Best Men’s Short Back And Sides Hairstyles

Short back and sides: Haircuts with short back and sides were popular during the 1900’s and were highlighted during the forties and fifties, when the volume was considered the main factor for flaunting different short back and sides hairstyles. The range of short back and sides long on top hairstyles have the hair longer on the top than the sides and the back and are easy to maintain. The long hair short sides haircuts are cool and smart and you can shape your hairstyle as you want. The mens hair short sides long top haircuts are now back to be a modern age lifestyle.

Here are 20 carefully compiled mens haircut short sides long top that could help you to choose the ones that best suits your hair texture and the shape of your face.

#1Modern QuiffModern Quiff

The Modern Quiff is one of the mens haircuts short sides which can be worn by men of all ages. You will need a strong wax massage in the morning to shape this hairstyle perfectly.

#1The French Crop

The French Crop

This short sides haircut is very much manageable and need minimum maintenance. This hairstyle is appealing and you need not use heavy products for styling this haircut. The hair on the top is kept longer than the sides and the back.

#1Messed Up

Messed Up

This is a mens haircut short sides long top which gives the impression as though you are just out of bed with messy look. But guys spent much time to bring perfection to this hairstyle.

#1The Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk

This is one of the mens haircuts short sides which is a shorter version of the Mohawk style. Ask your barber to keep a long strip on the top making sure that the sides and the back is cut short to give a distinctive look.

#1The Slick Haircut

The Slick Haircut

One of the popular and common men’s short sides long top hairstyles is the slick haircut. The hair is first treated with a styling product and then slicked with a comb either to the back or to one side.

#1The Side Part

The Side Part

A comb and a wet type hair product are all you will need to flaunt the side part. It is a short sides long top haircut where you can have the hair on the sides and back faded to add more texture.

#1Military Crop

Military Crop

The Military Crop is yet another short back and sides haircut which has staged a comeback with fashion brands endorsing this hairstyle. Although it may scarce somebody, this hairstyle will sure turn the heads of many on the streets.

#1The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut

Square or oval shaped faces work well with this short sides long top hairstyle, which is a military haircut, a slight deviation of the military crop haircut. This hairstyle is effortless and a low maintenance one.



This is a male haircut short sides long top which will never go out of fashion. The hair on the top has added texture and the sides and the back are cut short to form a contrast. You will need to blow dry your hair before styling.

#1The Crew Cut

The Crew Cut

Simple proportions and iconic shape are the features of the Crew Cut, a popular men haircut short sides. The hair is styled to form a taper with the sides and the back tidily dressed.

The Box Fade

The Box Fade

The Box Fade is especially for black men where you will need a quality hair product for weighing up this haircut short back and sides. You will also need the right texture of hair to wear this hairstyle.

Ivy League

Ivy League

This mens hair short back and sides is purely a collegiate hairstyle for guys which can work also with unruly hair. To get a stronger hold blow dry your hair and finish the styling using a pomade.

Cool and Messy

Cool and Messy

This mens haircut short on sides is the David Beckham hairstyle where the hair on the top is kept longer and a little ruffled and the back and the sides cut short,

Short and Messy

Short and Messy

This short sides hairstyle for men is a low maintenance hairstyle which demonstrates a staple appearance of youth subcultures like the skaters and surfers of Southern California.

The Tight and Height

The Tight and Height


Gents with longer face shape can be the best suited people for flaunting this side short haircut where the longer dimensions are not exaggerated. You have enough scope to experiment with lengths with this short sides medium top haircut.

The Fade Haircut

The Tight and Height

This is a super clean haircut short on sides that has been popular throughout the past years where the sides and the back are faded and the hair on the top left longer.

Fresh and Short Haircut

Fresh and Short Haircut

This is a fresh haircut where the back and the sides are cut very short. This hairstyle is easy to style and is a low maintenance hairstyle and is one of the trendy hair styles.

The Mid Fade

The Mid Fade

The fade lands somewhere above the neck and below the temples and is in between the high and low fade. The long hair on the top is emphasized by the contrasting back and sides long hair short sides men hairstyle.

Wavy with Low Fade

Wavy with Low Fade

A semi punk style, this haircut with short sides and long top where the length at the neck is defined and the hair tapers from short to shorter lengths. A bald fade is also noticeable.

The Flat Top

The Flat Top

The hair on the top is cut horizontally with longer proportions and the sides and back cut shorter. It would be unwise to experiment with this short sides mens haircut. This hairstyle is a low maintenance and one of the mens haircuts short sides medium top.

The men’s short sides hairstyles are versatile and easy to flaunt and low maintenance hairstyles. You will of course need the hands of a professional barber to bring perfection to this range of haircut short on sides hairstyles. These hairstyles are for those who have little time to attend to their hair makeup.

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