The 10 Best Blue Color Hair Products Reviews & Buying Guide


A fashionable blue color, one among the many funky shades, gives a stunning look to your natural hair. It has become one of the best favorites for girls, and they don’t miss a chance to add those assorted bluish hues. As it is versatile and vibrant, you should definitely experiment with this hair color and be in sync with today’s trends. However, you may be bewildered to choose one from the thousands of blue hair color shades in the market. 

But, no worries! In this article, we have provided the 10 best blue color hair products, their pros, and cons to help you find an absolutely right choice. However, you have to consider the below two important factors to have the appropriate blue tinge to your hair. 

  • Semi-permanent or Permanent Lasting Effect: Hair color can stay temporarily on your hair or remain permanently. So, initially, prioritize the desired color lasting effect and then go for the semi-permanent or permanent blue hair colors. 
  • Different Blue Shades: Blue hair color has infinite choices like Poseidon, Atlantic blue, Poseidon, and many others. So, consider the distinctive shades of blue hair color and decide the lovely favorable tint to match your hair.  

Yet, it’s not just enough. You’ll have to keep in mind certain other crucial things before purchasing the best hair color product. We have listed them in the ‘Buying Guide’ given below the product reviews. 

Best Blue Color Hair Products 2023

Blue Color Hair ProductsTypeShadeBuy Now
Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair ColorSemi-permanentPoseidonCHECK ON AMAZON
Keracolor Clenditioner Hair DyeSemi-permanentSilver blueCHECK ON AMAZON
L'Oreal Paris Colorista Hair ColorTemporaryBlueCHECK ON AMAZON
Celeb Luxury Viral ColorditionerSemi-permanentBlueCHECK ON AMAZON
Punky Semi-Permanent Hair ColorSemi-permanentAtlantic blueCHECK ON AMAZON
Manic Panic Rockabilly Blue Hair ColorSemi-permanentRockabilly blueCHECK ON AMAZON
L'Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair ColorSemi-permanentBlueCHECK ON AMAZON
EFLY Temporary Hair Color WaxTemporaryBlue, violet, silver, greyCHECK ON AMAZON
Color X-Change Semi-Permanent Hair ColorSemi-permanentMood of blueCHECK ON AMAZON
Spdoo Unisex Multi-Color Hair DyeWaxBlueCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Blue Color Hair Products Reviews

1. Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair ColorArctic Fox presents to you a semi-permanent hair color. The shade of the hair color is poseidon, which is a dark shade of blue. Arctic Fox provides vibrant colors products that are completely vegan. The manufacturer also assures that no animal is harmed while manufacturing the product.

It is a semi-permanent hair color and does not contain a trace of harmful chemicals. The color is formulated in such a manner that when the color fades, it remains within the original spectrum of the color. Even when the blue will fade it will still have its gorgeous blue hue.

To get the best results from the color, the manufacturer advises applying it to pre-lightened hair. The hair colors are gentle for your hair. It also restores the vibrancy of the hair and conditions it.

The hair color product has a swell smell and is free of peroxide, PPD, ammonia, and ethyl alcohol. You can apply the hair color very easily. It takes only 40 minutes for the color to set. It is manufactured in southern California and usually lasts for a month or two. The hair type as well as the hair care routine also determines the amount of time the color will stay.

Product Information:

Type: Semi-permanent

Shade: Poseidon

Item form: Cream

Item weight: 4.9 ounces


  • Takes only 40 minutes for the color to set.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Fades within the spectrum of the original color.
  • Vegan product.


  • The color stains.

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2. Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye

Keracolor Clenditioner Hair DyeKeracolor brings to you a semi-permanent hair dye. This product is available in silver-blue color. The color is produced by combining blue and silver, making it a unique color. This hair color is vegan-friendly. Also, no animals were harmed during the manufacturing of the color.

The Keracolor clenditioner is a conditioning cleanser. It is nonlathering that infuses color with every wash. This product uses a keratin base. This promotes strength, softness, and shine in your hair. The best results can be observed in lighter hair colors. The color is free of gluten and paraben. The clenditioner hair color promises to last for 10-15 months. This also depends on the kind of shampoo you are using.

The hair color does not contain any harmful chemicals and prevents the hues from fading. To get maximum intensity out of the hair color, it is advised to apply the hair color for several times until you achieve your desired color. The color is easy to apply.

