ASAP Rocky Braids: How to Get Hair Like Rocky Braids

Braided Ponytai

Rapper ASAP Rocky, well known for his hip hop music and as a record producer is the man who created the signature hairstyle known as the asap rocky braids style.

There is a range of braided hairstyles that are both casual and stylish and perfectly befitting for outfits like the jeans and the hoodie, and other looks that ASAP Rocky sported during his events. These braided hairstyles amply demonstrates the amazing sense in hair fashion, which looks eccentric yet out of the world. This range of rocky braids includes the dreads, cornrows, man braids and the French braids.

How to Do ASAP Rocky Braids

  • Step 1 – Separate the hair into 3 or more strands. Hold the first 2 strands within the palm of your right hand, while holding the 3rd strand within the palm of your left hand.
  • Step 2 – Turn over your right arm so that your palm is facing down, which will change the position of the right strand to the middle and the middle strand to the right.
  • Step 3 – Switch over your hands, holding the right strand within the palm of your right hand and the middle and the left strands within the palm of your left hand. Keep your palm facing up and then turn your left hand so that the palm is facing down.
  • Step 4 – Repeat the process from step 1 to step 3 till you do not have any strand to braid. Finish off tying an elastic band to fasten the braids.

How to Maintain ASAP Rocky Braids

  1. Here are some essential steps for maintaining braids to keep them strong, healthy and long.
  2. Protecting your hair during the night is essential. You can do this by covering the head with a satin handkerchief, which leaves the edges of the hair fresh and prevents the hair roots from drying.
  3. Always keep your scalp moisturized with either water or a scalp moisturizer that do not contain heavy gel. Do not use moisturizing products that are unnatural.
  4. Wash your braids at least once every 2 weeks. The best way would be to dry wash the braids using a shampoo and water and then using a cloth for drying.
  5. Abstain from styling your braids constantly. This may damage your hairline.
  6. While styling the braids, do not pull the strands too tightly.
  7. Reinstall your braids after every couple of weeks.
  8. Keep your braids for a short period of time for protective styling.

Here we have compiled 20 of the best asap rocky braids which focus on how to enhance your braided hairstyle as well as keeping your hair protected.

20 Best ASAP Rocky Braids

#1: Braid with design

Braid with design

This braid style hairdo has the hair parted in the middle with the strands braided on either side. A design is sculpted in the middle of the scalp, which is a line crossing the parting. Two main braids hand down long enough from both the sides.

#2: Backside front cap braids

Backside front cap braids

This asap rocky braid hair style is a very popular one. You have to style the braids in such way that they fall on the back from the front. This creates a space for the cap to fit in.

#3: Loose Braids with Ponytail

Loose Braids with Ponytail

If DKNY and Dior fashion brands can be fans of ASAP Rocky, you can well imagine the uniqueness in his braid styles like this one. The braids are loose with the ponytail tied at the back.

#4: The Spider web braid

The Spider web braid

While the braids hang down from the two sides of the forehead, the entire head has the hair cropped with spider web design sculpted. He small ponytail is tied at the back.

#5: Accessories in Braids

Accessories in Braids

Appealing color and gilded threads can make the braids hairstyle more enhancing like this one sported by ASAP Rocky. Choose a color that can match the tone of your skin or your outfit. The accessories will look nice when close to the end of the braids.

#6: Center Parted Cornrows

Center Parted Cornrows

This cornrows braided hairstyle is staging a comeback. The braids extend towards the back right from the hairline with a center parting distinctly visible. A bandana adds to the style as well as preventing any sweat coming onto the face.

#7: Two Braids Hanging

Two Braids Hanging

You can try out this two braids hairstyle where two of the braids hang down from the front on the sides while the others are hidden under the cap. Truly a rocky style.

#8: Braids with Bandana

Braids with Bandana

Wearing a bandana could always look smart for braided hairstyles, especially if you are wearing an outfit that is perfectly matching, like this one in the picture.

#9: Man Bun Braid

Man Bun Braid

Why not add a man bun if you are wearing braids? The man bun can be formed by weaving the braids at the back and tying it with a ribbon. Let two or three braids hang freely to add to the style.

#10: Skinny Braids

Skinny Braids

Here the skinny braids are shorter and just have enough length to be tied at the back with a band. A few braids can be left to hang freely all over the face. A rocky style always to become popular.

#11: Looser Style Braids

Looser Style Braids

Here is the looser style braids where any part can hardly be seen between each of the braids. A casual style, this hairdo was often sported by ASAP Rocky. The hairstyle looks fresh and new especially when the braids are pulled back to form a bun.

#12: ASAP Rocky Classic Braids

ASAP Rocky Classic Braids

The ASAP Rocky Classic Braids is a signature hairstyle of the rap star where half of the braids fall to one side with the other half on the other side. The center parting is visible from where the braids fall towards the sides.

#13: Inspiring ASAP Rocky Braids

Inspiring ASAP Rocky Braids

You have to style only two braids that fall towards the back of the head, with the other portion of the scalp shaved clean. You will need a professional hand for this ASAP Rocky inspired braid. You will have to reinstall after you notice the hair starting to frizz. Cover your head with a handkerchief or a piece of fine cloth during bedtime to prevent any friction among the hairs.

#14: Intricate Braids

Intricate Braids

This braids hairstyle is an intricate one where half of the braids fall to one side with the other half styled at the back. This is one of the ASAP Rocky inspirational braids hairstyle.

#15: Braids with Triangular Parts

Braids with Triangular Parts

A signature ASAP Rocky braid hairstyle, this one has the spaces in between the braids created in triangular shapes. You can create as many triangles but will need proper planning and an expert hand.

#16: The Mini Bun

The Mini Bun

You can weave the braids into a mini bun and highlight the hairstyle with matching outfits like this jacket. Remember to keep the braids shorter but long enough to create a bun.

#17: Cornrows with Middle Parting

Cornrows with Middle Parting

This cornrows braided hairstyle has only a few braids that are thicker and parted from the middle into two halves, with each half of say four to five braids falling to either side. If you have lesser time, tis hairdo could be an ideal one to install.

#18: Frontal Braids

Frontal Braids

You have seen braids falling on the sides and the back, but notice this hairstyle, where the braids fall freely on the sides of the forehead with the bun created low to the neckline. The bun is created by tying the braids at the back.

#19: Braids with Fade

Braids with Fade

The half of the head has thicker braids falling from all sides with the sides and the back having a fade. You will save much time with this braid hairstyle but maintain the fade is important.

#20: Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytai

Longer braids help to create the braided ponytail hairstyle. You can create the ponytail by tying the long braids and leaving the shorter ones to stick out.


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