20 Best Hairstyles for Guys with Square Face Shape – Tutorials

Flipped Up Fringe

Find Your Style When You Got Square Face: Men with square faces are considered to wear the most prominent masculine look, thanks for the prominent jawline, straight sides and a square forehead. As a result, the face looks sharp and angular, and for this reason, men with square faces can flaunt a wide range of hairstyles.

You can choose from hundreds of hairstyles that emphasize the facial features or the hair texture. While the hair with similar length on the top, back and the sides can emphasize the hair feature, shorter and tighter haircuts can well accentuate the face.

Determining Your Face Shape

The feature by which you can determine the shape of your face is the same width of your jaw, cheekbones and forehead. This could determine whether you have a square, round, oval or any other shape of your face. You can also follow these steps for determining whether you have a square face shape.

  1. When you notice that the outline of your face is not tall but wide at all the points, strong cheekbones, broad forehead and angular jaw.
  2. You can use precise facial measurements to see whether the outline of your face is wide at all the points and whether you have a broad forehead. You can also measure your jawline.

Here are 10 hairstyles for men with square face together with how to style them, so that you can decide whether to do at home or visit a barber.

How To Get The Perfect Haircut For Square Faces – Tutorials

#1: The Slicked Back Undercut

The Slicked Back Undercut

The slicked back undercut is one of the best matching haircuts for men with the square face. The style top and shorter and tighter sides accentuate the hairstyle.


  1. Blow dry your hair before styling
  2. Keep the hair at the top long for slicking back
  3. Use a comb to slick back the hair on the top towards the side and back
  4. Apply pomade to keep the shape
  5. Shave the sides with a razor

#2: The Walnut Wave

The Walnut Wave

In this haircut, the hair is parted roughly with the edges cut slightly short. The hair on the top has long locks and styled to create waves that come down over the forehead.


  1. Let your hair grow long on the top
  2. Dry wash the hair before styling
  3. Use a styling product
  4. Part the hair roughly using a comb
  5. Cut the edges slightly shorter
  6. Create long locks on the top
  7. Style the hair on the top into waves which fall slightly over the forehead

#3: The Wet Look

The Wet Look

This haircut could be perfect for a formal occasion for men with a square face and a thick hair tone.


  1. Let your hair grow to a medium length
  2. Shampoo your hair and let it dry naturally
  3. Apply a gel using your fingertips
  4. Brush your hair towards the side and the back to make it look neat.

#4: Pompadour


The Pompadour hairstyle has always been one of the most popular hairstyles and matches perfectly with a square shaped face. Short pompadours could highlight the face as well as the hair texture.


  1. Towel dry your hair
  2. Comb your hair using a round brush after blow drying it
  3. Warm your palms with a decent amount of pomade
  4. Apply the pomade with your fingers on the sides and then the top. The front portion should have more pomade.
  5. Comb your hair so that the pomade gets to the roots
  6. Brush the front part of your hair, holding a comb in one hand towards the back, giving the hair a height.
  7. After giving the hair a height, pat down the hair and finish with applying a hairspray.

#5: Brush Over

Brush Over

The brush over haircut could look smart and clean while highlighting the square shape of the face. While one of the sides has an undercut, the hair is brushed over to the other side.


  1. Keep your hair medium length
  2. Towel dry your hair before styling
  3. Have one side undercut using a trimmer set to 3 mm
  4. Apply a styling product, massaging it throughout the hair
  5. Brush the hair to the other side of the undercut
  6. Finish off applying a hairspray
  7. You can also color your hair and Rosewood can be a good choice.

#6: Tapered and Layered

Tapered and Layered

Men with wavy or straight hair and a square face will find this haircut a wise choice. A slight beard can compliment this short hairstyle.


  1. Keep your hair dry before styling
  2. Apply a gel to bring the shine
  3. Comb your hair repeatedly to create the layers, holding the comb in one hand and the strands with the other.
  4. Finish with a hairspray

#7: Raised Fringe Undercut

Raised Fringe Undercut

While the hair has an undercut, the hair the top has short wavy in the front. An ideal haircut for men with a square shaped face.