You should apply the hair color on wet hair. The time you need to keep the hair color depends on the length of your hair. After keeping it for the desired time, rinse it well.

Product Information:

Type: Semi-permanent

Shade: Silver Blue

Item form: Cream

Item weight: 12.7 ounces


  • Infuses color with every wash.
  • Free of gluten and paraben.
  • It promotes strength, softness, and shine to your hair.
  • Prevents hues from fading.


  • Does not cover gray.

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3. L’Oreal Paris Colorista Hair Color

LOreal Paris Colorista Hair ColorL’Oreal is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to hair care products. They have been delivering several hair care products for several years without compromising on its quality. This is a reason why L’Oreal is trusted by professionals.

It is a temporary hair color product that allows you to experiment with your look without any commitments. This color lasts for only a day and washes away with shampoo. There is no requirement for bleaching your hair before applying this. It allows you to have a vivid hair color temporarily. It is gentle on hair. It allows you to play with your hair. If you are planning to get a new shade but unsure how it will turn out, the Colorista helps you clear our doubts. This color is compatible with all kinds of hair.

This vivid color is very quick and easy to apply. It covers the total area of your hair. There is no need to wear gloves before applying the Colorista. It also works well with weaves, extensions, and wigs. You should remember to apply the color in dry hair. This product is free of silicone.

Product Information: 

Type: Temporary

Shade: Blue

Item form: Spray

Weight: 2.01 ounces


  • Allows you to experiment with your look.
  • Gentle on hair.
  • Covers the total area of hair.
  • Washes of with shampoo.


  • Makes your hair stiff after applying.

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4. Celeb Luxury Viral Colorditioner

Celeb Luxury Viral ColorditionerCeleb luxury brings you a vibrant blue semi-permanent color. It is an advanced hair color that has 3 qualities in 1 color. The conditioner color by celeb luxury acts as a shampoo, color, and bond rebuilder. This color does not damage your hair.

The color has been formulated using the colorposit technology. This technology helps in making your color bright with each wash. Often, hair colors tend to make your hair dry. This color moisturizes your hair and maintains the shine and luster of your hair. It nourishes your hair as well. The hair color is free of parabens, peroxide, sulfates, ammonia, and PPD. you can use this product to color your hair completely or highlight your hair. It uses the porosity of your hair to add color naturally.

The hair color product is a plant-based product. If you don’t want the color to fade away, it is recommended to make color appointments. But, the color fights against getting faded also. You need to apply the hair color on wet hair and keep it for 2-5 minutes. The color will intensify after using the hair color after repeating the procedure for 2-3 times continuously.

Product Information:

Type: Semi-permanent

Shade: Blue

Item form: Cream

Weight: 8.47 ounces


  • It is a plant-based product.
  • Is not tested on animals.
  • Makes the color bright with each wash.
  • Fights against getting faded.


  • It unevenly dyes your hair.

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5. Punky Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Punky Semi-Permanent Hair ColorThe punky hair color brings you a semi-permanent hair color. It is atlantic blue in color. It enhances the shine in your hair and makes your hair gentle. It gives you a new look without any commitments. It is a 100% vegan product. This hair color is not treated on animals for testing.

Applying this hair color transforms your hair into the deep Atlantic blue color. It makes your hair silky as well as shiny and changes your look. This color is safe for all kinds of hair as there is no need to add peroxide. This also prevents the hair from becoming dry, nourishes strands, and prevents hair from breaking. Even after applying the hair color, your hair looks healthy and does not have any hair damage.

The color is enhanced with keratin that allows it to have a long-lasting effect. Before fading, the color can handle up to 35 shampoos. You need to apply the hair color using a tint brush at the roots of your hair. Before rinsing it out, you need to keep it for 15-30 minutes. The product is free of ammonia, PPD, GMO, and paraben.

Product Information:

Type: Semi-permanent

Shade: Atlantic blue

Item form: Cream

Weight: 4.8 ounces


  • Gives a new look without any commitments.
  • Vegan product.
  • No need to add peroxide.
  • Prevents hair from drying, breaking, and nourishes hair.


  • At the time of applying, the color gets stained.

