temperature and speed as required. 

Also, by its 360-degree rotating coil, you can enjoy a hassle-free hairstyling experience. 

If you want long-lasting curls and straightening effects,  we recommend using it after half-drying your wet hair. 

Overall, you can use this cute and reliable hot airbrush for all occasions at home, office, parties, and so on. 

Warranty: Not specified


  • It is multifunctional – dries, straightens, and curls the hair. 
  • Smooth and shiny hair
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use


  • The quality could have been better. 
  • It may be difficult to hold longer. 

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How to Select the Best Hot Air Brush for Short Hair?

A hot airbrush is a device that blows hot air while you brush your hair. But the performance of the said device depends on several factors.

As we said earlier, it is not easy to find the best hot air brush relevant to your need. You will find several brushes that look exceptionally good but doesn’t help with shorter hair.

So, there are a lot of things to sort through; you have to consider all the relevant factors, features, convenience, performance, and more.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hot Air Brush for Short Hair:

1. Brush Size

Your quest for the best hot air brush will start with the brush size. Well, most of the hot airbrushes come with a generic brush-size with a diameter between 1-2.5 inches. But it is also possible to get smaller or even bigger barrels as per your requirement.

If you have standard hair, medium in length, and strength, then an airbrush with a diameter of 1- 2.5inches will be more than enough.

If you have shoulder-length hair choose 1- 1 ½ inch brush. If you have very short hair that is shorter than shoulder length, choose a 1-inch brush.

  • The barrel type 

The barrel type is the next thing to consider. We are here to discuss the material used to make the barrel.

Most of the common airbrushes use ceramic as the primary material, as ceramic is quite an excellent conductor of heat while securing the required temperature. It heats up faster also protects the hair from heat damage.

Some airbrushes also use tourmaline elements. It is the combination of 2 different elements; the best combination will provide good heat distribution, required temperature, and reduce the hair damage.

Some more affordable brushes use aluminum barrel. They heat up very quickly and get too hot. Make sure it has a ceramic or tourmaline coating.

  • Bristles

Anyone who uses brush knows that the bristles are crucial. Here, the work of the bristles is to regulate the heat produced inside the barrel.

Now, the type of bristles. There are several options available. But we recommend short bristles if you have short hair. We would also recommend you to get soft bristles, but it is entirely your choice. As some people prefer harder bristles, it helps them untangle the hair, especially when it’s very curly and stubborn. But others usually prefer softer ones.

If you have a thick head of hair, then you must go for some coarseness. So, look for bristles with good enough length and standard spacing. It will help smoothly tackle your thick and textured hair.

2. Heat Settings

The heat settings are very important. If you are unable to specify it, tremendous heat will most definitely damage your hair.

But the required temperature depends on the type of hair. If you have fragile hair, then use a low temperature. It will reduce the risk of damaging the hair. On the other hand, if you have thick hair, then high heat is necessary. So, you have to look for an airbrush that can reach the required temperature.

Now, the majority of airbrushes are equipped with different heat settings. Which means you will be able to choose low temperature if you have thin hair but also choose high temperature if you have thick hair.

To control the heat, you have to select multiple settings. Some of the modern brushes are equipped with little displays that show the present temperature. This level of accuracy most definitely reduces the risk of damaging your hair.

3. Grip

Finally, the grip is mainly for comfort. The majority of airbrushes come with an ergonomic design.  But if you look close enough, you may find one or two which lack a comfortable grip.

A perfect handle should be comfortable, and the grip should not slip also. You don’t want to add the risk of damaging the equipment after it falls from your hands. Just make sure that the airbrush you are getting has good gripping, and if you have small hands, then get a brush that is not too big. Locating such a brush may take a long time, but it will be perfect.

Additional Features

Lastly, there are a few additional properties that you should look into while making a purchase.

1. Speed settings

Some advanced models have rotating speed settings. Multiple speed settings will help you curl your hair faster.

2. Length of the Cord

The cord length may not be the first factor you should check, but it may become a concern if the wall socket is too far away. We recommend getting a brush with big enough cord so that you can use it freely.

3. Portability

The hot airbrushes are a portable device, but their size and weight usually vary. If you travel too much and usually carry the airbrush with your luggage, then get a small and lightweight brush.

4. Price

The premium air brushes can be very expensive. So, if you have a big budget, then go for them, they are a long-term investment. But budget-friendly options are available too.

5. Brand

You may what to stick to reputed brands due to reliability, but they can be expensive. The brand name somewhat guarantees that you are getting a good product with access to a few additional features.

6. Warranty

Warranty can be an indicator that you are getting the right product. Longer the warranty better the product. You can easily get 2-3 years of warranty on a branded model.


So, this was all. We hope the buying guide was helpful. We tried our best to research and find out only the best models that are suitable for short hair. You probably have found out what you were looking for.

If you haven’t and want us to suggest one, we say go with The Infinitypro by CONAIR Air Spin Brush.

It comes with two brushes, 1 inch, and a 1.5-inch. You can try different hairstyles, even if you wish to have longer hair. It also has dual speed settings and a two-way rotating brush. The price is on the higher side, but the ceramic barrel, compact and travel-friendly design, and a 3-years warranty are worth every penny.


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