  1. Color your hair in light brown
  2. Have a shower and towel dry your hair
  3. Style one side with an undercut, using a razor
  4. Give the hair on the top some length to create a small wave at the front
  5. Comb lightly and add a gel for maintaining the shape

#8: Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

This is one of the most common haircuts for men with a square face. The short nature of the hair highlights the shape of the face, but the hair should not be cut too short.


  1. Cut your hair short using a trimmer set to A#3 or A#4
  2. Start from the top and cut all over until there are no bumps
  3. Cut the hair on the sides to one guard length
  4. Use the buzzer n a straight motion from the bottom to the top
  5. Let your hair grow to a certain length of your choice
  6. Repeat the buzz after every one and half weeks

#9: Ice White Super Short

Ice White Super Short

This haircut is for those with grey hair, where a razor undercut and a side parting are the main features. The other side has a longer hair, which is neatly brushed back.


  1. Color your hair in ice white
  2. Apply a styling product
  3. Give the hair a side parting and an undercut using a razor
  4. Keep the hair on the other side slightly longer
  5. Brush the hair neatly to the front
  6. Finish off with a hairspray

#10: Top Knot

Top Knot

The Top Knot is a variation of the man bun, where the entire hair is pulled to the top or the crown and tied with a band for creating a knot. Some of the hair can be kept hanging to make the hair the focal point.


  1. Let your hair grow to a certain length so that you can make a knot on the top
  2. Color your hair in deep brown
  3. Towel dry your hair before styling
  4. Pull your hair to the crown of your head, holding them tightly with your hands
  5. Create a knot by tying with a band
  6. You can make a slight side parting and let some strands fall down naturally to highlight the hair more than the face.

Here are 10 more haircuts for men with a square face, which have been meticulously compiled for you.

10 Short Men Haircut – How To Choose The Right Haircut For Your Face Shape

#11: Messy Haircut

Messy Haircut

Ideal haircut for a hangout, this haircut has the hair has the curling iron used for curling the hairs. No need for combing and you can use your fingers to apply a gel to set the hair.

#12: Side Part

Side Part

The medium length hair is combed to one side more towards the back and a parting is made which can hardly be noticed. A gel is required to bring the shine and shape of the hair.

#13: Curl Fountains

Curl Fountains

The curly locks are given height with the sides and the back razor cuts. A few strands flow over the forehead stopping just at the eyebrow.

#14: Faded Sides with Ultra Long Top

Faded Sides with Ultra Long Top

A good volume is obtained at the top and the sides are shaved. A beard can complement this haircut. Ideal for a night out or a funky party.

#15: Golden Locks

Golden Locks

The hair on the back and the sides are cut short and the hair on the top is brushed over the head. The hair is dyed with golden color before styling to make this haircut admirable.

#16: Spiked Faux Hawk

Spiked Faux Hawk

You will need to keep your long to have a volume on the top. The top is spiked and made into in a faux hawk and then upswept by using a gel. The sides are cut shorter than the top.

#17: The Bowl Cut with a Twist

The Bowl Cut with a Twist

This haircut for men with the square face is a variation of the mushroom cut. This style has the top rounded and a razor undercut like the mushroom cut, but the variation lies at the back, where the hair is left longer.

#18: Brushed Back Undercut

Brushed Back Undercut

The hair is bleached and kept long to be brushed towards the back. The sides are undercut to create a contrasting style.

#19: Flipped Up Fringe

Flipped Up Fringe

The long hair on the top is blown out in great proportion, while the sides have a slight undercut that stops just above the ears. This haircut looks striking and exciting too.

#20: Quiff with a Gel

Quiff with a Gel

This hairstyle is one of those in the changing trends. A lot of gel is applied to sweep the hair to the back portion. A quiff is sculpted and a deep side parting is created.


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