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6. Manic Panic Rockabilly Blue Hair Color

Manic Panic Rockabilly Blue Hair ColorManic panic is an independent and feme-owned as well as operated brand. This brand has been in the market for more than 4 decades. Manic panic offers you a semi-permanent rockabilly blue hair color.

It is a neutral blue dye and a very strong color. It leaves a cool tone on unbleached as well as virgin hair. To prevent unwanted hues, it is recommended to have light hair or blonde hair. This color lasts 30% more than classic high voltage as it consists of three times more pigment. After applying the color, it lasts for six to eight weeks. This color can also mix with different tones and colors. You don’t need any developer before using this.

This color consists of only vegan ingredients. It is not tested on any animals. It is manufactured in the USA and is free of parabens, PPD and ammonia, gluten, phthalate, and resorcinol. It is also accredited by PETA.

Product Information:

Type: Semi-permanent

Shade: Rockabilly blue

Item form: Cream

Weight: 5.08 ounces


  • Neutral and string color.
  • Lasts for six to eight weeks.
  • Does not require a developer.
  • Can be mixed with different tones and colors.


  • Lasts less than what is said.

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7. L’Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color

L'Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair ColorWhen it comes to professional hair products, the one brand that comes to our mind is L’oreal Paris. It gives different hair products of the best quality. Loreal Paris presents to you colorists, a semi-permanent hair color. It is available in blue shade.

This hair color has been created by combining different beautiful shades that range from bright vivida to light pastels. The best results can be observed when it is used in medium blondes or platinum light, highlighted, or bleach hairs. It is a conditioning mask. This makes the product easy and quick to apply. It contains no ammonia and does not require any mixing. It is free of peroxide.

The hair color product lasts for 4-8 shampoos. If you want the color to not fade away, then you need to touch up the color. You need to apply the hair color in dry hair. It is recommended that you skip touching the color in your scalp and apply it wearing gloves. To get the best results out of the color, keep the color for 30 minutes. After that thoroughly wash your hair.

Product Information:

Type: Semi-permanent

Shade: Blue

Item form: Cream

Weight: 6.33 ounces


  • Created by combining different shades.
  • Acts as a conditioning mask.
  • Easy and quick to apply.
  • Does not require any mixing.


  • The color does not wash away before 20-25 washes.

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8. EFLY Temporary Hair Color Wax

EFLY Temporary Hair Color WaxLook no further than EFLY Temporary Hair Color Wax! This water-based styling wax weighs 4.23 oz and is made with 100% natural plant extracts, so you can be sure it’s safe for both your scalp and the environment. With its ability to mold, shape, and sculpt your hair while dyeing it black, you can create any hairstyle you desire while staying unique and stylish. And don’t worry about hair damage – this product is easy to apply and wash off. With its refreshing unisex fragrance, you’ll smell great whether you’re a man or a woman. Whether you’re getting ready for Halloween, cosplay, parties, or just looking to switch up your look, this product is perfect for any occasion. You can enjoy a new hairstyle every day at home without going to a salon. So go ahead, elevate your hair game and get noticed with EFLY Temporary Hair Color Wax.


  • Eco-friendly and scalp-friendly, made with natural plant extracts.
  • Easy application and wash-off with no damage or stickiness.
  • Fresh unisex fragrance.
  • Quickly create unique hairstyles at home.
  • Ideal for Halloween, cosplay, parties, or everyday use.


  • Only available in black color.
  • Results may vary depending on hair type.
  • Temporary color may not last as long as permanent dye.
  • Small amount may not be enough for long or thick hair.

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9. Color X-Change Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Color X-Change Semi-Permanent Hair ColorColor X-Change allows you to change your hair color and your looks with this semi-permanent hair color. It is a gentle dye decorizer. Manufacturers aim to provide hair products that help you maintain the health of your hair. It also helps you have beautiful and bold hair color.

This semi-permanent is available in the color mood of blue. It is a dark shade of blue that can be applied easily and quickly. It is ready to use the product and requires no mixing. The bright and vivid blue color is made in the USA. It enhances the shine and allows you to take your hair color game to the next level by maintaining the moisture of the hair. It does not contain any chemicals and is free of any kind of fragrance.

The product is free of ammonia, peroxide, sulfates, and ethyl alcohol. It is made using vegan ingredients and is not tested on animals. The hair remains gentle as it is free of PPD. you need to apply the color to dry hair and let it rest for 20 minutes before rinsing it away.

