Short Haircut: Very Short Hairstyles for Boys and Men 2017


#11: Short tight curls

Short tight curls

Trimming curly hair into a really short length can you some really nice short curls. The only thing is that you should know just how much hair you should leave for the curls to be formed without trimming them off completely. Men with natural curls can wear their curls off in a short hair do this way.

#12: Ivy League short hair

Ivy League short hair

An ivy league hair is a kind of crew cut where in we leave a little more hair at the frontal part of the hair such that it is possible to side part just the front of it. The rest of the hair stays trimmed.  Making this hairstyle with short hair requires some great skills and patience, but the result will definitely be worth it.

#13: Military Style Undercut

Military style undercut

An undercut is a kind of haircut that starts getting short from the sides to the bottom to the point of almost baldness. Just like the high and tight cut, this is a preferred military haircut. The top part of the hair can be styled anyway we’d like, preferably into spikes.

#14: Bald Fade Haircut

Bald fade haircut

Bald fade haircut is similar to a buzz cut except that the fade starts from a point high up on the scalp and the hair on the top is cut out into some precise dimensions. It leaves a little more hair than baldness and hence also makes for a great summer haircut.

#15: Fade with a V-back

Fade with a V-back

A V-back haircut is that in which the hair on the back of the scalp makes a v-shape as the fade is trimmed out in that shape. We leave very little hair on the top, almost similar to that of the buzz cut while the sides are trimmed away as well.

#16: The high and tight flat line cut

The high and tight flat line cut

Flat line haircut is the one that gives you a flat shape on the top of your head. Although we need slightly more hair for this, a short haircut is also possible through this style if done adeptly. The high and tight style adds that style statement to it as we trim off the sides.

#17: Caesar Cut

Caesar cut

A very popular 80’s cut, the Caesar cut although not very short, is considerably short and makes for a great short men’s hairstyle. The hair ends up front in the form of some horizontal bangs coming from the centre of the scalp. We can keep the rest of the hair short and add a high fade to keep it short enough.

#18: The Induction Cut

The Induction cut

The shortest possible haircut which leaves much shorter hair than the buzz cut is the induction haircut. This has been named so as it is got done for military recruits who join in the army. It leaves just a layer of hair that makes it look almost bald.

#19: Short crop with a surgical line

 Short crop with a surgical line

Before fading out your hair, adding a surgical line at the sides makes it look a lot cooler adding a certain appeal. With very short hair left on the top of your hair, in whatever style you like it, this is one of the best summer hairstyles there is.

#20: The Burr Cut

The burr cut

Just like the induction and the buzz cuts, the burr cut is one really popular summer, very short haircuts. The difference is that you leave a little more hair than the rest of the cuts and the hair near the forehead has a rounded shape that makes it look really cool.

There is definitely no dearth of short haircuts for men that can manage to keep the hair short and oh-so-in-vogue at the same time. Go on ahead and try out these very short hairstyles for men to see how they can amp up your look with very little hair!


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