How To Get Hair Like Adam Levine Haircut

Official and Short

Adam Levine Haircut: the American music star known more as a lead vocalist for the Maroon 5 rock band is also known for his hairstyles which made a phenomenal influence on the fashion world. His trendy hairstyles made millions of people take to his hairstyles more than his music.

Here are 20 of the adam levine haircut that have been carefully selected to provide you with a wide choice of flaunting the hairstyle that could best suit you.

#1: Official and Short

Official and Short

The official and short hairstyle is the perfect one to wear on formal occasions, especially if you are facing an interview. The hair is trimmed short and the sides when brushed, forms a trail that goes downward. The longer air on the top is styled to a mop that looks glossy. This iconic haircut will never let you down.

#2: Straight Short and Casual

Straight Short and Casual

This is a cool haircut Adam Levine style, where the hair is clipped short through the sides and the back, maintaining a finish to the edges that is clean, The top length is jagged cut for achieving a texture and height with a product being used for the edges. Suitable for triangular, oval, heart and round shaped faces.

#3: High Pomp

High Pomp

The high-top flip design with the sides dropping hairstyle was often flaunted by Adam Levine on casual outings. This haircut highlights the face and the cheekbones as well. You cannot stop others admiring you in this hairstyle.

#4: Casual Short Spikes

Casual Short Spikes

This Adam Levine haircut has a jagged cut to give the layers plenty of texture and height. Small spikes are created in this haircut, which is suitable for triangular, oval, heart and round shaped faces.

#5: The Shaggy Haircut

The Shaggy Haircut

This is one of the haircuts that Adam Levine used to sport during the winter. Being a trademark haircut, this shaggy hairstyle has the sides fade and combed backwards to create a smooth bed. The top crown is shaggy and racing with a small flip towards the back.

#6: Medium Brunette

Medium Brunette

This is a calm and cool haircut, where the sides and the back are clipped and then blended into the hair length at the top. The hair on the top is textured and grown long enough to create spikes.

#7: Long Waves

Long Waves

This is the haircut which made the fans of Adam Levine admire him. The hair is kept to such a length so that long waves are created, ideal for flaunting on the stage. This haircut is noticeable from any angle and suited for oblong and round faces.

#8: The Black Casual and Short

The Black Casual and Short

Suitable for heart, oval, triangular and round shaped faces and medium hair texture, this Adam Levine haircut has the hair dyed in jet black. The hair on the sides and the back is cropped short and blended to the top. Some moulding cream is needed before styling.

#9: Side Swept

Side Swept

This Adam Levine haircut is more businesslike, where the long patches of hair are swept to one side, which are drawn downwards. You can use your fingertips for styling. Suitable for triangular and heart shaped faces.

#10: Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is a popular hairstyle, but this haircut flaunted by Adam Levine is a little different, with the hair on the sides combed downwards to end in an splendid smoothness. The haircut has the top falling on the sides and formed into a lofty appearance.

#11: Dark Brunette

Dark Brunette

The sides and the back are clipped short in this Dark Brunette or Mocha hairstyle sported by Adam Levine. The top is jagged cut to highlight the texture and also showing that this haircut is easy to do. Suits men with medium hair texture and for oval, triangular, heart and round shaped faces.

#12: Close Cropped Haircut

Close Cropped Haircut

This is the close cropped haircut in which Adam Levine was seen frequently on the stage and at pre-parties for music awards ceremonies.. A clean appearance is what highlights this hairstyle. The clipper is used after setting to 3 to 5 mm.

#13: Adam Levine Undercut

Adam Levine Undercut

There can be no better undercut than this one from Adam Levine, which has the sides with a demarcation into two layers which are of varying length. The curly layer on the top overlaps the wavy layer, making this haircut amazing. Gives a great appeal to his fans.

#14: Adam Levine Haircut with Long Sideburns

Adam Levine Haircut with Long Sideburns

Adam had his own way of hair styling, and this one is no exception. The sideburns are kept longer and the hair on the top is clipped short to look smart yet casual.

#15: Military Haircut

Military Haircut

This haircut had a great influence on the boys in blue. The back and the sides are faded right to the skin tone and the top is trimmed short to be pressed to create a flat landing on the top. This haircut highlights the face as well as the cheekbones.

#16: The Quiff Hairstyle

The Quiff Hairstyle

This is a long hairstyle, where the sides are parted falling down to the ears and the top styled in a quiff at the front. The sideburns are trimmed to give this haircut an appealing appearance. Ideal for casual appearances and for men having oval or round shaped face.

#17:The Levin Style Buzz Cut

The Levin Style Buzz Cut

This buzz cut hairstyle was sported by Adam Levine at the American Music Awards. The hair is clipped very short so as to appear that there is no hair at the top and the sides.

#18: Short and Sexy

Short and Sexy

This is one of the short haircuts which Levin always favored than the long hairstyles. This haircut looks sexy as well with the sides faded but not to the skin. The thick hair on the top is combed forward and a trimmed and wild beard compliments the hairstyle well.

#19: Mussed Locks


Mussed Locks


This is the haircut Levin wore at many performances. The hair is styled with many locks and mussed all over. Perfectly matches a deep tan.

#20: Short Sides Long Top

Short Sides Long Top

In this haircut, Levin keeps the top hair long and brushed backwards to form waves which end up before it reaches the portion where the head begins to drop. The hair on the sides are cleaned and neatly brushed.


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