Product Information:

Type: Semi-permanent

Shade: Mood of blue

Item form: Cream

Weight: 4.69 ounces.


  • Can be applied easily and quickly.
  • Ready to use product.
  • Allows your hair to remain gentle as it is free of PPD.
  • Free of chemicals.


  • The product is runny.

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10. Spdoo Unisex Multi-Color Hair Dye

Spdoo Unisex Multi-Color Hair DyeIt is a cream-based hair color presented by Spdoo. It is absolutely in different shades. It is a vegan product and no animals were harmed for the testing of the product.

It is a unisex product and can be applied to your hair without bleaching. It has the same effect. The color may differ slightly from what it is shown in the pictures. This color can be applied easily. It washes off with a single shampoo wash. It has a refreshing fragrance.

The product comes in a small tub that is easy to carry around. The effect lasts for as many days, you don’t wash your hair. You just need to take a bit of the cream in your fingers and slide it along the strand of your hair. You need to allow the color to dry. For drying, it takes only a few minutes.

Product Information:

Type: Temporary

Shade: Blue

Item form: Wax

Weight: 5.69 ounces


  • Portable.
  • Has a refreshing fragrance.
  • Can be used without bleaching hair.
  • Easy to apply.


  • Some people received products with broken seals.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Blue Color Hair Product

Blue hair colors not only enhance your natural hair color but also add zing to the lackluster tresses. With a plethora of options for blue hair color, you’ll be more confused to buy the right one. And, it’s common that we fall in the pits of wrong colors and end up in frustration. But, we bet you’ll make the correct choice once you consider these important things before buying a blue color hair product. 

The Lasting Effect – Temporary or Permanent?

Firstly, decide if you want the blue hair color for a few weeks or for a long way. Based on this, you can choose the dye that gives you a temporary or permanent lasting effect. 

For instance, a semi-permanent or a temporary one remains the blue flamboyance for a shorter time, say 3-4 weeks. And, it gets lost once you wash the hair with shampoo. Some blue hair dyes drain off for 4-5 shampoos and others get lost within a single wash. So, choose a pack that does not flush off in one wash to save your color and investment!

Coming to the others, the permanent blue color shades mentioned here, are not meant to have a permanent stay. But, yes, they remain longer and get lost after 30 – 40 washes. 

So, don’t miss to look at the label of ‘semi-permanent’, ‘temporary’, or ‘permanent’ labels on the bottle of the product.

Different Blue Shades 

A blue color itself is a new way to game-changer for your hair outlook. Moreover, numerous hair color shades are available in the market nowadays to fulfill those lovely unique hair tinge desires. You’ll find – blue, Poseidon, Atlantic blue, Rockabilly blue, violet, Mood of blue, purple, silver blue, pastel blue, turquoise, and many more. Don’t get vexed as you have a wide choice. 

Just carefully look at the color over the product, and view any online review videos to observe the specific blue shade. Then, make a favorite pick. 

Your Natural Hair Color

A blue hair color looks different on your black, blonde, or brown natural hair. However, it should show a beautiful tinge. So, you have to grab a blue shade that syncs your natural hair color. A wrong choice may make it weird and leave you in annoyance when going out. 

We recommend meeting your professional hairstylists to know which one suits your natural hair color. Generally, you’ll have two choices within the current hair color shade – lighter and darker. Moreover, if you are a beginner, you can try for a lighter shade first. But, if you already have colored hair earlier, you can stick to a different darker blue tone. 

Your Skin Tone

Though you are looking for the hair color, you should even consider the skin tone. If you choose one that matches your skin and eye tone, you’ll have a vibrant appeal. But, with an unmatching shade, you may imbibe a sick vibe. 

We suggest you go for the teal or light blue shade if you have pale or porcelain skin. Whereas, the exact blue hue turns good for medium skin tones. Besides, if you have a dark complexion, you can have a royal blue, cobalt blue, denim hue, or midnight blue shade that looks bright and attractive.

Hair Texture 

Not all have the same hair texture. You may have coarse or fine patterned hair. And, it’s important to consider the hair texture when purchasing a blue hair color. If you have coarse hair, you need a darker blue splash for a better-visualized look. Moreover, it appears much healthier and moisturized as well. But, if the thick hair is more porous, stay away from pastel blue shade. 

Furthermore, you need more hair color to dye the thick locks of your mane. So, grab the color pack with more weight or volume. 

On the other hand, if your hair is fine and thin, you can go for a lighter blue tint for a shiny look. And, yes, you just need a low-volume pack to add blue color to your hair. 

Hair Type 

Even the hair type determines the blue hair color you need. Yes, you need different shades or products of blue hair color based on the porosity, curly, wavy, coiled, or straightened features of your hair. 

If you have coiled, curly, or wavy hair, you’ll need more blue shade. Moreover, the color may not stay longer on your kinky or spring-like tresses. So, to retain the stylish hair coloring for a long time, you have to use darker blue jazzy colors, that too in larger amounts. 

On the contrary, straight hair does not have ups and downs. And so, the reflection of light on such colored straight hair, assures an awesome outlook. So, even lighter blue tints can work well. However, for your straight hair, the amount of blue color shade you need varies based on your hair length. 


For any hair care product, you have to check the composition or ingredients. Especially when you are purchasing a blue hair color, consider the chemical and natural ingredients present in it. You have to buy those which have useful and pleasing ingredients but not harmful and harsh chemical substances. 

Ingredients to Look For – 

Several synthetic and plant-based ingredients impart blue color to your hair. Get help from your hairstylists to know the safe chemicals you can use. Peroxides are the most common chemicals present in hair colors – the amount of peroxides determines how long the color stays on your hair. Too much peroxides can also damage the hair. So, check the presence of peroxides on the product pack. 

Furthermore, you can also go for products having natural dyes obtained from fruit and nut extracts, leaf concoctions, and others. They not only give a bright and attractive look to the hair but also assure safety to the scalp and the hair. Therefore, the blue hair color with natural components is safe for people having scalp issues. 

Also, certain color dyes have moisturizing components and nutritional ingredients that moisturize and nourish the hair. Some even act as a conditioner and hair mask to make your hair shiny. 

Ingredients to Avoid 

There are certain ingredients to avoid in blue hair color dyes. Usually, ammonia is a common compound of any hair color, and it opens the hair cuticles to allow the color to penetrate deeper. So, the color lasts longer. 

But, too much ammonia can reduce the moisture from the hair and damage it. Therefore, you can use hair colors having another chemical ethalmonie instead of ammonia as it causes only less damage but does not saturate the hair cuticles in color. 

Apart from ammonia, your blue hair color should also be free from sulfates, parabens, gluten, and silicone.  

Is it Vegan?

To prevent unnecessary hair and scalp damage with chemical stuff, nowadays, blue hair colors are designed vegan. And so, they are cruelty-free and completely avoid animal-based ingredients and testing on animals. So, if you have sensitive hair and scalp issues, you should prefer a vegan blue hair color for next-level safety. 

Certified Approvals

Blue hair colors which are certified safe, organic, and vegan by organizations like PETA are trustworthy. So, check for this certified approval mark on the product. This way, you can sort out the real ones from the fake bottles in the market.  

Item Form 

Blue hair color comes in different forms – cream, spray, and wax. While this item form is not considerable for some, it’s a big thing for others who are so sensitive to touch and apply. 

Yes, each form has different compatibility to apply and use. Though all are easy to apply, some people feel uncomfortable to wear gloves when applying the cream or wax forms. So, it’s better to go for a non-greasy cream or wax hair color. Also, make sure that it is not watery to apply without hassles. Besides, we also suggest you find the holding effect of the hair color and time taken to dry up the cream form. 

Now, those who have no time to prepare the color, can go for the spray form. You can just have a few sprays, and that’s it! You are done with the hue!!


Though it seems trivial, it is good to consider the smell of the hair color product. The blue shades come in different fragrances – nice ocean smell, floral fragrances, refreshing scents, and so on. So, check and consider a cool-odored hair color to apply comfortably. 

If you are smell-sensitive, stay away from those with pungent smells. 


By reading the online reviews from the internet, you can derive a better choice. As they are honest, you can find how practically the color fits your hair. Through these reviews, you can understand certain simple things like the application and feasibility of the blue hair color. 

Usually, we like to have an easily applied color and avoid messy stuff. So, check this from the reviews – find if the color stains the hand or not. Some brands offer blue hair colors which do not mark your hands, and so you don’t need to wear gloves either. 

Though the product contains the consistency of the hair color, you will have a clear idea of it when you go through the reviews. 

How to Dye Your Hair with Blue Color?

Not just the right blue color purchase does your job. You should also know how to dye your hair with a specific blue shade. But, perform a patch test before coloring your hair, and observe if it irritates you. If you don’t face any irritation, redness, or inflammation, you can follow these simple steps to dye the hair. 

  • Wash your hair well with the best nourishing shampoo. But, skip using the conditioner now. 
  • Then,  towel dry the hair, detangle it and section your hair appropriately.
  • But, some blue hair colors are to be applied on dry hair and not wet hair. So, you can miss the above two steps. 
  • According to the directions given on the pack, mix the dye color properly. 
  • Wear gloves if necessary, and start applying the color all over the hair without missing any portion. We suggest you start at the hair ends and then move to the rest area. 
  • Cover each section slowly checking that the entire area is colored. 
  • Then, leave the dye over the hair as per the instructions given on the product pack. Keep a plastic cover or a shower cap to rest it. 
  • Later, rinse your hair with cold water. If your product comes with a shampoo and conditioner, you can use it to clean the hair. 
  • Then, let the hair dry naturally for best results. Don’t use a blow dryer. 

How to Maintain a Blue Hair Color?

Once you have blue hair color, you should maintain it perfectly. 

  • Avoid shampooing the colored hair for 72 hours.
  • When washing your hair, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Otherwise, too many sulfates in a shampoo or conditioner can drain off the hair color. If available, you can use color-protectant shampoos too. 
  • Do not wash your hair with too hot water. Use lukewarm or cold water instead. 
  • You have to limit your hair washes to retain the color for a longer time. 
  • If possible, you can use dry shampoos instead of the normal ones. This way, you can save the color drainage through the rinsing water. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I apply the blue color to dry or wet hair?

Blue hair colors are designed in different ways – some are applied to dry hair while others on damp hair. So, look at the product and follow the directions given on the back. 

2. Does the blue hair color also work for weaves or wigs?

Yes, you can even dye your weaves, wigs, and other hair extensions with blue hair color. But, remember to color it only as per the instructions given on the product.

3. Who should avoid a blue hair color?

Guys who have several pink undertones should not go for the blue hair color as it looks awkward and has less vibe. 

4. How can you maintain blue hair color?

To maintain blue hair color you must follow the steps mentioned below:
*After coloring and before shampooing, wait for a minimum of 72 hours.
*Try using a sulfate-free conditioner as well as shampoo.
*Reduce the water’s temperature while shampooing.
*Try to wash your hair less.
*Use dry shampoos, when you have an off day.

5. Which skin tone people should avoid blue hair color?

People who have a complexion that has several pink undertones should stay away from the product. This color should be avoided by these people as their complexion is quite close to the hues and will not bring out the vibrancy of the color.

6. Does blue hair color fade fast?

Yes, blue hair color can fade faster when washed frequently. And you have to maintain it with the color touch-up every 6-8 weeks. So, you have to use a color-safe shampoo, color depositing conditioner, and toner to keep the dye for a long time. 

7. How often should we wash hair if we have colored it blue?

It is good to wash your hair very little if you have blue hair color. Make sure that you wash it not more than 3 times a week to preserve the color. 

8. Is it possible to not bleach my hair before coloring it blue?

If you have a darker shade of hair, then you can try coloring your hair dark blue without bleaching. This will not lighten your natural hair color and will damage your hair less. But you will not get a quality finish if you are not bleaching your hair.

Final Word

A blue hair color expresses a new look to your hair, and it even shows your fashion desires. However, when it comes to choosing the right blue shade product, you have to be mindful of certain important things like the lasting effect, hair type, different blue colors, and many others. Our buying guide assures you to know more about that stylish blue hair color you want. 

You can also pick the hair color from our list of best products. Among them, we recommend the Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Color that gently dyes your hair with the Poseidon shade. It is even free of ammonia, PPD, peroxide, and other harmful chemicals, and assures high-level safety. 

If you are still unsure about any of the products or the buying guide mentioned above, put your queries and suggestions here. We will also be pleased if you share your opinions in the comments section below. 


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